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  1. Hi Chae Yoo shippers... sorry for staying away too long. I lost my password and couldnt get in. And after I've been working too long in a place with bad internet connection too. At last I found it my old password...kekeke... Wow. My baby @OMiHO thank you for your hardwork. I guess the fire had been lit down a bit for Chae Yoo shippers. For some poeple keeping a good distance from this forum doesnt necessary means leaving Chae Yoo. I'm sure they're still Chae Yoo shipper in the heart. Keep up your good hard work dear. Just dont let your fire lit down. Cuz this will be a long run for Chae Yoo shippers. Until they announce their relationship. I'm sorry couldn't keep my promise to be here always. But I'll try my best to keep up. Maybe not as active as old day. Cuz my place now doesnt have good internet connection. Love you all Chae Yoo shippers. @OMiHO, @prueksa and all new members that I dont really know I'll send you all my love
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