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[Drama 2019] The Fiery Priest, 열혈사제 - "WE WILL BE BACK !"

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3 minutes ago, mrsj3n said:

I'm in denial...


I have yet to watch the finale.......


I haven't watched the ep with subs after watching it live on saturday :sweatingbullets:


Glad the maim cast joined the reward trip~ they all look good amd well rested :)



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Really Astonishing           .. why everyone is so adorable 

.. I don’t know what to say , I’m speechless 

April 21, 2019 penguin-dance.gif


SBS Drama "The Fiery Priest" Likely to Come Out With Season 2


Source: Sports Donga via HanCinema.net




It looks like there will be a second season of the SBS drama "The Fiery Priest". According to sources, the success of the first season led to the decision of the second season.


"The Fiery Priest" ended on the 20th with a viewing rate of 22%. The final episode also sent out writing saying 'We will be back'. "The Fiery Priest" starring Kim Nam-gil, Lee Honey and others was well supported for its story of fighting evil.



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4 hours ago, katakwasabi said:

@Ameera Ali his suits is what makes him more awesome. Its kdrama villain 101. Villains has a killer wardrobe. Hahaha


Agree , he was so handsome :love:, Also I like him in casual look , hoodies on him was wow  :mrgreen:



@triplem , @ktcjdrama @Lawyerh @Sejabin @katakwasabi 


He dark , sexy , mysterious 









.. :joy::blush::yum: 



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So I finally watched the last episodes


1. Father Kim's bad boy hairdo made me chuckle, he looked like my old [female] English teacher

2. I had to look twice who this is lmao



In general it was a fine finale made with the agenda to have a second season, so I was not surprised there were no serious goodbyes etc, we will see them all again.

Also everyone needs to apologize for thinking Father Han was behind Father Lees death :lol:

Hopefully S2 won't be too far away as I still wait for a life sign of Secret Forest S2. :mellow:

And Kim Nam Gil you



PS: if you need some weekly comedy mixed with drama, Special Labor Inspector Jo Jang-Poong is a nice one. Doing some pr here :ph34r:




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Finally watched with subs lol. It was the best finale. Hopefully they get the same cast for season 2:persevere:. We need our team tsunami :lol:.


First of all, I'm glad scar face is dead:rolleyes:. He deserved that shot:sweatingbullets:


Bobby had a transformation in prison lol. I didn't recognize him until Song Sac called him Long Dragon:sweat_smile:.


I guess the wig went to detective Seo cuz she looked awesome in it:joy::mrgreen:. Also, did the detective shave his head? He looked bald for real lol. Good thing his leg didn't hit father Kim's face otherwise he would have gotten a beating lol. Prosecutor Park pulling father Kim's hair while running:lol:. Some things never change lol. This was the perfect ending.  


The nun made me laugh when she saw the cars and bodyguards and asked father Kim "What did you do this time?"lol:mrgreen:. The look on father Kim's face was priceless:D. It got worse when Father Kim and the crew started taking selfies with the pope lol:joy:


I have many moments to talk about but I'll cut it short lol:joy:. Thanks to all Chingus that made this thread fun and enjoyable:wub:. To all Chingus who posted the videos, recaps, summaries and screen shots, thank you very much:kiss_wink::heart:. I'll see you around:glasses:.

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The Fiery Priest: Episodes 35-36

by LollyPip


Hooray, I’ve been waiting for this since this show started! Our priest strikes up an awesome, unholy alliance in his quest to learn the truth of his old friend’s murder, and the odds seem to be in his favor. But once again, just when Team Tsunami claws its way to the top, tragedy strikes — and this time, the loss may be more than the team can bear.







“The Fiery Priest” PD Discusses Success Of Drama And Hopes For 2nd Season

by S. Park

Producing director (PD) Lee Myung Woo shared his thoughts on the success of “The Fiery Priest.”

“The Fiery Priest” premiered on February 15 and concluded on April 20. It was praised as a “well-made drama” that topped the list of buzzworthy TV shows and achieved viewership ratings of over 20 percent.

“It was really unexpected,” began PD Lee Myung Woo. “At first, I thought, ‘Is this reaction real?’ but I became happy after receiving lots of love, attention, and high viewership ratings as time passed. Thanks to that, I, the staff, and actors gained lots of strength, and it also helped to maintain the completeness and consistency of the proje

more https://www.soompi.com/article/1319467wpp/the-fiery-priest-pd-discusses-success-of-drama-and-hopes-for-2nd-season
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10 minutes ago, katakwasabi said:


Lol. Who uploaded this? I hope its one of the cast or crew. If not....it would be totally creepy :sweatingbullets:

Not credited lol. I found these on Weibo. :) it should be from one of the crew. :) 


Edit: it should be Dae Young Who took the pics lol




father Han eh?

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3 minutes ago, sushilicious said:

So the stage. One user noticed that the table cloth is the same as as the one you saw where Tsunami gang hangs out. Then....the kimchi fridge is at the back lol.


@Ameera Ali @Lawyerh @ktcjdrama @triplem This is so funny lol. The kimchi fridge! :joy:

I love these people.... :kiss_wink:

They just know how to make us happy.... :grin:

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6 minutes ago, triplem said:

I’m just happy that the entire cast  is  so well loved ...

I’m happy that fans are greeting them :) because they gave us a really great time :) #inafierylovewiththecast (Good luck reading the hashtag lol)

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