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  1. I didn't know this word, I will try to remember... That is for sure we won't ever have the real story except behind the wall, with no mike and no camera; and yet! But this world (the background one) is so far from the series... Each time I told myself not to care about it and each time I'm stunned (my naivety is beyond repairs )!
  2. That's such a bad attitude. I know you will tell me, money, money, money but it's just nasty!
  3. Oh you're back! I can't talk about it right now because I keep this series for later ... but I will watch it, definitely!
  4. I get what you mean but if Forth calls him boyfriend, and ask him to be his fan and not his wife, the position in bed which bothers him so much won't be an issue until they were in bed and then they could figure that out (both of them only) without everyone thinking he's the bottom. From the outside they are two alphas (and once again be a bottom doesn't make you a wife or a woman).
  5. Sweat dreams! I really think Beam would have already given up on his feeling if Forth stop using this word!
  6. And one last thing, what's this angle where Beam seems to be a kid, and Forth a giant
  7. Is it a two hours episode ??? Lolein! The PhaYo drama is too big for a finale episode if you want to get equal part for the 3 CP! I hope we are both wrong! Thanks for this insightful info from the novel. I still find that strange
  8. That's the timeline who bother me the most, they are supposed to be on trip on sunday, and everyone is at Uni. And the absence of Ming, he's in first year, I'm pretty sure this CSR thing is mandatory for P'neung of Engineering.
  9. Like you said sometimes Forth is much more cutiepie than Kit, especially in this episode... Each time he's smiling at Beam or thinking about Beam in fact! I just hope they didn't show all the part of Kit/Ming part on the previously!
  10. I finished already but sometimes I think to restart again ... Agree!
  11. It seems the release date from Deltos was more accurate, this week I've heard about october!
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