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[Variety] Dragon Club – Childish Bromance 용띠클럽-철부지 브로망스


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Cha Tae Hyun Jokingly Accuses Kim Jong Kook Of Keeping A Secret Girlfriend In The US


Cha Tae Hyun joked that Kim Jong Kook may have a girlfriend in the United States.

On the November 17 episode of KBS 2TV’s “Entertainment Weekly,” an interview of the members of KBS’s variety show “Dragon Club” (literal title) Cha Tae Hyun, Jang Hyuk, Kim Jong Kook, Hong Kyung Min, and Hong Kyun In was shown.

During the interview, Cha Tae Hyun chose Kim Jong Kook as the “master of dating” and said, “I think Kim Jong Kook definitely has a girlfriend in the United States.” He explained that there was no way Kim Jong Kook would go to the United States with his mother and that was why he thought he had a secret girlfriend. Kim Jong Kook repeatedly protested and tried to stop Cha Tae Hyun from talking, shaking his head and saying it was all nonsense.

Kim Jong Kook was also chosen as the member who had improved the most compared to himself 20 years ago. Cha Tae Hyun agreed that he had become much more good looking throughout the years.


“Dragon Club” airs every Tuesday night at 11:10 p.m. KST.


cr: Soompi

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The 'Dragon Club' continues to be suspended for 4th consecutive week.


"The aftermath of the general strike" ... 'Dragon Club' today (21 Nov) is missing, not seen for 4 consecutive weeks


According to the KBS 2TV schedule on the 21st Nov, "Dragon Club - Childish Bromance", which was originally scheduled today, will not be broadcasted. Instead it will be replaced by 'The Swan Club', which was broadcasted during the Chuseok holiday last year.


The suspension of the 'Dragon Club' is caused by the KBS general strike. Originally planned as a six-part series, 'Dragon Club' was broadcast on the 10th of last month when the strike was in full swing. However, the strike caused the delay of the broadcast, and after three broadcasts on the 24th of the same month, it stopped for four consecutive weeks.


In addition to 'Dragon Club', a number of KBS programs such as 'Hello to the public', 'Season 2', 'Happy Together', 'Yee Hee-Yeol's Sketchbook' and 'Happy Sunday' are all affected due to the strike.


On the other hand, KBS union members protested against broadcasting fairness, independence and autonomy infringement and started a general strike on September 4 with the aim of resigning current management. Since then, the KBS Labor Union (KBS 1 union) has temporarily stopped the strike and returned to work on the 10th of this month. However, KBS headquarters (KBS new union) have.








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Yeah news confirming Dragon Club back on Tuesday 28 Nov!

KBS 2TV 'Dragon Club - Childish Brromance' is a program that shows the adventure of Kim Jong Kook, Jang Hyuk, Cha Tae Hyun, Hong Kyung Min and Hong Kyung In. In the 4th episode to be broadcast on 28th Nov, five men who are challenging surfing for the first time will be shown.


Kim Jong-kook, Jang Hyuk, Cha Tae-hyun, Hong Kyung-min, and Hong Kyung-in posed with surfing boards with the sea in the background. The members are gazing at the sea while posing. They are eager to jump into the water quickly .


In the other photographs, Jang Hyuk and Kim Jong Kook, who enjoy surfing, are attracting attention. Even though it is their first time, the two are standing on the board across the water in a fairly stable posture. As usual, the two people who liked exercise more than other members, boasts the ability to raise the thumb.


Surfing on this day was a romance and challenge for all five people. It was a big challenge to be with the friends who were 20 years old. The production team was surprised to see the unexpected achievement of the members in spite of the short training time. The crew of 'Dragon Club' added, "All the members did not finish the surfing successfully, and there are exceptions."


How would the members' surfing skills be? On Tuesday, November 28, at 11 pm on the KBS 2TV, a pleasant romance trip of 20 year old dragon friends can be seen at the 4th episode of 'Dragon Club - Childish Bromance'.





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Park Joon-hyung, 'Dragon Club' A man who ran to Gangwon on a phone call


Park Joon-hyung of g.o.d will appear as a surfing teacher on KBS2 'Dragon Club - Childish Bromance' (hereinafter "Dragon Club").


In the third episode of 'Dragon Club' broadcast on the 24th Oct, members decided to challenge surfing. So they called Park Jun-hyung, who has a good level of surfing ability, for help. He promised to come to Gangwon -  on a phone call.


In connection with this, the production team of 'Dragon Club' released photographs of Park Jun-hyung, who met with members of 'Dragon Club' ahead of 4th episode to be broadcast on the 28th Nov. In the photograph, Park Joon-hyung put the members on the sandy beach and explained to them. Park Joon-hyung puts a real lecturer on his model and shows himself enthusiastically in his own class.


Unlike the members wearing black suits, Park Joon-hyung wore a yellow fluorescent suit is more professional than the instructor. Park Jun-hyung is a joke that he has played a lot of fun and has relieved the members of the team.


The production crew said, "Park Joon-hyung has been broadcasting more naturally than its members because of its unique and full of excitement." "Park Joon-hyung was responsible for surfing, rice and dessert from the time he picked the suit. The members of 'Dragon Club' were impressed by Park Jun-hyung, who showed his righteousness until the moment of leaving. "


Especially, Park Joon Hyung and Jang Hyuk are 20-year-old friends who spent the days of hungry trainees with the camp. The members of 'Dragon Club' met with their eldest brother, Park Joon-hyung, and gathered anticipation about what new episode they created.


The 4th episode of 'Dragon Club' will be broadcasted at 11 pm on the 28th Nov.








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[TV Talk] 'Dragon Club' broadcasting resumes after 5 weeks ..


[OSEN] The warm-hearted entertainment program KBS 2TV 'Dragon Club - Childish Bromance' (Dragon Club) is coming back after five weeks. It tells a special trip of the union between long-time friends Cha Tae-hyun, Jang Hyuk, Kim Jong-gook, Hong Kyung-min and Hong Kyung-in.


In 'Dragon Club,' which is resuming on 28th Nov, Park Joon-hyung will appear as a special guest and enjoys surfing with members.


'Dragon Club' was suspended for five weeks after the KBS general strike. Since the first broadcast, the audience rating exceeded 5%,  gathering much enthusiastic response from the viewers, and many people and rest of the 'Dragon Club' was sad about the suspension.


The five members of 'Dragon Club' showed a natural appearance and took care of each other as they were close friends. Their solid friendship has helped many people to think of those naturally precious.


In addition, Cha Tae Hyun, as well as Kim Jong Kook talked about the truthful stories about their parents and children. Beyond entertainment programs, it was a genuine program that rang the hearts of many viewers.

It is a pleasure to have a comeback of 'Dragon Club', which is filled with reality and not an obvious entertainment program. 'Dragon Club' is a genuine healing art and focuses on the love of viewers





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[OSEN ] 'Dragon Club' Jang Hyuk and Park Joon-hyung share music video memories "To mother".


KBS 2TV entertainment program 'Dragon Club - Childish Bromance' (hereinafter referred to as 'Dragon Club') is a reality variety program that depicts the romance trip of five long time friends (Kim Jong Kook, Jang Hyuk, Cha Tae Hyun, Hong Kyung Min and Hong Kyung In) in the entertainment industry. On Tuesday, November 28, tonight at 11 o'clock,  in the 4th episode of the program, the broadcast is noticeable and attracts great attention.


The 'Dragon Club' is the most fun and funny of the year. The generation that remembers those days, and the generation that does not remember those days, is the response that five friends who can sympathize and have fun can give a big smile.


In the 4th episode  of "Dragon Club" which is broadcasted on November 28, it is said that the gossip of these men is strengthened by the surprise appearance of the close friend Park Joon-hyung from g.o.d. One of them is the music video of god 'To Mother', which was released in 1999 and loved so much.


Jang Hyuk, who was a new actor at the time of 1999, appeared in god's '' To Mother '' as the main character of the music video and showed a hearty performance. By the way, the first version of the god 'To mother' music video was not what we remembered.


On this day, Jang Hyuk and Park Joon-hyung will tell the story behind 'To Mother' 18 years ago. In particular, Jang Hyuk said, "When I first filmed a music video, I told him to do shadow boxing. It was said to express anger and frustration for the world. I did shadow boxing alone for three minutes. "


Jang Hyuk and Park Joon-hyung recalled the story of 're-filming' the music video. What is the story of the music video that two people have said to their mother. What are the memories they shared at the time? 18 years ago, the story of Jang Hyuk and Park Joon-hyung will be unveiled at the 4th episode of 'Dragon Club'.


On the other hand, the 4th episode of KBS 2TV entertainment program "Dragon Club - Childish Bromance", which is a trip of friends who have never travelled together, will be broadcasted at 11:00 pm on Tuesday (28th Nov).





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'Dragon Club' returns after 4 weeks.


On the 28th Nov, KBS2 entertainment program 'Dragon Club - Childish Bromance' (hereinafter "Dragon Club") will resume broadcasting in 4 weeks and face viewers.


'Dragon Club' is a real variety program that depicts travels of five dragon entertainers (Kim Jong Kook, Jang Hyuk Kwon, Cha Tae Hyun, Hong Kyung Min and Hong Kyung In) who are considered to be representatives of the entertainment industry. They are 20 years old friends, and the candid and honest figures that are possible are pleased with the pleasant smile and sympathy.


One of the biggest draws of viewers during the format of the program is the 'stalls' that they operate. It is because the friends decided the menu, made the food and waited time to meet the customers. It is also the situation that the appearance of the first guest which is broadcasted 4 weeks before the end of the 3rd episode has been revealed and raised the curiosity.


The identity of the first guest that has not been revealed yet, the appearance of the five friends of the dragon club who greets the first guest are finally revealed.


In addition, the meeting with Park Joon-hyung, who suddenly joined the romance tour of the five friends, will be interesting. Park Joon-hyung is expected to enjoy surfing with them in the past.


On the other hand, the fourth episode  of "Dragon Club"  will be broadcast on Tuesday night at 11 pm on the 28th.




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Kim Jong-kook, friends borned in 1976,  greeted the first guest after opening the stall


In the 4th episode of KBS2 'Dragon Club -Childish Bromance', which will be broadcasted on the 28th Nov,  Kim Jong Kook, Hong Kyung Min, Hong Kyung In, Cha Tae Hyun, Jang Hyuk welcome first guests to their road stall.

According to the preview video, Kim Jong Kook met his first guests and said, "Let's not show our nervousness, please take a seat."

When Kim Jong Kook, who was going to serve the guests, heard Cha Tae-hyun saying, "You have to cook now," he quickly rushed to the kitchen.

Since then, Kim Jong Kook has shown his cooking skills by making chicken soup . Kim also got a microphone for the live stage for female guests after cooking.

In such a good atmosphere, the warning alarm suddenly sounded due to the unexpected strong winds, the cast members of 'Dragon Club' had difficulties from the first operation of the stalls.

The 4th episode of the 'Dragon Club', which resumes broadcasting after a four-weeks hiatus, will be broadcasted at 11 pm on the 28th Nov.





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rating update

Episode # Original broadcast date Average audience share
AGB Ratings[4] TNMS [5]
1 Oct 10, 2017 4.8% 4.5%
2 Oct 17, 2017 3.1% 3.5%
3 Oct 24, 2017 3.3% 3.4%
4 Nov 28, 2017 2.1% 2.3%
5 Dec 5, 2017    
6 Dec 12, 2017  


the preempted kinda hurt the rating. 

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19 hours ago, yoeda said:

rating update

Episode # Original broadcast date Average audience share
AGB Ratings[4] TNMS [5]
1 Oct 10, 2017 4.8% 4.5%
2 Oct 17, 2017 3.1% 3.5%
3 Oct 24, 2017 3.3% 3.4%
4 Nov 28, 2017 2.1% 2.3%
5 Dec 5, 2017    
6 Dec 12, 2017  


the preempted kinda hurt the rating. 

It’s ok!

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'Nodding' ... 'Dragon Club' charisma Janghyuk's reversal charm breaks out


KBS 2TV 'Dragon Club - Childish Bromance' (hereafter 'Dragon Club') is a real variety program that shows the journey of the bromance of the entertainment industry 's representative five people (Kim Jong Kook, Jang Hyuk, Cha Tae Hyun, Hong Kyung Min and Hong Kyung In). The so-called "Dragon Club" is 20 years old, and the unfamiliar and delightful laughs of five friends are greatly loved.


Each of the five actors, actresses and singers who show their splendor to the public is different from the "Dragon Club". Being with friends, they always show up full of honesty and sometimes loneliness. In particular, charismatic actor Jang Hyuk has been attracting the right kind of reversal charm, such as singing 'Pororo' or raising the talks of Dr. Kojobu in the comic 'Atom'.


Meanwhile, Jang Hyuk 's reversal charm is expected to explode in the 5th episode of "Dragon Club" broadcasted on December 5th. Let's get into the charm of Jang Hyuk, which is equipped with joyful laughter instead of charisma which overwhelms the house with one eye.


The photos show the five friends who returned to their homes after surfing late at night. They gathered in the living room of the hostel and rested in a comfortable posture. The most striking members was Jang Hyuk. It is because he was enthusiastic about the memorization of the drama script which was being prepared at the time of filming "Dragon club".


Soon, however, a reversal was detected. Jang Hyuk, who thought he was concentrating on the script, fell asleep, unable to tolerate drowsiness. According to the crew, the other members of the 'Dragon Club' discovered Jang Hyuk, who fell asleep, and began to play games such as taking pictures on his cell phone. In the end, Jang Hyuk said, "I close my eyes and memorized it well.


On the other hand, on the same day, the second customer of the stall, as well as the person who will be amazed at the dragon balloon will appear. What will be the charm of Jang Hyuk's anti-charism that cast off charisma, this week also attracts attention to what kind of fuss will pour out. The 5th episode of 'Dragon Club' which can confirm all of these is broadcasted on KBS 2TV on Tuesday night at 11 o'clock tomorrow (5th Dec).





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'Dragon Club' Cha Tae-hyun, cooking skills that surprised everyone


KBS2 'Dragon club' Cha Tae-hyun became a cooking king.


'Dragon Club - Childish Bromance' (hereinafter referred to as 'Dragon Club') is a real variety featuring the journey of the Five friends borned in the year of the dragon (Kim Jong Kook, Jang Hyuk, Cha Tae Hyun, Hong Kyung Min and Hong Kyung In).


The first wish of the 5 friends is a road-side food stand. Even if they do not have many guests, they can still make food, drink wine and listen to each other. In this way, the 5 friends opened a small stall near the sea in the tourist port of Gungchon. In the last broadcast, their first guests, female college students, came up and talked about the honest and warm story.


In the meantime, the second guest will appear in 'Dragon Club' due to be broadcasted today on December 5th. For the sudden appearance of the guests, the members shared their roles and welcomed guests. In this process, Dae-dong's father, Cha Tae-hyun, is expected to become a surprise cook.


On the day, the members who cooked for the guests were Jang Hyuk and Cha Tae Hyun. Among them, Cha Tae Hyun surprised everyone by making two dishes containing his wife's secrets. Cha Tae-hyun's cooking was reduced in favor of the unexpected, and the members touted "Cha Tae-hyun food sells well."


Cha Tae-hyun made his breakfast as he is a daddy and he helped his friend hunger. I wondered what Cha Tae-hyun's cuisine caught the hearts of late-night guests and what the laughing of the stalls filled with food from Cha Tae-hyun was like.


'Dragon Club' will be broadcasted at 11 pm on Dec 5.




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'Dragon Club' members are startled when they get a surprise visit from Cosmic Girls' Cheng Xiao


Broadcasted on December 5, KBS2TV's 'Dragon Club' members were in for a surprise as Cosmic Girls' Cheng Xiao made a sudden appearance.


Kim Jong Kook, actors Jang Hyuk, Cha Tae Hyun, singer Hong Kyung Min, and Hong Kyung In were busy packing up for the day, after serving a large number of customers inside their street stall.


While the members were tidying up the area, idol singer Cheng Xiao suddenly appeared, causing the men to be startled and freeze up.  Baffled at the random encounter, Cha Tae Hyun broke the awkward silence by saying, "You're Cheng Xiao, right? Come take a seat and have a bowl of ramen."


Cheng Xiao then commented, "All the members are on vacation.  So I decided to stop by."






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