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[OFFICIAL] ♡ Yoo Seung Ho ❤️ Chae Soo Bin | ChaeYoo | EyeSmile Couple ♡


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We, Bold Squad, would like to welcome you to the Official Shipper page for Yoo Seung Ho :heart: Chae Soo Bin!

This thread is a place where you can freely give your thoughts and rave about our ChaeYoo/EyeSmile couple:wub:. There is an undeniable chemistry between them, which results in shipping them in real life for a reason. Fate brought them together and only time will tell, but we have faith in them and in the mean time happy sailing to Bold Squad!


2015 DMZ Ambassadors



2017-2018 Drama: I Am Not A Robot





Credits to: Hyunie Kim and K Freakx








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thanks for creating this! looking forward to hear everyone's thots on this couple. i hope a new rl couple is in the making :D i know they are still young tho but i cant help but wish they can be real...

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Yahoo! Thank you for creating this chingu! *sends hugs!* :D


Count me in this ship! Though chances of dating breakouts are so slim, this will keep us hoping. :wub:


They say that Yoo Seung Ho has a very upright image and dating rumors are almost slammed down before they have a chance to take off. But even so, that won't stop me from wishing for our ship to sail!


All aboard! 

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anyone has thots on the recent kiss?


mine is: i believe it was ysh kissing soobin. i may be wrong, that he is a good actor and act out that scene really well, but my gut feels would be that he invested himself in kim minkyu slightly more that his other characters.


love the fact that he was sharing cup and blanket with soobin, do correct me if i am wrong that he is very relaxed and comfortable around her...

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@a997 - Hi chingu!


Someone quoted on the show's forum that that this is the first time she saw Yoo Seung Ho so comfortable with his co-star. Because he's usually shy and reserved..but not so with Chae Soo Bin! *heart eyes* :wub:


I also watched and rewatched clips on our ship during the MBC awards and they're just sooo adorable there!

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Hi everyone, loving this couple as I think they look really good together, watching their bts clips reminds me of another couple, Lee Joon and Jung So Min while they were filming "Father is Strange". Hoping that this ship will sail like those two except in their case, there is no need to worry about the military service as Yoo Seung Ho has completed his. Totally love CSB sassiness for calling out YSH during her speech and love YSH for replying to CSB during his speech. Although you can see that he was kinda shy doing it but the fact that he still does it warms my heart. KyuAh couple hwaiting! :wub:

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here's my sad part - i havent watched the awards! really want to see how they interacted like how @amy_souma puts it. i only saw snippets on ig... sigh...


@swagpuppysong - anneyeong! thanks for sharing the insights. elated to know that he hasnt been his usual self with csb! isnt that something positive to look forward to? :wub:

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@jh12 Thank you for creating this thread!:heart:Watching the bts scenes and hearing that YSH isn't usually this close with his co-stars got me wishing that they're together in real life:wub:I usually don't bother actors'/actresses' love lives because I believe that they need their privacy.But this is an exception.They're too sweet together!So,once in a while I'll just peek into this thread:wink:

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I've decided to join Soompi so I can jump in this ship! Woohooo ~ finally a thread for ChaeYoo! It's nice to meet y'all! :)


Ouch, where should I start? I'm really excited!



I really, really, really love the way YSH looks at CSB—both in the drama and its bts videos.


His eyes look really soft and sometimes make me think that he looks at CSB as a woman not only a close friend. I don't know if it's because his skill in acting (that cant be doubted) or he really pours his feelings—as far as i know, act your eyes to look like you're falling in love is kinda harder than express the other feelings except you're really talented or you *cough* really like *cough* your partner. Well I know YSH's eyes are so expressive that his acting often brings me into my emotional stages (?), I cry when he cries and I get angry when he's angry, etc. BUT, in behind the scenes too when they're in break time, those soft eyes filled with "a certain feeling(?)" are still there whenever he looks at CSB. And dont forget how he looks so touchy and so happy with CSB—he laughs quite frequent :o

And you know what, I witnessed this kind of interactions and atmosphere happened to Swag Couple & Song Song couple in their behind the scenes and... with this, can i put my hopes high? :D


When they acted their first kiss scenes, they didnt look uncomfortable at all—even YSH teased her and both laughed a lot during that night. They also share things like a cup of tea (and how YSH stared at her for a second when she started to drink, yes i keep an eye on smallest gestures hahahaha), blankets, coats...........


Some long-time fans of him told me and I read their comments too on Youtube, he didn't behave like this with his previous co-stars.. at least not "as comfortable as with CSB" and seriously,.knowing that makes me SOOOOOOOO HAPPY. :wub:


I also love how YSH reacts whenever CSB calls him "oppa", he always looks at her right away. And I giggled when he felt "unfair" when CSB called him "sunbaenim" to tease him :D

And I love how they shared a hot-pack while reherasing their hug at Hongdae  :wub:


I truly wish they will keep in touch after this drama, it's okay as best friends too and not immediately dating (and I think it's better this way, so they can know each other first for some certain periods to build a strong relationship if one day they become real)... ah, or maybe they already know each other to the level of "friends you often interact" since they both were the ambassadors of DMZ in 2015 and working together too? Then, date immediately! LOL, joking (but not really joking tho HAHA).



Uh-oh, and is there anyone here whose heart flutters when saw their second kiss bts? *screaming soundlessly while hitting my pillow* and how CSB casually leaned her head on YSH's shoulder—I know it's one of the scene and they're rehearsing, but the fact that they're in that position although just remembering their own lines with YSH didn't wear his hoodie (like in the actual scene) makes my heart flutters.......... and they shared a blanket, no, two blankets! (there was seungho's rectangular pattern blanket under the red one).


Oh and when CSB did an ad-lib? YSH looked suprised an quite impressed with that adlib! :o

He even smiled ear to ear and giggled when he saw CSB in her hoodie—cant blame him tho, CSB looked so cute with that hoodie on her head, like a cute bunny.. and we know how he always mentions about her skill in being cute in every interview of IANAR. (i think he likes her cute charm lol).


UH-OH WHAT A LONG POST, I didn't realize it was this long lol. Last but not least, I really wish they will end up like Song Song and AhnGoo Couple... you know, in marriage HAHAHAHA. Wow, it will be one of my happiest days if that happens... I wish there's a god in Mount Hwangmae (their second kiss location) that adores their cuteness and decides to spell (?) on them to fall in love with each other and be real HAHAHA forgive my imagination! It's because their second kiss felt so "magical" to me! so beautiful and unforgettable, one of my favorite kiss scenes ♥



Once again, nice to meet y'all! hope we can get along well :D


(ps: how to mention others if i post using my phone? because i want to thank jh12 for made this thread, thank you really! i'd been waiting for their shipper thread :'D)

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Just make an account to join this thread..

Love the chemistry between them sooooo much. 

At first I didnt really interested to INAR, but I gave it a try bcos their cuts still appears in my yt TL, I watched their first ep and I could already feel their chemistry through KyuAh first met, their bickering looked so natural and fun to watch ahahaha

then dunno how, I arrived to their BTS when they re hugging off cam, then sharing the same cup of tea.. Im so surprised "wah, they looked so comfortable each other"

Then I officially become their shipper....


And because of this drama, now I adore Seungho and Soobin individually too.. Their acting skills is on the top. 

I guess now I have a biases in term of acting which is these two hihi

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Hi everyone! Thanks @jh12  for making this thread! :)


I feel like it's hard not to ship these two, they're just so adorable together.:wub: Can't believe I actually doubted their chemistry when I first heard the news they'd be paired up. :sweatingbullets: They totally proved me wrong because their chemistry is so strong on and off screen. I love how comfortable and happy they are together in their bts videos. I'm on board for this ship. :heart:


And since this is their thread:




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Woah! More and more passengers all aboard when I got back! Daebak!


Saw in one interview with YSH that someone told him that it would help if "he would truly care for his acting partner" and that's why it was easier for him to act along CSB. He also mentioned that it was not easy for him since this is his first romcom and that acting with CSB helped him to the point that when he would film scenes without her, "he would feel her absence.."


(Forgot what video that was though..also don't know how to post vids here. Hahaha. Mianhae :huh:)


@a997 - Exactly, chingu ya! Let's keep our hopes up together with everyone here.


Loving everyone's thoughts! Getting all giddy reading bits and pieces all put together. Haha

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At loooooongggg last... I've been waited too long for someone to create this thread. So thank you soooo much @jh12 for this thread. 

Shipping not really my thing cos I'm too old for this. Kekeke... 

But exactly because I'm an ahjumma I see it when an actor in love with their costar. 

YSH is my favorite Kdrama actor for quite long time. But not really his fans. I've seen some of his previous BTS, and I know I'm not the only one who see that... 

There's something special with him and CSB. He's too comfortable around her. 

Usually he's shy, reserved and retained himself so much from touching his costar. But not with CSB. If he's not in love with her it means she is his close friend. 

I knew he only hang out with his junior high friends. He only keeps his close friends with him. So getting friendly with CSB must be a big thing. 

CSB is friendly even with the crews. So it's not really big if she makes friend with YSH. 

I can list many things why I think CSB is right for YSH. But I need my laptop to do that... Kekeke... 

What do we call uri couple then... 

Some people call them Seung Bin. KyuAh... Is their characters so I don't really into it. It's YSH and CSB we talk about not the character in the drama. 

And hugs to all Pretty Squads who join this ship with me... 

Annyeong new chingus... Group hugs... Love y'all:blush:

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