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[OFFICIAL] ♡ Yoo Seung Ho ❤️ Chae Soo Bin | ChaeYoo | EyeSmile Couple ♡


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@meiil Haven't been decided yet. Anything will do. But I supposed Yoo Chae is the best for the reason that@alexiajeong mention. And Yoo Chae have been chosen by most member. 

Then what do we call ourselves ?

IANAR fans in Soompi using Pretty Squat. What about us? 


@aniliaz had mention this but in case anyone forgotten... Or don't have a clue... 


The vids shows the food truck was sent by Jo Hye Jung, CSB's best friend and YSH co-star in Imaginary Cat. So both YSH co-star are best friends. 

And on top of that Jo Hye Jung's dad is Jo Jae Hyun. The director of DMZ Film Festival in 2015 that had chosen Yoo:heart:Chae as ambassadors,  based on their acting skill. 

That shows what a circle they have...


Jo Jae Hyun around 0:25 I think... 


Maybe Hye Jung and her appa are Yoo Chae shippers too... :wub:


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btw today and tomorrow are the last days for IANAR :(

I'm gonna miss their behind the scenes (especially the  kiss scene's bts lmao), i wish after this drama ended they'll do some interviews like Swag Couple back then (for example: their interview with Japanese media) and asked about each other, then they'll give us some sweet answers... omg, i really can't let them goooo huhuhu :unsure:


it's weird because although i always wait for the drama's new episodes, i wait for their bts videos more than the episodes lol. ofc, i'm excited about the new episodes, but their bts is something else HAHAHA, the bts shows exactly how YSH x CSB not KMK x JJA, but surprisingly how YSH x CSB behave in bts feels more sweet than the actual dramas, maybe because we know that in the drama they might just act but... well, bts is kinda "candid" and showing us how they really behave and act for the actual scenes in drama. so........ if you know what i mean... HAHA *rolling eyes and giggling*



now, let's sitting and holding hands together and waiting patiently for their 3rd (behind the) kiss scene, i wish it'll be more extreme (?) and passionately than the 2nd one, so we can get more beautiful sweet moments in their bts -_-:rolleyes:



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GAAAHHH!!! More than the actual scene behind that pics, I sooo want to see the BTS while they were doing that!!! Would they still be cozy like that? 'Cause you know they have the tendency to be too cozy, that even if they are just standing-by / waiting for camera/lighting adjustment, they still choose to hug/be touchy together, hahaha!!




Also, have you seen this section TV interview of the IANAR cast?? LOVE, LOVE, how very comfortable and in-sync these two are!





Also, they BOTH LOVE CATS!!!!! Talk about having a common thing to talk about, hehe!! Maybe after the drama, they could schedule playdates between their cats, so they have a valid reason to see each other, hahaha!!:blush:

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Attention everyone... After Yoo teased her she looked bigger since she wore many underthermal layer...

Chae anwered... at 7:30 up to 7:37 ... look closely at her expression when she said that...

soooo cuuuuute...

Unintentionally cute...  No wonder Yoo said she likes doing aegyo... and I'm sure he likes it soooo much



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Hello everyone, thank you creating this thread❤️ I am like happy2018, too old to be shipping but i just cannot help getting myself attached to this couple.   Watching their bts always make me smile like an idiot.  If would be nice to see them together in real life .. if not in a relationship, at least remain as close friend ... of course i would rather have the former :blush:


Just add that i really :heart: today’s bts still cut

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Another BTS clip that made me feel like "something" must be going on with them is that one where they were having their Hongdae date and while they were sitting, Soo Bin suddenly sang along with the musicians. She then stood up and had her head down in embarrassment. YSH was just like "Wae?" and I swear I melted when he smiled, as if wondering how SB can be sooooo cute without meaning to. :3


I wanted to post the video here but I couldn't find it. :(

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Hi, I'm new at this forum... I love YSH and CSB chemistry so much.. their BTS is so cute.. really can't wait for tonight episode!!

by the way.. by looking at all of the BTS, their chemistry is so undeniable.. from all that i see i can tell that its look like there is something between them.. I love it when Soo Bin called Seung Ho "Oppa" haha its sound so cute

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THAT KISS WAS SO HOT OMG OMG HELP ME I CANT BREATHE ......... ARRRGHHH. That was so.... i'm still in shock lololol.




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