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[drama 2008] Gourmet / Sik Gaek (식객/食客)

Guest klaritia

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Guest klaritia

[sBS] Kim Rae Won, Nam Sang Mi, Kwon Oh Joong, Kim So Yeon



It shows eveything about Korean modern food ...

3 & a half spoons of happiness

a half spoon of anger

2 spoons of sadness

and 3 spoons of pleasure

Title: Gourmet / Sik Gaek 식객 (Other translations – Trencherman, Epicure, Le Grand Chef)

Broadcast date: Jun 17, 2008 (Filming starts September 2007)

Episodes: 24

Episode 19 (08.25.08) /Production: JS Pictures

TV Station: SBS / Website - http://tv.sbs.co.kr/sikgaek/

Original Work: Hur Young Man's comic 'Gourmet'

PD: Choi Jong-soo 최종수 ("You And I", "Han River Ballad")

SCRIPT WRITERS: Choi Wan-kyu 최완규, Park Bum-soo 박범수


Sung-Chan is a talented cook. He peddles food from his truck all over the country to discover the best and precious traditional Korean cuisines. Jin Soo, a contracted journalist in a news agency, dreams to become the best columnist on food and nutrition. Jin Soo has bright and vivid personality. She came across Sung Chan in various occasions and then falls in love with him.


Info from official SBS site, translation by aikomidori @ B.O.N. FunSubs



[27 - 29 years old; Kim Rae Won] Descendant of “Dae Ryung Sook Soo” who was in the king's grace in the late Chosun period. However, at the time the “Dae Ryung Sook Soo” met an unjust death and as that truth became unrevealed, the upturned family continues its line in a mountainside living a normal and poor life. In the year when Sung Chan turns ten years old, Oh-Sook Soo comes to him, claiming that he is Sung Chan’s grandfather’s friend’s son and Sung Chan goes to Seoul to be raised together with Oh’s son, Bong Joo.


Jin Soo

[24 – 26 years old; Nam Sang Mi] She is outgoing, emotional, and a tomboy so she may seem annoying, but she also has a childlike and lovable nature. After she graduated from college in the country, she went to Seoul to take a qualifying exam to get into a Seoul newspaper agency. When she first arrived at the Seoul station, the first place she went to while dragging her large suitcase was “Un Ahm Jung (운암정)”. As a gourmand, she possesses an extraordinary interest and eye for food, and so her dream is to become a food columnist.


Bong Joo

[29 – 32 years old; Kwon Oh Joong] Mr. Oh’s son. As a child, he couldn’t understand why his father treated the mischievous Sung Chan with so much hospitality, but he acted the older brother part well. As Sung Chan turned to cooking and became more serious, his father’s worry lessened, but inversely, the Don Quixote of the kitchen Sung Chan became Bong Joo’s worry. As he watches Sung Chan who has zero level of skill or emotion to deserve to be “Dae Ryung Sook Soo” (royal chef) descendant, he starts to feel rivalry and jealousy.


Min Woo

[27 – 29 years old; Won Ki Joon] He is a top cook along with Sung Chan and Bong Joo in “Un Ahm Jung (운암정)”. He managed to go through that difficult and picky barrier into “Un Ahm Jung” (ah, I guess it’s the name of their restaurant place?) and as he heads for the best, he has become a sturdy pillar of support of Un Ahm Jung today. However he ends up meeting Sung Chan who he had problems with in high school at Un Ahm Jung and as he is forced to be in closer range with Sung Chan, he doesn’t know what to do.


Joo Hee

[28 – 30 years old; Kim So Yeon] Mr. Oh’s personal assistant. She is Mr. Oh’s right arm as he plays a central role in planning Un Ahm Jung’s future. She is a woman who understands and knows Mr. Oh’s intentions the best. She is the daughter of Mr. Oh’s friend who runs Un Ahm Jung’s branch in LA, and when Bong Joo was studying abroad in America, the two spent time like siblings. From a long time ago, Bong Joo liked Joo Hee but when he reveals that she is already in love with Sung Chan.


Mr. Oh

[Late 60s; Choi Bul Ahm] He is Bong Joo’s father and the current head of Un Ahm Jung. He is the only person who knows the buried secrets regarding Bong Joo and Sung Chan. In order to wash his past sins, he takes in Sung Chan and treats him better than his real son, but all Sung Chan gives him is one disappointment after another. However, when Sung Chan picks up cooking and shows skills, he reconfirms that in fact the blood of “Dae Ryung Sook Soo” runs in him.

Character Chart (translation credits to purpletiger86)


From left to right

1st Row:

자운 - Ja Woon

주희 아빠 - Joo Hee's dad

주회 (김소연) - Joo Hee (Kim So Yeon)

대령숙수 (최볼암) - Head Chef a.k.a. Mr.Oh (Choi Bol Ahm)

*Ja Woon & Joo Hee's dad are friends

2nd Row:

민우 (원기준) - Min Woo (Won Ki Joon)

성찬 (김래윈) - Sung Chan (Kim Rae Won)

봉주 (권오중) - Bong Joo (Kwon Oh Joong)

*All three are rivals

*Bong Joo & Mr.Oh (father-son relationship)

3rd Row:

조여사 (김애경) - Madam Jo (Kim Ae Kyung)

진수 (남상미) - Jin Soo (Nam Sang Mi)

한부장 (강남길) - Director Han (Kang Nam Kil)

*Director Han is Jin Soo's boss @ the magazine company

4th Row:

종구 (이원용) - Jong Goo (Lee Won Yong)

달평 (이원종) - Dal Pyung (Lee Won Jong)

기정 (심훈기) - Ki Jung (Shim Hoon Ki)

상기 (김선혁) - Sang Ki (Kim Sun Hyuk)

막내석동 (최재환) - Youngest Suk Dong (Choi Jae Hwan)

*All friends @ Un Ahm Jung

5th Row:

총지배인 (도윤주) - General Manager (Do Yoon Joo)

강매니저 (김혜정) - Manager Kang (Kim Hae Jung)


Episode Summaries

Ep 01 by furnaces on p.73 / by Kim Yunmi on p.87

Ep 02 by furnaces on p.74

Ep 03 by furnaces on p.79

Ep 04 by furnaces on p.81 / scene dialogue by Pyounqsang on p.84

Ep 05 by furnaces on p.88

Ep 06 by furnaces on p.90

Ep 07 by furnaces on p.99

Ep 08 by furnaces on p.101

Ep 09 by furnaces on p.112

Ep 10 by furnaces on p.115

Ep 11 by furnaces on p.126

Ep 12 by furnaces on p.131

Ep 13 by furnaces on p.144

Ep 14 by furnaces on p.148

Ep 15 by furnaces on p.160

Ep 16 by furnaces on p.163

Ep 17 by furnaces on p.173

Ep 18 by furnaces on p.187

Ep 19 by furnaces on p.199

Ep 20 by furnaces on p.201

Ep 21 by furnaces on p.213

Ep 22 by furnaces on p.215

Ep 23 by furnaces on p.225

Ep 24 by furnaces on p.227

Review by coollady6 on p.228


Episodes Download

Note: MU links of raw episodes at Aigoo have been removed due to copyright issues.

Gourmet Special (06.16.08) - MU pt 1, MU pt 2 (puela / Aigoo)

Ep 01 (06.17.08) - MU pt 1, MU pt 2 (puela / Aigoo) / MU credit Middy / Chin subbed (MU by elaiine)

Ep 02 (06.17.08) - MU pt 1, MU pt 2, MU pt 3 (puela / Aigoo) / Chin subbed (MU by elainne)

Ep 03 (06.23.08) - Chin sub sendspace (cococrust) / Chin sub MU (elaiine)

Ep 04 (06.24.08) - Chin sub sendspace (cococrust) / Chin sub MU (elaiine)

Ep 05 (06.30.08) - Chin sub sendspace pt 1 (cococrust) / sendspace pt 2 / Chin sub MU (elaiine)

Ep 06 (07.01.08) - Chin sub sendspace (cococrust) / Chin sub MU (elaiine)

Ep 07 (07.07.08) - Chin sub sendspace (cococrust) / Chin sub MU (elaiine)

Ep 08 (07.08.08) - Chin sub sendspace (cococrust) / Chin sub MU (elaiine)

Ep 09 (07.14.08) - Chin sub sendspace (cococrust) / Chin sub MU (elaiine)

Ep 10 (07.15.08) - Chin sub sendspace (cococrust) /Chin sub MU (elaiine)

Ep 11 (07.21.08) - Chin sub sendspace (cococrust)

Ep 12 (07.22.08) - Chin sub sendspace pt 1 (cococrust) / sendspace pt 2

Ep 13 (07.28.08) - Chin sub sendspace (cococrust)

Ep 14 (07.29.08) - Chin sub sendspace (cococrust)

Ep 15 (08.04.08) - Chin sub sendspace (cococrust)

Ep 16 (08.05.08) - Chin sub sendspace (cococrust)

Ep 17 (08.11.08) - Chin sub sendspace (cococrust)

Ep 18 (08.18.08) - Chin sub sendspace (cococrust)

Ep 19 (08.25.08) - Chin sub sendspace (cococrust)

Ep 20 (08.26.08) - Chin sub sendspace pt 1 / pt 2 (cococrust)

Ep 21 (09.01.08) - Chin sub sendspace (cococrust) / MU

Ep 22 (09.02.08) - Chin sub sendspace (cococrust)

Ep 23 (09.08.08) - Chin sub sendspace (cococrust)

Ep 24 (09.09.08) - Chin sub sendspace (cococrust)


English Hardsubs by B.O.N Funsubs


Hardsubbed episodes are available for download here:

http://bonchu.net46.net/gourmet/#more-24 (MU & mediafire)

All 24 episodes released!

sendspace links by star2010

Hardsubbed Ep 01 - Part 1 / Part 2

Hardsubbed Ep 02 - Part 1 / Part 2

Hardsubbed Ep 03 - Part 1 / Part 2

Hardsubbed Ep 04 - part 1 / part 2

Hardsubbed Ep 05 - part 1 / part 2

Hardsubbed Ep 06 - Part 1 / Part 2

Hardsubbed Ep 07 - Part 1 / Part 2

Hardsubbed Ep 08 - Part 1 / Part 2

Hardsubbed Ep 09 - Part 1 / Part 2

Hardsubbed Ep 10 - Part 1 / Part 2

Hardsubbed Ep 11 - Part 1 / Part 2


Ratings (TNS Media Research)


Special (06.16.08) / 6.5% (Below_Top_20) / -- (Below_Top_20)

Episode 01 (06.17.08) / 13.2% (5) / 13.9% (5)

Episode 02 (06.17.08) / 16.1% (3) / 17.5% (2)

Episode 03 (06.23.08) / 16.4% (4) / 17.7% (2)

Episode 04 (06.24.08) / 16.0% (3) / 17.3% (2)

Episode 05 (06.30.08) / 16.4% (3) / 17.0% (3)

Episode 06 (07.01.08) / 18.3% (2) / 19.4% (2)

Episode 07 (07.07.08) / 18.1% (3) / 19.3% (2)

Episode 08 (07.08.08) / 20.2% (2) / 20.7% (2)

Episode 09 (07.14.08) / 18.9% (3) / 20.1% (2)

Episode 10 (07.15.08) / 20.7% (2) / 21.8% (2)

Episode 11 (07.21.08) / 22.0% (2) / 23.5% (1)

Episode 12 (07.22.08) / 22.4% (2) / 23.3% (2)

Episode 13 (07.28.08) / 21.7% (2) / 21.6% (2)

Episode 14 (07.29.08) / 23.5% (2) / 24.4% (1)

Episode 15 (08.04.08) / 20.7% (2) / 21.1% (2)

Episode 16 (08.05.08) / 23.4% (2) / 23.8% (2)

Episode 17 (08.11.08) / 23.5% (2) / 24.0% (1)

Episode 18 (08.18.08) / 22.1% (2) / 23.0% (2)

Episode 19 (08.25.08) / 23.3% (2) / 23.9% (2)

Episode 20 (08.26.08) / 22.9% (2) / 23.3% (2)

Episode 21 (09.01.08) / 20.6% (2) / 21.5% (2)

Episode 22 (09.02.08) / 19.1% (2) / 20.5% (2)

Episode 23 (09.08.08) / 20.5% (3) / 21.2% (3)

Episode 24 (09.09.08) / 26.7% (2) / 27.9% (1)


Official pics




More official pics on P.41-46, 50, 51, 53, 54, 55, 59, 69


Trailer 1 - SBSi / MU / zSHARE


Trailer 2 - flash

Trailer 3 - flash

Official BTS clips

1. Wall climbing (Apr 21; caps on p.45) - SBSi / fileden DL


2. Sung Chan running to the rooster (Apr 24; caps on p.45) - SBSi / fileden DL


3. Poster shoot BTS & KRW interview (May 7) - SBSi / zSHARE / MU


4. 2008.05.07 Poster shoot & Nam Sang Mi interview- DL


5. Kwon Oh Joong interview - DL


6. Kim So Yeon interview - DL


7. Won Ki Joon interview - DL


8. Jin Soo hugging Sung Chan NG (May 14, caps on p.52) - SBSi / zSHARE


9. Beef cutting competition (May 21, caps on p.54) - SBSi / fileden / zSHARE


News/interview clips

1. 2007-05-30 Teaser + KRW interview (caps on p.9)


http://www.mydaily.co.kr/news/read.html?ne...705301111161118 (online viewing)

flv DL from tagstory.com / flv uploaded to box.net

2. Poster Shoot & Main Cast Interview

2008-05-07 SBS news (caps on p.48)



2008.05.07 Mnet news/vod

mnet online / zSHARE

2008.05.08 ytnstar news/vod - 'Sik Gaek' Main Cast Interview + Poster Shoot BTS

ytnstar DL

2008.06.10 Showbiz Extra - photo shoot sendsapce (cutiepie) / zSHARE

3. Press Conference in Gangwon-do’s Vivaldi Park, May, 29 - clip 1, 2 / pics on p.56, 57

SBS news clip



news article

StarNews clip



news article

20080530 Mnet Wide News - MU (cutiepie) / caps

20080530 Etn News - direct link

innolife.net clip pt 1 pt 2 pt 3


4. 05.30.2008 cine21.com BTS clip (cow), caps on p.59

mms://vod.cine21.com/tvcine21/scene/s94.wmv (zSHARE)


5. Production Press Conference on Jun 9, SBS Main Building (pics on p.62, 63)


Clip 1 - online / online alternative / DL

Clip 2 - online / DL

Clip 3 - online / DL

Clip 4 - online / DL

Clip 5 - online / DL

Clip 6 - online / DL

Clip 7 - online / DL

Clip 8 - online / DL

Clip 9 - http://media.daum.net/breakingnews/view.ht...3&cp=chosun

Clip 10 - http://media.daum.net/breakingnews/view.ht...6&cp=chosun

Clip 11 - http://media.daum.net/breakingnews/view.ht...5&cp=chosun

Clip 12 - http://keywui.chosun.com/contents/104/48/v...2456&page=1

Clip 13 - http://www.ytnstar.co.kr/_ln/0101_200806101024361949

20080611 Live TV Ent. News - cast interviews sendspace (cutiepie) / zSHARE LQ / zShare HQ

6. 2008.06.16 SBS Good Morning Show - sendspace (cutiepie) / MU (cutiepie) (caps)

7. 20080620 Good Morning Show (Gourmet cuts only) - clip 01, clip 02, clip 03 (sendspace credit cutiepie, caps on p.75)

8. 20080625 Good Morning Show - sendspace (cutiepie), caps

20080716 Live TV Ent. News - filming + interviews (NSM & KRW) / http://www.sendspace.com/file/ipp6zm (cutiepie) / caps

7/15 YTN star interview - http://vod.ytnstar.co.kr/ytnstar/general/m...056334789_s.wmv / caps on p.117

7/16 interview - 'Sik Gaek' variety gifts - mms://navernews.hvod.nefficient.co.kr/navernews/0010/2008/0716/02177152.wmv / caps on p.121

7/18 'Un Ahm Jung' filming + Kwon Oh Joong interview - http://www.sendspace.com/file/w7bv9w / caps on p.120

2008.07.23 SPN interview - online / flv DL

Arirang interviewed KRW on filming Gourmet / / caps on p.135, 136

Arirang 'Gourmet' interview - / caps on p.137

20080728 Good Morning Show (cutipie) - http://www.sendspace.com/file/7jk6w9 / caps

7/28 BTS (prepare yummy dishes 4 filming) + RW+SM interview / / caps on p.141

20080730 Live TV Ent. News - http://www.sendspace.com/file/zkizmi (cutipie) / caps

20080808 Good Morning Show - Kim Rae Won Special / http://www.sendspace.com/file/oe8whi (cutiepie) / caps

20080818 Good Morning Show / http://www.sendspace.com/file/3kzj0v (cutiepie) / caps

20080908 Good Morning Show / http://www.sendspace.com/file/myc6m8 (cutiepie) /zSHARE / caps / HQ (ing)


Sung Chan & Jin Soo MVs

on jobogae's youtube channel


KBOOM magazine July 2008 issue interview on p.83

Sports Seoul Interview (July 10, 2008) - Kim Rae Won:"Why shouldn't a man be good at cooking?" on p.121

KSY interview - Kim So Yeon Receives Calls from “Procuress”. on p.122


OST Vol.1





01. oon ahm jung eh ah chim

02. sun mool (Gift) - Lee Juk

03. ggoom eh shi gan deul (Dream Time) - Tei (lyrics/translations on p.95)

04. chut sarang (First Love - Drama Ver.) - Lee So Ra

05. noon ee ha neun mal (Speaking With Your Eyes) - Shin Hye Sung

06. Love me - Sweetpea

07. but ggot ji da (Falling Cherry Blossum Drama Ver.) - Malo

08. sarang gwa byul

09. nuh eh ge (Yours) - Casker

10. shik gaek

11. bi mil (Secret) - Zitten & Han Hee Jung

12. Heyday - Fanny Fink

13. nae ggoom eul hyang hae suh - Lemon Tree

14. gyung hab

15. oon myung

MP3 / rar

MU by MissKorea / MU by elaiine / zSHARE

[MV]Tei - Dream Time / sendspace / mms://mmc.daumcast.net/mmc/1/1000/0700001415303m.wmv / credit cutiepie

[MV]Lee Jeok - Gift / http://www.sendspace.com/file/0s1do8 / mms://mmc.daumcast.net/mmc/1/1000/0700001415302m.wmv / credit cutiepie / caps

MV3 - mms://eventvod.sbs.co.kr/event/tv/sgsm.wmv

Track 02 lyrics translation by acemaverick on p.106 / by Pyoungsang on p.161

Track 03 lyrics translation by klaritia on p.95

Track 05 lyrics translation by acemaverick on p.108 / by Pyoungsang on p.109

드라마 식객 O.S.T Vol. 2


Release Date: 2008.08.11

01 세상 밖으로

02 그대 좋아하는 계절이 와요1 -나윤권 (羅允權)

03 새로운 세상5 김래원 (金來沅)

04 그대를 듣죠 -U (唯)

05 친구 朋友 -소규모아카시아밴드 (Small Scale Band Of AcaCia)

06 바라보는 사랑

07 도마와 칼

08 늘 푸른 풍경처럼 - 타루(Taru)

09 Moonrise (Drama ver.) -스위트 피(Sweetpea)

10 아파도1 -조이락 (Joyrock)

11 불꽃 火花 

12 내일을 향해

13 부족한 사랑1 不足的愛情 -은우 (銀雨)

14 Love Me -이지형(李在亨)

15 회상 回想

16 잃어버린 나

17 사랑일까요1 - 설희 (Seol Hee)

18 햇살

19 트럭에 몸을 싣고

20 사랑 愛情

01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

credit http://www.koreanwind.net/ (With thanks to beary)

Sendspace by cococrust (rar)

Track 3: A New World (Kim Rae Won) lyrics translation by Pyoungsang on p.162


Related Websites

paran.com Sik Gaek page

Sik Gaek manga pages at paran.com



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Guest klaritia

<Award History> of the manga '식객'

- Selected as 'The Best Graphic Novel Today' and rewarded with 'The Prime Minister Award' by - Korea Culture & Content Agency (2003)

- Awarded as the 'Best Comic Book' at the BICOF 2004 (Bucheon International Comics Festival 2004)

- Selected as The Best Book' by Korea Publication Ethics Commission (2003)

- One of the most recommended book by CEOs

credit Showeast


The following is posted by a korean fan beam at fanmir, early June, 2007

(In the fan's own words, not my translation)

Where does 식객 ('Sik Gaek' / 'Gourmet') come from?

Hi, guys!

I think you are more and more curious about 식객 after seeing the trailer.

The TV show is based on a comic book series with the same title.

They have been created by Huh Young-Man who has been actively producing his works for over 30 years.

15 series of 식객, which of the first series came out first in 2002, have been published so far and still are being made.

식객 has achieved a position called to be the first epic cartoons of traditional Korean food.

Mr. Huh had thought about the ideas of 식객 for 4 years and he gathered data himself all over korea for over 2 years.

The collecting materials cost over 10 thousand of paper in size A4 and the pictures related to data fill 3 boxes in size about 50X30X20 (roughly ^^; ).

식객 made a new record of 30 thousand of visiters a day when it was on the internet.

Readers can not only get absorbed into interesting episodes but also appreciate vivid records and pictures of authentic traditional Korean food and even recipes of those Korean dishes. 'Sung-Chan', the main character is wandering around Korea to learn and revive authentic taste of Korean food.

The title comes from his adventures. 식 means food in Chinese character and 객 means here chivalrous man.

Sung-Chan goes through adventures, competitions, and of course hardships.

He has an arch rival and his destined love like other knights do~ ^^ Jin-Soo is a reporter of a newspaper, and she falls in love with him while she is meeting him for news articles.

Actually Jin-Soo-Sung- Chan has a double meaning. It means various kinds of delicious dishes full of the dining table.

This is what I gathered here and there over the internet. I wish I could explain more details.

I read 식객 with big interest a few years ago, but I hardly remember the story...^^;

Hope you guys will get official information soon. It would be my big pleasure if you get a glimpse of 식객 with my humble writing... ^^;


Additional info about the comic 'Gourmet'



And online viewing of part of it below:


Pages from the comic 'Gourmet'








From a news article ...



Source: fanmir, raewonisland.com, koreanwind.net

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Guest klaritia

News of this drama appeared way back in January, 2006!!!

2006/1/13 Seoul Sports News

Kim Rae Won Transformed into a Gourmet

There’s report that Kim Rae Won will do the MBC mini series “Gourmet” to be aired in the second half of the year. According to a spokesperson of the production company JS Picture, KRW is the first choice actor to play the lead role “SengChong”. And Kim Rae Won knows that very well. The drama is preliminarily scheduled to be aired in the second half of the year. The comic book comic 'Gourmet' by Hur Young Man is a story focusing on the main character, SengChong, a gourmet. Therefore, a project plan with KRW as the lead role has started, but the whole staff has not been confirmed.

It’s well known that KRW is very good at cooking. He’s been cooking for himself for 14 years. He can make Korean, Chinese and Japanese food of high qualities. When he has no filming to do, he’ll go to the seafood market to choose seafood to cook for people near to him.

The role he’s going to play is also a young man who cooks for himself. He knows a lot about food and also likes to cook for people around him. The similarities between them makes one feel that SengChong is a role made up based on KRW.

And a person around KRW reveals, “KRW is doing serious preparation for the fact that he’s the first choice of the lead role of “Gourmet”. When the drama is aired, TV viewers will be able to see the cooking skills of KRW.”

Whether KRW’s “Gourmet” will create another trend of dramas related to food as Lee Young Ae’s “Dae Jang Keum” has drawn much attention.

[English translation by PChoi based on Chinese translation by inccoyshao of www.raewonisland.com]

NB I translated it long ago... will try to find out the original news link later.

2006/1/14 ytn news

Kim Rae Won May Become Lead Actor of 'Gourmet'

김래원 \'식객\' 주인공 물망


video clip>>>


배우 김래원이 MBC 미니시리즈 \'식객\'의 주인공으로 물망에 올랐습니다.

\'식객\'의 제작사인 J.S 픽쳐스는 주인공인 \'성찬\' 역에 김래원이 유력하며, 현재 김래원을 모델로 기획 작업에 들어갔다고 전했는데요.

이에 대해 김래원도 매우 흡족해하고 있다는 소식입니다.

드라마 \'식객\'은 허영만의 동명 요리 만화를 원작으로 한 작품으로, 주인공 \'성찬\'을 중심으로 이야기가 전개되는데요.

제작사 측은 김래원을 모델로 설정한 것 외에 구체적인 스태프는 아직 결정되지 않았다고 전했습니다. [저작권자© YTNSTAR & Digital YTN. 무단 전재-재배포 금지]

More related news articles...

2006/1/14 innolife news







ytn star news

배우 김래원이 MBC 미니시리즈 \'식객\'의 주인공으로 물망에 올랐습니다. \'식객\'의 제작사인 J.S 픽쳐스는 주인공인 \'성찬\' 역에 김래원이 유력하며, 현재 김래원을 모델로 기획 작업에 들어갔다고 전했는데요. 이에 대해 김래원도 매우 흡족해하고 있다는 소식입니다. 드라마 \'식객\'은 허영만의 동명 요리 만화를 원작으로 한 작품으로, 주인공 \'성찬\'을 중심으로 이야기가 전개되는데요. 제작사 측은 김래원을 모델로 설정한 것 외에 구체적인 스태프는 아직 결정되지 않았다고 전했습니다. [저작권자© YTNSTAR & Digital YTN. 무단 전재-재배포 금지]

김래원 \'식객\' 성찬으로 변신

[스포츠서울] 2006-01-13 12:04



Source: http://www.raewonisland.com

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Guest klaritia

Digging out more old news ...

2006/2/10 bookdaily news

‘식객’ 허영만 “초청한 음식점 절대 안간다”

[파이미디어 2006.02.10 10:14:02]


만화 <식객>(김영사. 2005)의 TV드라마시리즈 주인공 성찬역에 배우 김래원 이 캐스팅됐다. JS픽쳐스가 제작, MBC에서 방송되는 드라마 ‘식객’은 인기 만화를 원작으로 해 역시 만화가 원작인 드라마 `궁`의 열풍을 또 다시 몰고올 지 주목된다.



제이에스픽처스, '식객' 등 드라마제작 [머니투데이 2006-03-24 14:14]

[머니투데이 원정호 기자]제이에스픽처스는 MBC 사전기획 미니시리즈 '식객'(가제)과 SBS '내겐 너무도 완벽한 그녀'(가제) 등 2편을 제작한다고 24일 공시했다. '식객'은 허영만 원작 김래원 주연의 사전제작HD드라마로 오는 11~12월 방영할 예정이다.



'식객 vs 대물' 인기만화 내년 초 드라마로 격돌

[스포츠월드 2006.04.25 22:40:23]


2007년 초 인기 만화를 원작으로 한 ‘식객’과 ‘대물’이 TV드라마로 격돌한다.

‘식객’은 이르면 내년 초, ‘대물’은 내년 3월쯤 전파를 탈 예정이고, 원작 만화가 신문 연재와 단행본 발매 등으로 인기를 얻은지라 두 작품에 대한 방송가의 관심도 비상하다.

우선 허영만 원작의 ‘식객’은 트럭에 야채와 건어물 등을 싣고 전국을 떠돌며 장사하는 성찬의 이야기를 그린 작품으로 우리 먹거리에 얽힌 다양한 드라마를 녹여낼 예정이다.

‘식객’의 외주제작사인 JS픽처스의 한 관계자는 25일 “현재 대본 작업 중인 ‘식객’은 올 하반기 촬영에 들어가 내년 초 방송될 예정이다”고 밝혔다. 남자 주인공으로는 김래원과 긍정적으로 얘기되고 있다.

‘대물’은 박인권 원작으로 제비 하류가 한국 최초의 여자 대통령을 꿈꾸는 서혜림을 만나면서 벌어지는 이야기를 그릴 드라마.

‘대물’의 외주제작사인 이김프로덕션측은 “2007년은 대선이 있는 해다. 여자 대통령을 만든다는 이야기는 시대적 상황과 맞물려 많은 공감을 얻을 걸로 예상된다”며 “현재 대본 작업이 진행 중이고, 주인공은 한류 스타로 기용할 생각이다”고 밝혔다.이길상 기자 juna@sportsworldi.com

-건강한 웃음 푸른 희망, 스포츠월드(www.sportsworldi.com)-


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Guest klaritia

2006/6/12 Hankooki news

김래원 VS 김강우 '식객' 맞대결


[English translation by CindyW88 of soompi]

Kim Rae Won and Kim Kang Woo are each selected to lead the drama and movie “Trencherman (식객)” respectively. Both drama and movie are adapted from a comic bearing the same title. It portrays that a wandering man discovers the place selling the best and precious traditional Korean cuisines. KRW and KKW play the role Sung Chan (성찬), a “sweet man”.

The drama is scheduled to be aired by MBC around February of 2007. The production companies “JS Pictures (JS픽처스)” and “Show East (쇼이스트)” have secured KRW to film the drama as soon as he finishes his new movie “Sunflower”. The filming of the movie led by KKW is scheduled to start in August, and the debut will be around early next year. It is planned to capture the beautiful autumn and winter scenery into both the drama and movie. Also, the process of searching for real taste resulting in joyfulness would be depicted in both projects.

This is not the first production making both drama and movie at the same time. There are movie and drama productions for “Hwang Jin Yi (황진이)” of which the movie is led by Song Hye Gyo while the drama is scheduled to be broadcasted by KBS2 around September. For the time being, Ha Ji Won is considered as the candidate to lead the drama “Hwang Jin Yi”.


2006.6.19 twitchfilm news


[K-Film News & Box Office] June 19 (Posted In Asia Box Office Film News TV ) Heo Young-Man continues to be the favourite manhwa artist in Chungmuro, as after 다모 (Damo) and 형사 (Duelist), along with Choi Dong-Hoon's upcoming 타짜 (War of Flowers), two other projects have appeared on the radar. And, just like for the two Sageuk on TV and the big screen, we're getting two adaptations of the same source, one on TV, the other in theaters. I'm talking about Heo's popular 식객 (Freeloader), which will be produced by JS Pictures for a TV Drama starring Kim Rae-Won, and adapted for the big screen in a film starring 태풍태양 (The Aggressives)'s Kim Gang-Woo. The Drama will be the first to see the light of the day, for a February 2007 broadcast on MBC, but Show East's film version also plans to release in Early 2007, so we'll be dealing with the unique situation of a movie and TV Drama about the same thing competing against each other. The Drama will start shooting once Kim finishes the shoot of his upcoming film 해바라기 (Sunflower), while the film version will start shooting in August. A similar situation is happening with the film and TV versions of 황진이 (Hwang Jin-Yi), the former still looking for a leading lady after Ha Ji-Won seems to have turned down the role, the second about to start shooting with Song Hye-Gyo as Joseon's most famous concubine. [Hankyoreh Sports]


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Guest mangosteen

Well, even though Seo Ji Hye is cute, she needs improvement in her acting. She's a bit stiff, especially in kissing scenes :blush: (judging from Over the rainbow). I wonder if she can deal with KRW, one of the best kissers :lol:

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Guest klaritia

ASTA TV English Version Sep 2006 Issue

MBC 20-Episode Drama <Gourmet>

Broadast: Spring 2007

Cast: Kim Rae Won

Production: JS Pictures

Original Work: Hur Young-man's comic <Gourmet>

Hur Young-man's comic 'Gourmet' is reboran as a min series. 'Gourmet', one of Korea's major comics, portrays the episode-studded life of Sung-Chan, who peddles food from his truck all over the country. The drama has been attracting a lot of attention because it is produced by JS Pictures. JS's president, Lee Jin-seck, is the director of 'Star In My Heart'. Kim Rae-won has been cast for Sung-chan, and the main shooting site - the Songyojang mansion (also used for 'Palace') in Kangryung provice - will be opened as a tourist attraction.


Photo of Songyojang mansion



credit to hyu of www.raewonisland.com

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It’s well known that KRW is very good at cooking. He’s been cooking for himself for 14 years. He can make Korean, Chinese and Japanese food of high qualities. When he has no filming to do, he’ll go to the seafood market to choose seafood to cook for people near to him.

Wah! I didn't know KRW is such a good cook! ^^

It'll be really nice to see him 'working' and acting, doing what he loves to do :)

Thanks for the great news, PChoi! and for making this thread too...

I've been waiting for this drama since I read the news months ago ^___^

This drama is definitely the get-go of 2007 for MBC. Can't hardly wait!

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Guest klaritia

2006/7/4 innolife news in Chinese

[Partly translated by PChoi]


Cho Seung Woo-Kim Rae Won-Kim Kang Woo, "Heo Young-Man's Guys"



Charismatic Cho Seung Woo, Kim Rae Won and Kim Kang Woo are highly acclaimed among the young actors. They will be in dramas and movies based on comic book stories by Heo Young-Man to show off their acting skills to viewers.




Kim Rae Won and Kim Kang Woo will be in the drama and movie versions of 'Gourmet'.

(PChoi: there's another English translation of the comic book title - 'Epicure')

包含許英滿畫家30年心血的'食客'一直都非常暢銷,現在將被同時改編為電影和電視劇,而演員金來沅和金康宇將分別出演電視版和電影版'食客'的男主角'成燦'.'成燦'是一個出廚藝高超的料理高手.兩位演員之間將會有一場不可部避免的演技 大對決.漫畫中的'成燦'有著圓嘟嘟的外貌,性格非常果斷,善良卻又大方過度.長相比較現代的兩位演員儘管飾演'成燦'一角但在外表上不會有太大改變.為了準確地刻畫出劇中人物,因此演員的個性和外貌都十分重要.就讓我們共同期待金來沅和金康宇的優異表現吧!

'Gourmet' contains the 30 years of experience and hardwork of the comic book writer Heo Young-Man and has always been very popular. Actors Kim Rae Won and Kim Kang Woo will play the lead 'Sung Chan' in the drama and movie versions respectively. Sung Chan is a cook with great skills and the two actors will have an unavoidable competition of their acting skills. Sung Chan in the comic book has a chubby appearance and a decisive character. He's a nice person but too kind most of the time. Both actors have modern looks and may not change their looks a lot in the works. But to accurately portray the role, actors' personality and appearance are both important. So let's look forward to their great performances!

[照片提供]NEWSIS,Innolife,Show East


Above news in Korean




soruce: hyu of raewonisland.com

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Guest klaritia


'Gourmet' Lead Actress: Seo Ji Hye

서지혜 ``맛집찾아 함께 떠나볼까요``


Actress Seo Ji Hye will collaborate with Kim Rae Won in the comic-turned-drama 'Gourmet'

SJH will play the role 'Jin Ju', a reporter of the magazine 'Tasty Food Shop'.

SJH's manager confirmed that talks between the production company and management agency were done. She's now working for the MBC TV show 'Over the Rainbow'.

'Gourmet' tells the story of the talent cook, Sung Chan, who's forced to run around the country, looking for the best traditional Korean cuisines. The protagonist, Sung Chan, will be played by Kim Rae Won

[English translation by PChoi based on Chinese by longchenga of Koreanwind]

[JES 이영준] 탤런트 서지혜가 허영만의 동명 베스트셀러 만화 원작 드라마 <식객>에서 김래원과 호흡을 맞춘다.

서지혜는 <식객>에서 잡지사 맛집 담당 여기자 진수 역으로 캐스팅됐다.

서지혜의 매니저는 “<식객>의 여주인공으로 서지혜가 출연하는 것에 대해 제작사 측과 협의를 마쳤다”고 밝혔다. 그는 현재 MBC TV 수목극 <오버 더 레인보우>에서 여주인공 마상미 역으로 출연 중이다.

<식객>은 음모에 의해 유명 식당 운암정에서 쫓겨난 천재 요리사 성찬이 전국 방방곡곡을 돌아다니며 한국 최고의 맛을 찾아다니는 내용을 담는다. 주인공 성찬 역은 김래원이 맡는다.

외주제작사 JS픽쳐스가 내년 3월 초 방송을 목표로 제작 준비를 하고 있다. MBC 방송이 유력했으나 편성은 아직 결정되지 않았고 방송사는 제작 진행 상황을 지켜보며 편성 여부를 결정하겠다는 입장이다.

이영준 기자 [blue@jesnews.co.kr]

중앙 엔터테인먼트&스포츠(JES)

- 저작권자 ⓒJES, 무단전재 & 재배포 금지 -


Source: hyu of raewonisland.

Related news posted by mangosteen on the KRW thread

I can't wait to see him again in a new drama with Seo Ji Hye :D

Here is the news. Sorry if it was posted.


Seo Ji Hye who is now currently acting in the drama " Over the rainbow" has been chosen as the female lead of Kim Rae Won's last drama "식객" before he enters the army. "식객" which is airing on Feb'07 is adapted from a popular comic book. The movie which is adapted from the same book will be made the same time starring new stars, Lee Ha Neul and Kim Kang Soo in the same roles as Seo Ji Hye and Kim Rae Won's roles in the drama version repectively.

More in Korean http://isplus.joins.com/enter/star/200608/...0002010201.html

Credit to Yeohweping and WITHS2.

Pic credits to Over the Rainbow thread.

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Guest hyunjae_veyveh

whoa.. KRW's cooking skills? this we got to see. i remember his kimchi cooking "skills" as kim hyun woo in LSIH. lolz.. didn't think he could really cook.

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Guest karkaren88

Oh gosh, I definitely can't wait to see krw in this drama~!!! it sounds sooo interesting and funny!! ^ __ ^ I love eating :P and I loove krw in the comedic roles the most!

but I feel quite sad too... becuz it would be his last work before he goes to the army for 2 yrs.... :(

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