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  1. Well, nothing new. He's been used to be in spotlight, and getting bashed, because of his heritage. I'm so proud of his maturity in dealing with them. Regarding his nationality, that shouldn't be a big secret. Even us international audience are aware of it, despite the fact we've been exposed to him much less and more recent than the Chinese audience, with less access to infos and gossips due to the language barrier. Like you said, they're just trying to sensationalize things.
  2. Yayyyy!!! Congratulations, Arthur!! Well deserved! One thing I'm not sure of: are the entrance tests for foreign students the same with the local ones? I suspect most of the foreign students are overseas-born or migrant Chinese (like CFY, SYR, or Shawn Dou), so they probably need not provide the HSK (Chinese proficiency) certificate like non-Chinese ones.
  3. THANKS, LADIES! Finally, a LEAK! (or sort of, since the three of them were obviously looking at the camera, although in different angle). I agree, they both look good as boys next door. Based on the haircut, the story seems to take place in the 90s?
  4. Thanks for the articles @epinklyn! Yeah, of course this family can afford VIP access, but they're still very low key. They probably needed to take the less-accessible route so CFY didn't need to put on a mask. I still ask myself why Chinese celebrities need to cover their faces, and how the heck the media still recognize them. Many people seem to notice that CFY looks tired. He probably needs a little break. On the other hand, he's been more productive in social media lately, especially Instagram. Although the pictures seem so random that they're like riddles LOL.
  5. Thank you so much, @epinklyn! I love it that we don't have too many news or articles about CFY, but the few that come are very interesting to read. Just as we suspect, CKG shows his sons his work, so they can observe the actual nature of movie making and entertainment industry in general, and they can make an informed decision whether they want to be part of it. Ahhh... so those are really his birthday celebration pictures! I thought they were from previous years. Doesn't it seem like he's finished shooting his part? If so, it's pretty fast! But let's see where LHR is nowadays LOL.
  6. It's true that it's considered more prestigious airing on TV channel, especially Hunan or maybe CCTV. But TV drama ratings in general are dwindling. Most can count themselves lucky if they get past 1%. Stricter censors have made web dramas more appealing, because the regulations are relatively loose, though it may not be the case anymore. Even web dramas have lower viewership compared to a few years ago. Last year, for instance, the highest view number is 18 billions for Yanxi Palace. It was only a few years ago when dramas could reach as high as 40s billions views (Princess Agents, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms). Zhao Liying was the hottest name because the combined number of her dramas in 3 or 4 consecutive years is around 100 billions. On the other hand, Jin Yong adaptations, because of the constant remakes, often suffer in viewership (although it doesn't stop people from remaking, LOL) and douban rating in recent years. LOCH 2017 was actually a breath of fresh air and considered an awakening of wuxia series quality wise (hence the douban rating of 7.9 to 8.0). I honestly don't know how many web view counts it had, but its TV rating never reached 1%. However, I dare say that 5 billions for a wuxia drama at this age is very decent. Ever Night was considered quite successful getting 5 billions views last year, and it has 60 episodes. So by view count per episode alone, HSDS is relatively more successful in this genre. Hahaha thank you for the understanding! I see there are also a few YBH Stepmoms here although we're outnumbered by the Wuji-Minmin shippers, and some members hold both cards LOL. I'm afraid I'm not even as knowledgeable as many of you here! Because you know, when you guys were discussing the Emei background, analyzing the nature of Wudang, the 9 yin manual, ZZR taking an instant path, or the analysis of ZZR personality and her (lack of) leadership capability -- it was very interesting because most of you are very familiar with the story and well versed in the Condor Trilogy. It's just somehow most prefer to discuss the romantic parts and conversation will turn back again to analyzing love expressions and such heheheh... Thanks! Unfortunately I don't speak Mandarin, although of course I can always use Google translation. Tieba forums are sometimes a bit confusing to me, compared to Douban threads, but I agree they cover a lot of things
  7. Thanks for the offer! I can't suggest anything at the moment, but l will let you know if I can think of something!
  8. Now that the drama has passed the 4.5 billions mark and counting, I'm confident it will reach 5 billions -- and perhaps even more -- by the end of its running. Cool! I'm sooo happy for all the cast (especially my love Lin Yushen ) and crew. It's unfortunate that netizens just impulsively gave bad rating on douban based on the first several episodes, but we can see it has climbed from 5 in the beginning to currently 5.7 -- which ain't easy at all! I'm hoping for a rating miracle like Ever Night or Rise of the Phoenixes which jumped into the 7's and the 8's respectively after great words-to-mouth. I haven't checked the douban conversation for a long while to guess whether changes in the drama (from the book) will affect the rating in the end. I'm enjoying this version enough to care too much about douban rating, but it'll be cool if it can be on par with LOCH 2017 since both came from the same director and (I suspect) same crew. BTW, I'm going to be against the tide here that I don't find Chen Yuqi impressive. I think her portrayal of Zhao Min is quite bland, and she's not as natural as, say, Joseph and Bambi. But I'm not a Zhao Min fan from the beginning, so perhaps any actress in that role must be more "forceful" to get my attention, LOL. OK, y'all can kill me now before continuing your discussion about ZWJ-ZM lovey dovey moments (sorry to say again, the thread IMO has turned into a romance-focused conversation).
  9. AAHH... saw the postcard picture on Twitter, and I was wondering what's that about. What a clever thing to do, not only the winner can get CFY's autograph, but the winner will also feels like CFY personally sent the postcard to him/her! I love the idea, and the postcard is very pretty (I love sketches). Oh well, I don't have a weibo account, so good luck to the competing ones! Are you planning to join, @epinklyn?
  10. Thanks @epinklyn! Oh wow, he made an effort to join the group chat AND spoke to his fans. He sounds sleepy, but who wouldn't? I live in NZ and it's 7:30's am here, so that means it's around 3:30 am in China. Either he got up early or they were still shooting in the those wee hours (I won't be surprised if it's the latter, as they don't have much time to shoot the anthology movie). LOL, I will never be able to get awake with this kind of morning call! His voice is so soothing I'll continue sleeping, lulled by his pleasant tone . I'm impressed with this greeting, using the titles of his dramas and movies! Creative fans! PS. Apparently Song Yiren was one of the first who greeted him on Weibo!
  11. Happy birthday, Arthur "Ning Que" Chen Feiyu! Many happy returns on this special day and onward. Stay humble and hardworking! All the best to your future endeavors, including your study, as well as a drama and two movies this year! Here's what Sang Sang might have cooked for you: the longevity noodles -- with piles of scallions and two extra eggs! Pic. credit: here.
  12. LOL, so true! I usually Google his name (in Mandarin characters) to find any news. It's very rare these days. I dunno about in Weibo though. Has any of you try searching with Baidu? PS. I second you, look forward to any BTS with LHR, lol. Let's see if his fans will share any pictures tomorrow .
  13. I like that most of CFY's fans are doing charities in celebration of his birthday. I'm sure he'll appreciate it, and I hope his management/studio notices that and gives a shout out to them. Personally I think it's way better than the usual sending him gifts etc. On the other hand, I do find it a little peculiar that his PR agency or fans club (I'm sure he has one) doesn't arrange anything at all. Last year there was the diary and the Dior video (in which he looks oh so dashing in tuxedo). But who knows, maybe like you said they're keeping it secret until the D-day. I also wish there'd be a BTS of a birthday celebration on location in the desert LOL.
  14. A video message for CFY's upcoming birthday, in various Chinese dialects! On another news, CFY reportedly will take part in a variety show from Zhejiang TV, which is about celebrities helping architects and other experts building rural areas. IIRC, the show will feature Zheng Shuang and Deng Lun. CFY will be, I guess, a guest star (because the Google translation is "flight star" which doesn't make sense ). When I find again the link to the article, I'll update this post
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