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  1. It really is! I have a lot of expectation with this series, since the first trailer. I hope it won't be too close from the book! For long I thought Off isn't a good actor, but he's improving, so I'll looking for it! It's really soon and that's good! fav couples, from Puppy Honey ?
  2. In Sotus it broke my heart for a short moment. So for me even if it was fine after, there is always this short time where I doubt! 1- Life expectancy is not over yet 2- No one pay respect to your grave for the rituals 3- Not knowing the real reason of the dead No just you, each time there is a look from the monk to Met!
  3. Thun is really honest in this ep., he stopped beat around the bush
  4. I thought about this scheme a lot, cause it's the only "logical" but it sucks! I prefer the stars wish!
  5. I'm gonna watch it good news Adam Uni will do subs
  6. Wow it is in my borough but I'm not really into FM!
  7. I don't know why I can't access anything, dl or watch Sometimes I hear Maze and sometimes Met, but the same way I don't hear Prince!
  8. I didn't say they are no friends IRL, I don't know them, but they are actors, they don't have to be friends, if they are it's good, if not it is good too.
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