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  1. Woa ... finally i see light again . I have been avoiding this forum when the background was dark because it made me feel so gloomy and i have pretty old eyes . Just to add my pov, I think shippers should try to avoid speculating the negatives because with all that’s happening, we heard nothing from their respective agencies and i hope it stays that way. Let us all celebrate love on this special day. Maybe the captain will post tonight before midnight because his queen posted in the beginning of the day
  2. by nature, she is a very cheerful, happy girl that you see in CITT bts. Goblin, there were more veteran actors like LDW, GY, YIN and LDW and GY were the ones who joke around alot hence you see her more at ease and comfortable. Maybe because we could not compare her with other ML and hence ended up shipping her with GY because we cannot deny that they have really good chemistry. Maybe also GY is much older and more experienced hence able to build that good rapport. Now if i compare her interactions with LMH and GY, there’s a difference. Although she is still her happy cheerful self, she is shy. You can see her shyness unlike in Goblin. Also the age gap is not very big and she is his fan . there’s definitely a mutual attraction here. Can see it during the press conference. I was a Gy/Ge shipper before but like i said it’s history. She is very much better off with LMH, much much better off this is just my personal opinion and observation
  3. Happy birthday to those who are celebrating today ... a year older ... a year wiser? May your special day brings happiness, health and joy always
  4. Which male celebrities? i hope you are not referring to ahjussi behind her the ahjussi were smiling with admiration for her accomplishment. At least that’s what i saw
  5. Me too because the lyrics of the song is to heartbreaking. My first initial theory was that he was stuck in a loop and trying to relive his life with her .... fortunately that didn’t happen
  6. Pyeha must have already given him a list of dos and don’ts while in Jeju. WDH is there as her unofficial bodyguard
  7. Come on chingus, let’s spread love in here. I love both of them although I am kge fan. I think we should just take it easy and let the ship sail naturally. Do you miss them? I do, very much I hope KGE will attend the award show with WDH wearing a nice dress. I miss her sexy back and legs
  8. I remember she did. She said scuba diving requires too much equipment, so maybe just walk at the beach .. now with covid19 .... beach ... hmmm
  9. OKlah, put it this way, he wants to take a photo of her with her close staff as remembrance for himself, hence took it discreetly ... how about that ?
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