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  1. Ahhh, haven't read about it! Agree, let's take it with tons of salt, unless he or his team confirms it. Casting rumors can mean: a) his PR team's work; b) the production house trying to use his name as clickbait.
  2. Never seen these BTS pics before. Quite precious Yaaayyyy!!!! Amen to this!
  3. I like this concept: a framed picture of the launching of Shengnan's restaurant. So cute with all the romantic lines being portrayed!
  4. Modern Cdramas are great this year! Have you tried one of those suspense/thriller/mysteries of the iQiyi light series? They're only 12 episodes per drama. My personal recommendation: The Bad Kids and the Long Night. There's also another dark series that I really love, not part of the Light series but only 16 eps called A Murder in the Horizon Tower. Also, please check out Crossfire starring Lu Han and Wu Lei, about two gaming teams from different timeline (1998 and 2018), there's time travel element. And while we're at it, not Cdrama but Taiwanese dramas: Someday Or One Day (highly
  5. Wow, different cities? It can be quite tiring. May he stay healthy! Isn't Wu Lei filming Chang Gexing at the moment too? (I only remember they have the booting ceremony for the drama). You know what, I just googled "male 90s hairstyle" -- and I think Arthur's hair in My Best Summer as the adult Yu Huai is representative of that era
  6. YEEEEEHAAAAAAAAA!!!!! FINALLY IT'S CONFIRMED!!!! *happy dancing* *happy dancing* *happy dancing* OMG, I can barely keep my excitement! I'm thrilled Arthur will be taking a modern drama. His movies are all modern, but drama is a whole different spectrum. The topic is interesting too, quite different. China has been improving a lot with their modern dramas -- I watch more of them this year than historical dramas. Great to have With You director on this! I remember you really liked the drama back then @tothestars, and of course it got very high douba
  7. Galore of incredible looking Arthur! The black combo with some metal decorations makes him look fiercer, which is a plus because somehow his face is a little softer this time. (Maybe the hair style?) And look at the crowd out there! They even packed the bridge only to watch him. And their shouts! LOL My favorite one is actually when he folded his sleeves up to his elbow. I think he always looks great in folded-sleeved shirts. On the other hand... Yes, I do too! @tothestars Also maybe because it's a splash of colour in an othe
  8. Regarding S2, in my understanding it was only the director's wish. There's nothing fixed yet. Personally I think there's plenty of material for an S2. However, like all you said, unless they get at least the OTP and a select few of supporting cast on board, it won't have the same chemistry and vibe. Another important thing is to get a better writer. Although I think as a first-timer the scriptwriter didn't do a terrible job, but as I rewatch some parts in the earlier episodes I realize the transitions weren't really smooth, and it has pacing issues started from the middle of the sh
  9. I can only open the last two videos -- but thanks heaps @tothestars! I wonder if he grows out his hair for an acting job. But his rumored upcoming project (the BFA drama with Wu Lei) is set in the 90s. Nevermind, let's enjoy it while it lasts
  10. You know, I'm actually quite surprised he was wearing leather shoes, as he swears by sneakers. Yessss to him growing his hair out!
  11. Ahhhhhh!!! Arthur is (almost) back with his Ever Night haiiiiiiiirrrrr!!!!
  12. I was happily surprised to discover that the epilogue got an 8.9 douban rating! I acknowledge that the number of people rating is still very low (3000s), so it may change when more people are watching and rating. Anyway, let me indulge myself in this rating while I can!
  13. Our hot uncle has a large tattoo on his back, so some netizens suggest that might be the reason why he never got fully shirtless, as tattoos are not allowed to show on TV. Might be incorrect, since I've seen characters with tattoos in dramas -- most recent one is Zhang Qilin of the Lost Tomb Reboot. I suspect it's more about Lu Jin's character, prim and proper . Also Zhao Lusi being only 21 could be another factor, some viewers might feel uncomfortable. If he could still drive us crazy in their intimate scenes wearing a top, I can't imagine our drools if he was allowed to do it shirtless -- s
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