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[Variety] Dragon Club – Childish Bromance 용띠클럽-철부지 브로망스


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The official poster of 'Dragon Club - Childish Bromance' was released.


On the 10th Oct,  KBS 2TV new entertainment program 'Dragon Club - Childish Bromance' will be broadcasted first. The five members of the Dragon Club (Kim Jong Kook, Jang Hyuk, Cha Tae Hyun, Hong Kyung Min, and Hong Kyungin) are among the first to be featured in the Korean entertainment show.


Meanwhile, official poster of 'Dragon Club - Childish Bromance' on the 7th Oct is being publicly released, raising questions and expectations of prospective viewers. Because of the natural friendship of five friends, their strong friendship and delightful laughter are revealed.


The public poster shows Kim Jong Kook, Jang Hyuk, Cha Tae Hyun, Hong Kyung Min, and Hong Kyung In who are in front of a small stall in the dark night. Friends in comfortable clothes and aprons are standing side by side and smile brightly towards the camera while holding their shoulders. The stalls behind them are attractively glazed with a delightful and delightful sign called 'Tea Four Tuck', which utilizes the names of five friends.


What can not be missed is the phrase "20th-century friendship reality" that shows the program's identity. It is because of the fact that the five friends who are 20 years old are showing their friendship through the trip of 5 days and 6 nights and realizing their small but precious Romance is 'Dragon Club - Childish Bromance'.


No need to adjust breathing, five friends who already boast of perfect chemistry. Their trip is always a fun and joyful backdoor. Thanks to the photographs that captured a single moment, it was a funny and friendly poster. On Tuesday night, 11:00 pm, the first broadcast of 'Dragon Club - Childish Bromance' awaits.


Source: http://news.chosun.com/site/data/html_dir/2017/10/07/2017100700264.html




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[SHOT!] "See you soon" .. Jang Hyuk, "Dragon Club" Friends and bright smile


On Oct 10, Jang Hyuk posted a picture with his short "See you tomorrow" in his instagram.


In the public photos, there are pictures of Jang Hyuk, Kim Jong Kook, Cha Tae Hyun, Hong Kyung Min and Hong Kyungin who are taking their pose towards the camera. Their bright smiles captivate the eyes of the viewers.


On the other hand, 'Dragon Club - Childish Bromance' is a delightful friendship program that depicts the romance trip of the 20 year old Jiji dragon ' It will be broadcasted at 11:10 this night.





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Kim Jong-gook, Jang Hyuk, Cha Tae-hyun, Hong Kyung-min, Hong Kyung-in, five men put everything down. It will be through KBS2 'Dragon Club - Childish Bromance' (hereinafter referred to as 'Dragon Club'), which will be broadcasted at 11 pm on the 10th Oct.


The 'Dragon Club' released photos of the nap scene of five friends before the broadcast. "If Kim Jong Kook, Jang Hyuk, Cha Tae Hyun, Hong Kyung In, and Hong Kyung Min have shown great performances as singers and actors, the crew will show them how they can enjoy everything they enjoy while enjoying their travels through broadcasting."


In particular, Kim Jong Kook and Cha Tae Hyun, who have experienced many entertainments programs, laughed as they were surprised and delighted by the schedule of 'Dragon Club' which members can freely send as they want. In addition to the free travel atmosphere, the friends' frank and cheerful appearance will lead to more fun.


Five dragon clubs who have enjoyed everything from the first day on down. The 'Dragonbelt Club', which depicts the trips of 20 year olds who were not afraid of being together, can be confirmed at 11:00 pm on Tuesday, 10th Oct.





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Kim Jong Kook says he'll have good news to share soon?

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The cast and crew of KBS2's 'Dragon Club - Childish Bromance' attended the show's press conference on October 10th, where all 5 cast members - Kim Jong Kook, Cha Tae Hyun, Jang Hyuk, Hong Kyung Min, and Hong Kyung In - were present. 



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Kim Jong Kook said about his trip with his 'Dragon Club' friends, "I was really jealous of my married friends. I feel like I'm behind on marriage. When I meet up with these guys, I ask about marriage or give/receive advice. I think I have good teachers. I want to get married as soon as possible. I'll deliver good news in the near future." 


To this, Cha Tae Hyun added, "Kim Jong Kook is the only one still single. Marriage isn't gonna come easy just yet. He's too devoted to his parents and his standards are too high." 


What do you think Kim Jong Kook meant by his statement to deliver good news soon, if he's still single? Make sure to catch the premiere of 'Dragon Club' on October 10 at 11PM KST!


Cr: allkpop

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'Dragon Valley Club' Cha Tae-hyun "Jang-hyuk went to the house


Cha Tae-hyun confided in an anecdote with his wife, Jang Hyuk.


KBS 'Dragon Club - Chilidsh Bromance' (Yuli Club), which was broadcasted on the 10th night, appeared in the same year, born in 1976, Jang Hyuk, Cha Tae Hyun, Kim Jong Kook, Hong Kyungin and Hong Kyung Min.

Five people, including 'Dragon Club' Jang Hyuk, left their trip for five nights and six days to Samcheok Palace. Kim picked up Cha Tae Hyun first, and finally stopped at Jang Hyuk's office.

Jang Hyuk said, "I am taking something in my office." Then, Kim Jong Kook laughed, saying "It is a setting". From early dawn, Jang Hyuk grabbed a glimpse of his fine beauty in full makeup.

Friends in the car recalled memories. Hong Kyung-in asked Kim Jong-kuk, "How many times have you seen Kyungmin's wife?" And Kim Jong-guk said, "I saw you.

Cha Tae-hyun said, "I once walked into the house of Hyde, and I ate enough of Hyde's wife."

Janghyuk, who was listening to this, said, "I knew it would be okay." He said, "I have never tried it before."





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KBS2 new entertainment program 'Dragon Club' announced the smooth start.


KBS2’s new variety program “Dragon Club – Childish Bromance”, recorded nationwide ratings of 4.8% for its first episode broadcasted on 10th Oct, which is only 0.4% lower than first place SBS’s “Burning Youth”. This is a significant jump from it precedent “Pot Holder” which gathered ratings of 1 ~ 2 %.





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Kim Jong Kook, Jang Hyuk, Cha Tae Hyun, Hong Kyung Min and Hong Kyung In were all out of the top star and gave the viewers a lot of fun with their gorgeous charm.


On the 10th, KBS 2TV 'Dragon Club - Childish Bromance' was broadcast for the first time. 'Yongi Club - Bronze Brothers' is a program that attracted a lot of attention from the premiere of the show with Kim Jong Kook, Jang Hyuk, Cha Tae Hyun, Hong Kyung Min, and Hong Kyung In.


On this day, Kim Jong Kook, Jang Hyuk, Cha Tae Hyun, Hong Kyung Min, and Hong Kyung In gave a different kind of fun to the viewers by approaching the viewers in a relaxed manner of 20 years instead of a colorful actor and a singer. I have looked at the past five Leeds of these five who are now in the top position in their respective fields.


Kim Jong Kook, more than a romantic drama, was a good one.


'Kim Jong Kook' is reminiscent of a lot of hit songs such as 'Lovely', 'Han Namja', SBS entertainment program 'Running Man', and Turbo, but after 12 years, It is a 'genuine' not 'game. At that time, Kim Jong Kook made a love line with Yoon Eun-hye, who appeared together with her. 'Naturally' is a game in which an opponent must say "no"! When Kim attacked with a question related to Yoon Eun - hye, Kim Jong - kook blocked the ears of Yoon Eun - hye with his hands and made a scene of "


Jang Hyuk, 'School 1' in the attractive rebellious Kang Woo-hyuk


There are many popular works that represent Jang Hyuk such as drama 'Cheerful Girl Success', 'Chuno', 'Deep Roots Tree' and 'Iris 2', but Jang Hyuk also showed Kang Woo Hyuk in KBS 2TV 'School 1' I can not help it. In the third year of his debut, Jang Hyuk, who was the second work after the drama 'Model', proved his presence clearly to the public while posting an attractive rebellious Kang Woo Hyuk. At that time, Jang Hyuk did not have many ambassadors as well as visuals, but he acted with a different look and acted as a new actor.


Chae Tae-hyun, a woman who can not help falling in love with her


It is 16 years since the release of the movie "Geeky Girl" starring Jeon Ji-hyun, who opened in 2001, is still considered a symbol of romantic comedy movies. Cha Tae-hyun who appeared in it also received much love from the public with her "bizarre her" opinion. Even though she was suffering from her mother 's suicide, she took everything without any complaint and naturally digested the figure of her loving person. The first thing that comes to mind when Cha Tae-hyun comes to mind is her 'Bizarre She', and Cha Tae-hyun's 'Bizarre She' remains a life-long story.


Hong Kyung-min, South Korea's Ricky Martin 'Shaky Friendship'


It is a 'shaky friendship' recorded in Hong Gyeong-min's 3rd album released in 2000. Hong Kyung-min has got a nickname of Ricky Martin in Korea as a 'shaky friendship'. 'Shaky Friendship' is a song featuring melody and lyrics, song lyrics, Hong Gyeong-min's singing ability, and simple yet impressive choreography that everyone can follow. Hong Kyung Min is in his prime as a 'shaky friendship'. Since then, Hong Kyung Min has been popular among the public for a long time while dancing and ballads such as 'Take', '5', '6', 'Tonight'


Hong Kyung-in, charisma itself 'our distorted hero'


In 1992, the movie 'Our Distorted Hero' was filmed by Lee Mun - yeol 's novel titled "Hong, Kyung - in". In the film, Hong Kyung-in takes the same position as the teacher and plays a realistic role by taking on the character of the martial artist who exercises power and receives the absolute blindness of the children. Surprisingly, at the time, the age of Hong Kyung-in was only 16 years old, middle school third grader. Despite his young age, Hong Kyung-in, who completely digested a heavy character, played an extraordinary performance from cotyledon. Even though 25 years have passed, the public still remembers the appearance of Jangseokdae, played by Hong Kyung-in.





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'Dragon Club' Real friendship in '20 Best Friends'


Kim Tae Hyun, Kim Jong Kook, Jang Hyuk, Hong Kyung Min, and Hong Kyung In were portrayed in KBS 2TV 'Dragon Club - Childish Bromance' (hereinafter 'Dragon Club'). The appearance of the five people was a pleasure to watch the images of reality friends rather than a well-organized entertainment program.


On this day of the broadcast, I was able to look into the charm of the five 'Dragon Club' members I had not known before. 20-year-old friends, as well as the best chemistry that could be made, as well as the moments when their charms shone. The 'Dragon Club' made it easy to watch the charm of five friends and get into the broadcast in an instant.


As soon as he met his friends, he changed from tone of voice. Kim Jong Kook said, "This is what we are going to run away from." He said, "When we met, we ate and drank, but we could not go out." In addition, I made a travel plan and led the story. Cha Tae-hyun said, "I'm too loud and I can not go there."


Kim Jong Kook did not rest on the day of the trip. Despite driving alone, Kim Jong Kook was excited to travel with his friends. Here, Jang-dong added to the explosion Jang Hyuk. Jang Hyuk, the 10th year of marriage, turned out to be Pororo as a doctor for his children.


Especially when he talks about the representative actress of Hong Kyung-in, he mixes his casting 'Hero of ours' and 'Beautiful Young Tae Il-il' As such, Jang Hyuk has occasionally emanated from his mind, where he can not breathe, and is positioned as a laughing bomb in the Dragon Club.


The dragon friends who arrived at the hostel unpacked and ate lunch. Hong Kyung-min cooked food with odongbone prepared by Hong Kyung-in, and Kim Jong-guk tried to do bad things until the washing after driving.

The charm of the dragon friends has also been sufficiently conveyed. Kim Jong-gook Cha Tae-hyun led the program with his experience in performing arts, and Jang Hyuk showed his witty gossip. Hong Kyung-min helped three people silently.


These were always fun. Laughter also leaks out of nothing, and viewers who see it laugh together. Disdoy, a close friend of mine, was affectionate to them. Here, the behaviors revealed in affection and care toward each other made the viewers smile.


These five dragon men, along with their charms, show off their 20-year-old friends' good chemistry, laugh, and raise their expectations for future friendship travel. Lee Young-sil reporter




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Another review about Dragon Club talking about its good ratings and the reasons why.


On the 10th Oct, KBS 2TV 'Dragon Club - Childish Bromance' was broadcast for the first time. 'Yonggi Club - Childish Bromance' attracted great interest and expectation from the broadcast since Kim Jong Kook, Jang Hyuk, Cha Tae Hyun, Hong Kyung Min, 'Dragon Club - Childish Bromance' is a reaction that the audience of this meeting was completely satisfied in the first time.


As it proved, the audience rating was also successful. Already, the competition announced a start of the week with 11.4 hours on Tuesday night, when it was already catching up with the fixed audience, and 5.4% (Nielsen metropolitan area) and 7.2% (Nielsen Seoul). What is the reason why the 'Dragon club - Childish Bromance' suddenly emerged as a major performer on Tuesday night.


◆ 20-year friendship story → realistic laugh

One of the greatest strengths of the 'Dragon Club - Childish Bromance is that it is a true 20 year old friends. Those who do not need to breathe are more aware of each other than anyone else. Thanks to that, I was able to have a realistic laugh. It was the instinct of the five men who became more honest because they were in front of their friends. Just by traveling and talking together, laughter never ceased without force. The five friends' friendship story of 20 years made the 'dragon club - brass brothers' more meaningful.


◆ I think of my friend → sympathy in naturalness

In the production presentation that preceded the first broadcast, the production team said, "I think the program is meaningful if the viewer thinks 'I want to have a drink with my friend'." The first meeting of the 'Dragon Club - Childish Bromance' was the plan itself. When I worked with my friends, the appearance of the five dragonfly men who were more pure than anyone was not much different from ours. It is more comfort and friendliness than celebrity. This made viewers think and relate their friends.


◆ Five-color 5-color friends → Reversal and surprising discovery


'Dragon Club - Childish Bromance' is a program by five friends. The more their pleasure is, the more enjoyable the viewers are. In this sense, the first broadcast of the 'Dragon Club - Childish Bromance' was even more prominent. Kim Jong Kook, Jang Hyuk, Cha Tae Hyun, Hong Kyung Min, Hong Kyung In Five characters and characters were revealed. It captivated viewers by offering surprise and reverse laughter.


Kim Jong Kook was a gutman. Nobody would have known that he was eating the most of his five friends who seemed to be managing the diet thoroughly. Charismatic actor Jang Hyuk sang "Pororo" song and spoke to Dr. Kojobu. Good husband and good father Cha Tae-hyun were playful wit before their friends. Hong Kyung-min who was the first to cook for his friends, and Hong Kyung-in, who was sitting naturally in a convenience store chair, nicknamed 'Frozen Man'. Five-point five-color interest, reversal is continuous. This allowed the audience to concentrate on the "Dragon Club - Childish Bromance" without getting bored.


In this way, the 'Dragon Club - Childish Bromance' gave a healing which warmed up through various smiles and deep sympathy for the first time. It was just the first broadcast. It is already expected that they will be able to get their footsteps on track. That's why we are looking forward to the next "Dragon Club - Childish Bromance".



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