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[Drama 2019] Trap 트랩


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@jcbel - Oh I love those discussions. I see your points and I agree in the sense of repetition of history and cycle of violence, as well as killing one in order to save hundreds, thousands, etc.


50 minutes ago, jcbel said:

 Can a selfish egomanial goal end up being for the common good?  One of the things posed was the question of whether a person in power who doesn't value an individual human life can save thousands of lives?


While I agree the show introduces these questions and deals with the ambivalence quite nicely in that last episode, like you describe so well yourself around KWH's belief, I still think they are hinting at a different way of dealing with things - an ambivalent way too but one that is not about killing that one in order to save more. What Detective Do refuses is to kill that "one" like KWH was able to do repeadtly while considering the greater scheme of his project. Do was faced with that choice several times, and he refused to pull the trigger each time.


At first, the HBomb comparaison bothered me but it is quite fitting actually because I think more people would condemn the bombings now than the opposite. I know it's still a debate, but a lot of information point to the fact that the Japanese were done for and the the bombings should be considered as war crimes. Hence, while ambivalent, there is something about responding to violence with violence in excess (what KWH did with the Hunters), and that while nothing is black or white, no one is good or bad, there are still excesses that should be avoided because, ultimately, they repeat the problem instead of solving it.

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Trap: Episode 5

by Regals


As the investigation closes in on the group of hunters, both sides set their own traps to try to ensnare their opponents. But things aren’t necessarily as they seem in this dangerous cat-and-mouse game, and successfully taking out one adversary can leave you completely exposed to another who is just waiting for their time to strike.


EPISODE 5: “Blind Spot”



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I still haven't finished watching the last episode.  It really got to me when they had our detective strapped to a cross and they were injecting  him against his will.  I had to turn off the video and walk away.  It was just too much.  I'll give another try at watching it later.  :(

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