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  1. The discussion on MDL about some plots on ep 25-36 really makes me excited, even when I've only seen up to ep 24. I agree that Zuo QIngci is prolly one of the best written ML: physically weak with a brilliant mind, caring to his friends but could be ruthless to accomplish his agenda, and the best part is he makes mistakes, or things don't go as he has planned or calculated. IMO in that aspect the drama is more realistic than Nirvana in Fire, because Mei Changsu always succeeded :D. Let me copy and paste here the explanation of a plot from a poster on MDL (BIG SPOILER, so if you haven't watched it, you may want to skip):
  2. Ai Di = emperor Ai, yes, the crown prince. The current emperor should be his paternal brother, but that's as far as we know from the drama. I must rewatch the episodes to see if there had been more details about it.
  3. Yeap, this is a well-written wuxia drama, and IMO totally deserves its high douban rating. While they keep the wuxia vibe strong, the romance arcs are good too! I'm not too fond of the third romantic line (Yin Changge - Xie Jing'er), but the other two are top notch. I've read some complaints on MDL about Zuo QIngci-Su Yunluo's relationship which is, well, full of drama with him feeling insecure and her focusing on her teacher, but I find them very realistic. They are teenagers, both have past full of baggage, and teens are naturally more dramatic LOL. We really can't compare them to Wen Siyuan - Shen Manqing who are older and more mature (esp WSY).
  4. It's already covered by dramapotatoe. A staff beat a paparazzi who had thrown stones at the staff, and they had to delay the filming process :(. The staff was fired afterward. Now, I don't condone violence at all. And the video (which @tothestars linked above) was gruesome. But the paparazzi throwing stones to the crew wasn't right at all!!! I think they now need to call for police protection.
  5. Huh??? Never heard about any Arthur's fans disliking Luo Yunxi? Never heard his fans complaining or even commenting about his other co-stars before -- except perhaps Nana, but that was only very brief and IIRC that was just some annoyance of the excessive shipping? And really, talking about his citizenship is really TIRING. Those people need to be creative and find new issues . Just spread rumors that he grows a tail, or he turns into a wolf every full moon, whatever LOL. Speaking about responsibility to "control" fans, I fail to see which things Arthur has to control in this case. I may somewhat agree to that notion in general terms, in the sense that he can voice out his displeasure if his fans have done destructive things. But what's the problem if some of his fans dislike LYX, so long as they don't do any damaging things to LYX? I'm sure there are also some of LYX's fans who don't care about Arthur at all. It's... normal. (Although of course I'd prefer everyone likes Arthur hahahah!)
  6. I think we can still hope for a happy ending for the lead couple, because Tencent deliberately only releases trailers until ep 42, while the finale is on ep 43. I personally don't mind a sad ending if it fits the story, but I think the way this drama heads to, it will be a happy ending (i.e. justice will prevail!). I kinda disagree with the notion that a happy ending = the main leads being together in the end.
  7. Hmm, except for the rumor that he was trying to draw attention with his cryptic weibo/IG, I personally don't think the others are that bad, just dating rumors. And his cryptic messages -- he always did it on IG! Nothing new there.
  8. Yeah, it looks like this account holder is trying to make clarification regarding some rumors about Arthur. From what I read using Google translation, the rumors seem to be: - Arthur was going out with Ouyang Nana ("4 character actress" and later on there was a picture of her lol) on 20 June. (The account says crew confirms that Arthur was shooting on that date) - Arthur has been acting intimately with Chen Yao in the shooting set of HYX, gifting her, etc. (The account says Arthur likes to DIY clothes, accessories etc and gift them to his colleagues and crew) - Arthur has another movie coming up to start shooting in September. (The account debunks it. PS: I have read the rumor about the movie in a Chinese chat forum, but since there's no other places mentioning anything about it, I never shared it here.) - Arthur's weibo, Oasis, IG content -- I think some people accuse that he posted pictures in HYX set or some inexplicable photos to draw attention. So this account underlines that Arthur genuinely loves Mo Ran, and he just wants to be a good actor. ETA: the last para is quite sad to read eh? That Arthur may be silent all this time, but that doesn't mean he's not sad whenever he reads slander about him (and his friends & family). I'm not sure how true this acct is, since it doesn't look like his official fanclub or his studio's acct. I've never read that rumor abt him going out with Nana on 20 June, either.
  9. I hope not! I've seen the trailers for ep 37 to 42. At least our 2nd lead couple seems to have a HE. The ideal is if our young squad all stay alive until the end
  10. @tothestars Didn't know that the MTL of HYX is clothing line! Well, at least it suits that laundry detergent ads LOLOLOL. Thanks for sharing his schedule!
  11. He's worn sweatshirts with "Collective Individuals" written on it, and I believe it's in the same collection with his "CHEN" shirts. This hoodie one seem to use the same font, so perhaps this too is from the same collection. But yeah, it's not his usual style to post the same picture on Weibo and Instagram, right? You know, it's probably business, he's selling those shirts :))). Or maybe he's trying to convey a message: don't believe in everything you see ;-).
  12. He does!! Is this a scene from HYX? Tsk, Arthur, at the age of 20 he has: - proposed twice - married - and fathered a baby! I know we've always said he's mature beyond his age, but really he's accomplished a lot! LOL, you literally set them on fire, girl! LOLOLOL.
  13. I thought his dad said Su Xuan hid the crown prince (aka Emperor Ai)! Su Xuan is
  14. I actually don't mind if our ML remains not being able to fight -- he's got his brains! Yeap. I just need to know whether she saw with her own eyes that the killer was Shan Wang, or was she told by others about it? I tend to believe it's the latter. And yeah, I agree with you