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[Drama 2018] Hide and Seek, 숨바꼭질


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MBC Drama

Hide and Seek


Resultado de imagen para mbc ì¨ë°ê¼­ì§ characters




Hide and seek / 숨바꼭질 

Network: MBC

Genre: family, romance

Episodes: 48

Airdate: August 25th - November 17th, 2018

Airtime: Saturdays 20:45 KST

Directed by: Sin Yong Hwi

Screenplay by: Seol Kyeong Eun




A secret exits surrounding two women. One woman is the successor to a cosmetics company and the other woman lives her life for the female succors. Min Chae-Rin  is the executive director of the cosmetics company. She has an enthusiastic and positive personality, but, at the same time, she fights agains her unlucky fate.



Main Cast:


Lee Yoo Ri


Song Chang Ui


Uhm Hyun Kyung

Kim Young Min



Jo Ye Rin as Min Chae Rin (young)

Choi Seung Hoon as Cha Eun Hyuk (young)

People around Min Chan Rin

Jo Mi Ryung as Park Hae Ran
Jung Hye Sun as Na Hae Geum
Lee Jong Won as Min Jung Sik
Yoon Da Kyung as General Manager Kim

People around Ha Yeon Joo

Seo Joo Hee as Do Hyun Sook
Kim Hye Ji as Ha Geum Joo
Choi Hee Jin as Ha Dong Joo


Yoon Joo Sang as Moon Tae San
Lee Won Jong as Jo Pil Doo
Ahn Bo Hyun as Baek Do Hoon
Bae Kang Yoo as Baek Do Hoon (young)
Lee Yong Nyeo as Buddhist Choi
Shin Rin Ah as Young Soo Sh

source: asianwiki, koreandrama

Description main cast thanks to @ggry

Official site: http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/drama/hideandseek/index.html




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Thank you so much, @0ly40, for starting this thread.

I am super excited for this drama since I first read about it.

[Orion's Daily Ramblings] Lee Yoo-ri and Song Chang-eui Team Up for "Hide and Seek - Drama"


This is quite the powerhouse pairing for fans of weekend dramas, as Lee Yoo-ri and Song Chang-eui recently confirmed their leading roles in upcoming series "Hide and Seek - Drama". The premise looks dramatic, the characters look intriguing, and the creators are looking good for it.

"Hide and Seek - Drama" explores the fate of the heiress to the nation's largest cosmetics conglomerate, and a woman who had to live that life in her stead, as well as the desires and secrets surrounding the two women. Lee Yoo-ri plays Min Chae-rin, the rising star and executive director of the cosmetics company.

Read more HERE


@Ayame and @hibiscus23 will also love that there is already a drama thread for it.

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  • Guest changed the title to [Upcoming Drama 2018] Hide and Seek, 숨바꼭질- Lee Yoo Ri and Song Chang Ui - Saturdays @ 20:45 KST - Premiers in August
  • 2 weeks later...

First script reading for MBC Saturday drama series “Hide and Seek”


First script reading for MBC Saturday drama series “Hide and Seek” (literal title) took place June 30, 2018 at MBC Broadcasting Station in Sangam, South Korea. The first script reading included main cast members Lee Yu-RiSong Chang-EuiUhm Hyun Kyung and Kim Young-Min. The first script reading also took more than 4 hours to complete. Directer Shin Yong-Whee stated there “The drama series must have good results. I hope to have high ratings, but I am not worried because I am working with such good actors and actresses.”

“Hide and Seek” first airs August, 2018 in South Korea (takes over MBC’s 8:45PM time slot after “Goodbye to Goodbye.”). Source: asianwiki

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On 7/4/2018 at 12:55 PM, jongski said:

 Oooh wait It's the actress from My Father is Strange and The Promise/ Heavens Promise. I like her. But looking at story plot, her role seems similar to that in the The Promise?

Lee Yu Ri is such a good actress... I loved her in Father is Strange.

I am actually watching now an old tvN daily with her -  Ice Adonis. Someone recommended it to me.


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  • Guest changed the title to [Upcoming Drama 2018] Hide and Seek, 숨바꼭질- Lee Yoo Ri and Song Chang Ui - Saturdays @ 20:45 KST - Premiers on August 25th

[Orion's Daily Ramblings] "Hide and Seek - Drama" Releases Dark Fairy Tale Posters and Teaser


I rarely get captivated by posters, given the amount of repetition and often uninspired concepts that go around, but "Hide and Seek - Drama" is definitely wooing my aesthetic appreciation. The upcoming weekend drama is all about that dark fairy tale vibe, going from hide and seek themed posters to smacking us over the head with it in its first teaser.

Read more and see teaser on Hancinema

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4 hours ago, jongski said:

@irilight that poster update looks dark vibes good. Plus both the leads are powerhouse cast when it comes to weekend or long dramas.  Last weekend drama I enjoyed was Money Flower and My father is strange. Hoping this is good.

@jongski I agree with you... That what makes me so look forward to this drama.
I too loved Money Flower, and Father is Strange.
I am actually loving our weekend drama right now too: esp.  Mr. Sunshine, and Let Me Introduce her.... and looking forward to Life too...

But we both know that these two leads will deliver beautifully. I am so excited for their pairing.

Teaser below:


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Child actress, Cho Ye Lin (11 years old), who will be playing the young Min Chae Rin, with her adult counterpart Lee Yoo-Ri. NB: 2 photos, the 2nd one shows the scripts.

Looks like the first 3 eps will be on the backstory (what happened 20 years ago).



With Son Chang-Eui (NB: 2 photos)



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Here's the relationship chart from MBC that I updated to an English version.
Click on it to enlarge.


The original chart wasn't exactly big so it was a challenge fitting the English version into the existing boxes.
Hangeul is much more compact. 




As you can see, there're some interesting info in the chart.
I'll cover the characters in separate posts below.


11 Aug 2018 Edit:

Version 2 of the relationship chart with photos of the minor characters added.
MBC finally got around to adding photos of the minor characters to their synopses.
NB: No photo of the fortune teller was provided though.



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I'll start the character synopsis with the top left hand corner of the chart as it contains the most characters.
NB: It's just a rough translation that I did at breakneck speed as I'm short of time.

An interesting thing to note -- 

the scriptwriter has done a play on the name of Korea's leading beauty and cosmetics chaebol AmorePacific (AmorePacific Wiki) by having the cosmetics chaebol in this drama down as <Make Pacific> (not too sure if they've gone as far as making it MakePacific, without the spacing in between that we see in AmorePacific, but we'll find out when the drama begins). Just as AmorePacific was founded by a woman, so is Make Pacific.


There's mention of a character by the name of Su-A in the chart but you don't see any box on her.
Min Su-A is the biological daughter of Park Hae Ran and Min Jun Sik.
She was kidnapped 20 years ago and has been missing since.


You'll understand the first 2 teasers better after reading these.

Min Chae Rin + Family ++

Min Chae Rin

28 years old. Managing Director of <Make Pacific>.

Managing Director of Korea's representative cosmetics brand <Make Pacific>.

Every product she developed sold out, a talent at producing ‘it’ items, she’s the ‘wannabe’ of Korean women.

If you only see her background that basks in the glow of her company founder maternal grandmother, Na Hae Geum and president father Min Jun Sik, she’s a chaebol heiress with the world at her feet. Though she seems to have been born with a gold spoon, in fact, she’s an adopted child from an orphanage with 3 painful experiences of having been sent back.


On the outside, she’s the icon of happiness with everything, the chaebol heiress who knows nothing about misery, but the truth of the modern princess who lives a glittering life is that of a fake heiress. No one knows she’s a shell who lives as a substitute for the real heiress. Nevertheless, she’s filled with intense craving to be accepted and loved as Chae Rin and not Su-A from the family that only looks forward solely to the day Su-A returns. She’s someone who strives to become the mistress of <Make Pacific> with her special love for cosmetics and innate grit.


The reason why a human’s temperature is 36° is that it should be at least this hot. Through this belief, under any circumstances, she’ll try not to lose her passion and warmth. When she sees injustice, she’s a Girl Crush (i.e., fierce and confident woman in an empowering sense) who’ll take immediate action, but as far as all matters big and small of the employees, she touches the hearts of the marginalised through her humanity in meticulously remembering details about them. She’s the Joan of Arc who saves the company when it falls into crisis through her uncommon resourcefulness. She’s a truly courageous person who’ll throw in her everything for her beloved. If it’s for the sake of the company, even if that place is hell, she’ll jump in wholeheartedly. She’ll go as far as willingly accepting a marriage of convenience even though she’s not into it. She's a strong woman who has overcome her more lethal than poison fate through her willpower.


Park Hae Ran
50s. 30s (i.e., 20 years ago). Chae Rin’s adoptive mother. Hae Geum’s only daughter (among many sons).
On the surface she's an elegant and graceful chaebol wife, but she lives with a mental illness. She lost her only daughter, Su-A, and though she lives, it's not an existence. She's a tragic figure who continues her life as a mere shell. More than her role as mistress of <Make Pacific>, due to her longing and sense of loss for her missing daughter, she suffers from severe depression and pathological seizures. Although 20 years have passed, even now, she can't get out of that day her daughter was kidnapped and still remains stuck in the past.


Na Hae Geum
70s. 50s (i.e., 20 years ago). Chae Rin’s maternal grandmother. Hae Ran’s mother. Founder of <Make Pacific>.
Egotistic with an exceptional sense of purpose, through her exceptional grit that’s greater than that of a typical man, she founded the predecessor of integrated cosmetics company <Make Pacific>, <Beauty’s Morning>. She’s the unusually capable woman who grew it into the best brand in Korea in just half a century. On the outside, she’s an icon of sophistication guiding the beauty and trend of Korean women. In reality, she’s a devotee of shamanism absorbed in black magic. Even though based on divination, she’s unable to kick Chae Rin out as only by keeping Chae Rin can Su-A return, she blames and curses her. She’s a selfish person who lives her life getting a kick out of tormenting Chae Rin. 


Min Jun Sik
50s. 30s (i.e., 20 years ago). Chae Rin's adoptive father. 2nd President of <Make Pacific>.
As a young man, he was a mere employee of <Make Pacific>, but after a whirlwind romance with Hae Ran and finally tying the knot, from then on, he has been rapidly promoted. When he took on the position of President on behalf of Hae Ran, Hae Geum's endless interference and keeping of him in check has mentally and physically exhausted him. Giving an impression of amiability, he has a reputation for being a nice person, never having been particularly pretentious to those around him. Even when he adopted Chae Rin, not once did he discriminate against her with his own daughter, Su-A. He’s a man who’s fair and proper in conduct.

Chief Secretary Gim
30s. 50s (i.e., 20 years ago). Hae Geum’s loyal and devoted servant, the Min family’s housekeeper for 30 years.
A faithful servant who will readily lay down her life for Hae Geum. Her extraordinary loyalty is jaw dropping, thereby gaining the absolute trust of Hae Geum, who thoroughly distrusts those not of the same blood. If it’s Hae Geum’s order, even if it’s hell, even if it’s a bottomless cliff, she would be prepared to jump. If it’s Hae Geum’s order, even if it’s extreme, she will swallow it… When Hae Geum was younger and the first president of <Make Pacific>, she started from close, assisting her as her attendant secretary until she entered Hae Geum’s home as a housekeeper. Whenever Hae Geum is in crisis, she'll sacrifice herself to serve her mistress. She is the most faithful servant of all faithful servants.


Fortunate Teller Choe

60s. A fortune teller possessing excellent divination skills.

As Hae Geum’s emotional support, she has the final say in all family decisions great and small.


Jo Pil Du

50s. 30s (i.e., 20 years ago). Young (NB: Not a surname) Seong Min’s father. Young Su-A’s kidnapper.
He always dreamt of that one round and tried to turn his life around by putting a small amount of money onto the gambling table. Then he thought he would fix his rock bottom life by kidnapping a wealthy family’s daughter, Min Su-A for ransom… but the job went strangely wrong. The kidnapping failed and he was arrested. While still a petty criminal going in and out of prison after paying for his crime, he finds out that Min Su-A is still missing and he searches for her whereabouts to get the ransom he didn’t obtain back then.



As you can see, we have a fair number of twisted characters in this drama, and there's more to come!
The 4 main characters all have their difficulties, whilst the adults are all to varying degrees twisted, with the sole exception of the nice ajussi Min Jun Sik.

In any case, you should now understand why Grandma Na Hae Geum was strangling poor young Chae Rin in the 2nd teaser.
She was going, "You should have disappeared in place of Su-A". 


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This post will focus on the top right hand corner of the chart which contains the second most number of characters.


Ha Yeon Ju + family ++


Ha Yeon Ju

28 years old.  <Make Pacific> door-to-door sales office employee.
The eldest of three daughters. Since young, she liked to play with cosmetics like toys. If it were little girls her age, they would cuddle the rag dolls that they really loved in their arms, but she would fling it away with disinterest and just look for her mom’s cosmetics. She had a unique interest in cosmetics and due to that tendency, she does door-to-door cosmetics sales work at <Make Pacific>. As the make-up skills she provided to her regular customers started to spread via word-of-mouth, now, on a special day, a customer who needed make-up that stands out showed up, looking for her instead of a professional make-up artiste.


Though it’s tiring selling products, she goes the extra mile. She’ll go anywhere the customer calls her, provide search and reservation for required products. Due to her spirit of thorough service, she was selected as 'outstanding employee' in the sales office. Developing her own makeup method during her spare time is her minor hobby and specialty. Her goal is to become like her role model, <Make Pacific> heiress, Managing Director Min Chae Rin.


Rather than taking care of herself as an icon for a dirt spoon, she’s the positive Ddo-sun type who sacrifices herself for her family. Because of the difficult circumstances of her family,  she gave up going to university in favour of her younger sisters. Even though her work is extremely tiring, what keeps her from losing her smile is the abundant love of her mother, Do Hyeon Suk. Due to her mom pushing aside her two younger sisters and giving all her parental love to her eldest daughter, even though she was poor, her heart was filled with abundance. She can throw away everything for her beloved and she resembles the devoted Hyeon Suk’s nature that’s full of love. She’s also overflowing with love for her man.


NB: Ddo-sun is the titular character from a 1963 black and white Korean movie – Tosuni 또순이: The Birth of Happiness (https://searchworks.stanford.edu/view/10260563). She’s a tenacious and resourceful woman born in Hamgyeong Province (North Korea) who, though of the weaker sex, eventually made it in Seoul, operating a taxi and transportation business. She overcame all difficulties and gained a good husband.


Do Hyeon Suk

50s. Mother of Yeon Ju, Geum Ju and Dong Ju.

With her motto of – I’ll take care of my child myself – she won’t forgive anyone who makes it hard for Yeon Ju or causes her to cry. Even though the other two daughters act out of it from jealousy, she doesn’t care. She single-mindedly loves her eldest daughter. What happened that day… does God know her extremely guilty story? Although they’re a mother-daughter like no other in today’s society, she lives concealing an unspeakable secret in her heart which even her children don’t know the inside story of. If it’s for the sake of Yeon Ju, even if it’s a pit of fire, she’ll jump in with her sick motherly love. Due to that, her face is scarred.


Ha Geum Ju

26 years old. Yeon Ju’s younger sister.
Hyeon Suk’s 2nd daughter. Of a sweet disposition, she’s diligently helping out in her mother’s eatery. She suffered from heart disease as a child and remains on medication. She feels apologetic and grateful all the time towards Yeon Ju who supports the family in place of their mother and younger sister. 


Ha Dong Ju

24 years old. Yeon Ju’s younger sister.
Hyeon Suk’s 3rd daughter. On account of her not thinking before she speaks, she’s the family’s troublemaker and known as the black sheep. She’s half-forced to help in Hyeon Suk’s eatery but the work takes a back seat. She’s a young lady full of empty hopes, dreaming of entering the entertainment industry.


Baek Do Hun

31 years old. Lawyer cum <Make Pacific> legal team work.
He’s mainly in charge of reviewing the company’s contracts and legal advice. Since his childhood, he’s been fond of his father’s lifelong buddy, CEO Min Jun Sik, and with Su-A too, he got along better with her than real siblings. Would everything have been different if they hadn’t played hide-and-seek together that day? The trauma from the sense of guilt from not being able to protect Su-A, who’s like his own little sister, from the kidnapper, remains, and he was sent to a foreign country to receive psychiatric treatment during his childhood. As time passed, bit by bit, he had the courage to face the incident and decided to return to Korea. That’s why he decided to become a lawyer. To find Su-A…


As you can see, the mothers in this drama are all twisted in their own way.


What's interesting is that in the chart, Baek Do Hun and Ha Yeon Ju are down as 'first love'.
I suspect that --



Ha Yeon Ju might be the missing Min Su-A.

You know how the usual kdrama plot cliches go -- the missing child always end up working for her real family's company because she has an innate gift for working with the company's product. Without fail, there would be a childhood oppa who doesn't forget her. They might even have some kiddie marriage agreement in place. Even though they don't know/remember who the other is, they still fall for each other after they encounter each other again. Like what's new?


I find Ha Yeon Ju's mom suspicious. That secret that she's concealing from her daughters... might it be the fact that she had somehow brought Su-A home and raised her as her own. It might be the case that she knew who the child was but didn't return her to her parents. It's strange how she's so obsessed with her eldest daughter.


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This post will focus on the rest of the characters at the bottom half of the chart. 


<Tae San Group> people


Cha Eun Hyeok

31 years old. <Tae San Group> attendant driver cum secretary.

In place of a mother who abandoned her young child and left to seek her livelihood, he was brought up by his gangster card sharper gambler of a father. He tried to forget about reality by studying, but he just let the guy he calls father unreasonably abuse him every day and due to that, he developed a loathing and cursed his father’s blood that’s flowing in his body , wanting as much as to extirpate all of it, to the extent that his body, heart and soul got sick. Though without a formal course of study, through his naturally brilliant mind and willpower, he surpasses his peers, displaying his innate brainpower. He adds a strong presence anywhere. Even under the abuse of his father, he didn’t lose his genial nature and decently grew up into a very nice person.


Although on the outside, he’s a nothing but a high school graduate working as a driver for < Tae San Group>, he has the deep trust of Chairman Mun enough to have private meetings with him. On the orders of Chairman Mun, his main job is as Jae Sang’s closest personal secretary, working as his trouble-shooter. He even secretly settles Jae Sang’s chronic women problems. He was deliberately imprisoned in a private secret chamber completely filled with cash and gold bars, having been summoned to be tested on his desire. Having already had an inkling of Chairman Mun’s high level test, he could be stone-like looking at the money, but the truth is, he doesn’t want to live like his father. He’s a man who wants to get out of the bonds of harsh poverty. He tends to have blind faith in the power of money and authority.


Although he’s the honest to a fault hands and feet and shadow of the Tae San family, inwardly, on the foundation of Chairman Mun’s trust, his ambition for Tae San Group has stirred and… While having reached as far as eavesdropping on Jae Sang, an unexpected disrupter appears. Jae Sang’s marriage of convenience partner, Tae San Group's mistress. She’s Min Chae Rin.


Mun Jae Sang

31 years old. <Tae San Group> heir.
Korea’s Number One of Number Ones.
We’ve heard enough about his saving the country, no, the universe, in a previous life family background which is easily diamond spoon grade. To the extent that he’s the heir to <Tae San Group>, known as the ‘chaebol of chaebols’, his innate arrogance and narcissism are, when it comes to this class, to a certain extent understandable. He’s not a bad person. Even when he’s a moron overflowing with spite, if you understand him, he becomes only a pathetic character you can’t hate. Even though he seems to have everything, he’s empty. He’s hard to define in a word and an icon for a simple character.


He’s a tragic character where his two marriages of convenience for the sake of his father’s business big picture ended in failure and he’s about to marry for the third time. He’s not confident of doing that well, taking over his father’s chairmanship, but he can’t hand over the position to the directors. Even though the position of head of <Tae San Group> is a poisoned chalice, he’ll readily drink it, that’s his destiny. 


On his attendant driver, Eun Hyeok having the absolute trust of Chairman Mun and receiving more affection than the son himself, he became jealous like a child. Free of spirit or slightly on a loose rein, he’s forever childish and looks innocent, but when he's in a crucial moment, he’s exceptionally stubborn and his venomous aspect is displayed, his really pit viper-like nature comes out. As the saying goes, “Like father, like son”, he’s naturally born with the extraordinary management ability and organizational control of Chairman Mun Tae San.


Mun Tae San

70s. Jae Sang’s father. <Tae San Group> Chairman
He calls money sinful and loves to listen to meditation tapes. Though he keeps mouthing “(In life) you come empty-handed and leave empty-handed”, his hobby is accumulating gold bars and gold toads. He’s an old man where if it’s for the business, he would even sell his soul to the devil. He’s an eccentric chaebol. Though he’s the head of Korea’s representative chaebol of chaebols, <Tae San Group>, while enjoying the lifestyle of Korea’s top 0.1%, strangely, he can’t forget those days of hunger. He greedily devours like a pig the North Korean corn he used to eat during the war that he found himself. Still like a young person, he’s a ‘Grandpa Over Flowers’ very interested in beauty and cosmetics.


And that's all for the character synopses.

Looks like Cha Eun Hyeok will get 'distracted' by Min Chae Rin.


Strangely, MBC listed 4 kids -- young Chae Rin, Su-A, Seong Min and Do Hun.
I vaguely remember the kid actor Choi Seung Hun was supposed to play young Eun Hyeok, but on the MBC  webpage, he's down as young Seong Min. I think Seong Min might have changed his name to 'Cha Eun Hyeok' when he got older, seeing as how he absolutely hates his abusive gambler father.

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