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Yang Se Jong ✿ 양세종 ✿ 梁世宗


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[News] 2017.09.27 The Seoul Awards Announces Nominees For First Year of Ceremony


The Seoul Awards will be held for the first time this year!


The new awards show will celebrate the top dramas and films, as well as the actors that graced them. The winners will be selected through scores, with 70 percent determined by expert judges. 30 percent is determined by a group of 60 citizens who are chosen through an extensive interview process.


The ceremony will be held at 6 p.m. KST on October 27 at Kyung Hee University’s Grand Peace Palace.


Congratulations to Yang Se Jong for being nominated for:


Best New Actor (Drama)

Kim Min Suk – SBS “Defendant” (Winner)

Kim Min Jae – KBS “Greatest One-Shot”

Yang Se Jong – SBS “Saimdang, Light’s Diary” (Edit: Yang Se Jong did not attend)

Kim Jung Hyun – KBS “School 2017”


Source: Soompi

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2 hours ago, mademoisellesia said:

@angel2013 Annyeong. There's a link to a blog article (Star Intro) on Page 1 regarding his career. This video is not posted and there's no English subs so I don't know how helpful it is for Soompiers. Unless you want to sub it :D

Ah I thought that pictures says a thousand words haha well maybe except the first part where they talk about his education and stuff.....my hands are full with HJ stuff atm, not sub(I dunno how to do that) but I can do transcripts if needed, but if the info is all at the front page, then there won't be any need for it? do you want me to delete it or leave it? your call..you're the boss:lol:

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