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[Drama 2019] Trap 트랩


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Lee Seo Jin Transforms Into A Perfect News Anchor For Upcoming Thriller “Trap”

by sala12

A first look into Lee Seo Jin’s role as perfect news anchor Kang Woo Hyun in OCN’s upcoming drama “Trap” has been released.

“Trap” will be the first of OCN’s “Dramatic Cinema” project. The project combines drama and film formats, using the keen production of a film and the high quality stories of a drama. OCN will collaborate with movie producers to produce the investigative thriller, which will tell the shocking tale of Kang Woo Hyun, who has fallen into an unknown trap.

In the midst of viewers showing interest for “Trap,” OCN has released the first stills of Lee Seo Jin. The drama is garnering attention for its innovative methods and stellar cast, including Lee Seo Jin, who has returned to filming a drama after a long time.












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Lee Seo-jin suited up in new stills for OCN’s Trap

by tccolb


New stills have been released for OCN’s upcoming Trap which feature Lee Seo-jin (Marriage Contract) looking sharp in a gray suit.

Set to air in the new year, Trap is a hard-boiled thriller about a successful anchorman who’s beloved by the nation with a loving family. However, in one ill-fated moment he is ensnared in a trap and loses everything.

Lee Seo-jin will be playing the beloved anchorman, Kang Woo-hyun, who seems to have it all. Ranked yearly as the country’s most trustworthy news source, he is well respected by society and often asked to run for public office. He’s successful in business as well and always busy. Yet, he values his family and still finds time to be a doting husband and father. However, he and his family go on a trip together one day and everything changes. Sung Dong-il (Your Honor) will costar as a veteran detective who crosses paths with Lee Seo-jin

Directing will be helmed by Park Shin-woo (White Night) and Nam Sang-wook (Special Affairs Team TEN) will be writing. PD Lee Jae-gyu will be part of the creative team as producer, who worked with Lee Seo-jin in the past on Damo.





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January 2 2019

Teaser trailer #2 for OCN drama series “Trap”


Second teaser trailer added for upcoming OCN drama series “Trap” starring Lee Seo-Jin and Sung Dong-Il. The second teaser trailer is a character teaser of Kang Woo-Hyun (Lee Seo-Jin). He is well known & respected TV news anchor and asked to enter the political field. He then becomes trapped. In addition, above are the first still images of Lee Seo-Jin as Kang Woo-Hyun.

“Trap” first airs February 9, 2019 in South Korea (takes over OCN’s Saturday and Sunday 10:20PM time slot after “Priest.”).





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Sung Dong Il stills


OCN dramatic cinema 'Trap' has released the first still cut of Actor Seong Dong Il.

Seong Dong Il`s character is the veteran detective of the old age who had a special point in the on-the-spot investigation. Dongguk, who once was a legend of the broadcaster. Sometimes, though, he may have an accidental nature, but the passion to devote himself to the on-the-spot investigation and the humanity that cares about his colleagues make him unable to hate him. Dongkuk, who was about to spend time with his family before his retirement, began to dig into the case of Kang Woo-hyeon (Lee Seo-jin), a national anchor, with unusual dedication and intention, revealing a shocking truth that nobody could have expected.







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"You have to reveal even 1% possibility"
Former veteran detective Dongguk (
Sung Dong Il) announced publicly!


I was caught in a dense hunt.
Hard-Boiled Trailer Thriller <Trap>
OCN first broadcast on Saturday, February 9 at 10:20 pm


Sung Dong Il stills



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January 18 2019

Main trailer for OCN drama series “Trap”


Main trailer added for upcoming OCN drama series “Trap” starring Lee Seo-Jin and Sung Dong-Il. Caption in the trailer states in Korean “Disappeared Family” and later in the trailer caption states “I got trapped in an elaborate hunt.” Meanwhile, above and below are three main posters for the drama series. On the poster are Kang Woo-Hyun (Lee Seo-Jin) and Ko Dong-Kook (Sung Dong-Il).

“Trap” first airs February 9, 2019 in South Korea.








Characters stills


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Lee Seo-jin on the hunt for his family in OCN’s Trap

by tipsymocha


I’ve missed having Lee Seo-jin (Intimate Strangers) on my screen, as an actor or as himself in a Na PD show, so I’m excited to check out his newest drama, OCN’s Trap. The show marks his comeback to dramaland following 2016’s Marriage Contract, and I’m hoping Trap will make the wait worth it. It doesn’t hurt that the rest of the cast is pretty stellar, with Sung Dong-il (Your Honor) and Im Hwa-young (Sketch, Smart Prison Living) rounding out our main players.

Lee Seo-jin plays a former anchorman, and at the outset, it looks like he has the picture-perfect family, which all changes during one fateful family holiday. The teaser’s caption ominously reads, “A family disappeared,” as we see Lee Seo-jin being revived in an emergency room and tied up in a chair as he asks someone where his wife and son are. Police surround the scene of the family’s kidnapping and Sung Dong-il’s detective questions why the kidnapper let Lee Seo-jin go, as if he were “cornering a rabbit.”

The teaser tells us that Lee Seo-jin has “fallen into an elaborate hunt.” And that “hunt” sounds like a literal hunt, with people carrying rifles in the woods, presumably to hunt down Lee Seo-jin as he continues to search for his missing family. The teaser ends with his son calling out for him offscreen as we see our hero heavily bandaged, crying out on a hospital bed. Talk about a foreboding ending.

more http://www.dramabeans.com/2019/01/lee-seo-jin-on-the-hunt-for-his-family-in-ocns-trap/

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