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[Variety] Dragon Club – Childish Bromance 용띠클럽-철부지 브로망스


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'Dragon club' Five different types five men, five colored charms attracted the customers.


KBS 2TV 'Dragon Club - Childish Bromance' is a program that depicts the travel of five people who have been friends for twenty years.. The members of 'Dragon Club' finally met their customers in the previous episodes 4 and 5.  Let's look at the attractiveness of each of the five different men who displayed different types of charms in front of their customers.


▶ Comfortable like a brother 

Kim Jong Kook, the only unmarried man among the 5 Dragon club members, always treated each customers as if they were his friends. Kim Jong Kook showed endless effort to sympathize with the story of the guests as well as simple talk. His efforts played a crucial role in keeping the overall flow of dialogue intact. Also, being single allowed him to  say things that make the customers laugh and quickly alleviate the awkwardness.


▶ Awkward like the uncle next door 

Jang Hyuk, who had a lot to talk when he was among his friends, had a sudden loss of speech in front of strangers. Especially when a female guest came. Because it was awkward, he chose to serve her alcohol and food. When everyone talked comfortably, Jang Hyuk used the honorific word instead. Nevertheless, his dorky charm that cannot be concealed still brought a big smile to the customers.


▶ Just like my dad 

Cha Tae-hyun welcomed the guests more than anyone else and chatted with them all the way and raised the atmosphere from the beginning. The distinctive bright energy and the sense of humor, which was neither too much nor too little, made guests comfortable. He  joked with strangers as if they are his friends, and his mischievousness naturally broke the walls between the members and the guests and added to the intimacy.


▶ Cool as a manager 

Hong Kyung-min talked with guests, cooked, sang songs, and played various roles. He also played a strong mentor role, giving his sincere encouragement the guests who are soon entering into the workforce. He was also elected as the one whom the guest would like most to have as a manager.


▶ Affectionate like a mother

Hong Kyung-in was also very affectionate to the guests. While the rest of the friends talked to the guests, the main chef Hong Kyung-in made the dishes silently. He carefully made sure that the customized dishes suited not only the taste of the members but also the taste of the guests. To the members and the guests, he was a more of a listener rather than one who likes to talk.


Although the five friends have different personalities,  they all treated their guests with sincerity and try their best. The warmth of the five friends pushed from front to the back is loved by both the guests and the viewers with good synergy.


On the other hand, the pleasant romance trip of 'Dragon Club - Childish Bromance' of 20 years' friends is broadcasted on KBS 2TV every Tuesday night at 11 o'clock.





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'Dragon's Club' 5 person succeeded in watching the movie together


Five men in 'Dragon Club' went to the movies together.

KBS2 'Dragon Club - Childish Bromance' (hereafter 'Dragon Club') is a real-life variety program featuring the romantic trip of five leading members of the Korean entertainment industry, Kim Jong Kook, Jang Hyuk, Cha Tae Hyun, Hong Kyung Min and Hong Kyung In.


The members pre-ordered the movie 'I Can Speak' and then headed for the nearest theater, the East Sea Theater. 


When inside the car travelling to the theater, the members laughed and said, "After watching a sad movie, I don't feel like talking , is it true? Also, Jang Hyuk said, "Let's sit apart so that we can cry our hearts out" , giving advance notice of tears and made the members burst into laughter.


How do the 5 guys overcome their awkwardness to watch a movie together ? According to the crew, some of the members cried when watching the movie. It is noteworthy to see which member will have  the most tears.




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'Dragon Club' Jang Hyuk gives lecture, 'How I Learn'


KBS 2TV 'Dragon Club - Childish Bromance' is a real variety program that shows Kim Jong Kook, Jang Hyuk, Cha Tae Hyun, Hong Kyung Min and Hong Kyung In. The trips of the dragon clubs 5 people who enjoy small daily life together with realization of bromance are loved by attracting audience's laughter and sympathy.


From the first episode, the five friends seemed not to be in front of a camera, and they treated each other with sincerity. They are friends who have worked in the same industry for many years and shared similar concerns. The truthfulness and their charms that have never been seen before captivate viewers.


On December 12, members of the dragon club became more natural and relaxed, as they gathered in the living room of the hostel at the end of a day. In the photos released, they can be seen talking around  a drink. Cha Tae-hyun is wrapping up a hard day with a mask on his face, and Hong Kyung-in  is lying comfortably on the floor.


Especially on this day, the dragon members were very excited, they shared continuous stories not realising that time was running out. In particular, Jang Hyuk and Hong Kyung-in went on to talk about  acting. Hong Kyung-in said that he wanted to learn to speak dialect well, and Jang Hyuk  enthusiastically started his lectures and raised the atmosphere.


It's a day of friendship just like me with my friends. Their candid, irrelevant stories, and unobtrusive forms are expected to provide pleasant healing.


Meanwhile, this episode's broadcast will also show Cosmic Girl's Cheng Xiao preparing food for the uncles . The 6th episode of 'Dragon Club' will be broadcasted on KBS 2TV tonight at 11pm.





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'Dragon Club' , the perfect ending .. Perfect cooking ability


Girl group cosmic girl Cheng Xiao showcases dishes for 'Dragon club' uncles.


KBS 2TV 'Dragon Club - Childish Bromance' is a real variety program featuring romantic trips of the five leading figures of the entertainment industry, Kim Jong Kook, Jang Hyuk, Cha Tae Hyun, Hong Kyung Min, and Hong Kyung In. 'Dragon Club' has been receiving a lot of favorable feedback from viewers by showing the frank and pleasant smile of friends who have been friends for 20 years.


Last week, at the 5th episode of the Dragon Club,  a special guest, member of girl group Cosmic girl - Cheng Xiao, visited and spent time with the members.  The six of them went boat fishing, biking and had a good time.


On the 12th Dec, the dragon club members got to eat the food she prepared.  It is hoped that the taste of the Chinese food will be well suited to the taste of the members.


In the photos released, the six of them are sitting on the floor of the rooftop eating roasted guacamole. On this day, Cheng Xiao showed passion to prepare Chinese style Shabu-shabu directly from the ingredients in a container. It reproduces exactly what one eats in a real restaurant, and it satisfies 5 dragons.


The following picture shows the members who are sweating and eating food without any hesitation. The photographs make me guess how successful this day is. The members of the dragon who ate this dish for the first time said that it was delicious. Cheng Xiao is also proud to receive praises from the Uncles, and ate the food in gusto just like the uncles.


The 6th episode of Dragon Club will be broadcasted on KBS 2TV on December 12th at 11:00 pm on Tuesday.







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'Dragon Club' Jang Hyuk shares the reason why he is still constantly practising martial arts and self-management after 20 years.


KBS2 entertainment program "Dragon Club – Childish Bromance" (hereinafter referred to as "Dragon Club") is a real-life variety program depicting a journey 5 friends travelled together. They are Cha Tae Hyun, Kim Jong Kook, Jang Hyuk, Hong Kyung Min and Hong Kyung-in.


In the episode broadcast on 12th Dec, the five of them were watching a historical drama that was rebroadcasting on TV and started to talk about acting. Jang Hyuk, who has a long career as a saguek drama actor, said, "Depending on what role you play in the historical drama, you have to present it differently."


Jang Hyuk said, "Actors can also play action roles, and there are not many actors who can do it once you reach a certain age" he said. “The reason why I learnt keet-jo-do is because the life of an actor who can become a stand-in of someone is short.”


"There is only me in this position, I need to develop something that no one else can," he said. “I try my best to show something that people are not aware of”.


Jang Hyuk also pointed out that "In acting, our current age is the most worrisome one", you need to be different from others and it is easy to become lazy. Jang Hyuk said, "At this age, I have already tried acting, variety, almost anything. It is easy to get stereotyped subconsciously" he added.


Kim Jong-kook said, “People in this career need to have more weapons than others”, agreeing on the tough competition within the entertainment circle.


Jang Hyuk said, "It is important to choose what you can excel in, but I need to show an extra edge as compared to what others can offer (which is more important)."





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"Full of beauty" ... 'Dragon Club' Jang Hyuk, earnest and funny king


Jang Hyuk's charm is endless.


In KBS2 variety program 'Dragon Club - Childish Bromance' broadcast on 12th Dec, Jang Hyuk, Cha Tae Hyun, Kim Jong Kook, Hong Kyung Min and Hong Kyung-in were shown spending their 5th day together.


Jang Hyuk who has been drawing big smiles from the audience with his unexpected talent throughout 'Dragon Club', continues to show his charm well in this episode. Jang Hyuk was seen with a red face all day long. At dinner time, Hong Kyung-min said, "This morning we went in I saw the sun was shining on his face." He said, "I thought I should wake him up, but he was sleeping too soundly." Jang Hyuk said "While sleeping, I realized that my face was hot."


Cha Tae Hyun told Jang Hyuk, "You shouldn't be funny when you sleep." Jang Hyuk said, "I thought it was red because of surfing." At his friends' digging, Jang Hyuk resignedly said, "If you are happy, I will be fine." So, they said, "What is it that you are happy?"


Jang Hyuk was also funny when he could not differentiate between 'different' and 'wrong'. During breakfast of the fifth morning, Jang Hyuk said, "Those times and now is wrong". Kim Jong-kook said, "It is not wrong," and Cha Tae - hyun said, "He thought so hard and confidently said but he was still wrong." drawing much laughter from everyone again.


Although Jang Hyuk makes the viewers laugh on screen,  he always show seriousness in acting. Jang Hyuk said during a talk with Kim Jong-gook on acting earlier on, "I do not have any reason to learn that it can be replaced by someone else and substitute for someone. But this is only me, and I am developing. I tried to work hard to become an actor."


Jang Hyuk said, "We must have more weapons than others," and "We are the most frightening age in the celebrity career. I have tried many things, but it can become stereotyped without me realising it. I am always worried how to show my best side. " confessing his anxieties.


'Dragon Club' has made it possible for us to look back on what we did not know about actor Jang Hyuk, who presents a peaceful look and shares his thoughts when he is comfortable among his friends. Jang Hyuk in 'Dragon Club'  is clearly different from the one that had been seen in the past, and it is refreshing to discover his charm.


Jang Hyuk is attracting viewers with these fresh charms, and he will continue to show them off in 'Dragon Club' which has one episode left. 






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Good news for the people who are sad because Dragon Club is going to end soon. We still have  some hope. I came across this interview of Kim Jong Kook few days ago but forgot to post it here.

Acoording to him Dragon Club is planning to have a next trip too though they don't know when will it happen. They can even go to Singapore.:tongue: I love their idea of road trip too.

KJK can speak English quiet well. It would be good if he could teach to Hyukie too. :lol:

Here is the link for the article of the same interview:


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'Dragon Club' Jang Hyuk showed great sense of entertainment until the end.


KBS 2TV entertainment program 'Dragon Club - Childish Bromance' (hereinafter referred to as 'Dragon Club') is a real variety program that depicts the romance trips of five representative artistes (Kim Jong Kook, Jang Hyuk, Cha Tae Hyun, Hong Kyung Min and Hong Kyung In) in the entertainment industry. Their unreserved bantering with each other makes the viewers laugh.


The biggest laughing point of the program had been the unexpected candidness of the five members. Among them, Jang Hyuk has been showing his charm by making mistakes every week. His inability to differentiate the words  'different' and 'wrong' continued several times,  and Jang Hyuk laughed good naturedly at his friends' teasing.


In the 7th episode of 'Dragon Club' broadcast on 19 Dec, Jang Hyuk continued to make hilarious mistakes in his speech. While chatting in the car, Jang Hyuk was chided by Kim Jong Kook when he said, "I'll be different" as "I'll be wrong." To this, Jang Hyuk laughed shyly and said "You just do your driving."


Also on this day, Cha Tae Hyun told Jang Hyuk, "Do not be greedy, if you keep on being so funny, the variety shows' PD will come looking for you." Jang Hyuk said, "If I am really greedy, all of you will not be here at all" and his funny expression caused everyone to burst into laughter again.


Jang Hyuk showed his ability with his enthusiasm , and has caught attention with the charm that is visible through the gap. Even his friends who are veterans in variety programs are excited, making one look forward to the 7th episode of 'Dragon Club'.


On the other hand, the last episode of  'Dragon Club' will be broadcasted at 11:00 pm on Tuesday (19th Dec).





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'Dragon Club' ending today, why you will regret missing it


[OSEN = Reporter] 'Dragon Club - Childish Bromance ' 5 friends realize the journey is over.


KBS 2TV 'Dragon Club - Childish Bromance' is a real variety program featuring romantic trips of the five leading figures of the entertainment industry, Kim Jong Kook, Jang Hyuk, Cha Tae Hyun, Hong Kyung Min, and Hong Kyung In. The 5 people who say "No childish, no dream", showing their everyday life, giving frank and pleasant smiles gets a lot of popularity among viewers.


The biggest reason why 'Dragon club' is loved is its empathy. It doesn't have any special games, we see them take a leisurely nap instead of a mission, and just have a small talk over a cup of coffee. This ordinary routine creates viewers' sense of closeness. 20 years is a story of five friends who have been together for a long time. It reminds me of the warmth I feel  when I see my friends.


The five people were not afraid because they were with real friends. They challenged each other without hesitation and were honest. Everything was the first time. Surfing, fishing, preparing food. It was possible because there were friends who could complement each other's weaknesses. Their imperfection allows the audience to relate to them, and was fascinating.


Meanwhile, 'Dragon Club' will end with the 7th episode airing at 11pm on the 19th Dec. The legitimate runaway with friends will be over, and they have to return home as someone's husband, father, or star. Until the last day, the story of the five friends will continue.


According to the production crew, the 7th episode was a comfortable one among friends having conversation without worry. In addition, members of the five friends together on this trip is open to the heartfelt grudge. Until the last minute, the members are not conscious of the camera and did not miss laughing at the same time.


'Dragon Club' is an untainted real variety program featuring the 42-year-old dragon friends who are busy just teasing each other and being childish playfully. The real appearance of these guys, Kim Jong Kook,  Jang Hyuk, Cha Tae Hyun, Hong Kyung Min, and Hong Kyung-in, will provide the audience with fun and excitement.





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Kim Jong-kook exposes Jang Hyuk's past : "Slept outside the door when drunk"


On the 19th Dec, KBS2 'Dragon Club', five members went to watch a movie and were returning home.


On the day of they talked about alcohol, Jang Hyuk mentioned the story of drinking after the awards ceremony in 2013. "I was so drunk that I went into my own room and fell asleep. When I woke up, it was already the next day."


Kim Jong-kook said, "You didn't sleep in your room, you slept in front of the door."  When Jang Hyuk denied this, Kim Jong Kook said, "Song Ji Hyo told me, "Jang Hyuk brother is sleeping in front of the door, I woke him up". It seems like they walk past the same hallway in the quarters.


So Jang Hyuk nervously replied, "I do not remember having met her." Kim Jong Kook said, "It's because you were sleeping that's why you did not meet her."





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Yes indeed. This variety show is good! Most importantly, the bromance. 

I'm a fan of Jang Hyuk. Watched his drama(s). He always delivered his roles superbly, be it modern, romance, thriller, ancient or whatever. He gives the impression that he's a serious/cool guy but after you watched this, you change your mind. Despite the popularity over the years, he remains humble, adorable & down to earth. 

What touched me most is, he loves his wife very much. You can sense it from his conversation. He's been with her since 2002, married in 2008, have 3 children. 

Having been in the entertainment industry for 20 years, I am almost certain he knows what to do & what not to do else how do you keep a 16 year old relationship intact...? I just like the way he speaks of his wife. He misses her even when he's on this trip. 

No matter how much chemistry he has with this actress or that actress in this drama or that drama, it's just a drama & it's scripted. I must remind myself not to be carried away. JH has a wife whom he loves very much. Hahaha....!! 

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