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  1. Hi ibru, thanks for the reminder. I vote everyday. Is there a way to get help from LSJ baidu.com fan to help in voting?
  2. Happy New Year to All... Rania... Would like to thank you and other amazing fans for the constant update. I am a silent supporter. Since watching School 2013 (in year 2013 till now), he never failed to amaze me in all his projects. I am really happy to see JS won awards every year, such feeling is hard to express. I know he will be serving his military service soon... Will wait for his return to show us more drama...
  3. Thanks for sharing. I have been waiting for today. Yeah!! Congratulations to Jong Suk and Suzy......
  4. Thanks ibru... wonderful captures.... and you are really fast. Really happy for them. Hope both will receive award in year end SBS Drama Award.
  5. Hi all... I just checked the KoreanUpdates Awards 2017 update https://koreanupdates.com/kuawards2017/ After 1 month of voting, here are the results of 2017 KoreanUpdates Awards with total 4,574,093 of votes. Best actor - > Lee Jong Suk Best actress - > Suzy OST of the year -> Henry - It's you (While you were sleeping) Drama of the year -> While you were sleeping. Yeah! Congratulations to Lee Jong Suk & Suzy. Can anyone help to do the screen captured? (Thanks in advance) Merry Christmas
  6. Thanks Rania for the update, after seeing this, I went to his IG and clicked "like" immediately and left my comments too. What a beautiful IG update with full of emotion. And with just 16 hours after his IG update... you can see 1M likes with 22K comments..... (yunkyunsang oppa also like and commented) this shown that he really received a lot of love and support from his fans/supporters all over the world. This is something that warmth my heart and make me forget about the viewership ratings in Korea. I just watched the last episode at StarHub and could not
  7. Hi ibru, thanks for sharing this. I am elated to read this assessment from the director who is professional. I managed to watch episode 12 from SCV yesterday and I really think LJS was doing an amazing job. I can felt his commitment in analysing the character. I always enjoy watching his drama and he never fail to amaze me.
  8. Hi ibru... I also saw those negatives comments and felt that they criticized unfairly. What's wrong with short speech. He smiled throughout the MBC award ceremony and did thanks the production team and his fans. Anyway, for those who supported him will understand him. He really deserved the award with his acting skills. Now, I look forward to his new SBS project and wish he will have another breakthrough as I understand that there are many highly anticipated SBS dramas in year 2017 and the competition is really tough. Just cross finger that he will still shine with tough com
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