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[Thai BL Series 2018-2020] My Engineer มีช็อป มีเกียร์ มีเมียรึยังวะ


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My Engineer à¹à¸¡à¸µà¸¢âS วิศวะ Project



Title: My Engineer680630d97pditlbc.gif

Native Name: เมีย's วิศวะ


Producer: (will update)

Network: (will update)

Director: (will update)

Airs: (will update)


The TV series is a combination of two well-known novels, "My Engineer Has a Gearbox," and "Space Between Us," written by the owner of the pen name. "Mom, Mom," the new writer, but strong. Who created the most hilarious phenomenon. "My Engineer" is one of the most popular novels in the web. It 's just "9 days" after updating chapter 1 only!

With lovely fiction content. The whole of the fines and the fines. It also comes with a character of the fresh character is unique. The reader in many events that are so dreaming to turn a full-fledged girl! Tell him that the love scene of the hero, the master of the month and Ram King will make you. I do not think so. Kick the pillow until the puddle gushes! And because of this, the two novels are the current flow to the mouth in the social network almost immediately. Hash Tag # Complaints # Ram King has spread throughout Twitter.

From the beginning no one expected that day. To achieve great success today. Guaranteed by the statistics of visitors to the two novels total of more than 1,600,000 comment views, breaking through 30,000 posts, fans, more than 39,000 people, which is considered the top. Of the novel in the same category. Because the hot hit does not stop. I do not even know how to use it. And it will be on TV in the coming year!


My Engineer is a novel that discusses the two main characters, "Complaints". I like the "month" from the Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine. Some complain about setting up some terms to replace the apology of the month. With the condition that "I do not know what to do. But for the next 1 month, you will have to buy flowers from the flower vendors along the way. Take it with yourself. Every morning ... I will wait at the gear "by the complainant, there is no way to know. From that second Month opened his heart door and slowly came in slowly.

And Space fiction sequel that discusses the love story of "Ram". I do not like to talk to anyone. If not really close. This is the definition of the word "sober" in the genuine and because of his unique personality. I like to face the same facial as the "King" who is good at all. I'm also optimistic. Talkative And to understand the feelings of others to lose. It's time for the gods like King. I have to make a documentary about a silly ram And that makes King very interested in this younger generation. So much attention has become. And gradually. And with their "perfect" differences, the gap between them gradually disappears, leaving only two heart beats closer together! - (source)


My Engineer


The story of the "complain" students of the Faculty of Engineering. Civil Engineering Year 2 who accidentally come across the "month", Faculty of Medicine, 1st year are sleeping in the park of the university. Just complain near month. The love of the month makes the heart of the complaint is not rhythmic. The more I complain, the more months. He saw that the month was different from the others. He has been outlining. Even some unspoken feelings have formed in the hearts of complaining. To complain that I need to set up my own.

"I'm sorry for the pain. I will be misunderstanding it. "

"You have to buy flowers from the children who walk the streets selling flowers to me for a month every day"

"Then take it with you yourself every morning. I will wait for you at the gear "

With that commitment, the love of complaining and the month begins. - (source)



Synopsis Space gap between us.


The story of 2 handsome Faculty of Engineering. Civil engineering "Ram" Vera Vorarat Young Mixed Western blue eyes. The quietness and "King" Kitti Tattaprathan young love learning the nature of nature. Both of them will be studying the same faculty. But I do not talk once. It is not surprising that Ram and King first met. But Ram never returned to King. Ram just communicate with the King with a nod and shake! Even King would understand that Ram was a little talker. But he did not think that he would say so little and did not answer even the question the king asked. (He is a 1 year older brother, he's a ram!)

And this event is the starting point for King very special. More than other younger models. And so much Until the feeling "interest" turns into "liking" and "liking" gradually became "love"

What is the reason for Ram to refuse to speak to King? What is the real feeling that Ram is King? And the ice wall is high in the mind of the young blue-eyed engineer. Will the warmth of the sun in the morning of sophomore year 2 to dissolve into cough? Let's try to track each other in the space series Space between us. - (source)


9 Main Actor Series

Image may contain: 9 people, people standing




Name 'month'. Doctor Year 1 is innocent. I like to take medicine.

IG: @Poy.Pyy

Image may contain: 1 person, standing


My name is 'complain'. So cruel. I love you for a month alone.

IG: @Maxky_rp

Image may contain: 1 person, standing and text


Everyone calls me King King... I know everything. But the only thing I don't know is my heart...

IG: @Laylayyo



In the picture, I will look still, but the real one can move.

IG: @Perth_ss

Image may contain: 1 person, text


What does the word bird spell?
The spell is just a " phaya bird
Because the if is the bird in the bird.
Introducing the new actor.

IG Water: @Leenamm

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, standing and text


Then the silence will be the loudest. Welcome the greenie.
If I smile, then you have to watch your heart. I'll steal it at me.

IG: @Drafteugene

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, standing


Hello, I'm Dr. Tara.
It's raining often. Don't forget to keep your health.

IG: @Mdnutthapong

Image may contain: 1 person


I don't talk much, I have a sore throat, even if I'm quiet, but my wife is very bad.

IG: @Rattanamongkol_nut

Image may contain: 1 person, standing


Hello, I'm boss. The Godfather. The same person. The same person. It's late. I'm late but I come.

IG: @Dongkpn

Image may contain: 1 person, standing



Please kindly tumblr_inline_mg0nc5m23z1qdlkyg.gif me if you have any question OR have any info about this series so i can edit my main post 

Click here => 


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Tara, " well, it looks like we're looking for a date
Frost, " I'm going to deny it
Tara "don't have to."

Image may contain: 1 person


Brother's smile, the month has become a smile of brother Tara...

Image may contain: 1 person, standing and text


The Doctor's duty is to heal people, but my duty is to heal. 

Image may contain: 2 people

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' hello, the star of the faculty of medicine is ready to go to the queen's race. ' #Myengineer #if #leenam #behindthescene #fitting #myen
Image may contain: 1 person
If you complain to make a month, you will die. You will die!!# myengineer wife s #if #leenam #behindthescene #fitting #myen
Image may contain: 1 person, selfie and closeup
Before, I've been trying all the time to ' sit in the director s' position.
Come now I will try to get all the actors 'to sit in the heart of the people'
- Lit Samajarn -
#สารจากใจผู้กำกับ #myengineerเมียsวิศวะ #ลิท #ทีมผู้กำกับ #Myen
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In addition to all 9 main actors, we are also going to meet
The actors match up to make fun of the story, more intense with the the and full of charm by the tree. #Myengineer #tonnam #phu

Image may contain: 1 person, standing


And one more role to raise the army with a magnificent slap.
Tee, who holds the secret of every pair and is ready to help everyone end up fulfillment. Play by in touch #myengineer #in #tee

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling


Welcome new people with 'money', who has a high-profile world and a super-looking personality. How to find it, it must be followed by rice. #Myengineer #money #what

Image may contain: 1 person


Those who are going to make this series story is more dense, is the rain chapter, beautiful girl, spicy, charming, played by dough #myengineer #rain #dough

Image may contain: 1 person



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Facial expressions like this!!! Birds of course!!! #Myengineer S #IF IG: @Leenamm


Image may contain: 1 person, standing


Our ning, is he lonely or missing who?
#รามคิง #myengineerเมียsวิศวะ 
IG: @Perth_ss


Image may contain: 1 person, sitting


What makes brother Tara so serious! #Myengineer S #YOU #, IG: @Mdnutthapong


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