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  1. I have already written way too much so I'll agree with you. I can see me rewatching this for something fun. Yes, poor old Mek, I was uncertain at first but I am glad in the end it worked out for him. I'm sticking to Bohn and Duen because Bohn has the most growing up to do in order to win his man. He has a few missteps but ultimately shows himself to be not only thoughtful but also totally determined to be worthy of Duen. Let's hope he doesn't revert to being a plonker in the next season
  2. Aye the series is a bit weird because the dramatic situations are rarely of the character's own making. The dog in the park was something that just came up and more power for King trying to intervene. Like Ram's problem. It's not the father getting all up tight about the son being interested in another man ; no, it's the father having the affair. There have been lots of funny stupid moments that really catch you off guard. The sick bag scene just made me laugh because for other series they are either eating lays, drinking Oishi, or cleaning their faces. My Engineer gives us : how to throw up properly.
  3. If I remember correctly Boss definitely said that he would explain things to Fon face to face (Ep 11) but he did add the caveat that he wasn't sure if she would have the time to meet him. We don't see him doing it but I think that we were supposed to assume he did - in any case her agent basically told him to dump her. I don't really see it as cheating on Fon. You can't have a face to face with somebody who wont/can't. As for the angst, this is something I really like about this series, the story just flows. Mind doesn't come out of the blue he was there way back when when he accosted Bohn before. We just forgot. I think the same for Fon. We presumed that she was out of the picture because of what happened at the audition and her ambition to make it as a star.
  4. Ep 14 I was really happy with the ending. It all flowed pretty well and for me, nothing felt rushed. Throughout the series the various groups and couples have had their fair share of time. It seems a long time since that lizard in the park. Looking back, very little seems superfluous. Even this episode's card game was about the friends with Ting stealing the show. I appreciated the camera staying with Tee as the others made off to bed. He raises his glass and drinks to his friends. So many times in UWMA I was shouting "get on with it ! how long does it take to open a door ?" yet here I didn't have that sensation that good story was being missed for the sake of a lingering shot. The only long stares have been between Ram and King and that is because Ram has to say more with a stare than he does with words. Talking of whom : RAM, KING I don't know if the Thai original conveys the same sense as 'tortured' but that is a good, powerful word to describe King's feelings for Ram. Maybe because Cool Boy rarely says anything but when he does it is meaningful and mirrors what King is feeling. Ram does stare straight into his eyes, deep into his soul. Each of the couples have a different way of becoming 'one'. Bohn just went for it ; Mek accepted what he felt and played the unsung hero ; King has been playing the more traditional role of coming to the realisation that he may be in love : "do you know how difficult it is for me to hold myself back whenever I am with you ?", was quite a statement. Torture looks as though it will remain on the cards for a wee while longer yet, judging by King's reaction the following the morning. Hopefully it will be eased by the fact that his feelings are returned in the same way. After all Ram is wearing a shirt that says : No one cares. FRONG, THARA You secretly took my photo ? No I didn't, but just in case, I'll delete it off the camera as soon as I have a copy on my computer. Who else smiled when Frong asks : "When did you come out ?" For a few seconds that could have meant two things. Picky moment. The chain was done up ; Thara has to undo it in order to put it around Frong's neck. So how did it fall off ? If it just fell off over his head he doesn't need Thara to put it back on again. /end picky moment Thara remains very formal with Frong throughout. I don't think he has ever used his name when talking to him. Perhaps it is because of the whole hospital, patient's son thing. Obviously Frong is gutted to be told that they are brothers. That was an uncalled for kick in the nether regions. But who knows what will happen next. BOSS, MEK Crunch time for the only couple where a woman has been involved. Contrary to Pam/Sarawat in 2gether, Fon has had some sort of relationship with Boss, even if it was at a distance. Boss was prepared to go to great lengths to try and be with her, and do things to please her. The irony being that it was all possible because Mek was making it work. The 'rejection' via Fon's agent forced Boss to take a closer look at his feelings for Mek. I found the ending of 'Theory of love' hard to accept because it just didn't strike me as being sincere. The serial womaniser who treated his friend awfully was supposed to have just suddenly seen the light ? In this case, Boss has clearly had some sort of feeling for Mek ; he carries his photo, and for me the telling moment was : "You should have told me sooner". When Fon is doing her pleading scene (I know it is a Thai thing but hearing the word 'Boss' constantly repeated in every sentence took me back to the days when black people in American films spoke like that) I felt that Boss (aaaagh !) looked uncomfortable, and looked that way because he knew he was going to turn her down. I never doubted for a moment. He looks over her head the entire time. Mek however is as chivalrous as ever. Not seen "I love you" done by megaphone before. Ting : "Eat this. I've lost my appetite" The mirror conversation about the missing snacks. Ultimately as Boss points out, what would Mek do without him BOHN, DUEN And so the main couple. I still think that the story is much more Bohn's journey than Duen's. Duen is a simple and kindly soul ; wiser than he appears. He sets his standards and tries to live by them. Although he bends to some of Bohn's demands he remains in command of his situation. It is therefore up to Bohn to grow up and become more mature. Ep 13 was the wake up call because he finds himself losing Duen in his life. But Bohn is not really going to just let things go is he ? He's given Duen his space not realising that Duen is off proving the point that Thai gay men have absolutely no sense of direction. As the group arrived by coach there must have been a road so why didn't he follow it ? What then was he up to ? He's taken his Harry Potter rucksack (because it appears to have room for twelve changes of clothes and all his washing gear and a towel !), so does he just mean to go wandering for a while ? the guy that normally avoids camp like the plague ? For all you adventurers in strange places, use an app that stores off-line maps. They work a treat and many are free. I am arachnophobic but coped with the couple of shots of nasty things in webs but I will freely admit that if he had done his whole Frodo in Shelob's lair thing, I would never have been able to watch the episode again Emotional distress can make us do all sorts of silly things and getting lost in the woods in the dark is one of them. Tine in 2gether struck me as only being disorientated and annoyed for being so. Duen really does seem frightened by his surroundings. Bohn to the rescue and like every person who cares about someone else, shouts at him for being stupid ! I know that Duen says "You kissed him" but we know that is not true and I think it is important that we, the viewers, know that Bohn (for all his teasing) stands by his man. Forgiveness done, Duen reverts back to normal "I don't want people to see us" - what in the middle of a wood at night ! The hug was eloquent enough. Not enough to allow Bohn to sleep in the same tent but. I think that this reflects well on the whole alpha male storyline that was made fun of. Each has their area of dominance and they accept it - which is the only way couples could ever stay together. I do still have the minor criticism that the episode should have been a bit clearer that 'the kiss' had been further discussed by the time that they are sitting on the bank. Duen says that he understands that Bohn has no interest in Mind but has the event been explained ? Unless Duen really does understand what actually happened there could always be doubt. Perhaps the answer is in "Close your eyes". I have been rewatching this as I type and the look on Duen's face as Bohn closes his eyes makes me smile from ear to ear. Bohn is right, he is way too cute. It is a cross between being shy about what he is going to say and the fact that Bohn did it. And finally, Duen initiates the kiss. Considering his views on kissing that was a big statement and he still manages to look shy afterwards. Changing their FB status ? Perhaps he had been listening to Bohn on the coach after all. And so - Season 2 :-) If it remains as witty as this I for one won't complain. There has been some clever stuff along the way with a pay off down the line. Not a single character have I wanted to skip. The global acceptance of all the couples, not one character has said : but he's a man ! Everybody is so totally supportive and it has been left for Ting to remind everybody that straight guys do exist The only person I would have felt sorry for if it had ended here was Frong. There seems to be something there but it is hard to say because Thara is indeed a bit weird - and whatever happened to Cupcake ? As for Ram and King the final texto says it all. But lucky us we'll get their stories later.
  5. Ep 13 I think the last two parts flow really well. So glad I held off for a week for Ep 13. I'd have gone mad having to wait. I was going to do a combined resume, but this went on too long What is it about camping trips and Thai BL ? Just because Love Sick had one doesn't mean to say that it is obligatory. Is there any space left in Thailand to plant trees RAM, KING From the opening when King trips it is clear that something is not right between him and Ram. Only one rock in the river and King's head manages to find it. The grown up asking his junior to be allowed to play but being dragged off anyway (he didn't say please). Well done King. "It's so nice here and means you can forget all about [insert catastophe here]". A lesson in how not to remind people about something. When the music stops you have to chose a tent I know he doesn't say much but when Ram stares at King you can see the smouldering fire in his eyes. For all the good advice he hands out to Bohn, King is not so good at looking after himself. The story of us all. FRONG, THARA Heaven knows how Frong lost his chain because he was wearing it when he was chatting with Duen. Thara says that he will delete the photo as soon as it is downloaded - bah, that serves what purpose ? He'll still have the photo. Sneaky. The pair are slowly gaining momentum towards some sort of relationship. The question being what ? Thara goes out of his way to find the necklace and has these heart to heart conversations with Frong, which suggests more than friends (especially shirtless friends). TING TING, TUNG Continues her sad life as she moves in a world where all the men like each other. A few times I have wondered if Tung likes her. He does tolerate her outbursts and is a subtle presence in her life, he's always there. At the waterfall as Ting Ting takes the photo for King, Tung is clearly looking at Ram and King before sharing his thoughts not in a low voice. Another stupid wee moment but one I appreciated. BOSS MEK "Mek, if you don't answer how will I know if you're asleep ?" That could only have come out of Boss's mouth and yet it is a valid point because Mek was indeed awake. Boss is clearly one of the world's observers. Loves hard work, could look at it for hours. Is Fon going to mess it all up ? A few posts ago I felt that Mek shouldn't get the guy but seeing the pair interact without constraints they do make a good couple. BOHN DUEN The final episodes are a greater arc for Bohn I think than Duen. The pair start with Bohn's cheesy lines and grins until Frong arrives in the same shirt as Duen. It's part of Duen's innocent charm that he has clearly never understood the rivalry between Frong and Bohn. He passes the couple shirts, as Bohn will see them, as pure chance and doesn't even understand the reference to a tsunami. The look on Bohn's face as he holds his hand out for Duen at the waterfall - here ! I am not fussed on Bohn's petulant moments and the scene at the waterfall is pure manipulation. As the others slink away and Duen says sorry the grin returns to Bohn's face. This time, though, his attempt at teasing Duen is going to royally backfire on him. I'd been wondering what the major problem between him and Duen was going to be and had forgotten about Mind. The resulting unwanted kiss from Mind opens up a whole lot of things. We get to see Bohn's very clear hostility towards Mind and his defence of Duen. It isn't just his words but his entire body language. At no moment was Bohn even thinking about doing anything with Mind - apart from beating him to a pulp. In hindsight back at the camp it is clearer that Duen already knows what happened and if I have a minor complaint it is that if he did see the kiss he should have also been able to tell from Bohn's agitation that it was far from consensual. The question then arises, is Duen's problem not so much the kiss but the fact that Bohn doesn't talk about it? From Bohn's POV he hasn't done anything wrong and announcing that he threatened to beat Mind up may not go down well with Duen either. I don't feel that the word confession is quite right for when Bohn talks to Duen. He knows he is in the wrong but ultimately not for what Mind did. It's the lack of communication but I am not certain how you start that particular conversation. Perhaps he should have asked Duen what he saw, or thinks he saw, and then offer an explanation. It's a hard one and it is written right across Bohn's face. I loved that Cooper shuts his eyes as he mentions the kiss - he can't even face the thought himself.
  6. Ep 12. A Guitar-less weekend, yay ! Ooh Doggies ! Starting where we left off. Horseback riding to force Ram and King to kiss. A new way to bribe your youngsters. And the kids aren't even phased by the idea "She'll be happy with these, trust me". How does the 'Greek Choir' of the three girls always appear when Ram and King are together ? They certainly saw a lot more in slow-mo than I did in real life :-) How did they manage to put the stitches in King's head without shaving it ? that plaster is going to hurt like hell when they pull it off. At least Ram didn't see to the dog first. Are the pair ever going to stop interrupting themselves from going up a gear ? Not really complaining because they both know where they are at, to the point of : "You met at the bus ? I'll act like I believe you". Bohn and Duen, the former in a black mood because he has to spend time with his rival Frong and resist teasing Duen. He does eat his way through a fair amount of Duen's ice cream if you watch carefully and only gets a mild slap on the wrists for doing it. I am in two minds as to whether Duen is match making when he invites Frong and Thara on the trip or is he oblivious to what is going on between Bohn and Frong. I edge towards the former. That Thara turned up on a bike really comes as no surprise. Neither was I surprised to see Cupcake make the trip either. The guy is totally wired. Jenny the bear, I almost feel sorry for Bohn because Duen just strings him along, but as he says : Why get jealous over stupid things ? That's a lesson that Tine could have done with in 2gether. I was interested by Duen's reply of : "Still too early to be kissing me". It made me think back to Ep. 2 when he got so upset about Ben kissing Dao. Remember him telling his mother that they should go to the police ; 'this is serious' ? I don't think he is going to let Bohn get very far until he is very certain that he has earned it, because it obviously carries enormous symbolism for him. Duen is so happy at the Gear Statue, he knows the final flower is special and I think he has already decided to continue to see Bohn. The man arrives all confident to discover that Duen 'is not that romantic'. Am I reading too much into the way Bohn touches Duen's hands as he receives the plant ? Subtle direction or just chance ? His smile which turns to doubt as he realises that yes it is the last flower and the way Duen's smile drops as he sees the hurt on Bohn's face. He still goes for the killer blow though : "No". I appreciated that Bohn accepted the decision without exploding. An episode where Bohn is being teased throughout by Duen. I've said it before that I like the fact that the pair are pretty much equals. Indeed all the couples are, Boss and Mek may appear different but that is only because they have lived with the labels they were given - and the fact that Boss is a a real airhead. Get your language on the bus ! - hate me, I laughed even knowing it's an error (twice). Ting Ting ; Just like a poor doggy with no love. A good line but has nothing on the next about her having her ovaries removed because they had become useless Though the reply of "I'm not stopping you, but you have to wait for the bust to stop first" is a blinder. Duen is obviously half Irish because his parents took him places, it's just that he didn't go !! Poor old Bohn, every time he tries to be seriously romantic, Duen is either not listening, or asleep. How to throw up properly on a coach. Have we ever had such an informative special scene ? It took me back to the days of when I was a wee cub and definitely suffered with car sickness. My father was in the services and his dress caps came in these awful (I mean truly awful) smelling oiled bags. Because they were waterproof my parents used them as sick bags. If you weren't already ill, you were as soon as you got the smell. So Thara's professional demonstration was making me feel ill just watching it.
  7. After a bit of disappointment with the ending of 2gether I have played catch up on My Engineer. Episode 11 proved dramatic for two of the couples as Boss failed his audition and Ram discovers who his father is having an affair with. Mek continues to encourage his friend (despite his awfulness on the guitar) agreeing to go pray for success. I love the idea of Boss deciding to change the promise (Can you even do that ? says Mek). Quite why it is easier to find students in full uniform rather than naked is another matter - interesting Uni. Boss is so full of enthusiasm in the face of his inabilities. Love will conquer all and so he forces Mek to dance with him. Whilst Boss has fun, Mek is clearly enjoying the experience. I laughed at the closing embrace because it is clear from the straining muscles that the pair are having difficulties holding the position. I was wondering about a mis-translation when Mek says that he, also, hopes that Boss's wish comes true but it is the same in French ; he supports his friend. It was funny at the audition when the other guy is doing his thing and suddenly stops in front of Boss with his 'mike': over to you. Boss was lucky to be able to scramble away without proving his lack of talent. And so the first kiss of the series comes from Mek. His friend's distress has pushed him to confess his own feelings even if it means ending the friendship. There has always been a hint that Boss returns Mek's feelings but never as openly - because you would need to be either blind, or Boss, not to notice what Mek feels. For Boss though : "You should have told me earlier". I have not really managed to get into Frong and Thala because of the animosity / rivalry between Frong and Bohn which obviously goes back long before Duen's arrival on the scene. Frong comes across as a bit of a hard case for me but their story line is slowly gathering speed and I really like these interactions where the drama comes from what is happening to somebody else and how it affects our characters. Frong's mother in hospital ; the Da's affair for Ram. "Cough" and a cauliflower. I have seen some people complaining that Bohn and Duen are not getting on as fast as the others but I find them really amusing. A couple of episodes ago we had the alpha male story and this episode continues to show that it is all very even handed between this couple. Bohn plays sneaky, inviting Duen to come over and cook his cauliflower. That eyebrow at work again, how can one eyebrow insinuate so much ? Bohn plays the predator like a cat edging towards the carpet it's not supposed to sit on. Won't hurt if I try But he manages to show some sensitivity to Duen's reactions. "What are you afraid of ?" When Duen gets into bed he shoots down any thoughts that Bohn might have had of a romantic evening. Not that, that is going to stop Bohn trying and there is a certain complicity to Duen, I get the impression that he wants Bohn to work for everything. The look on Bohn's face when the phone went off was the same as mine - you know they are going to be interrupted, it is inevitable. BL had to wait until the invention of the mobile phone before being written But Bohn heads out with him to look for Ram. Duen may come across as a bit of an air-head but he nails Ram's character : I didn't ask because if he wanted me to know he would have said something. And Bohn looks at Duen in a manner that suggests that he has grasped that point. Duen isn't as stupid as he is green looking (might be blue in France ). A year ! Bohn has to wait a year ! None of the old 2gether stuff : move in immediately, fall out over some stupid misunderstanding, move out, make up within a week and move back in again (perhaps). Duen has his head screwed on. Bohn may love him dearly but he is a bit volatile and for that Duen keeps him firmly reined in. "You always have so many conditions". Who's the alpha now? Yes I laughed when Bohn suggests that Duen is trying to create a 'Harlem', aye it's a spelling error but funny all the same. Ram's mother has to be Russian! I have to skip her bits on re-watch because I nearly fell off my chair the first time laughing. She actually pronounced it : Cloath-es (Clothes). The two drunks : "Have to get back before the wife screams. Whose ? Your's. I have a wife ? I borrowed her". Great writing when even minor characters can get good lines. Ram has his priorities right : "The towel was for you, not the dogs". I can understand phobias but how anybody could be afraid of those three dogs is stretching it a bit. They are pretty cute (and I am a definite cat person). King, like Duen, also understands Ram's silences and lets him have them. What is the symbolism of a carnivorous plant being a romantic keepsake ? Some series give us dramatic cliff hangers : I'm leaving ! You are dead to me ! This one gives us : Oooh doggies !
  8. It was with some trepidation that I watched the final two episodes last night. I had seen some of the pretty negative thoughts on here so I watched on the computer rather than the TV because it is easier to skip bits. As you say Episode 11 finished really well. And then with just two episodes to go we get Pam. What was the point ? I was baffled as to what purpose she was supposed to serve. Even in the book (which I haven't finished) why introduce her then ? I suppose it allowed a bit more story and gave the chance for a reconciliation. But we didn't really need a reconciliation did we ? I agree, Tine went overboard with his thinking. Sarawat explained that there was nothing between him and Pam and when Tine interrupts her hugging Sarawat and saying she want it to be like before it is quite clear that Sarawat is just standing there, it's a one way hug. We ended up with a lot of drama for the sake of drama. Tine simply ran away. He didn't confront Sarawat or Pam. In the hospital he tells Mill : "He lied to me" and "It didn't seem that way to me" yet the clip clearly shows Sarawat not hugging Pam (and she was definitely getting the message loud and clear.) Tine then moves out whilst looking at all the things that show that Sarawat's life revolves around him. Perhaps it is just me and I have been accused many times in my life of overthinking but I am definitely Monsieur Confrontation . The exchange between Pam and Tine was good but so unnecessary in that particular scenario. Despite any evidence whatsoever Tine insists that Sarawat still loves her. You end up with the contradiction that she is telling him that Sarawat has only ever had eyes for him but he continues to refuse to accept the idea. When he brings up the matter of the song she gives him the recording and it is clear that she knows that she is vanquished - but hey, Tine will just ignore that because we need drama. I don't see why Sarawat has to ask Tine to trust him again. From all the clips it was clear that he had been hunting Tine for a long while. [Duen from My Engineer has it so right : "Where's the trust ?"] Man and Type turned out to be fun. I never liked Mill, definitely a player. Going out with somebody because you lost a bet is a poor reason. I've just re-run UWMA. In part because I got the book on Wattpad. I still find Earth poor in the emotional scenes (totally outclassed by Fluke) but Nine conveys a severity and intensity to Korn that I really like. He knows they are doomed and that sense of severity is carried over into Ohm's portrayal of Dean. Both are pillars for their partner, but Korn can see only darkness, Dean the light.
  9. I remember that . Even during the series it was clear that nothing was ever getting near the net. However, I also remember the delight on James's face when he succeeded in doing the jump at the end of the SOS Skateboard series. Very few of the swimming teams have what I would call a swimmers body. Look at Team in UWMA (even Dean really). Nothing to suggest that in real life he is in a pool doing lengths all day
  10. My father was/is a musician and music teacher and whilst I never showed the talent of my brother for being able to play an instrument I have a pretty good ear for it. If they are singing off key it makes my ears curl. I have to fast forward. I just don't know why they get them to do this when they don't have the talent. I could appreciate Sarawat singing to Tine privately, or even that last song on stage (which was in essence a private affair). He doesn't have a strong singing voice but it was really cute that he wanted to. But a singing member of a group ? No way, he's rubbish. (There again I was sorely unimpressed by Scrubbs as well). You are so right about the amount of practice that goes into playing an instrument. My father use to be at it for hours and hours at home before going out to work and playing professionally. I think I prefer that the actors can at least pretend to play with fingers in the right place (even if not done expertly). When it is quite clear that they haven't a clue and the fingers don't move at all then I just laugh. I suppose because of the family instruments I notice it far more on woodwind where it is much clearer that the fingers are not changing notes. You are mean to people who play the triangle. Can I liken it to frying an egg ? It is so simple and yet so easy to get wrong. Hit a triangle at even a fraction off the beat and everyone will notice. And don't talk about the tam-tam
  11. Yes the friends are at times daft but their nonsense is used in part for entertainment (whilst Tee was going on about big needles and injections you just knew that Bohn was going to blow a fuse) but also to make fun of the genre. The entire wife/husband thing was blown up out of all proportion so that the two characters could come to realise that playing a part wasn't enjoyable. Being together was enjoyable and as Bohn says : put the status issue aside. You don't need to have a silly status to have a decent relationship. I think this is the first time in one of these series that I have seen that said out loud. Bohn was clear : He is my boyfriend. (Compare 2Moons2 with lots of 'wifey' stuff going on). Boss and Mek are labelled, but that is out of fun and teasing ; nobody believes it is true (Apart from Tee being in the know and he has been respectful of Mek's decision to say nothing). What I meant about the parents was the fact that neither Bohn or Duen are panicking, and their families must be at least aware that they are friends as they come and go to each others houses. I was a bit surprised that Duen left Bohn off to his aunt's house and that Ben was up but not the aunt. I can't believe that Ben lives alone ! The families are not seen as a possible hindrance to the point of, so far, being ignored.
  12. I tend to leave a couple of weeks between watching as it allows me to pace myself better. I then go back and like a good book you pick up again, go back a few episodes/chapters to get the flow of the story. In doing so with this series I have noticed a lot of things on second/third viewing. Here is one : Duen's father is some sort of general and we haven't even heard of Bohn's family. Neither character is talking about : "what will my parents think ? We can't tell my friends for the moment". Both sets of friends are totally supportive, even the kiddies. The only conflicts and difficulties are provided by the characters themselves. He was a bit shy about stating it at the barbecue but Bohn came straight out : this is Duen, my boyfriend. He'd already explained at the cinema that he was afraid of embarrassing Duen which in turn led to : NOT OK ! On reflecting about that I have also realised that Duen's friends make him go through the challenges in order to win the hand of their friend. It's a bit like the fairy tale king : "whomever defeats the dragon" ; only in this instance the prince actually wants to marry the victor . The only sad character is Mek (and I mean that emotionally, not that he is a fool). He is the traditional BL hero, longing for a relationship but too frightened to go for it for fear of of losing a friend. Even he, has had the pep talk from Tee, so once more he has been given encouragement by a friend. Nobody (caveat, so far) has turned their back on a friend. I think that this is a funny, positive and light hearted story that is, on reflection, very well written and has not shied away from some usually ignored subjects.
  13. Episode 10 then. After the fuss of status in the previous episode we discover that Bohn and Duen agree to forget about it and just go back to their normal selves. Bohn should have said that if Duen was going to have sex with him he could at least have waited until he was awake enough to enjoy it (or not as the case may be). There is some clever work going on here. In Bohn's room Duen does not take advantage of a drunk Bohn and kiss him - at the very least, for a Thai series. At the end of the episode Bohn doesn't kiss Duen when he has the advantage. For all his suggestive remarks and Duen's fears of bondage and torture I think that Bohn might prove to be far more considerate than either would expect. Tee is such an idiot with his explosive lip reading and all said so totally matter of fact. I don't think he realised for a second as to just what he was implying or putting into Bohn's imagination. There is always so much arm pulling and dragging people off in Thai series. I wonder if it happens in real life ? I sort of accept that Ram does it to King because he rarely speaks and it usually turns out to be for something good. Bohn ? Pure jealousy boiling over. I would suggest that Bohn falling for Duen is a real life changer. He therefore, feels endangered if Duen 'flirts' with another guy. That said, we have already had one possessive attack because a woman was flirting with Duen. So yes, although he says he is jealous there's a big dollop of possessiveness in there as well. I felt the kiss and bite in the car were a bit out of place but it brought out something else that the series is doing quite well. "We are already together, why is there no trust ?" says Duen as he lays down the law to Bohn. Duen may come across as the softie but he does stand his ground and will do so again before the end of the scene when, after all Bohn's best attempts to do puppy eyes fail, he tells Bohn , "after the exam". The scene with Ram's family made me laugh. I was stunned by his English accent (dubbed ? No he's half Aussie and yes, now I know that, I can hear it). The mother though I am not sure what nationality she is supposed to be but she talks in BL Subtitle ! Her English is awful to the point where I am surprised that Perth (Ram) didn't say something on set. You can see why Boss can't see what Mek thinks of him by his constant thickness. The Morse codes for a written test, does he never keep up with what's going on ? At King's house you'll notice that once again Duen doesn't really ask Bohn to help, he orders him to do so and Bohn promptly leaps up and does so : an obedient boyfriend indeed. It highlights again that 'status' is silly. They are equals. King uses the flowers and blossoming to good effect on Ram and I like the fact that he is prepared to wait for Ram to open up in turn and doesn't press him to say more when Ram does decide to speak. Kumfah is as blunt as they come. I think I might have been more inclined to tell her where to get off on some of her questions but at least the others have the decency to look scandalised. Has a dramatic moment ever been cut before with the announcement that "Ting is about to throw up" ? And we come full circle with Bohn choosing NOT to kiss Duen.
  14. Watched Episode 10 a couple of times. Aye, it's his eyebrows. They are independent. I envy people that can do that it adds so much expressiveness to the face. When he is in the car with Duen after the 'injection/needle episode, they are communicating all sorts of things - most of it mischievous. I can understand why Duen says "You know I can't resist your eyes" and then does
  15. With little better to do I have just watched the last few episodes again The more I think about it the more I like the series on a number of levels. Bohn started by messing with Duen but by the time he was smelling the bunch of roses in his room he was smitten. (I've just realised that Duen and Bohn have exactly the same conversation with the shopkeeper when trying to find the flower seller). After that I get the impression he knows he is fooling only himself. Every look he gives Duen tells a story. When he tells Duen that he is cute, Duen smiles and although he comes back with "who you calling cute ?" he doesn't go any further. He starts by being annoyed by Bohn's attentions but as he says to his friends, Bohn's never harmed him. For once we have two main characters who are open to the idea of going out with each other. No angst, they just go with the flow. Duen never strikes me as being against the idea of going out with a man, he merely plays hard to get. Bohn has a long list of lame excuses as to why he just did or said something cute. Apart from the lizard scene which brought Bohn and Duen together we haven't had the traditional trip over him scene or accidental kiss. And at least Duen punched Bohn! We don't have an annoying female (so far anyway) Ting is just fun. The side couples are opposites. King and Ram slowly coming together without any soul searching. Mek and Boss are shall I say the problem couple. I am hoping that Boss gets the girl. I am not a fan of characters having that 'theory of love' moment when after a lifetime of chasing girls they 'suddenly' realise... There is also no hostility from the respective camps. They are all merely protective of their man. Bohn has to pass the tests to prove himself worthy not to stop Duen going out with a man. King's sister is totally OTT and I think that Ram's brother is okay with the idea of his brother seeing King. I am not fussed on the wife/husband thing but even that norm is being disputed. The tension has been on whether or not Bohn can contain his jealousy and temper. Ordinary things as opposed to concocted problems. All together then for me it has been a light hearted and really positive series.
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