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  1. Thx Angie for the news! I have been looking forward for Zhang RuoYun's Joy of Life, maybe we can try watch this first...
  2. Yes, i thought bout that also, from the 1st press conference, they both look so cold, especially him, they sang the song without any chemistry at all, but after that, in the promotion road trip, tv shows and of course BTS, we can see how close they are and were. Maybe after one year never get in touch again, they both were back to ackward status LOL.
  3. Never been shared here, thx! I only shared pieces of it from MBS's TikTok
  4. Ok i think we have to share it in here LOL, lets welcome the "appeal" #在抖音,记录美好生活##电影我和我的祖国 #陈飞宇 解扣子都这么帅的嘛!? http://v.douyin.com/9XnU65/ 复制此链接 ,打开【抖音短视频】,直接观看视频!
  5. Cant agree more!!! His proportional body thx to the gym LOL, makes him look very good in tux! Especially in the My Motherland and Me's press conference with CKG n LHR, there is one video focusing on him unbuttoning his tux, so sexy LOL!
  6. Wowwwww thx a lottttt, too bad the background music is a bit too loud, cant hear his voice clearly... Hopefully MBS will success in Spore n South Korea!
  7. Newest brand ambassador https://video.h5.weibo.cn/1034:4428483737097385/4428484627284012
  8. Vote for Arthur https://m.weibo.cn/p/231610_standard_cardlist_3552_yanyuan_index
  9. Ah somehow i cant open those videos, it keeps buffering.. Should i install bilibili apps?
  10. Here is the teaser! https://weibointl.api.weibo.cn/share/97361077.html?weibo_id=4427712120660183
  11. Haiiii!!! Omg welcomeee!! So happy!! Yeahh i would love to see him in darker character or movie, maybe detective or supernatural genre, dont know... Hahaha yeah i think he likes to tease every girl whom he work with, maybe to build chemistry? I like this method though, since he is not an easy going person, but he willing to open with everyone. Again welcome my friend!
  12. And new reality show called We Are Champion also on QIYI
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