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[Variety] Dragon Club – Childish Bromance 용띠클럽-철부지 브로망스


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Fan vid. Song: You're My Friend





Bronze OST -You're My Friend

Let's raise the volume car ride away away away 
tonight we'll go with 
You're My Friend You're My Friend 
We spoiled childhood, always smiling, as 
, we are in this complex world in the last hour for adults 
to grow old together without thank 
ohneulman is Let us leave together as 
"Let's raise the volume car ride away and away 
today, we'll go together 
in the bleak routine childhood left a while 
you will go to those days spoiled 
you're My Friend" 
you're My Friend 
you're My Friend 
You're My Friend 
You're My Friend

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KBS 2TV new entertainment program 'Dragon Club - Childish Bromance' was broadcast on October 10th. Kim Jong Kook, Jang Hyuk, Cha Tae Hyun, Hong Kyung Min, and Hong Kyung In were the friends of the entertainment industry. The sight of the 20 year-old friends enjoying the whole trip while being playful and frank jokes reminds me of my friends.


Although every moment brought out memories and empathy, but I picked the "BEST 3 MOMENT" from episode 1


◆ Obviously "OO will come to ~"


Before the shooting, the five men gathered in one of the food stalls. Kim Jong Kook and Chae Tae Hyun, who arrived first, discussed what clothes the remaining three members will wear. "I'm sure Jang Hyuk will come here dressed neatly." "I'm happy that he is not wearing sunglasses." "Maybe they have gone to the beauty salon." "Kyung-in's wife will ask him to put on make up?" Their excited guesses are just the same as what my friends will do.



◆ From the memorable programmes to the latest comics


In the car on the way to the destination, the 5 friends thoughts went back to the 80-90s and talked endlessly from the "Space Boy Atom" to the American programmes they saw at that time. Among them, Dr. Kojobu caused a heated debate between Jang Hyuk and Kim Jong Kook about who he was. "Why are we so serious". The topic of the conversation turned to the cartoons which their children love. And we saw 42-year-old runaway fathers singing the theme songs of 'Pororo' and 'Princess Purring'.


◆ "I did not know that I reach this age ~"


Cha Tae Hyun, "When we were young, we thought that 40 years old people are totally uncle," gave the audience time to realize reality. Friends who knew each other for more than 20 years, he remembers the past saying, "At that time it seems that people at this age are really old." "I really did not know that I will reach this age". 


Conversations among friendly friends can be funny only among themselves. However, many feelings are hidden in the dialogue, such as affection and sincerity. It soon makes many people with memories of friends feel some familiarity and smile. Everyone in the same industry is doing everything in the same way, giving strength to each other, pulling them in front and pushing them from behind. And there are also friends of ours.


On the other hand, a pleasant romance trip 'Dragon Club - Childish Bromance' of 20 years friends will be broadcast on KBS 2TV every Tuesday night at 11 o'clock.





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'Dragon Club'  - from Couple pajamas to face mask ... The first explosive night together


KBS 2TV 'Dragon Club - Childish Bromance'  caught a lot of attention since its first broadcast one week ago. Kim Jong-gook, Jang Hyuk, Cha Tae-hyun, Hong Kyung-min, and Hong Kyung-in showed unfamiliar naturalness and authenticity among their five friends.  Viewers had been anticipating the second episode eagerly.


On the 16th Oct, the first night that the 5 friends of the dragon club spent together was revealed. The sight of the 5 men sitting in the living room at Samcheok Jungchon Port was hilarious.


The most eye-catching thing is Kim Jong Kook, Jang Hyuk, Cha Tae Hyun, Hong Kyung Min, and Hong Kyung-in wearing couple pajamas - with cute colors ranging from blue to pink, as well as large and small polka dots. This is very much different from their previous roles as actors or singers, thus giving rise to more attention.


Another picture shows Cha Tae Hyun who used an eye mask to keep his hair tidy over his forehead before slapping on a face mask before he sleeps. The strange expression of his friends who watched the Cha Tae-hyun  also causes laughter.


According to the crew, the pajamas are a gift from one of their wives. So the five friends have spent the first night of a pleasant trip, such as wearing their pajamas with a hilarious heart. In addition to this, it is said that there is also a friend who prepared the clothes for the five friends . Who is this friend? Another question which makes viewers curious.


How did the 5 friends wear couple pajamas? What story will bloom on the first night of the five friends who were excited from the first day?  How are they going to get ready for their food stall? All of this will be revealed to the 'Dragon Club - Childish Bromance'  episode 2, which will be broadcasted at 11 pm on the 17th Oct.





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'Dragon Club - Childish Bromance' Five friends tell straightforward family stories.


KBS 2TV 'Dragon Club - Childish bromance' has been at the center of the favorable reception since its first broadcast. Kim Jong-gook, Jang Hyuk, Cha Tae-hyun, Hong Kyung-min, and Hong Kyung-in gave their sympathy and laughter with the frank and pleasant stories of their 20-year-old friends. "I thought it would be fun, but I did not know how to laugh like this" and "I wanted to have a drink with my friend".


One of the biggest factors that led to such a positive reaction from the first episode was the 'Dragon club - childish bromance' is the unmistakable figure of five friends. Because there is no story that cannot be shared with friends. The fun of the 'Dragon Club - Childish  Brromance', which originated in 20 years of friendship, is expected to continue in the second episode of October 17th.


On Oct. 17, the dialogue between the five friends of the "Dragon Club - Childish Bromance" was further revealed. It is known that you can hear stories of genuine family in the minds of five men who have passed forty years old as a son of someone, husband of someone, father of somebody.


The five friends who met the first night of the trip gathered on the rooftop of the hostel. As usual, those who sat around in the garden unpacked various stories. Some of them talked about their family. It is said that the conversations of those who are as honest as possible are filled with stories that are sometimes pleasant and sometimes uneasy.


Especially, the only unmarried man, Kim Jong Kook talked about his travels with his mother. After that, Hong Kyung-min talked about his memories with his father, who had a heartache when he was a young man, and Jang Hyuk, who confessed  that it was not easy to live with his family before  marriage. 


On the other hand, KBS 2TV entertainment program 'Dragon Club - Childish Bromance' is an outdoor real variety program featuring the foolish play of friends who have never been afraid at the same time. The exciting romance tour of the 20 year old dragon friends who refused to do the ironing by shouting "There is no iron, no dream!" Will be broadcast on Tuesday, October 17 at 2 pm on Tuesday, October 17.




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Take the member of the Dragon Club , and place it on your Facebook or Instagram with your # Tuesday Night # Dragon Club # tag in your room before the end of the room!
We will send <Mask Pack & Essence Set for a long time> or <Chicken with a panacea special effect> for 10 minutes in total!
* Winners Announced: Facebook - KBS Entertainment / Instagram - kbs_fun
* Those who have won the prize will send their personal information by 24 o'clock on the announcement day to send out the gift goods promptly.




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Episode 2 raw :


CUT- "Immature Bromance"
EP.2 20171017
1- https://youtu.be/2C6gdBPAB2Y
2- https://youtu.be/ohzqstTmLUk
3- https://youtu.be/HB9yQIashNg
4- https://youtu.be/nb5R5pKDdOo
5- https://youtu.be/eu4NoXeUAO4
6- https://youtu.be/e3QLazumyu4
7- https://youtu.be/54ZQUbMlHLs
8- https://youtu.be/pvbZ1T_6qTU
9- https://youtu.be/TIt7StzlVmw
10- https://youtu.be/YWYqtmlH8H4
11- https://youtu.be/gbQkHW4SCWg
12- https://youtu.be/MwqIB60KDdI
13- https://youtu.be/x9qdrsfTWwc
14- https://youtu.be/1DrwYZdbS7E
15- https://youtu.be/DWXJcWcTvOk

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Just watched this show last night and it was so good.  :D You can tell that they're really good friends coz they're so comfortable with each other. Their conversations flow easily and they can talk about anything under the sun, whether reminiscing about old cartoons and American shows or talking about their private life.

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'Dragon Club' Jang Hyuk, the gaming skills of hand remember ... Beating Hong Kyung-in and Hong Kyung Min


Actor Jang Hyuk showed off his excellent gaming skills.


On the afternoon of the 17th Oct, KBS 2TV entertainment program "Dragon Club - Childish Bromance", Hong Kyung-in and Hong Kyung Min played games at the hostel.


Jang Hyuk initially watched them from behind. Hong Kyung-min gave an opportunity to Jang Hyuk, saying, "Try it once." When Jang Hyuk hesitated, Hong Kyung-min said, "Because your hand remembers."


Jang Hyuk said, "I do not know what to do." But his hands remembered the taste of his childhood when he was young and soon he  won the game. Afterwards, he was very pleased even in the confrontation with Hong Kyung-min.





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The confession of those who can be called 'Dragon Club's  best friends'


20-year-old dragon club friends' heartfelt talk.


Kim Jong Kook, Jang Hyuk, Cha Tae Hyun, Hong Kyung Min, and Hong Kyung-in appeared in KBS 2TV 'Dragon Club - Childish Bromance' hereafter referred to as 'Dragon Club').


On this day, the members of 'Dragon Club' started preparing for their food stall. They visited the market in Samcheok to buy the food and ingredients which they needed. Hong Kyung - min said, "Let 's get a pickle from pizza," and laughed. In the market, they ate glutinous rice donuts and fish cakes and then went on to a large supermart. They purchased everything from beer to meat, but did not get managed to get the essential ingredient - pickles for Jang Hyuk's homemade hot dog . Jang Hyuk was disappointed and looked sad.


The members took the ingredients and headed for the food stall. When the lights turned on, the atmosphere of the stand was brimming with warmth and the members' minds began to flourish. They started to prepare food with a stall menu such as stir-fried octopus, and chicken. They started eating the food which they prepared. Kim Jong Kook, who tasted the steamed egg made by Cha Tae-hyun, said it was too spicy.

After that, they returned to the hostel and had a conversation time on their beautifully decorated rooftop. Hong Kyung-min advised Kim Jong-kook "Be willing to marry." Kim Jong Kook said, "Of course I think about marriage. I want to have a daughter. I think daughters get along better with her parents. " Hong Kyung-min said, "I regret that I did not spend more time with my parents." He was envious of seeing Kim Jong-kook traveling with his mother. "


Jang Hyuk said, "My family has always been separated. My father worked overseas and we were all always busy. I did not even have a family photo" he said. " I was able to confirm my affection for my parents after I had my own family. " He said, "I was in my twenties and thirties. One time I met a fortune teller. I cried at the words of that man." The fortune teller asked me, 'What have you done for yourself?' Tears came out. I had a lot of reflection on that. "


Hwang Kyung-in, who was listening to his friends, spoke openly about his father's death. His father passed away after 10 years of bouts of paralysis, and Hong Kyung-in confessed his regrets about his father. His father's friend visited him after he passed away to tell him that his father was a good man.  







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"Dragon Club" - Only friends will know the real charm of the 5 Dragon brothers - charms that the 5 guys had been hiding for the past 20 years revealed.




◆ Talkative and big-eater Kim Jong-kook

Kim Jong-kook's "talented person" personal has been familiar to viewers. In this show he revealed his talkative side, even when Cha Tae-hyun and Hong Kyung-min chided him for being long-winded , he did not stop talking. In addition, Kim Jong Kook who had all along known to have a strict diet control in order to maintain his physique, was 'uncharacteristically greedy ' much to viewers' amazement. From the first day of the trip, he showed his  insatiable appetite  when he ate two bowls of eel soup and a glutinous donut in the market.



◆ Adorable and handsome Jang Hyuk's contrast

Jang Hyuk's first appearance had been different from the rest.  Among the five friends, he was the only one who dressed up formal enough to attend an award ceremony. However in a car headed for Samcheok, his contrasting charm was revealed. His excitement when reminiscing about comics made the father of three who had been married for 10 years sing out 'Pororo''s theme song, bringing much joy to everyone. When he won the TV game, he was as happy as a child. His image as a serious person yet child-like personality attracted the attention of viewers.


◆ Cheerful and homely Cha Tae-hyun

Cha Tae-hyun has gained much reputation as an actor as well as a variety show entertainer. In "Dragon Club", his tone was naughty but kind and his expressions drew much laughter. He showed his homely side when he talked to his daughter Tae-eun, with a patient voice, showing his fatherly love with his smile. He also showed his unexpected romanticism when he said that he could not  forget his first meeting with her wife.



◆ Enthuasiastic all-rounded man Hong Kyung-min

Hong Kyung Min was full of enthusiasm - be it entertainment or cooking- there is nothing which he cannot do. Though it took him several attempts, he finally succeeded in demonstrating his ability to catch fly with a cassette tape holder. From the first day, his cooking skills had satisfied everyone, and he could even prepare the food at the food stall.  However even such a capable and all-round man became a doting daddy in front of his daughter. He went out using all his means to make his daughter laugh when she got nervous seeing the strange uncles standing behind him .


◆ The mother of the Dragon Club Hong Kyung-in

Hong Kyung-in acted as a mediator in the travels of his friends. He displayed his efficiency when choosing beverages and liquor among the other beginners. When the rest were exhausted after shopping, he told friends who were lying down, "Let's go, you cannot laze around." He took the lead to decorate the food stall, acting just like a mother, his friends' only hope. He is meticulous and organized, having prepared the food ingredients from home in order to dish out the perfect food .

The rich variety experiences of Kim Jong Kook and Cha Tae Hyun, Jang Hyuk's humorous conversations, and the  Hong Brothers' strong support. The innocent candidness of the five friends, their care for each other and their affections were enough for viewers to enjoy together. Looking forward to the story of the rest of the trip in order to see the other side of the members.


Catch 'Dragon Club - Childish Bromance ' of 20 years friendship on KBS 2TV every Tuesday night at 11:00 pm.





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2 hours ago, themarchioness said:

Whose wife gifted the matching pajamas, and who prepared the sweatshirts for the group? I missed the answers while watching ep 2. Thanks!


It was Hong Kyung-min's wife who gifted the pajamas. He asked her not to do it initially but she said that she wanted to do something for his dear friends. So Hong Kyung-min asked them to just close their eyes (bear with it) and wear for a night. However Jang Hyuk said he will wear it with his eyes opened lol...

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Five men in 'Dragon Club' challenge 'Sea Men Fashion'.


KBS 2TV 'Dragon Club - Childish Bromance' is a real variety program that shows the romance trip of 20 year old friends - 5 people (Kim Jong Kook, Jang Hyuk, Cha Tae Hyun, Hong Kyung Min, Hong Kyung In) . In front of friends, the more honest and irreverent figures of the five men are receiving favorable comments because they give a pleasant smile and impression to the audience.


It is one of the important points that viewers cheer for 'Dragon Club - Childish Bromance' together with laughter and impression is 'romance'. It is because the five friends who spent five days and six days together realize the romances, which gives a warm feeling of fun. In the past two episodes, the members of the group 's tea ceremony,' Tea Four Jukkeuk ', who was cooking for the opening ceremony, attracted attention.


A  day before the third episode of 'Dragon Club - Childish Bromance' on 23rd Oct, it was revealed that five men who challenged to realize another romance are being revealed and concentrating their attention. Kim Jong-guk, Janghyuk, Cha Tae-hyun, Hong Kyung-min, and Hong Kyung-in were transformed into 'Sea Men Fashion' in front of the blue sea of Jungchon Port.


The five friends in the photo are walking side by side along the warm sunny beach of Jungchon Harbor. The faces of the five men, all dressed as if they were jumping into the sea, are full of anticipation and excitement.


In another photo, you can see the pictures of friends who challenged the transformation of 'Sea Men Fashion' in earnest. First of all, Kim Jong Kook pulled a life jacket over the muscles that seemed to burst and pulled into the sea. A sincere look, a big whitewash, and a hinan dress that is contrary to it, as if showing the will to catch all the fish in the sea, laughs. Cha Tae-hyun also holds a pair of flippers in both hands, so she expects a different kind of fun.


"The five friends who met on the second day of the trip are looking for a beach to make their dreams come true. Some members have challenged fishing, and some have challenged snorkeling. I would like to ask for your interest in the watering of the five friends. "


Meanwhile, on the same day, it is expected that the first guest will be introduced with the opening of the stand 'tea nectar'. The third episode of 'Dragon Club - Childish Bromance' will be broadcasted at KBS 2TV on the night of the 24th Oct.





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