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(Up-Coming BL Series 2018-2019) My Engineer เมีย'S วิศวะ

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Ep 14

I was really happy with the ending. It all flowed pretty well and for me, nothing felt rushed. Throughout the series the various groups and couples have had their fair share of time. It seems a long time since that lizard in the park. Looking back, very little seems superfluous.

Even this episode's card game was about the friends with Ting stealing the show. I appreciated the camera staying with Tee as the others made off to bed. He raises his glass and drinks to his friends. So many times in UWMA I was shouting "get on with it ! how long does it take to open a door ?" yet here I didn't have that sensation that good story was being missed for the sake of a lingering shot. The only long stares have been between Ram and King and that is because Ram has to say more with a stare than he does with words. Talking of whom :


I don't know if the Thai original conveys the same sense as 'tortured' but that is a good, powerful word to describe King's feelings for Ram. Maybe because Cool Boy rarely says anything but when he does it is meaningful and mirrors what King is feeling. Ram does stare straight into his eyes, deep into his soul.

Each of the couples have a different way of becoming 'one'. Bohn just went for it ; Mek accepted what he felt and played the unsung hero ; King has been playing the more traditional role of coming to the realisation that he may be in love : "do you know how difficult it is for me to hold myself back whenever I am with you ?", was quite a statement.


Torture looks as though it will remain on the cards for a wee while longer yet, judging by King's reaction the following the morning. Hopefully it will be eased by the fact that his feelings are returned in the same way. After all Ram is wearing a shirt that says : No one cares.


You secretly took my photo ? No I didn't, but just in case, I'll delete it off the camera as soon as I have a copy on my computer. Who else smiled when Frong asks : "When did you come out ?" For a few seconds that could have meant two things.

Picky moment. The chain was done up ; Thara has to undo it in order to put it around Frong's neck. So how did it fall off ? If it just fell off over his head he doesn't need Thara to put it back on again. /end picky moment

Thara remains very formal with Frong throughout. I don't think he has ever used his name when talking to him. Perhaps it is because of the whole hospital, patient's son thing. Obviously Frong is gutted to be told that they are brothers. That was an uncalled for kick in the nether regions. But who knows what will happen next.

Crunch time for the only couple where a woman has been involved. Contrary to Pam/Sarawat in 2gether, Fon has had some sort of relationship with Boss, even if it was  at a distance. Boss was prepared to go to great lengths to try and be with her, and do things to please her. The irony being that it was all possible because Mek was making it work. The 'rejection' via Fon's agent forced Boss to take a closer look at his feelings for Mek.

I found the ending of 'Theory of love' hard to accept because it just didn't strike me as being sincere. The serial womaniser who treated his friend awfully was supposed to have just suddenly seen the light ? In this case, Boss has clearly had some sort of feeling for Mek ; he carries his photo, and for me the telling moment was : "You should have told me sooner".

When Fon is doing her pleading scene (I know it is a Thai thing but hearing the word 'Boss' constantly repeated in every sentence took me back to the days when black people in American films spoke like that) I felt that Boss (aaaagh !) looked uncomfortable, and looked that way because he knew he was going to turn her down. I never doubted for a moment. He looks over her head the entire time. Mek however is as chivalrous as ever.


Not seen "I love you" done by megaphone before.

Ting : "Eat this. I've lost my appetite"

The mirror conversation about the missing snacks. Ultimately as Boss points out, what would Mek do without him :)


And so the main couple. I still think that the story is much more Bohn's journey than Duen's. Duen is a simple and kindly soul ; wiser than he appears. He sets his standards and tries to live by them. Although he bends to some of Bohn's demands he remains in command of his situation. It is therefore up to Bohn to grow up and become more mature. Ep 13 was the wake up call because he finds himself losing Duen in his life.

But Bohn is not really going to just let things go is he ? He's given Duen his space not realising that Duen is off proving the point that Thai gay men have absolutely no sense of direction. As the group arrived by coach there must have been a road so why didn't he follow it ? What then was he up to ? He's taken his Harry Potter rucksack (because it appears to have room for twelve changes of clothes and all his washing gear and a towel !), so does he just mean to go wandering for a while ? the guy that normally avoids camp like the plague ?


For all you adventurers in strange places, use an app that stores off-line maps. They work a treat and many are free.

I am arachnophobic but coped with the couple of shots of nasty things in webs but I will freely admit that if he had done his whole Frodo in Shelob's lair thing, I would never have been able to watch the episode again :) Emotional distress can make us do all sorts of silly things and getting lost in the woods in the dark is one of them. Tine in 2gether struck me as only being disorientated and annoyed for being so. Duen really does seem frightened by his surroundings.


Bohn to the rescue and like every person who cares about someone else, shouts at him for being stupid ! I know that Duen says "You kissed him" but we know that is not true and I think it is important that we, the viewers, know that Bohn (for all his teasing) stands by his man.


Forgiveness done, Duen reverts back to normal "I don't want people to see us" - what in the middle of a wood at night ! The hug was eloquent enough. Not enough to allow Bohn to sleep in the same tent but. I think that this reflects well on the whole alpha male storyline that was made fun of. Each has their area of dominance and they accept it - which is the only way couples could ever stay together.


I do still have the minor criticism that the episode should have been a bit clearer that 'the kiss' had been further discussed by the time that they are sitting on the bank. Duen says that he understands that Bohn has no interest in Mind but has the event been explained ? Unless Duen really does understand what actually happened there could always be doubt.


Perhaps the answer is in "Close your eyes". I have been rewatching this as I type and the look on Duen's face as Bohn closes his eyes makes me smile from ear to ear. Bohn is right, he is way too cute. It is a cross between being shy about what he is going to say and the fact that Bohn did it. And finally, Duen initiates the kiss. Considering his views on kissing that was a big statement and he still manages to look shy afterwards.

Changing their FB status ? Perhaps he had been listening to Bohn on the coach after all.


And so - Season 2 :-)

If it remains as witty as this I for one won't complain. There has been some clever stuff along the way with a pay off down the line. Not a single character have I wanted to skip. The global acceptance of all the couples, not one character has said : but he's a man ! Everybody is so totally supportive and it has been left for Ting to remind everybody that straight guys do exist :)

The only person I would have felt sorry for if it had ended here was Frong. There seems to be something there but it is hard to say because Thara is indeed a bit weird - and whatever happened to Cupcake ? As for Ram and King the final texto says it all. But lucky us we'll get their stories later.


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On 5/25/2020 at 11:48 AM, mellialuna said:

MekBoss, I just remember that Boss never clear things out with Fon so he is cheating his girlfriend (they decide to be together even if they can't see each other a lot)!


For once I don't have the feeling that it's angst for angst, it's just everything happen in the same episode.:wacko:


If I remember correctly Boss definitely said that he would explain things to Fon face to face (Ep 11) but he did add the caveat that he wasn't sure if she would have the time to meet him. We don't see him doing it but I think that we were supposed to assume he did - in any case her agent basically told him to dump her. I don't really see it as cheating on Fon. You can't have a face to face with somebody who wont/can't.


As for the angst, this is something I really like about this series, the story just flows. Mind doesn't come out of the blue he was there way back when when he accosted Bohn before. We just forgot. I think the same for Fon. We presumed that she was out of the picture because of what happened at the audition and her ambition to make it as a star.

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On 5/27/2020 at 12:02 PM, gogole mongol said:

Ha ha ha i think it is just an adhesive dressing that cement into his hair with a lot of hair-spray! Don't worry too much for the pain King's pain. I am more worried for the feeling he have for Cool-boy! When people felt/feel weird, they act/react weird... With this serie, we aren't in a lack of weird things/situation! It seems it is a constant fact to be into twisting moment. The irrational takes each in turn!


I don't know why or imagine a scene like this can be include in a BL serie. In ordinary way, it is because some drink too much then vomit when love goes wrong, but on this time, it was like a TV advert for sick bag!!! Personnaly, it make me feel laughing than disturbed. Again something weird, and i guess we aren't ending with this kind of surprise!


Aye the series is a bit weird because the dramatic situations are rarely of the character's own making. The dog in the park was something that just came up and more power for King trying to intervene. Like Ram's problem. It's not the father getting all up tight about the son being interested in another man ; no, it's the father having the affair.


There have been lots of funny stupid moments that really catch you off guard.


The sick bag scene just made me laugh because for other series they are either eating lays, drinking Oishi, or cleaning their faces. My Engineer gives us : how to throw up properly.

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I'm in exam period for now, don't have time to read much but I will definitely come back to read!

But I just saw that and I found that really interesting, Intouch told in an ITW that he had to learn both script to be able to play with Ryan/Ralf (???) (why the voice of Mek isn't so deep)



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On 6/1/2020 at 10:46 PM, gogole mongol said:

(almost) All's well that ends well! All scene was predictable, i was just asking myself how they will turn for each couple without to add some chili powder into the soup! Hurrah! A new tree's generation will...hmmmm, a new couple's generation will fly with their own wings! And we have some expectation for Ram/King couple, as for Frong/Dr.Thara!!! That's why all season 2 are made, no? I would like Phu and Tee become next soon-to-be-born couple, in the way to end their single status  ha ha ha! Finally, i must say that while the season 1 is over, my fav couple was Boss/Mek. I constantly notice how Mek was so patient (and fidel) in front of an eternal inconsistent Boss. Despite all Boss turpitudes and wrong ideas (his pseudo singer's fiancee affair), he always support Boss, even he had to suffer in consequence. If someone was always constant in this serie, he is the one! At last, with all his imperfections, a not so bad serie that reminds me the best ones as LS, MIR and Sotus (even it doesn't have same quality level) with love at every floor!!! 

I have already written way too much so I'll agree with you.


I can see me rewatching this for something fun.


Yes, poor old Mek, I was uncertain at first but I am glad in the end it worked out for him.


I'm sticking to Bohn and Duen because Bohn has the most growing up to do in order to win his man. He has a few missteps but ultimately shows himself to be not only thoughtful but also totally determined to be worthy of Duen. Let's hope he doesn't revert to being a plonker in the next season :)



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On 6/3/2020 at 10:13 PM, dustinmyeye said:

Let's hope he doesn't revert to being a plonker in the next seaso

Maybe just for the salt of the earth or in another view, no pain, no gain! 

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The Doctor is now a Manner of deaths cast: First Meet (with Tul and Max)





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