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  1. Oh aye, I understand all of that but can't we move on a wee bit ? Stories are getting better (nobody has to die or become sick or have to move to the States to study) we have even had Forth all ready to explain just how and what he did to Beam. Yet, from a health point of view have we ever seen anybody produce a condom ? (I thought the Forth/Beam moto ride was poorly done as it was shot without crash helmets... I know, I know, but even, so a bad example to kids especially when speed/thrill was the objective). Forth is an interesting character because he readily acknowledges what he wants/does. Even so his sudden conversion to Beam does have the flavour (Yes Americans there is a 'u' in the word ) of the guy who just got his one-night-stand pregnant. I'll stand by you... [Go listen to Sam Fender's : "Will we talk ?"] It's subtle but yet another layer of the treatment of the pair as husband/wife. No doubt we will have to live with it until we get writers who come from outside the closet and not inside the box
  2. Well you do say "we've been..." so you can be happy that you are not alone in your cheapness . I have no doubt that the cost of tickets is silly money. I'd have to turn off my hearing aids to avoid the squealing noises of the fans.
  3. I have spare Qwerty keyboards that I don't use - mine is Azerty. I can always send one.
  4. I rely on GPS you can have : shortest route ; prettiest route ; fastest route ; toll free.
  5. Pha couldn't have sat further away from her without leaving the building. His body language was clearly that of someone who was ready to spit tacks. Very petty of Wayo to head to the cinema with Park. Do these students never change out of uniform after hours ? The plus was that it was obvious that Pha had sat behind them. Mind you Wayo is weird anyway. He spends the night making more noise than a coyote on heat and then calls Pha a psycho for suggesting they share the shower. The noise might of course have been the pair rummaging around in the closets for more clothes to put on after all the sexual tension of taking their shirts off. Beam in the canteen highlighted why he had chosen a career in helping others. His manner with the weans was nicely natural. I could see him in a children's hospital. He does need to stop playing hard to get. He should have a break and have a kit-kat moment. When Cake appeared I smiled. I am sure she has it in her to play serious roles but she has such a bubbly personality I am happy with her doing her thing.
  6. The moment was just so contradictory. Forth takes his shirt off and then tells the almost entirely covered Beam : you'll get sun burnt. There was also the (dare I say it) French domestic scene of Beam in the kitchen and Forth watching.
  7. You are out of luck then. No treasure trail for a treasure hunt.
  8. I keep a fold up version on me all the time ! I am not sure about letting people disagree with me, especially when I know I am right
  9. I don't follow any of the fan stuff to be honest. I think there is something very unhealthy about pandering to the fans' desire to see fiction become reality. They are actors, they act. I find all this fan service so horribly fake. I can't say that I wouldn't sit up and take notice if it turned out that a pair had got together but I would quite happily then leave them alone. What they do in their private lives is their affair.
  10. What I like about Forth is that he makes no secret of his attraction to Beam. Did you notice that Beam doesn't stop the car after he ran one of those girls over ? I assume that in Thailand rear seat passengers do not need to wear a seat belt. Size doesn't matter ? Right Forth ? Wayo, you will know the answer in a couple of scenes time
  11. Playing catch up again. I just binge watched all 24 episodes of "Lay your head on my shoulder". That was quite funny and a no stress series. Lin Yi is almost a double for Krist Perawat. Watched Ep 10 yesterday. Aye, Wayo getting upset was not exactly great acting. He always has this terrified rabbit look on his face any time Pha goes near him. You would have thought that he would want Pha to get nearer. Considering what was supposed to happen in the toilet I thought the scene was an anticlimax. Whilst I wasn't expecting to join them I was expecting the scene to be closed by Pha dragging Wayo into the cubicle and shutting the door. Even the bedroom scene afterwards lacked sexual eagerness. When Pha asks "are you ready" he makes it sound like an appointment with the dentist - not his 'doctor'. Wayo just nods but doesn't throw himself into it with any real enthusiasm. I get the same impression, as I did in SOTUS2 ; despite the length of time together, it seems that the couple have never shared a bed naked or had any form of physical interaction. That is evidently not the case, so why the lack of chemical attraction ? The afterwards shot conveys no suggestion that anything even happened. They have got as far as getting their shirts off and saying : was it good for you ? The torture scene ! Straight out of Monty Python. Forget the comfy chair and the soft cushions, let's give give the feathers in the ear ! (If you have no idea, Google : the Spanish Inquisition). The SOTUS system is definitely not for me. I would have walked out on Arthit in the middle of Ep. 1 That said, this particular scene was amusing and showed that Forth was more than comfortable with displaying his affection for Beam in front of others. Though that did make me wonder why (if they were aware of this) the other senior didn't greet Beam in a more knowing manner. Contrary to Wayo, Forth conveys the impression that if Beam had given even a hint he would have jumped on him there and then and instructed the juniors to chant : clothes off !
  12. Third episode introduces some interesting twists. Miw gets to show her soft side though the results are far from what she intended. There is still no explanation as to how Shin and Neo know each other. There is an allusion that something has happened between them but if it was physical then Neo is being a bit slow on the way Shin looks at him. Whilst there is an unsaid suggestion that Shin and Miw actually had sex, that has yet to be confirmed. So long as their escapades do not get too silly/unbelievable this might turn out to be a good story.
  13. " Is killing people a gender-specific task ? " It isn't, and there are quite a few references throughout the third episode as to how dominant Thai male society tries to be, not always successfully ! The females have to learn how to survive. I was a bit surprised to see that Ter chose a place on the side of the road to carry out his shooting practice, the traffic is driving past just behind him. His method of firing a pistol is pretty rubbish whereas she takes up a more correct stance (certainly if you actually want to hit the target). Considering that she isn't using the sights on the weapon (because the camera shot looks cooler and you can see her face) bravo for hitting the bottle !
  14. You would think that they had never seen a film about this sort of situation. You cannot use any building you are even remotely associated with. They can trace your phone calls, they know who your friends are. As we do not have any background about Shin and Neo I am not certain whether or not Neo should be surprised as to who Shin's father is. Yes, I was going to add in a previous post that she is getting on my nerves. It is though she is being built up as the really annoying character so that she can have her ugly duckling to swan moment in Ep. 10 I'll carry on watching for the a bit longer but I sense already that this will not be something I am waiting on every weekend.
  15. I went back to the book having watched the episode last night and whilst the TV was reasonably faithful, I agree, the changes were for the better. I had forgotten about all of the macho language in the book and whimpering about : what is happening to me ? Oh deary me it is all the fault of that 'peasant' [insert name here]. For me, the biggest problem with the four episode re-cap was that I didn't watch it. I tried, but there were too many wee moments where I preferred the original and as I skipped through them I realised that they were not adding anything new. I also know that anything meaningful will end up as an insert in the later episodes (Ming/Kit at the beach) Now that we are into the new material I have better accepted the actors. This episode showed some good chemistry between Ming and Kit. There is a lot of warmth coming out of Ming and by the time Kit finally admits that he is tired of playing hard to get (I am not sure in what sense they used the word 'cool' in the subtitle) it was clear that he hadn't really been playing hard to get for some time. He was merely conducting an internal battle as to whether he could accept what he was feeling. They form the middle couple between Pha/Wayo : virgins, and Forth/Beam : definitely not virgins As for the song ; I am afraid it doesn't do anything for me at all. The melody is bland to the "Alexa, skip !" point. I know that August has his fans but I just don't think that he can sing. Sorry and all that.
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