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  1. Yaayyyy!!! No wonder he's been singing it in all the universities & colleges that they have visited! The song and the music arrangement really suits his vocal character. I know why hahahaha! (Psst... me too!)
  2. Thank you for the stills and videos from the roadshow, @epinklyn. You're the bestest of the best! Arthur is still his awkward self, but he's getting better and better in public interactions! Having to do nationwide promotion like this is good for his social skill. And we can hear testaments from those who met him in those events how polite and nice he is :). I hope he's gaining new fans from this, and that it will gauge interest for the movie! Showing in summer means it has to compete with blockbusters. Someone on twitter predict that the movie will pull USD 20 million -- can't tell whether it's a decent number :). Whether it will be a hit, or a modest hit, it's more important that Arthur expands his horizon as an actor BTW, regarding the weibo awards, like I said it's more like a popularity award. (Usually used for PR purpose hehe). Last years, it was held mid June. So it's likely My Best Summer will premiere first, then the next week, the weibo award!
  3. This looks like a spam. I dare not click the link. @angelangie can you check & remove?
  4. @epinklyn , @mei2018 and others, CFY is confirmed to attend Weibo Movie Night! He's one of the contender for the Most Popular Actor (I guess). His chance to win might be slim, but who cares, I hope he's attending! Those of you who have Weibo account may want to vote for him. https://m.weibo.cn/p/index?containerid=1059030002_7388_2&luicode=10000011&lfid=231522type%3D60%26q%3D%23微博之夜投票%23%26t%3D0&sudaref=m.weibo.cn
  5. Having watched up to ep 16, I'm happy to say I'm liking this series so much. It has the old school wuxia feeling, and it's probably the "purest" wuxia drama in recent years that isn't a Jin Yong or Gu Long adaptation. It has all the wuxia elements: the wandering heroine, the different sects and their rivalries, revenge stories, and even some philosophies. I'm very happy with the fact that it's being subbed in YouTube and Viki, since I don't speak Mandarin and am not familiar with the story. I like that it has mystery elements too, really remind me to the TVB dramas I watched growing up. The story is actually, IMO, quite well-written and engaging. I didn't read the book, but surprisingly I'm not too eager for spoilers and rather enjoying the mysteries unfolding. Oh wow, glad to find another Legend of Qin watcher! (We're probably among 5 who did, LOL). I like Legend of Qin, but I disagree about better acting and better fights. They're about the same level in the acting department (although Lu Yi is charismatic and magnetic), but IMO Listening Snow Tower has better fighting scenes, not to mention there are quite a number of them, making it truly wuxia. I do agree they need to tone down the slow motion. Also, the flashbacks in LoQ are very annoying, since they're all from the same scene being replayed to death -- but the flashbacks in Snow Tower serve as exposition tools. The leads are not typical wuxia noble, goody two shoes heroes though. Both are cold. Despite their attraction to each other, they are calculated to one another, perhaps best showcased at the end of ep 16 (now I can't wait for ep 17 onward to get subbed!). While the acting can be improved, I do think the portrayal is decent. Crystal has a perpetual melancholic face, but surprisingly I find her becoming cold and ruthless believable. Xiao Yiqing isn't particularly likeable, but I'm all for a frail but highly skilled martial fighter. He's a cross between Mei Changsu and Gong Zi of Bloody Romance, and I think Qin Junjie plays the role pretty well. My issues initially was the styling, the slow motion, and bad editing. Also can I say plot holes?
  6. I was going to post the picture when I saw it on Twitter, but you beat me to it! I feel a little guilty because, yeah, I do find him HAWT being wet like that, LOL. Thank youuuu for all the gems you've been giving us. I'm thrilled they're doing a nation-wide promotional tour. I hope their hard work pays off! So they're targeting high school and college students, eh? Arthur seems more relaxed and engaging -- even more so than his cast mates :))) Now off to watch the videos!
  7. I don't know if he's getting an award. Weibo awards are more about popularity, and they tend to give away awards to those who are attending LOL. But it's fun, we can see actors in nice attires and dresses. Blogs used to cover it, so did dramapotatoe, but the coverage in English based blogs is getting rarer and rarer... I guess the bloggers have become very busy and more people in the world can directly access weibo now, so yeah... Thanks again for the videos and pictures! Yesssss totally to CFY fans! In fairness, most television and/or movie shootings are restricted to outsiders. But there are stubborn fans or greedy insiders who try to make money from selling leaked pictures (like in the article you've shared before). I'm glad CFY fans are adamant about it. I agree that CFY seems tired. He's been flying everywhere, attending events and taping programs back-to-back. Boy needs some good rest, even if he's still young and healthy. I wonder why he's pouting in the Happy Camp pictures? You know, I look back at CFY pictures from Ever Night and I was amazed at how well he portrayed Ning Que. Of course his acting still needs improvement, but NQ is almost totally different to his personality. NQ is brash, cocky, impulsive. Arthur is reserved, soft spoken and of course well-planned. Yet he gave a believable performance. And based on the trailers and MV of My Best Summer, Yu Huai is also another different character: outgoing and a natural leader. I don't know about Arthur's leadership potential, but again I find him believable as an outgoing person. I can't wait to see the movie!
  8. Oh yes!! Someone mentioned it on the NEF forum, but I couldn't find it in Liu Haoran fans' twitters or other English sources (not even Dramapotatoes!). My Dramalist isn't always a reliable source about airing dates. Thankfully I found it on another Chinese source http://www.sohu.com/a/314464942_351788?sec=wd. Yes, best summer indeed!!! *dancing*
  9. Cool! Will we have He Landou there too? I am now always looking forward to their interactions in promotional events/programs. Yes, it's a great honor! I believe Richie Ren met CFY at the Book Society awards when CFY received the award for his role in Ever Night, right? CFY seems to be more active in social media now. He regularly updates his posts and engages people in his weibo. But I notice he's pretty measured in his SM interactions. I hope one day he'll be more experienced and confident enough so he won't be too guarded LOL. C'mon Arthur, you're still young! (although we all know you have an old soul hahaha!) BTW, I found this rumor that Arthur might be invited to Weibo Movie Night event. http://bbs.jjwxc.net/showmsg.php?board=2&boardpagemsg=2&id=6080824 Not sure how reliable the news is. I'm also not sure when the award will take place.
  10. OMG, THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOUUUU!!!!! I LOVE YOUUUU!!! How did you find out? The band looks like an indie. The trumpet part reminds me of Sufjan Stevens' earlier songs. I'm dying to know who decided to use for the trailer, why this song, will it be in the movie, etc., because it's such an interesting choice! Yaaayyy for Happy Camp! Can't wait to see the episode! On the other hand, he looks too skinny. Bulk it up a little, Arthur! I don't think an additional 2, or even 5 kgs, will harm him or change his appearance since he's so tall. The MBS tiktok posts are cute and funny. LOL at mischievous CFY . He Landou looked pissed hahahahha! It's cool that he's supporting Sophie Zhang's new drama. I also read some good impression about it elsewhere, now I'd like to check it out. I was reluctant at first, thinking that Aarif Rahman is a lot older to be her leading man, but apparently their age gap is only 10 years. (I should remember that CFY is 7 years younger than SYR! Lol). Maybe because Sophie is a former child actor & Aarif feels like having been in the business forever LOL.
  11. Thank you soooo much! I like the song, although I personally prefer the other one in English (which is used in both trailers). But I dig the MV and Guang Liang's voice is fitting for the theme. The more snippets we see from the trailers and MV, the more thrilled and anticipating I become! I love CFY's portrayal of Yu Huai's emotional side as depicted in the MV. I already love his natural chemistry with He Landou. I hope the actual movie will be as good or even better than the trailers. I also hope they'll have a happy ending in the movie. But if it's not, a poignant ending will suffice if done well. Not all coming-of-age movies have happy endings. (Random: my all-time favorite coming-of-age movie is Stand By Me, starring young (and late) River Phoenix, Jerry O'Connell, Wil Wheaton. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it. It has a poignant ending, but it leaves a deep impression as such). Hahahaha... this one has better showing of the leads' cute interaction! It's kinda funny to see He Landou took the initiatives to fist bump or high five CFY, and I suspect at one point she was signalling CFY to hold hands which he didn't respond... ouch... I hope it wasn't intentional! I kinda like HLD's off screen personality. She doesn't act cutesy, she seems like a sensible girl, and she's a pretty good actress. If I remember correctly, she received praise for her acting in Moonlight and Valentine (?). Me too! Cool! I always admire Cnetz fanmade videos. They're very creative and well done. Has the winner been announced?
  12. I checked on YouTube, and was thrilled to see it's already getting subbed! So far I've seen 5 episodes subbed.
  13. @tamachon Thank you so much for sharing the video! Despite my enjoyment, I do need translation. The explanation helps tremendously to get a more coherent understanding of the story. Good news is Viki is taking the subbing project! :)))
  14. Wow, another endorsement! His agency/management really knows how to sell him... kudos to them! Aside from his manager/assistant (the lady who accompanies him everywhere), does his mom also act as his manager? Yesssss!!! I love this new trailer! Another company that knows how to make trailer. It's equally cute and cheerful, but now with a tad of melancholy as they approach the end of their school year and everyone will leave to their choice universities/colleges. I love CFY's acting in the trailer! Yes, he shows the emotions well. A guy (his character) who's normally confident, but becomes awkward and unsure when trying to express his heart :). He looks so natural with He Landou. And the way he looks at her! I recall someone said earlier in this forum that one distinctive trait CFY has is his ability to generate chemistry with all his co-stars. This movie is another evident. I can't wait until Legend of Awakening is aired to check how he does with his cast mates there. Oh, and I also love the background song for this trailer. (IIRC it's the same BG song for the first trailer). Am I right that both songs are in English?
  15. Eh, what was discussed by CFY's crazy fans on weibo? If I'm not mistaken, CFY did promotional pictures with Nana after (and before?) Secret Fruit. They did promotional tours, magazine pictures etc. I don't remember if they had the "CP promotion" because I wasn't following neither CFY nor Nana at that time. But my impression is Secret Fruit didn't create a crazy shipping/fandom. Perhaps it just didn't create enough buzz? But I can't recall if there was shipping fandom out of youth movies or dramas. The last crazy shippings that I remember were all adult actors: Zhao Liying and Chen Xiao, Yang Mi and Feng Shaofeng, Zhao Liying and William Chan. I didn't follow Meteor Garden, so I'm not sure why Dylan-Shen Yue 's shipping is very, very strong. I think it was intentional from the producer from the start, marketing the CP and creating the hype. Wasn't Shen Yue at that time fresh off her success with A Love So Beautiful? I suppose the actors have great chemistry too between them. I have the same feeling and response. I haven't read the book, but I'm very happy with the original NQ-SS too! I'm not too much into SYR like I am with CFY, but I like her well enough, and of course you all know I still ship her with CFY (sorry @epinklyn, I know you support Feiyu-Nana! lol). They will forever be my only NQ-SS.
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