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  1. you meant, this? i've noticed that too! for many many times! there's no way these two aren't (too) comfortable w/ each other. what KJW does (leaning his forehead on PMY's) is something that I always saw in those romantic hollywood (?) movies where a boyfriend did exactly the same to their girlfriend xD and the more amazing fact is how PMY looks okay with it. she doesn't even budge. dying because of their sweetness ;;;___;;;
  2. I'm smiling from ear to ear (okay, this is creepy lmao) reading new updates from all of you, while nodding so happily~ i agree with what @haelan said, especially when you mentioned about their moment in the zoo. We know that it was when they hadn't been filming so long, yet they already looked so close. it almost felt like they have been known each other way before this project. the way their jokes clicked each other's, the way PMY looked so comfortable, and the way KJW gazed at her so softly.... like, man... i really think he's already in love with her (my delulu mind says). his eyes were already so soft to her. i started shipping them from that exact moment, because.. how could i resist their chemistry? ..... and about the BTS. SHE FELL ASLEEP DURING THAT SCENE IS SUCH THE BEST MOMENT BECAUSE... ASDFGHKJKL. I love how KJW treats her, to the level that I really appreciate his behaviors. the way he stroke her head so softly.... i'd like to say, "wowww~ of course, he is the oppa~" he's taking care of her in the most softest way ever ;;;___;;; Wish the best for both of them, from the deepest part of my heart. Them being real, or not, I wish them happiness
  3. Annyeong~ Hi~ Hello~ how are you after the cutest ep 12 last night? are y'all still breathing nicely? because I'm not lol. their sweetness is just too out of this world, i swear xD it feels like watching a real-life couple dating in front of me and making everyone in the room feels uncomfortable (for disturbing their moment) rather than watching a drama lmao. yes. PMY-KJW definitely give that effect in every dating scene they do. that episode 12 tho. the *cough* kissing *cough* in the kitchen *cough* while *cough* cooking *cough*, almost made me closed my eyes unconsciously to give them privacy (?) lmao (while still opening them a bit to peek ofc lol). seriously. in the history of me watching k-dramas, i don't remember seeing dating scenes as realistic as these two did (i mean, with SO MUCH and THAT MUCH feels in the whole screen). how do i explain this though........ errr... it feels like... even those drama couples that proven to be real weren't giving us these explicit (?) feels on the screen? ... well im not sure how to explain this, i apologize xD i'm not saying that PMY-KJW are 100% dating e/o and giving us explicit hints though (although i really want to declare this because i'm simply their hardcore shipper who wants this ship to sail right away lmao), it'll be such a "who am i to say that, i dunno even know them in real life" statement from me..... i'm just saying that they did such a ggrrrrrreeeeeaaaaaaaaat job especially in detailing the scenes they had to act out. being their shipper and them as an actor/actress' fan, i want to say things to appreciate them: they delivered the scenes well to the point that makes us forget that they're indeed acting out a script. it's impossible for a script to be written so detailed, 80% or even more of the scenes should be acted out by the interpretation of the actors with the help of the directors (that's why there are adlibs, etc... which i believe, y'all aware of this fact). and being such great actors they are, PMY and KJW are able to give us these details (even the smallest ones) and make the scenes came out so beautifully on the screen. well..... some of the details, especially the mind-blowing ones are torturing me so much in between: me-rational-version vs me-delulu-version. like...... whhhhhyyyyyyyyyy to make it easy to explain my thoughts, it's just like "ugh i really dislike this actor/actress" because of their antagonistic character phenomenon--because of how annoying their characters are on the screen, which just proves that the actor/actress act so well that it feels like the antagonist is real, making us drowned in their annoying characters and automatically disliking them (some even hate them which i don't suggest y'all to do the same to every antagonist character you will see in the future lol). PMY-KJW did exactly the same. We can feel as if DM-RG couple is so real, and make us shipping PMY-KJW in real life because we fall in love w/ their chemistry and the dreamy-like love story of DM-RG. Just by watching them sitting on the couch, cuddling, and smiling at each other is enough to make me going crazy in the dark (i watched with no lamps on lol, okay this is TMI i know lol) okay, just like any human being alive, I always adore beautiful faces, but what makes me adore the most is how well these actors/actresses act out the script. i don't really care about appearances, i can be someone's fan just because of their skills alone. I never watched KJW before, and when I first watched HPL I was like... adoring his face first?---but then now I'm his fan more because of his way of delivering the scenes. Same with PMY. I only watched her in Remember and at that time I watched for Namgoong Min + how the story was, so I didn't really pay attention to her (sorry, PMY fans! didnt mean anything negative!), but now I adore her and she's one of my favorite actresses with the same reason as why I became KJW fan as well. after HPL, I did rewatch Remember and pay attention to her. She is, indeed, a great actress. No wonder DM-RG can be felt so real by us ;;__;; uwu~ my babies~ As a shipper, ep 12 was totally making me delulu and keep dragging me to believe they're real for 100% and it's hard to fight myself :''')) gossssh, it's hard to ship such a couple with this amount of chemistry. i've been died and resurrected for times because of their sweetness ;;___;; wah, if they end up real, i dunno what to do.................... maybe i'll cry first due to happiness lmao. yes, i'm this hyped and crazy for our Labbit aaaaaaaaaaaaah.
  4. yes, they're grown up. that's the point. another point is, that KJW and PMY seem so easy to get along well with new people, so I think they can easily be close to each other and be close friends---which somehow can lead to a deeper relationship like.. *cough* dating or married *cough*. about hate on him, i feel the need to talk about this again. Like, I'm so mad that ppl hate on him just based on weird things in my history(?) of watching k-dramas, man like him is rare. like... how do i explain it tho, i'm sure you understand laa~ xD *struggling to explain lmao AND YES THAT CONVINCES ME TOO. THE WAY HE SMILED THO ASDFGHKLSAKSL I CANT- either he's too great in delivering the acting or that he really puts his own feelings without realizing. but... well, i understand, KJW oppa. I understand if you develop feelings to her in that situation. i understand *calmly nods it's kinda obvious to me that (at least) KJW admires PMY ;""") i also wish that they gonna end up together :')
  5. WOHOO~ this. I don't understand why are there people who seem to like bothering others' business? like, for what? we're happily shipping our couple, but those who hate on this ship seem to have time to even check on us..... just for attacking us, KJW, and PMY with bad comments? wow~ guess we also have our own "fans" aaaand.... who dares to say bad things about our oppa?! i'm gonna chase them one by one *act like Si An's hardcore fans who attacked Deokmi* *using Mo Tae Gu's expression* anyway, yes, let's keep being a peaceful ship who patiently waits for it to sail~
  6. omg! i was thinking the same too! PMY's reactions were just too spontaneous lmao i was wondering, "Is it possible that the whole wrist scene part (even for the first one) was one of KJW's "smart" adlibs?" because PMY looked so shock tho lmao. and its not only me who thought like that soooooo~ maybe it's really his adlibs omg ;;____;; lets thank the PD-nim for including the adlib (if it really is). that made the whole scene feels 1000000x better :') Yea! Not everyone is the same! That's true that there are people who can be a bit shy toward e/o, but there are also people who can be so close tho. Everyone has different personalities, I believe we can't tell 100% if the actors have attraction to e/o or not just by how close or how shy they are to e/o. It depends on our beliefs, because... well everything we see on the screen can be easily interpreted in many ways sooo~lets keep boarding in this ship until it sails (hopefully) one of the reasons I ship them is that MinJae couple reminds me of Swag Couple, AhnGoo, SongSong. So.......... lets hope xDD they're beautiful couples just like our MinJae so if you wish MinJae to be like them, COUNT ME INNN~~ I WISH IT AS WELL ....... Btw I want to rant again today. I've been so busy that I can't post here often so there are so many things I want to post x)) Well, it's only my rant and it's gonna be long. So I'll put that in spoiler in case you dont want to read xD closing: At this moment, I've already been convinced by the possibility of them having attraction (if not dating yet) for about........ 85% (?) I'm still trying to be rational and preparing for the worst. of course. I have so many ships that fail to sail, in fact the only ship succeed to sail was Swag Couple (not to mention SongSong and AhnGoo because I didn't ship them in the drama, but I only sensed something), so I don't have any trouble in accepting the bad truth ^^ At the end of the day, if both KJW and PMY end up with others, I'm okay! As their (new) fan, I'm glad if they're happy~ if they're end up together then it's a bonus for me (and for us)! shipping a couple is fun and not doing any harm as long as we know boundaries. and know when to stop. just remember this: let's not ever attack other ships / haters although they say weird things about MinJae. if those sound ridiculous, they don't worth our time. well... except if they start to harm KJW and PMY and spread false rumors about them x) hopefully they won't. lets show haters that we're a peaceful (and fun) ship ps: Ah~ I think I've become "DEOKMI" for MinJae. At this point I might start my own "MinJae-gil" or Road to MinJae and then chase them with Deokmi's super-long-bazooka-like-camera lol. I even spent my time checking videos just to take screenshots and post the said moments here (fyi, i'm a lazy person. usually i dont post pictures because it takes time lol). And I forgot if I've said this, but, I'm glad to know all of ya guys~ have a nice day! XOXO
  7. What I like is, he can give this "cold vibe" but when he smiles, he radiates warmth. He seriously looks cold when he doesn't smile, but once he does..... :') when he played that piano tho... :") he's so good in many things. and I can see that he clearly puts his all in everything he does, that's really admirable! He tries his best and that makes him looks flawless. but then at the same time, he can admit that he isn't as good as he thought he was---that adds more points for him! he's so down-to-earth. i agree with you, one needs to be confident enough (and doesnt have much ego) to admit about his own "flaw" or that he is imperfect as well, just like how other humans are.' since the drama started, I've been paying attention to KJW (because he's now one of my favorite actors xD) and found the fact about his dedication for his Hedwig role. It's amazing that he did work in a transgender bar just to make his character be more believable... wow. it must not be easy, it's pretty tough i bet. and yes, PMY eonni, he can even make coffee and play piano, i wish you can be attracted to him in that way :') *wink
  8. Wohooooo~ a shipper thread of MinJae x') thank you @Eeveeta for creating this thread! but, still 6 pages? whyyy, lets be more active okay, okay, so this is a TMI but the last time I logged in, was almost a year ago and I logged in again today just because of MinJae couple~ :') I'm so happy to know that finally there's a shipper thread for them! Their chemistry is so........ ASDFGHJKL what can i say?! I'm amazed by the way they stare at each other, especially how KJW does to PMY. His eyes bro... his eyes are so... glowing? whenever he sees PMY, his eyes are like sparkling! I dunno if it's because he "admires" them as in "liking her like a fan" or maybe admire her as someone who has a great skill or...... more than that (you know, like... a crush? love? yeah like that!). I'm not quite sure with PMY's stares, but at least she seems soooo comfortable with him and that's good enough to start a love HEHEHEHEH. You know, love comes from a comfortable friendship right? I honestly wasn't a fan of both KJW and PMY, this is my first time watching KJW and the 2nd watching PMY (after Remember... that was such a long time ago right xD) so I don't really know how they were with their co-stars and how their behaviors are, I won't say anything about that. I'll just rant based on what my eyes see xD AND WHAT MY EYES SEE IS... ASDFGAHSJKL. AND STILL, STILL ABOUT THIS: HOW KJW LOOKS AT PMY, I'M- OMG I CANT. AND HOW THESE TWO ARE ALWAYS SO PHYSICALLY CLOSE, LIKE STANDING SIDE BY SIDE TOO CLOSE, OR WHEN KJW PUT HIS HAND IN BEHIND PMY AFTER THE SOFA KISS *YEAH I KNOW HE PUT HIS HAND ON THE SOFA THO, BUT STILL, HIS BODY LEANED TO HER DIRECTION THO* (NOT TO MENTION ABOUT HOW HIS HAND CARESSED(?!) HER CHEEK/HAIR THO!!!), OR HOW PMY LEANED ON HIM IN THAT SPECIAL EPISODE ASGHJKSLDKADALL AAAAAAAH OHH~ I'M A HARDCORE SHIPPER OF THEM NOW ;;;___;;; AW but still, if KJW or PMY end up with others, as long as they're happy I will be happy as well! but for now, because of how it seems like that some people here said arguments show how they're sure that both KJW and PMY are single, I'll just happily shipping them x) I hope they'll be real :')))) I rarely have my ships end up real, I'm sad :') anyway, nice to meet y'all here! let's have a nice and fun time shipping them here~ >___<
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