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[Taiwanese BL Drama 2017] HIStory Series (My Hero, 離我遠一點, 著魔)

Cedric Ong

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2 hours ago, Cedric Ong said:

From Obsessed, the senior who's form the 2nd couple....acted by Charles Lee, he acted in a 2010 BL film Pair of Love.

Obsessed 2nd cp cute and funny, I hope they'll get a series of their own or at least more part in season 2 :)

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Teddy Jen's smile is quite "sunshine" and it "upgrade" his looks. 



And perhaps it's the hairstyle and 1-2 features, not say really alike....some viewers said he reminds them abit of the korean actor Lee Dong Wook, the grim reaper in Goblin.




Then for Bernard Sen Jun. Some mention the korean actor in the spoiler. I feel even more not alike compared to Teddy's case...but maybe just a certain feel.

A more "glamour" photo of Bernard.




Lee Joon Gi. Recent drama is Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo.


Some LINE app stickers.



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Still waiting for the webchat where both Bernald and Teddy would be together.

Anyway, these 2 got more clips recently...these are when they played that 8th note game.  Edison Song look good...his hair has grown.

Btw his eye got "mole", right? And he (born in 1994),  is actually 5yrs younger than Duke Wu (the younger bro in the show, b1989). 


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Read that there are news that there'll be a 2nd season of Stay Away From Me....of course there are supporters and others who prefer Obsessed....the later group now question why bother to ask them for more response on the 3rd story if things are already pre-planned.

Then Choco TV replied in their facebook there are plans....but nothing is confirmed yet.

To be frank...i did mention b4....the 2nd story got more potential to develop...b'cos the 2 "brothers" are at a very early relationship stage....and they face more realistic issues eg their parents and the public as one of them is a celebrity.

It seems the 2 actors (Duke Wu and Edison Song) already have a certain amount of fanbase due to their modelling and tv ads. Esp for Duke, alot of thai fans....mmm...i think i mention b4....his looks won't be out of place if placed in a thai BL drama. And the article also mention he was once in a match-making variety show 非常完美 a few yrs ago in China...so also got some china fans.



But personally i like Obsessed, Bernard and Teddy more...haha.


Bernard got a webchat on 11 Mar....so far i can only find this bilibili version. The 1st 20min are he singing parts of his fav or requested songs. Then he started to answer some questions :

- Teddy is the 1st person (not saying male or female) who kissed his tattoo.

- they still kept in contact despite busy, by messenging, he didn't say meetup.

- he loved the script when 1st saw it, he told his agency he want to act in it.

- why he look short in the drama, he said b'cos mostly bedscenes so can't see his height...haha.

- When asked about the "marks" on Teddy's body, he asked the viewers to ask Teddy himself.

- the girl waving her hand in the drama...he was told it did mean to symbolise a calling of Yichen's soul in the drama. To me, it's abit vague.

- he really looking forward to a fan-meeting. As for the webchat with Teddy...hoping for next week, but no date mentioned yet.






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I didn't even watch the 2nd story because the step brothers thing doesn't interest me ( I coudn't get into My Bromance either ) so if that's the only one to get a sequel then dang, that sucks. Because I actually really enjoyed the first and third story. But I can see how it'd be hard to continue Obsessed, they'd have to move on from the rebirth premise (me thinks), but it was a big part of the story so I dunno... I'm conflicted because on one hand, I liked how it ended, but if they found a good way to continue the story, I do kinda want more as well.

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Or if they develop a different storyline but similar chars/roles...eg Bernard being the aggressive forward one while Teddy is the hesitating one. I like the chemistry btw them.

Actually the 9 years in Obsessed's future timeline can be a difficult one....imagine Bernard's char having to pretend to get married in order to prevent his parents frim hurting Teddy's char...i remember his family are all lawyers, judge or law school principal...so powerful...must be so much opposition. Does have story to write about...but would be heart pain for us to watch...

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Forgot in Bernard's 11mar webchat...he also answered about the apology he made for the 3 tears dropped on Teddy....he said it's natural response when both are in char whom care for each other. I mean he could have answered that it's just courtesy to say sorry for a professional actor. But one thing when i viewed the clip in bilibili.com...one of the onscreen comments made by a viewer said Bernard was asked in another interview if he would fall for his co-star in such an intimate filming, he had replied no.


I thought of another sequel for Obsessed....since some of us feel the return of Yichen's soul only affect an alternative universe/timeline....then in the original timeline, he still was dead...and Jingteng would be alone w/o him....let's say if someone who look like Yichen appear later....it's possible that someone would look alike. There would be a lot of hesitation and self-questioning for the 2 chars. Ok...i know the theme isn't original.


Anyway....i realise BL drama can go both ways....one is to play on the same-sex issues, the pressure they face from family and socially etc or when one take time to accept it....or not to focus on it and just do a normal romance (with problem like personality clash, misunderstanding, 3rd party etc), i mean one where u can change it to man and woman, and it still work.

Another different way is to create one manly char and one soft char and exaggerate them....or make them more balanced but not saying their character are same, still would have some uniqueness. 

The last issue would be either happy ending or at least leave it hanging (since most drama/movie, the chars' life is still continuing)....or bad ending (eg someone died or they part ways). Though sometimes the latter is sort of like more real-life....but since i prefer to make myself happy, i prefer HE. 

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New Obsessed BTS.

In the 1st clip, one staff and Teddy asked Bernard how he felt kissing Teddy....Bernard didn't directly reply, he said u had indirectly kissed Li Kangsheng (an award-winning actor whom Bernard acted with as a gay couple in The Tenants Downstairs movie)...Teddy gave him a light punch on the face, saying i am asking u how u feel kissing me....Bernard said why dig a hole and jump in...probably meaning it's not an easy question to answer, any type of reply can be problematic (my interpretation). 

2nd clip is discussion with director/staff on the kiss in this scene..whether just side or mouth. Can see Bernard even rehearsal or test-try...his kiss also make skin contact. The caption also mention this :

A chat/interview session would be on this coming Thursday btw 5-7pm. I assume it's the one with both Bernard and Teddy together.



In the 3rd clip, Teddy said this staff is the one who would put his hand inside his clothes...mmm...is it to place mic?

Then the supporting couple, "xiao bai mu" complain his partner never accompany him unlike Teddy and Bernard always together.

Teasing us...haha....of course, viewers/readers would say for him. Btw Bernard's thick eyebrows are natural, not drawn, he answered them in one webcam and even tried to rub it off.



Choco TV facebook mention some ratings info....Obsessed is 3rd place after 1st place Chief Kim and 2nd place Empress Ki (both korean drama)...considered very good.

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The following 4 will have an interview event on thu 16 mar 5pm.

The other 2 from Stay Away From Me already got similiar event some time ago...and i feel they seems to have more...including one where they act out some scripts and one where they play the 8th note game. 

So for the 2 couples...they have to share the same time slot?? Not only 1 hr session time is split...i feel they will hesitate to answer questions if in a group.

Thats why previously some viewers felt the 2nd story couple seems to get more promotion by choco tv.


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A heartfelt letter from the management of ChocoTV...abit on the process of making this series.  It mention abit on Tong Le Hui and Shang Yin.

Think there won't be a 2nd series....or anything similar from them at least not in near future...bcos such niched dramas depend on help from friends...not those general dramas which got sponsors or ads.

Maybe in the further future (or i hope other stations or companies might try).

In chinese :


Also read they plan to sell a photo album plus DVD...no details yet.

Lastly the web session for the couples in story 1 and 3 is 5pm today (taiwan time). Not sure can watch or not...u may try here :



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The 1hr web session with the 2 couples from 1st and 3rd story. 

For the 1st story couple....i find the guy who acted as the soul-exchange one....he's more "man" and serious than he was in the story...even more than the actor as Hero.

Teddy seems abit unwell...cough abit...but he's still so lively....and abit childish...guess another "opposite from drama role" type. Bernard's face seems abit tan...or maybe use darker makeup?

They played a game where one was blindfolded and would guess his "partner" among the other 3...Teddy guessed wrong (he was to guess by touching the fingers)...while Bernard got it right by touching the top of their heads. The other couple got both right. 

One punishment for Teddy and Bernard was to kiss lips with a transparent sheet in between. That plastic sheet is said to give to a lucky fan later...haha.


They cut off abit at the end....so here's 2 short clips to complete it....the guys were asked to leave lip marks on some cards meant for selected fans.


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I like how they are not like reluctant to talk about their intimate scenes...the common word used are sweet and natural. Nothing wrong to say u r in char and feel that way. 

In yesterday's chat session...Bernard said he was quite fierce on set bcos Teddy is very playful. But i can sense the latter is thankful to him. And i know Bernard got wait for Teddy to finish his scenes...not sure just the last day or other days as well. And in one BTS, Bernard adjusted Teddy's extra jacket...think the latter was cold.

Not sure 100% true...but read one comment that Teddy once chat on phone with Bernard for 5 hrs.

Well...only hope they would be good friends.


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Adding this here....in the inteview with Bernard together with the female char..clip posted in 2 posts above....he mentioned that the director gave them a certain freedom on how to act out scenes....i know he added the finger kissing in the last bed scene...then the apron part though it was planned but how to act it out with the right facial expression and body language was actually designed by Bernard. When he said all these...it is in serious tone...he really felt the char would act in certain ways if so deeply in love. And his char was initially scripted to look more cold and less spoken but he adjusted it abit with the director.

Btw he initially want to act as the reborn char but they felt harder to find someone taller and probably more man than him. 

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