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[Drama 2019] Trap 트랩


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17 hours ago, asd3m said:

Does anyone know something about subtitles to this drama?


I don`t know who will translate this drama but I am hoping someone will translate it.


Pres conference pictures























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February 1, 2019


CJ ENM’s OCN Lines Up Trap Premiere


Kristin Brzoznowski  WorldScreen


CJ ENM’s OCN channel has slated the premiere of Trap, the first of its “dramatic cinema” projects, for February 6.


The seven-episode thriller stars Lee Seo-jin (Youn’s Kitchen) and Sung Dong-il (Live). Trap tells the story of a famous news presenter, Kang (Seo-jin), who gets trapped by human hunters in a suburban forest. Detective Ko (Dong-il) sets out to solve the crime.


OCN, which started as a channel for blockbuster movies, this year is focusing on “dramatic cinema” pieces, which blend the elements of drama series and films to create an intense story that includes “dramatic amusement, tension, clash of characters and social meanings.”

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28 minutes ago, rubie said:

CJ ENM’s OCN channel has slated the premiere of Trap, the first of its “dramatic cinema” projects, for February 6


The author of this article made a mistake. The drama will premiere on February 9th.


The teasers are looking good. I am anticipating this drama but I hope we`ll have English subtitles.



It looks like there will be a special broadcast tonight.




Finally at 9:30 tonight!
[Trap: hunting diary] Special broadcast ★
See you tonight.


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Premiere Watch:

by stroopwafel



Time slot: Wednesday & Thursday
Broadcaster: OCN
Genre: Thriller
Episode count: 7 episodes

Reasons to watch: Lee Seo-jin stars as a man whose perfect life is shattered when he and his family are kidnapped. It doesn’t appear that Lee and his family were random victims though, and when the kidnappers mysteriously release Lee Seo-jin, he begins a torturous hunt to find his family while the police turn an investigative eye onto him. Sung Dong-il costars as the detective who’s investigating the kidnapping case and the two are positioned as each other’s foils. Will Lee Seo-jin find his family? The drama will have a relatively short run, as it’s the first in OCN’s new cinema-drama hybrid series.





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 Gotta watch Mr. Dimples Lee Seo Jin and one of my favs.. Sung dong Il.. Plus it's OCN.. so yeah. I'll wait for the premiere. Thanks to Viu.. picking this up.  I can watch with sub.


 I wonder how this one gos. Is it gonna be similar to how  it is done similar to how dorama is done?. We'll fine what Cinema  Drama Hybrid means. Probably cinematic take when it comes to tone  of the drama and story telling.

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43 minutes ago, jongski said:

 I wonder how this one gos. Is it gonna be similar to how  it is done similar to how dorama is done?. We'll fine what Cinema  Drama Hybrid means. Probably cinematic take when it comes to tone  of the drama and story telling.


I kind of have an idea how it will be but it is hard to explain. I am sure we`ll have a good drama here. Our hero won`t have a time to calm down and we won`t have either. This is the drama that I am the most excited at the moment.

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3 Reasons To Tune Into New OCN Drama “Trap”

by L. Kim

Lee Seo Jin and Sung Dong Il’s new thriller drama “Trap” is almost here!

The story revolves around news anchor Kang Woo Hyun (Lee Seo Jin) who falls into an unknown trap. As the first drama of OCN’s new “Dramatic Cinema” project, it will combine the sharp production level of films and the high quality stories of dramas. It is directed by Park Shin Woo, who previously directed “Into the White Night,” and written by Nam Sang Wook, who previously penned “TEN.” The seven-episode drama will air on Saturdays and Sundays.

Here are three things to look forward to in the upcoming drama:

1. The transformation of Lee Seo Jin, Sung Dong Il, and Im Hwa Young

Lee Seo Jin, who has become familiar to viewers through variety shows, is returning to the small screen after three years with “Trap.” The actor, who will make his first attempt at OCN genre drama, is leading a tense plot by playing the role of Kang Woo Hyun, an anchor in an unknown trap. While filming the drama, he said, “It’s my first time putting on so much fake blood.” With that said, he will be showing relentless action scenes as well dramatic emotional changes throughout the story.

more https://www.soompi.com/article/1302449wpp/3-reasons-to-tune-into-new-ocn-drama-trap
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  • Guest changed the title to [Current Drama 2019] Trap 트랩 - Lee Seo Jin, Sung Dong Il - Sat & Sun @ 22:20 KST - Premieres TONIGHT
  • Guest changed the title to [Current Drama 2019] Trap 트랩- Sat & Sun @ 22:20 KST

I watched the first episode. What a case! It`s insane. Kang Woo-Hyun is living a nightmare. To witness the disappearance of his child and his wife like that, and than, a lunatic to tell you that you are hunted, that if you want to save them you have to play a hunting "game", it`s mind-blowing. 

I don`t know who is behind the conspiration but he is CRAZY. I just knew that Detective Bae will be dead because he saw something suspicious. He saw the secretary Kim Shi-Hyun in touch with a suspicious man (one of the hunters).  Ko Dong-Kook was the only one who took him serious in the Police and I want him to continue the investigation and trust his observation (at least he has his notebook).

What I was thinking watching the fist episode was.....I am glad this drama has only 7 episodes. I don`t think I could wait for 16 episodes to see the conclusion.


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So fast sub. Thanks much!  Done watching.  episode one. I love it!! so suspenseful  mysterious thrilling scary premiere.  The cinematic tone, with wide screen cinema format. Even the bg music to the scenes. Good acting too.


The hunter, the prey, the victim, the lunatic psycho mountain cafe owner. The well known couple.. esp Woo Hyun who's a famous achor and his reporter wife.


So he took leave from, went to vacation with his wife and son ( Eun Soo and Si Woo) to the moutains where he first met his wife.  The cafe mountain is owner is  different now and is damn psycho. He's into taxidermy.. and lunatic about it. He and the hunters lured(?) and baited the Woo Hyun. The one and he wife went missing in the mountain woods. the psycho owner violent crazy, the scene with the knife, with the shovel hitting Woo Hyun, the phone call pretending it's working and talking to the police.  He wanted to taxidermized, said it's beautiful creation everything but said it's being looked down due to disgust and fear.  He wants Woo Hyun's to search for his wife and and son  whom (he and likley the hunters) took in the mountains. Wants for Woo Hyun to  look from point A to point B. He said weak preys should never become hunters.. Man, that damn pyscho lunatic there!


Detetctive Dong Kook ( SunDong Il's character) wise detective found a way to call Woo Hyun's cell phone and asked  the detective bae to check call history.  Det. bae saw Kim's name, she's the secretary... whilst talking to her stammering and allm Woo Hyun woke up and gone mad


Very very suspicious secretary of Woo Hyun came to the hospital witness how he had gone berserk wansting to see his son and wife, throwing object to anyone who comes near. She saw and pacified him. Damn, I was already suspicous when I first saw her.  Like she has something on him. She patted his head comfrted him assured him everything is okay.. so he calmed down and they restrained him I guess.  Actually the stammeting detective noticed  already something suspicious. Went up to the roof and saw from the parking lot secretary was talking to someone...... He was actually seen. I think. so he hid behind the wall.  Called Det Dong Kook (who was actually in the hospital parking lot). He wanted to tell his suspiscion and damn he suddenly fell off the building. Dong Kook saw the commotion and saw it wat the younger stammerring police blood oozing from the head.


My guess who's behind  in everything would be the CEO  Woo Hyun works fro. He demanded to the pyscho who was behind in all of what's happening and what do they want.  But lunat9c  just gone crazy mad. But  I'll wait for episode 2 subs.. I think I'll have idea,


This is only 7 episode . The content and quality is cinematic, fast pace. You know there's a reason why I like OCN.  Thumbs up!


@larus I just finished episode 1. My post was a bit long you beat me to it but boy it was so good... scary good! I was confused with the taxidermy thing. I had to google what it means and what's it about.


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  • Guest changed the title to [Current Drama 2019] Trap 트랩 - Sat & Sun @ 22:20 KST

That was a strong first episode! OMG, my heart was beating so fast. A few scenes really scared me.


I liked the cinematography. The actors are all splendid! It was a shame that detective Bae won't be a part of the rest of the series. I loved the actor's depiction of him.

I have a few theories, but I don't want to dive into them yet as I haven't watched ep 2. On a general note, I do think that Kang Woo-hyun and his secretary are closer to each other than it appears at first glance. His wife seemed jealous/suspicious of the secretary during the interview. Also, the scene where she comes in to calm KWH in the hospital room, she whispered in his ear and hugged him. He hugged her back. I wonder if they have been or are having an affair... Anyone else who may have gotten the same feeling?


I think it is a smart move to make this into a 7 episode drama. I agree that 16 episodes would be too long.


On a side note:


Even though this thread is pretty quiet, I am happy to see @larus here. :) It seems you may have been looking for a new thriller after "Children of Nobody" ended too? @jongski I think you were a fan of "Your Honor"? Great drama too. :)


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Oh wow, yes!

I've been waiting for Oppa (Or rather Ahjussi) Lee Seo Jin's come back for another romance drama, but this Teuraep drama is Daebak!! :wub: - So far full thriller episode 1 and 2, but why only 7 episodes? Aigoo .... it's only 3.5 weeks?


Please don't make lil boy Si Woo died in the next episode.

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Ahahahah it just cracks me up when they cut to scenes to the psycho cafe guy in his underpants!!:lol::lol::lol:

How is it possible for Seo-Jin's character to still be able to run, walk with a wounded right leg!? Plus don't forget he was whacked HARD on the head multiple times and yet he was still able to focus, think with clarity ha-ha. K-Drama logic indeed. Oh turned out he's an ex-military guy:rolleyes: Another thing I thought his wife told him they couldn't go to the amusement park 'cause she was having her "time of the month" but she had on a light-colored pantsuit on the day she was abducted sheesh:P-_- I'm just nitpicking LoL. It just seemed not so practical is all (shrug)

Honestly, he should've listened to his wife when she told him she had a bad feeling about the cafe... I knew the secretary was up to no good. Although why did she tear up in the cab afterward?? The profiler was really clumsy to take out the burner phone in the elevator where it's known to have CCTV monitors aish:crazy: 

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  • Guest changed the title to [Drama 2019] Trap 트랩


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