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  1. I found some online photos of his trip to Singapore~~ I think u guys haf seen it but no harm postin again yea? yupz here's the link.. Credit to his fansite (sorry i dunno exact name)..
  2. Thx for postin tis.. this line i quoted is one of the saddest & most memorable scene for me in the series~
  3. yippeee.. thx for the Yoon Suh oppa caps.. I'm missing him in tht hairstyle already lol.. tht's the best of cus.. n I didn't quite like the Summer Scent & Lawfirm & Popcorn hairstyles.. Edit; oops juz realised SSH was Joon Suh here, instead of Yoon Suh..
  4. yea i'm a malay , so can read malay subs.. but still eng subs would haf been the best like they showed on channel u Tis wasn't my 1st korean series i've seen as well.. but b4 tis though i've watched Korean series, I never really got to differentiate b/w korean n japanese yet.. when i saw the 1st few eppys, i thought it was japanese series cus i was listenin to it in mandarin dubbed then.. luckily many of my frens were talkin abt tis series in sch then when it aired on tv.. i finally found out tht there's such a thing as korean series n i've watched quite a few b4 tis lol.. wat a dumbo i was.. anywayz, the 1st few times i watch tis, I didn't care for Tae Suk.. was too involved wif JS/ES to care abt TS though he's definitely so gd lookin as well.. being kinda immature a few yrs back, me n my frens will compare b/w JS & TS.. of cus there were some who like JS while some like TS.. n for us JS campers, we never understand y pple can like TS other than cus he's cute/handsome.. but ok, lookin back we were really immature then haha, after watchin it again a few yrs later, can appreciate TS as well already.. n he's more than juz gdlookin of cus.. I also remember me & fellow JS/SSH fans were talkin abt the kinda clothes tht he wears n how it shows wat a nice body he has lol.. ah memories..
  5. Yes I'm frm Singapore... u too? oh.. Taiwan actually used the HOT song 1st I think.. I bought many other Korean compilation CDs which had A Song For Lady in it n I even became a HOT fan but sadly they had broken up then.. Ya not easy to find English subbed VCD or dvd for tis series in Singapore, i ended up buying the VCD frm Malaysia in 2001 on a holiday trip there cus it comes wif Malay subs which i can understand.. but then, I'm not gd wif my Malay also.. haiz..
  6. hehe.. poor Tae Suk.. he doesn't haf a buddy like JS anymore to talk to if he needs to talk abt ES n his memories wif her..
  7. LOL me too.. I taped it on VHS the 1st time it aired in my country, when it repeated, I bought more tapes to record it.. dunno y I did tht, i muz be too addicted to it then.. n after tht bought myself the VCD n I bought the OST, the 1st korean ost i ever bought.. n then I bought HOT's 5th album becus of A Song For Lady which was the theme song on my country.. n then the CD also came wif the MV which features this series.. n becus i was too into SSH/SHK then, I also bought the Kim Bum Soo single, A Day, which comes wif MV n Making Of.. the MV features SSH, SHK n Ji Jin Hee.. but SHK likes JJH here.... SSH's love was unrequited in tis ..
  8. I agree SSH was really gd lookin in here.. well, i like his hair like tht, n in He Was Cool, but not really favoring the curly one in Summer Scent hehe.. but still he's gdlookin ya.. i felt for Taesuk towards the end n stuff seein how strong his love for her was.... but it juz wasn't meant to be for them in tis series...
  9. heya i hated tae suk at 1st too, cus he appeared later than Joon Suh haha.. well ok i was crazy over JS when he started appearin frm tht tunnel.... the whole time i watched the show i was rootin for ES-JS all the way.. till now still the same, juz tht I love Won Binnie more separately as well.. the screensaver/wallpaper on my mobile is the one of TS rite after he got slapped by ES @ the beach.. frm last time till now.. dun worry.. i like Eun suh wif Jun suh more.. each time i watch, it's still them for me.. juz tht i also love won bin n Tae Suk.. but ES & JS to me, belongs together....
  10. I very much agree wif u.. i'ma JS/ES supporter though i love WB too.
  11. It's the same for me too. I started out watching him in this one
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