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  1. These past few days have been unfortunate for Arthur! I don't know if you ladies follow the Ouyang Nana shenanigans. Nana was asked in a reality show her ideal type, in which she responded that she didn't think face is important since she's seen a lot of beautiful people in the showbiz; she'd also prefer someone who is "cold" but treats her well. ("Cold" is the interpretation given in most sites, but I believe "calm" is a better translation, because she also said that she liked to talk, so her partner had better be a good listener). Obviously a lot of netizens shout "CFY!" Later on some C-netizens pointed out that she once wore a jacket which is very, very similar to what Arthur had worn (if you remember, that's the jacket he wore in his earlier Happy Camp episode). Anyway, apparently today netizens found out Arthur unfollowed Nana on instagram, and accusations flying that he was trying to be on hotsearch. Well. Can you see my eyes rolling so hard? The guy is the last person on earth who will try to attract unwanted (negative) attention! Also that stupid uproar about him hating Wang Yibo, just because he accidentally liking a post about a photoshopping thing. He issues an apology, but men... that was really unnecessary. On the other hand, I find these incidents pretty funny LOL. Though I pity him, he probably wants to bury his head in the sand heheheh...
  2. I can't stop watching the vid and staring at the pictures (even better in black and white). Thanks for sharing them, @epinklyn. Someone on twitter comments that he looks so grown up and distant now. I think we talked about this earlier -- with all his baby fat gone, here's a fine looking young man with gorgeous cheekbones and natural elegance. I just miss his playful eyebrows though, so I still think it's hard to top his 18th birthday video (where he tried on a tuxedo suit -- remember?). He never does that again, so I hope someday we'll see him raising his left or right eyebrow in a playful manner. Love his voice, as always!!
  3. This is the kind of attire that really suits him! Simple, sleek, and elegant
  4. A short video of Arthur on the red carpet of the QC China Man of the Year Awards. He looks great as usual. The suit is an interesting modern interpretation of male hanfu, BUT! I dread that hanging fabric. If they got rid of that extra fabric, it'd be PERFECT.
  5. Thank you, mei! Cross my fingers that I will be able to see the anthology movie when it's broadcast here :). Based on my experience with My Best Summer, the schedule is quite unreliable, so let's see and hope for the best. Yeah, I saw those shots too. I share your sentiment that he'll have a normal student life, and gain many new friends there as he has wished. He still looks really shy and quiet . I can't wait for the GQ event tomorrow!
  6. Hellooooo ladies! I hope you are all doing well! Sorry for having disappeared for such a long time, thanks to workloads and a (hopefully) minor health issue. I've been battling flu and coughs for weeks. I've also been caught up with the drama Mr. Fighting, which has become my recent obsession. I'm still checking Arthur's news from time to time, though not as frequent as I would like to. Thank you very much as always, @epinklyn for all the goodies you've been posting here :))) I actually really like the design! I remember seeing this picture on twitter and thinking -- hey, I would want one too! Of course with my own surname, which sadly is quite long and won't look as cool as Arthur's haha! Did you notice that at the back it's written "collective individuals"? Somehow it's very Arthur! His team also wear the same t-shirt -- I think he should print some for his fans as giveaways. Yesss! Hopefully he'll let it grow to a decent length :))) Here's an instagram post with some pictures and videos from the BFA welcoming ceremony. Quite interesting to see him among the students there, who are obviously not star struck as they've been hanging out with other actors as well. So excited to see that he's been invited AND promoted as one of the celebrities attending the GQ event. GQ is regarded a prestigious magazine in China, it's very selective in choosing male celebrities for its covers. Arthur has yet to be on the cover, but I hope he will one day. OK, now for an exciting thing. The anthology movie will also be screened simultaneously in Australia, New Zealand and North America! At first I was a bit hesitant -- I mean, it's a propaganda movie of another country, why would I watch it? But then it occurs to me that I have been enjoying commercial movies with a tinge of propaganda message as well (ahem, Independence Day, anyone? LOL). Also, 7 highly acclaimed directors and top stars will be in it, so far snippets from various parts of the anthology look great, and of course seeing Arthur on large screen is my motivation, even if it's only for several minutes, hahaha!
  7. The drama was supposed to be divided into two seasons, in which the first one ends at episode 25. But the producer/distributor decided to release them all in one go.
  8. I found this BTS video, which showed how they built the set for the Fus' house. I've also seen another video showing them constructing the neighborhood, but I couldn't find it in my YT history. Will post it here when I find it. Their attention to details is amazing. I thought they actually shot in a Beijing neighborhood! And also, apparently even this scene was also taken with a green screen??? If I hadn't seen this video, I could've sworn a real running taxi was filmed!
  9. While I agree with you that the variety show will be a great opportunity for him, I'm half-enthused frankly because CKG's name is also attached to it. It could be a coincidence, or he wanted to support CKG's project (and/or vice versa: CKG wanted to support his project), or one of them is actually not part of this show (because so far the list of the show's participants is not confirmed). It's one thing to star in CKG's movies, but a competition show is another thing. Well, he probably wants to prove that he's not afraid to be criticized in public and before his father. If that's the case, I must praise him (though my weak heart will bleed LOL).
  10. Sistas! Here's an article claiming that Legend of Awakening will start in August! Among 5 dramas scheduled to air this month, LoA is the only costume/historical one. There's no exact date given; it'll possibly follow the pattern of other period dramas, ie get broadcast without notification, let alone advertisement. http://mini.eastday.com/a/190810110707033.html Some netizens assume it's a competition on acting skill (and the progress) of the participating actors, very much like "I Am An Actor". Many names on the list are pretty well-known! Of course with judges like CKG, Feng Xiaogang, Zhao Wei and Guo Jingming there will be many attention to the show. @mei2018 I think it will be broadcast on Tencent? Now, on to Arthur news corner (LOL). Please note that I found them on random sites: - CFY is recording another Happy Camp episode on August 20 - He'll endorse Tissot watches
  11. Also, here's another one! Arthur is reported to be taking part in a new variety show called "The Actor Please Take the Position" (of course Google often gives funny translation). OK, Chen Kaige is also involved in this show as one of the tutors, aside from names like Zhao Wei and Guo Jingming. It's reported they are shooting in Zhejiang this weekend, but no further information about when it will be broadcast. (Source: http://www.fengfeng.cc/news/yule/34638.html) ETA: Ah, Dramapotatoe & Smilemochie just tweeted about it!
  12. Annndddd... another gift from the universe, my dear Arthur aunties & sisters, an article about Chen Kaige's part in the anthology movie. Enjoy the Google-translated piece! (URL: http://www.china.org.cn/chinese/2019-08/08/content_75080256.htm) Chen Kaige restores Shenzhou 11 return cabin landing Print E-mailChina Network 2019-08-08 Adjust the font size: China Network August 8th, "Me and My Motherland" traces the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China with seven stories to the journey of common people and the motherland. Today, the film released a trailer for the "White Meteor". "White Cattle Meteor" was directed by Chen Kaige to restore the successful landing of the Shenzhou 11 spacecraft return capsule. At 13:59 on November 18, 2016, the Shenzhou 11 spacecraft returning to the cabin successfully landed, like a meteor in the white, shocking everyone waiting in front of the screen. In order to truly restore this important historical moment, Chen Kaige invited the astronauts Jing Haipeng and Chen Dong to participate in the filming. The crew made the props real, not only the special vehicles, the return cabin parachute was the real thing at the time, but also the spacesuits of the two astronauts in the film. To this end, Chen Kaige called the Gobi Beach work car, props and military vehicles for more than a hundred vehicles, and built a crew on the Gobi. The staff formed a "film research group", watched a large amount of materials, familiar with the different states of the return cabin, and repeatedly went to the National Aerospace Museum for calculation. In the end, this group of enthusiastic creators, together with the witnesses of the events at that time, restored the grand occasion at the time of the Dunhuang Gobi. "I and my motherland" "White Cattle Meteor" poster [Huaxia Movie for photo] "White Cattle Meteor" directed the camera at the pair of young wandering brothers played by Liu Yuran and Chen Feiyu. The two men lost in the face of the director of the retirement poverty alleviation office played by Tian Zhuangzhuang, the life has quietly changed, and witnessed the Shenzhou 11 spacecraft. The return to the cabin was a great historical moment in the successful landing, and the heart was greatly baptized. In order to better integrate into the role, Liu Yuran and Chen Feiyu subverted the sleek and handsome image in the film, and the clothes were worn and gray. The wind and sand of the Dunhuang film studio also impressed the two people. "Every day eats the wind and eats the soil and eats the sand. Every day, it is like a job. It is another way to come back." The film "Me and My Motherland" was produced by Huaxia Film Distribution Co., Ltd., led by Chen Kaige as the general director, Huang Jianxin as the chief producer, Chen Kaige, Zhang Yibai, Guan Hu, Xue Xiaolu, Xu Wei, Ning Hao, and Wen Muye. Co-directed, and dozens of outstanding actors joined. The film will be released on October 1, 2019.
  13. Thanks again to LHR fans, we've got the subs for the clip @Lbpg shared earlier!
  14. OMG, thank youuuuuuuuuu . Love the clip. Arthur transforms into his character pretty well! He obviously enjoyed doing the movie -- there's sparkle in his eyes against his otherwise calm expression in that brief interview. Can"t wait!!!
  15. Right??? I'm quite surprised there's not much discussion about this series, which I found very lovable, with lovable & rootable characters as well! It does have a slice-of-life vibe, so some people may think it's a little slow.
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