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  1. The plot was more mastered and elaborated than in the first season. some things are unexplained, and except the last episode I really like the season! But a lot of the gifted was unemployed ...
  2. Episode 3 I'm really into this show, I'm so used to BL, I keep shipping but mostly enjoying the plot and the acting ...
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    I don't know if it's related to the next season but here it is a mv from BounPrem & The trailer from Lovely writer with Kao The teaser gets my attention!
  4. The last episode ... Some moment I really like and other parts highly useless (imo)
  5. Ep.4 of Still 2gether Again an episode that I like. Always some little things that I don't but I enjoy the rhythm so take it!
  6. First episode out with english subs. I really enjoy it !!! New characters, the old cast all present... I'm looking forward for this journey ...
  7. Perth was really good to show us how destroy he is but I hope his plot is more substantial.
  8. I don't know if it is the reason... even 2gether which was a big success didn't have so much people willing to talk about it. There is one series I really like during this last months, Gameboys (Filipino). For Hello Stranger (also Filipino), I'm conflicted, it was a nice series but not a great one, but it was a pleasure to watch for 8 episodes. From Thailand, the series were more from small companies, the acting was really bad ! Futhermore I'm agree with aniola and gogole mongol, the plot from school/uni need to change, to evolve... because OD is really close (and I'm a goo
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