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  1. I am so glad that the mayor died not by the special investigation unit. It was a good decision to keep the villain alive, better let him suffer in the prison. Death is way too easy. All in all, I am very happy with ending. Rain looked so different in the last episodes, better looking. Could it be the outfit or his hair? i will miss my OTP and Bo Na, not forgetting Rice ball and Rice grain , they had great, funny bromance. This is really a fun drama to watch.
  2. I am so not looking forward to the ending of my favourite drama next week Why is it that i get a feeling that Dong Teak will be the one saving both JS and SO? He cares too much for SO and hurting seeing SO and JS’s relationship. I just hope there will not be any tragedy except the crazy Sun Woo, he is just too cruel and thinks that he is god.
  3. The step son is a psycho. My hubby and I pretty much suspected that the killer is him even in the parallel world. On another note, i am glad Dong Taek is taking a step back from Si On. Jae Sang is really missing Bo Na and his life in the parallel world. I am curious how it will end, is he going to ‘sacrifice’ himself hoping to go back or end up with Si On but no Bo Na as yet or the both world will some what merge? We only have 2 more weeks
  4. I am happy with how the story is moving. I really feel sorry for jae sang especially the scene in his penthouse where he cried for bot Si On and Bo Na. I have to admit i really miss the little girl i am hoping that he will redeem himself and get Si On back or better still go back to his parallel world and be with his family.
  5. I am very worried about Dong Taek. I hope he will not get killed by that crazy politician wannabe. Thank goodness Jae Sang changed his mind about working with the bad lawyer.
  6. I super love this drama especially the songs. I really like the chemistry between the devil and HR. They are hilarious together. Looks like cafe ahjussi could be YK’s guardian angel and i am hoping the devil will end up cancelling HR’s contract and everyone lives happily ever after He seems to be getting a bit human now.
  7. The green umbrella again. So who do you think is under the umbrella? My guess it could be YG since his thumb moved after Da Da visited him. At least it ended with her smiling
  8. I read that the international viewers will still get the 40 episodes but 36 for SK. I hope VIU is getting the international version. Because YG has a better body? Back to the episode, i feel sorry for YG, he looked so defeated. Next week he will be revealed, i wonder if he will be returned to the company after that
  9. So the table has turned. Thank goodness the flower box case has been resolved. Now DaDa has to work hard to make 09 hers. I also believe that 09 is not totally reset. Can’t wait for tonight’s episode
  10. I am like stuck in between, simply because 09 is not human. WJ is arrogant but we can see that he still has feelings for DD. I don’t blame DD for pushing 09 due to her own heartbreak. But i really feel sorry for 09 for wanting love from DD. The preview for next week is soo heartbreaking for 09. Arghh ... another torturous 5 days till the next episode.
  11. I am curious about the ending. Saw some scenes from the trailer and bts, looks like DaDa is warming up to Young Gu. I think he eventually goes to his real owner and probably at that point DaDa realises her feelings towards him. I must admit Jin Goo’s acting is very impressive
  12. I am sad with the ending but that is the best since the title is The Last Empress. This drama reminds me of Mr Sunshine. Now i know that if a drama has more than 1 male lead, they will all die and the female lead will end up alone on another note, i thought that the chemistry between JNR and SSR is eplosive. They need to do another drama together
  13. I am so happy that Terius won so many awards esp JIS ... aww i am so happy for her !
  14. Yes !!! I really cannot stand Yu Ra and so pleased that she is now tasting her own medicine also, i pretty much expected the cat fight between Yu Ra and the nanny but now will the nanny target Sunny? Seems that LH has a soft spot for Sunny already? Right this moment i actually feel sorry for LH. He was treated badly by his dad hence his issues.
  15. I am sure the writer will find a way, looking at her style I hope that I don’t get a nervous breakdown towards the end of the drama. Btw thank you @ktcjdrama for the recap, as always
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