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  1. I'm in exam period for now, don't have time to read much but I will definitely come back to read! But I just saw that and I found that really interesting, Intouch told in an ITW that he had to learn both script to be able to play with Ryan/Ralf (???) (why the voice of Mek isn't so deep)
  2. I think that there is no one in First Aid center, that's the point of the exchange between Ting Ting & Tang, but there is a doctor with them. During all the scene I was telling them, Thara is here, or PiThara is the one who cleans the injury first and it"s great because he came with you to the camping trip! Yeah PiKing is really slow in this specific subject, clearly he knows what it looks like, begins to feel (or not, I have my doubt now), but he isn't here yet (and in the last scene in the tent, he pushes Ram away) It's funny because when I first saw the scene at the Library I thought it was King who fell in love with Ram but it seems not, he was really just interest by his weird personality and just want to know him (friend) For the other CP, I don't like the dynamic between Bohn Duen, so it was normal for me that the lack of trust and more of that lack of COMMUNICATION will lead to that issue. MekBoss, I just remember that Boss never clear things out with Fon so he is cheating his girlfriend (they decide to be together even if they can't see each other a lot)! For once I don't have the feeling that it's angst for angst, it's just everything happen in the same episode.
  3. Yeah that's why I watch, they are most of them different from their characters ... and it's funny. But so far, I'd like a lot the game they played last week they were so chaotic, and that made me laugh!
  4. Your exchange make me rethink about HICTM, a behind the scene where they were playing basketball and not one (Ohm, Chimon, Sings) was able to score. I don't think that is a reference in the choice of an actor to play such or such character!
  5. I had a lot to do and also need time to process, I'm still uncertain about how I felt about this finale and the series. Let's start about what I don't like (yeah french people always state the don't like first) : I don't like the last story with Pam about angst & the way they reconcile, I'm kinda tired about this plot when the girl try to destroy the CP! I don't like that I miss one major scene, all the kiss in the series was Sarawat kissing Tine who didn't expect it and never a share kiss or a kiss initiate by Tine, even if kisses are not all (ManType didn't kiss and I don't miss it, the hug was good) I think this one missing. Other example I really like the hug initiate by Tine in ep. 12 when Sarawat comes back to take care of him. There is also a thing which bothers me at the end at the concert of Scrubb, when the singer dedicate Khukhan, Sarawat look at Tine, but Tine didn't, it was the common thread when they listen Scrubb, so I miss it. Even more than the kiss! This hole scene seem rush and badly directed! The story Phukong Mil I would had prefer if Mil's group win and then he decides to flirt with Phukong and not because he loose a bet. Like @cdcotr, I think he should have been at the hospital sooner... It doesn't seem like Sarawat Interesting point. Because i recently came across opinion that Sarawat (from the series one) is quite sadistic and manipulative person and he enjoys to see Tine suffer. ... I can't accept such pov for myself Never heard about that and never felt it while watching the series ... I read your post yesterday, and still couldn't see it in the show. For me the series should have end with episode 11, with the scene in the bus with Sarawat explaining everything to Tine (the clip, Sarawat's point of view about what Tine tells us since the beginning). Ep. 12 bothered me a lot with Tine overthinking and Sarawat who seems distant. But really quickly I figure that it's Tine's story, he is the narrator, so it is how he felt it and not necessarily how Sarawat was doing. Like in the bed when he couldn't sleep and imagine scenes between Pam and Sarawat, for me they didn't really happen, they might have but it's only Tine's imagination. The good : about the last episode not much I had to admit, I didn't watch Jenny's reaction with Bright yet but I will, maybe it will reconcile me with the last episode. I like the hug between ManType, all the story was predictable but in a good way, I think they put too much in the last 2 episodes. I like the exchange between Pam & Tine, the scene with old Sarawat looking at Tine I like the song live is the same in the 1st and the last episode, I love how each song is deeply implied in the story. during all the series I like most of the characters, even the secondary CP (normally I am a secondary CP shipper but not this time, my first ship was SarawatTine), mostly of the girls are not nocive, and that's good, it change a bit. I already miss them, knowing there will be no more 2gether on Fridays, I'm sure they will be playing again (GMMTV always use people to the core) BL on fridays and saturdays help me going through quarantine For the series, I will know later, if I rewatch it or not. There are show I had loved but never rewatched again, so I will wait and see
  6. According to what I understand Bohn lives alone, and sometimes take care of his nephew, who lives with his mom. The bedrooms are different when he is at his aunt (the scene when he was drunk)! Parents kinda disappear. When Duen's sister almost drown, the mom wasn't here at hospital or at home, it was kinda weird! So yes so far they don't care about the approval or just telling them!
  7. Yeah & no! Friends are stupidly bringing bad thoughts in character's head! Like a trigger. We sure don't know much about parents, and we are not in the stage of coming out to parents yet I think! The only CP are together since 2 ep*. And the others one are still far from this stage, unaware of other's feelings or start to feel something from his own ... But that's true, the fact the friends are supportive, even if they can act stupidly, help to focus on their own stories, feelings! * and yet they don't hiding anything : the little brother and sister know! Duen-Bohn state their status as soon as ask by King's sister.