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  1. The teacher looked so familiar so I searched him up and found that HE WAS A PANEL ON WE GOT MARRIED A FEW YEARS BACK (during YongSeo, Adam, and KhunToria Couples). Ahhhh I didn't know he also acts. Anyway, I was worried in last week's preview, wondering why KS was crying. I'm glad they're happy tears. <3 Next week is the last episode, right? :'(
  2. I just watched Ep7 and there was a doctor who had a crush on him. Perhaps they can get together? Or a city girl for our Namchin? Whoever it is, I really hope he finds the happiness he deserves. I'm just happy that all the angst is (hopefully) over so now we can get fluffy scenes and some resolutions to certain plot points. This show really was a healing show.
  3. I really hope they also bring Grandma with them, even though it's not permanent. She can help YB's mom be more like a mother to her son. That way, KS won't also have to worry so much for her. Also, I hope they give a happy ending to MD, too. And the rest of the villagers.
  4. I've been pressing the replay button 10000 tines already. https://youtu.be/eDkMRN5bLTA Btw, how many episodes do we have left?
  5. Yes, living in a tight knit community can affect one's decisions, especially for KS, who everyone treats as their own daughter. She wouldn't want to disappoint them. Also, for them, there is no other man for her other than MD, who they have known since he was a kid. Top Star was basically a stranger to them and took a long time for them to warm up so, in their eyes, he is out of the picture when it comes to KS's love life (except for shipper Halmoni hehe). I have faith in MD, though. It just strengthened after seeing the preview. He knows KS well, too well to even detect when she's just pretending to be happy. I'm rooting for him to come through for our YB/KS couple.
  6. Ahhh I couldn't watch the livestream cut was at the same time as the KBS Song Festival. Huhu sorry Wow, I can't believe YB went there fast. At least they didn't drag the angst for too long buuut I think we will get another one next week. If the wedding is really for KS and MD, I hope YB comes and stops the wedding orr that KS says no. Follow your heart, Kang Soon-ah!
  7. I think I read somewhere that the PD for TSYB is the same PD in one of the Reply 1988 series. It must be why it has the same homey feel + 80s feel to it. oh my, I was worried they will just air special episodes tomorrow since it's the holidays but good thing they will air Ep7. The buzz must have been getting big that's why they're doing specials. Great job to the team!
  8. @stroppyse thank you so much for the translations! My heart hurts for both of them, especially after the previews. :(( I'm thinking it'll be Ma Dol who will bring Kang Soon back to Seoul and in Yoo Baek's arms, via that ship? Huhu I know he cares a lot for KS and maybe, because of that, he'd be noble enough to give up his love and let her be happy. (Which hurts bec they are cute and I started shipping them irl haha) Merry Christmas, everyone!! Happy holidays!
  9. Hi, I'm not sure if this was posted before but does anyone have an idea what the hourglass stands for? I'm feeling it's supposed to signify Yoo Baek opening up to the world/people but the sort of fantasy vibes threw me off (in a good way), is all. Hehe
  10. @triplem thank you for posting the clip of the last scene. My heart hurt for both of them. :'( I think Kang Soon and the rest of the people in the island didn't really take Yoo Baek's "Top Star" persona seriously. Since they don't have TV and internet, they're a bit cut off from keeping up with the entertainment world; they're still in the 80's phase, enjoying 80's music and fashion. They just see Yoo Baek as having a big persona and is someone from the city and Kang Soon coming to Seoul made her see how big of a star Yoo Baek really is. Yeah, I guess that realization has overwhelmed her, add on to that the sad situation happening with her beloved halmeoni. I may be digressing a bit but I hope that realization doesn't keep them apart for so long (yep, I've accepted that we will get the Angst in the next episode) cuz we need more cute and loving scenes between the two. :'(
  11. Hello, finally unlurking. I broke my No Kdrama Until I Finish Reading My Book Rule because I saw a few clips of the show and got hooked. Now, I'm back to anxiously waiting for new episodes every week, just like I did with the previous dramas I watched. Not sure if that's a good thing or bad thing. Hehehe I saw clips of the last few scenes in today's episode and oh my, I'm sad for them that something like this happened. :((
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