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♣ Park Hyung Sik 박형식 Official Thread ♣

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Food truck sent to SUITS team from NBCUniversal International Formats and the cast of SUITS USA







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recap for eps 1 SUITS from dramabeans


just wanna highlight this part hehe


For me, the main draw of Suits is definitely Park Hyung-shik. He’s been making me sit up and pay attention he played Lee Jin-wook’s younger counterpart in Nine, way back when I first started watching dramas. I have always thought he has the potential to play really complex roles — he just seems capable of handling anything a character can throw at him, from comedy to drama (not to mention, he ain’t half bad to look at). He reliably chooses roles that fit him well, but I’ve always thought he could do more, and I believe that this show could be the one that really showcases his true talent.

And I like what he’s doing with the role of Yeon-woo so far. We know that Park Hyung-shik can emote like crazy, but I enjoyed seeing him as this very subdued character, at least at the beginning. I like how he played Yeon-woo as very understated and nuanced, and you could really feel how Yeon-woo’s genius has shaped his personality. He seems stiff and stand-offish, not because it’s how he is naturally, but probably as a defense mechanism from having been treated like a freak by people his whole life due to his perfect memory. I can’t wait to see how he changes now that he’s found someone who finds his ability an asset, something of value to be used to help himself and others instead of something to be exploited like a circus trick, and I’m confident that the character is in excellent hands.


some comments about Hyungsik


Like Lollypip, I really look forward to Hyungsik's interpretation of the Korean Mike Ross. His eyes isn't oozing out honey (ala SWDBS), but I gotta say, he's really good in expressing emotions with his eyes.

I'm glad the remake stayed true to the original material while localizing a few cultural things into their dialogue. Can't wait for more of Suits.


I can't wait to see Yeon-woo sort of break out of this slightly stiff, controlled character. I think you're very right, @lollypip, it's probably a defense mechanism. I think he has the potential to be lots more witty and charming. That'll be fun to watch.


The premiere was solid. I haven't watched the original series but I have a good idea of it. I went in for this one because of Park Hyungsik. I think he gives the role justice (and good lord I just like to look at him). I also felt this sorta connection between Yeon-woo and the girlfriend of his friend... We'll see how that goes.


Slayyy hyung shik slayyy!  I've already said it, but I'm super impressed with this remake. I think this may be the drama ammunition I needed to get a couple more friends hooked. #toasttruck got me like *emoji*



My main draw is Park Hyung Sik and I have always been confident that he will deliver and he does not disappoint. And what do you mean that he ain't half bad to look at? My boy is insanely gorgeous.

I have nothing much to say but I love the dynamic. I enjoy the bromance and will wait for the plot to get deeper but I am grateful that this remake is off to a solid start.


He's freaking GORGEOUS but I was trying to be professional :) Boy looks amazing in that suit.


Boy could wear a sack and still make it look insanely hot and fashionable!


In the ONE suit he owns.


I haven't seen Park hyung-shik in anything, I don't know how that came to be I'm a pretty average drama watcher. I just want to say he is so beautiful...


Even more beautiful in "Hwarang". He could go from the smooth talking "I will be only your man and no one else Jin-heung" to the whacky "I have nothing against hot cop"and made you hyper-ventilating over his charm.


Hwarang is a hot mess but I have a soft spot for it because the drama introduced me to PHS. He is the single best thing about Hwarang. Tbh, As much as I like him as CEO Ahn in Strongwoman, up until now I still love him best as Sammaekjong in Hwarang even when the writer decided to destroy his character's arc to evelevate the main lead in the second half. You can choose to skip Hwarang but trust me, PHS is a charmer with genuine talent.


Park Hyung Shik is perfect for this role


I was super impressed by Hyungsik here. I mean, I know he's a good actor, but he had to memorize the legal code he was spouting just like his character. That would take me forever to memorize, and then 100 takes to say it without screwing up.


There's a Vlive interview of the cast before the premiere, and the cast all chose Hyungsik as the most passionate actor on the filming site. According to them, it's Hyungsik who wants the retake even if the director says "ok" :D


I am familiar with Park Hyung-sik only from HWARANG (2016/17) and STRONG WOMEN DO BONG-SOON (2017) and as @dee mentions here he is neither King nor CEO. This part as Go yeon-woo has the potential to be the best role I have seen him in. PHS in this role comes across to me as a struggling young man in today's Korea. Then add on the bike and the haircut (nothing you can do about the face--too fine) and he will be terrific. Early days yet but I am impressed with the whole cast. I am looking forward to future recaps and taking the SUITS ride with my fellow beanies.


I really like the atmosphere and the witty exchanges.
PHS is exceptional and I am really curious to see how the story progresses. 


I haven't watched the original series but this one feels really interesting! PHS is as great as ever - you can spend whole day looking at his occasionally glittering & almost ever-sad eyes. The plot line is great too. I'm really looking forward to the upcoming episodes.




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source: http://naver.me/5XP7Q7T1 




Will wait patiently for the official news!! *happy mode*


Suits eps3 new still are also out today











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recap eps2 from http://www.dramabeans.com/2018/04/suits-episode-2/




We got to know Yeon-woo a bit better in this episode, which confirmed a lot of what I suspected about him after the first episode. He seems to have hit a rough patch when his parents died in a hit-and-run and ruined his chances of going to law school. I can’t help but wonder if his desperation to fix some terrible mistake that he made is related to his parents’ deaths — maybe he was involved somehow, or maybe he was even the drunk driver who caused the accident. His apology and promise to his grandmother to tell her everything someday leads me to believe that he at least feels responsible for his parents’ deaths. Regardless, I can’t see yet how a job pretending to be a lawyer would make things right, unless his goal is to honor his parents’ loss by becoming successful. And I could be way off and his mistake is something else entirely… we still have a long way to go before we get answers.

Yeon-woo seemed so withdrawn and detached in the first episode, so I liked that we got to see a bit more of his personality. I’m particularly entertained by his bewilderment at the inner workings of the law firm, but you can also feel that he’s carefully analyzing everything he observes and that he’ll be fitting right in before long. Yeon-woo seems to have a lot of facets to his personality — he was cool and factual when he talked Kang-seok out of firing him, dryly witty with Ji-na, and warm and compassionate when listening to the harassment victim. Then he went to see his grandmother and instantly became so sweet and childlike, it made my heart ache. There’s a lot of love there, on both sides, and I’m looking forward to seeing Yeon-woo extend that love outward to others.


Some comments for Hyungsik


so far PHS is rocking in this role...makes me believe in his character and root for him to succeed. And I like it that his character is not a complete copy of Mike and as usual he makes it his own.


I'm just here to drop on how puppy Yeonwoo is when he tell such a long story on how he got the victim to testify to his parents and mom's just like "pls just listen to our adorable kid" and daddy's like "so what's the point?"


I really like PHS in this, I feel like finally a good role in a good drama for him. Like LollyPip said, he got to show different sides of his character this episode. I think PHS has tons of unrealized potential, both in singing and acting, hopefully this role is up to it!


Totally agree with you. I also like PHS as yeon woo a lot more than his previous roles. I even like Yeon woo more than Michael Ross. I know it's still very early and maybe my opinion is really biased since in general I prefer kdrama more than us series. I love that the writer and the PD decided to make yeon woo more broody, or maybe it's PHS' interpretation of the characters. yeon woo already won me since the first episode and am sure I will stay until the end.


Same here. Suits usa is a fun watch because of mike and harvey's bickering and camaraderie but story-wise, it is just the usual US dramas you will find.
However, here in suits korea, i love the style, the cam work and the pacing. I also do like that the seriousness it exudes compared to the original.
If it is Gabriel Macht who shines in suits usa, i think it will be Park Hyung Sik who will shine in this version.


My favorite scene in this episode was definitely when Yeon-woo snuggled up to his grandma at the hospital. There's so much emotions on his face that I can't even begin to describe. The love in his eyes and tranquility of being next to her (his grandma is his only family), the guilt and the fear he's shouldering (a fake lawyer earning money to pay the bills).


And last thing: it is a testament to Park Hyung Shik's skills in acting that I can't believe he is the same actor that did Strong Woman Do Bong-soon. Min Hyuk is totally different to Yeon-woo. I only ask that he imprints the same force he showed when acting as Min Hyuk in this new show (I swear he lived that character, his casting was totally on point)


After watching both eps at once, I'm convinced PHS chose the right role to flex his acting chops more. Mike from the original Suits is one of my fave TV characters, with many layers to his character. Really loving PHS' interpretation so far and can't wait to see how the rest of the series will pan out.


2. From the little I have seen so far this part of Go Yeon-woo is a break out role for Park Hyung-sik;
3. In reference to 2 of your comments above, when PHS snuggled up with Grandma my reaction was
"Oh.. my ..word!" (I wonder how many texts Grandma got the day after that episode aired.)
Btw, the snuggling was in context-he needed a place to crash that night.); and


I am liking Yeon Woo. He is one mysterious character and the truth about his parents death is going to come around soon. He seems to have taken a very wrong path in the past and his haunting past is coming to meet him in the present and that is going to a be a full ride.

I just wish they showed more of the legal stuff. The show doesnt have much of it going on as of yet. I want a full raw legal drama with good thrilling points.

PHS is nailing the role of a Yeon woo, who has so many different emotions/masks shown to different people. This is his best character so far.


Liking the main male leads and PHS is a-dork-able. lol Although he seems to be missing some social cues? Certainly, his character is more "innocent genius" than the "charming genius" of Mike Ross. (Mike Ross has this charm and confidence regardless of social situations that was magnetic on screen).







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screencap for eps3 (mix from hyungsikness and @athena22 Thanks!












Thanks for this Athena LOL








Too precious to put on spoiler :wub:
























































The song is goodddd!! (SUIT UP - BEWHY)















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Hi, I need some advise here. Seems to me no facebook fan page for The Suits Korea is allowed? I made a page last week and now it's been removed due to complains. If I searched facebook for Suits Korea, there seem to be no fanpage exist. My guess is they were all removed?


As we have seen, there are many unofficial facebook fan page for different dramas. In fact this is not the first time I created a page for a drama I like. But it's first time that my page is removed.  Is it legally wrong to have a FB page for the drama supporters to discuss episodes? Ok, right now, we haven't even started any discussion in the FB yet.

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On 5/4/2018 at 11:23 PM, Ainee Etp said:

Hi, I need some advise here. Seems to me no facebook fan page for The Suits Korea is allowed? I made a page last week and now it's been removed due to complains. If I searched facebook for Suits Korea, there seem to be no fanpage exist. My guess is they were all removed?


As we have seen, there are many unofficial facebook fan page for different dramas. In fact this is not the first time I created a page for a drama I like. But it's first time that my page is removed.  Is it legally wrong to have a FB page for the drama supporters to discuss episodes? Ok, right now, we haven't even started any discussion in the FB yet.

reallyy?? i think i saw one before and it was active..i was checking just now and it's gone!

i went searching on fb, there are 3 but maybe just created or the admin changed the page name to Suits. 

Legally it is not wrong. Many drama pages has been created before and no problem occured.

it's not even an official page. just a fanpage. So, i have no idea what is happening..


i think KBS is really concern about the Suits copyright of everything.

look what happened to to their YT channel.. all Suits clips only available for local fans. how about us?

we have been supporting this drama since they announce it, but nothing for us.

the producer knows what we international fans are doing to help promote Suits (he even retweeted our tweets, communicating with us and replying international fans comments in his IG), but KBS blocked everything.


if KBS didn't want fans to start the page, then they should be the one who's creating it haha

set one official page for Suits..its that easy but they didn't want to do it and removed fanpages. 

truly disappointing (if it's true that KBS did all this)


just last week Pure Elf YT channel is missing too (due to copyright)

it's really frustrating to see it. Pure Elf has many clips and has more than 10k Hyungsik fan subscribers.

can check here:



my suggestion is u can start a group. i don't think they can report a group hehe.

but group is not like page, unless it's 'open' to join (no need to approve user) then it is as good as page.

just a suggestion hehe..

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esp 3 recap from http://www.dramabeans.com/2018/05/suits-episode-3/








I thought it was interesting, at the beginning of the episode, that Yeon-woo seemed ready to jump off the building rather than face the drug lords, because that moment seemed to me the first time that we really felt how bleak his life must be. He’s told Kang-seok that his life is pretty empty and that nothing ever works out for him, but he’s so dispassionate that until now, I haven’t truly felt it. But the fact that he seemed genuinely willing to just end it all says a lot. I don’t think Yeon-woo is depressed — he just seems very weary to me, exhausted from constantly having his hopes dashed every time something looks like it may work out, but doesn’t. I can see how he would accept death as a way to stop the constant disappointment in his existence. I thought it was very interesting that, when the security guards showed up and saved him, Yeon-woo almost seemed disappointed that he no longer had an excuse to jump.

We don’t know much about Yeon-woo on a personal level, but I actually like that, because I have a feeling that peeling away his layers will be an interesting experience. All we know is that his parents died at some point, and that he feels guilty for something and thinks this job could help him make amends for whatever it is. Otherwise, we know he’s got the ability to recall anything he reads, which has given him a bit of a superiority complex. But I love the way Kang-seok is teaching Yeon-woo that he can memorize every book in the world, but that doesn’t mean he knows how to apply his knowledge to real life. I think that it’s possible that Yeon-woo’s inability to make his opportunities work out is because he incorrectly believes that his ability has made him lazy when it comes to dealing with people. Intelligence isn’t the ability to recall random facts, it’s the ability to apply them, which he seems to have a great deal of difficulty with. I hope he stops fighting Kang-seok’s teachings soon, and starts to listen, because I think that’s how Yeon-woo will learn to make his opportunities work out.


I think that my favorite relationship in Suits is Yeon-woo’s relationship with his grandmother. We’ve only gotten small scenes with them together, but every moment they spend together seems so full of emotion, and you can tell that they love each other very much. It seems as though they’ve only had each other for a long time, and it’s wonderful that they don’t hold back their caring for each other, either in words or in physical affection. I love how they’re constantly touching each other, as if to reaffirm that they’re there for each other. It makes me worried that Grandma may take a turn for the worse, but I hope that Yeon-woo gets a chance to improve their situation before anything happens, and prove to his grandmother that he did, in fact, turn out well.

I have a feeling that Yeon-woo’s relationship with Ji-na will also be adorable as it develops, because I’m already enjoying the low-key colleagues-and-maybe-friends thing they have going on. It’s nice to see a possible romance that doesn’t start with one party being instantly smitten, because I like the slow burn of two people getting to like each other as people, letting things turning more serious naturally. I don’t think there’s anything romantic between Yeon-woo and Ji-na yet, though they’d have to be blind not to notice how attractive they are, but for now I’m happy with the chemistry they share as just coworkers who are helping each other. We don’t have to jump right into love for a couple to have chemistry, so it’s fun to explore the early stages as the show is doing now.


some comments for Hyungsik


My favorite part was Yeonwoo's contract rap, followed by SWAG and PEACE. Hahaha! This is turning out to be a great drama for me -- please keep it up, show!


Then, I watch Mother, her serious role and I'm sold. Now, I'm glad to see her in suits and ship her with Park Hyungsik. They got some sparks here


I too like the quiet sizzling chemistry between her and Yang Woo.
Loving this show more with each episode. It helps that every time Kang Seok and Yeon Woo are on the screen together there is just so much pretty to look at. How is it that Korean men can be so handsome?


I was not expecting Yeon-woo to run up to the rooftop when episode 2 ended last week. But in hindsight, his actions make sense. With life's turns so far, he is indeed weary. I'm really looking forward to him choosing life already, so good job Yeon-woo on ending that friendship with Chul-soon.

The scene with Kang-seok and Yeon-woo burning the pot before the drug lords were fun to watch too. Every time when Kang-seok and Yeon-woo appear together, their scenes move so interestingly and my only complaint is that time passes so quickly!

And yes, Da-ham saving Yeon-woo's richard simmons was so cute to watch. She really felt like Donna in that scene!


It's hard for me to concentrate on the plot and subtitles everytime PHS appeared on my screen. He is sooo attractive...aigoo ya~ 

(we all have the very same prob lol)


I too, have watched the us version but the best character for me so far in the kversion is PHS' yeon woo. The reason may be is that i didn't find mike compelling enough as a char in us version and here, hyungsik is injecting a different approach as mike. Also, this is the role of PHS where i can see nuance in acting, no over acting, just the right amount of emoting.
I can see also why some us suits fans may not like the korean mike because they don't see the vibrant character the suitsusa mike possess. It is quite the contrary of kversion which i like better in k-suits.
Overall, i like the kdrama version more than the original, and maybe am one of the minority.


I said this before and I say it again, I dislike the US Mike but love his K-version because Hyungshik portrayed the Korean Mike exactly how I would have wanted the US Mike to be portrayed. I thought the US Mike was unrealistic and didn't portray the photographic memory illness he have well while Korean Mike incorporated that.

I love that Yeonwoo is more angsty, that he is more serious than the orginal Mike. It doesn't make sense for him to be too playful, sweet and bright after all he have gone through. His dark past. He should be more angsty and weary like Yeonwoo. For me that's more realistic. Also Mike was a good lawyer from the start and he even speak well and that impossible because he have no experience and isn't a lawyer. He is only using his photographic memory so it makes more sense to me that he is like reading a book when reacting law terms rather than acting like a real lawyer like what Yeonwoo is doing.


I agree that Yeon-woo's relationship with his grandmother is the heart of that boy. I love their scenes together and how tender and caring they are with each other.


hehe! That rap when Yeon Woo goes to Kang Seok and goes all 'Swag, Peace'! That had me in splits :D


The grandmother scenes are hitting a soft spot because you can see that Yeon Woo is carrying an emotional burden and when he stood up to (more like punched) his useless, no-good, selfish friend for giving him an "opportunity" I was like YASSS.


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eps 4 recap from http://www.dramabeans.com/2018/05/suits-episode-4/








First of all, I was a bit worried when Park Hyung-shik and Go Sung-hee didn’t have much chemistry at the beginning, but this episode dispelled that fear. They are adorable together, especially in this early stage of starting to like each other, and thinking the other likes them, but not being entirely sure. Their shy grins when they realized they’d just been missing each other were pure sunshine. I particularly love how Yeon-woo relaxes around Ji-na — he’d seemed to be carrying a torch for Se-hee, but he was always so nervous and tense around his friend’s girlfriend. He’s a lot more comfortable when he’s with Ji-na, which is a very good thing.

Speaking of which, I’m finding Yeon-woo’s earnest effect on the firm’s clients pretty entertaining. Every time he opens his mouth, he convinces someone to do what’s best for their life, which is great — except that it negatively effects the firm. He and BewhY had a blast together, which led to BewhY deciding not to sign a contract with Geun-shik because he could see what a jerk he is. And a simple conversation about Yeon-woo’s grandmother convinced one of the firm’s most lucrative clients to retire. It’s funny because in every case, Yeon-woo thinks he’s just having a nice conversation and expressing his admiration for the person and their success, but it keeps backfiring on him with his superiors, lol. The poor guy is only trying to be friendly, but it’s the very reason Kang-seok keeps telling him to just do his job and keep his mouth shut. Thanks goodness it keeps working out in Yeon-woo’s favor in the end.


Comments about Hyungsik


I like that Yeon Woo is likable from the start and that we are slowly getting a chance to know Kang Seok better. It's so important to be able to like and root for once's main lead!!!


Great episode. I really liked Yeon-woo's interactions with CEO Bae. We really learn a lot about his character from this. I also loved how Yeon-woo managed to snag BewhY as a client for him and Kang-seok. Yeon-woo and BewhY being all buddy buddy is the cutest.

I'm glad that we got to see Yeon-woo and Kang-seok become closer in these 2 episodes. Yeon-woo is starting to get mouthy LOL. But I see that they are beginning to learn a lot from each other. Kang-seok always wins because it benefits one of the things he cares about the most--himself and his reputation (and of course the firm, all of which are intertwined concepts). But Yeon-woo is teaching him to consider more than that. On the flip side Yeon-woo's care for people sometimes gets him in trouble business-wise. So it's nice to see how the two balance each other out, yet are very similar in their drive and intelligence.


I hope BewhY will have a case come up later. You're right, he and Yeonwoo are adorable together.

They must of had a ball doing the scene in the club where they performed on stage together.


Hyung-sik still looks daebak and he is the reason I'm here



Something funny ... I know the name, Park Hyung Shik, and I watched Park Hyung Shik in Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, She Was Pretty ... etc. And yet, it's a testament to how good he is in this show, that I was convinced that this was another Park Hyung Shik. Just a guy with the same name but with a totally different vibe and looking quite different. I had to check that it was really the one and only Park Hyung Shik. I even compared photos of him from the different shows and he looks different in the stills!!! Wow! That really says something about his inhabiting of the character of Yeon Woo.

The funny part is that I can't believe that I couldn't believe that it was the same actor! LOLOL! 


Here, I guess he deliberately looks less handsome or dashing which adds much to the self doubting and anxious YW. Great to see his efforts going into this character.



With the short hair cut, there's no traces of chaebol Ahn MIn Hyuk, kingly Sammaekjong to be seen in Go Yeon-woo!

I'm proud to see Hyungsik advancing with his acting :)



I was looking for the Ahn Minhyuk i loved, but it is true, he cannot be found at all.

Guess i have no choice but to love Go Yeon-woo instead.

Kudos to PHS!


Whoever came up with Yeon-woo's haircut was spot on.
For me it gives him a bit of the look of the "lad" as the Brits would say. He is supposed to be a struggling young guy.
I remember in the past his pal Park Seo-joon kidded PHS (I guess because of his somewhat well-to-do family background) that the only roles he took were Kings and CEOs.
I think it is great that he got this role being cast against type if you will. For now his natural charm has been held somewhat in check but it will show itself more and more as the series continues.


You're right, he was prejudiced (although mostly teased by Seo-joon hyung) to only play kingly / chaebol roles. Maybe he was lesser known then, but he had played a struggling son / sibling in What Happens to My Family (and he was so naturally convincing there).

Now that he's more popular, I can see him transitioning into a bona fide actor. I really admired him for taking the risk with this role. There seems to be no way for him other than up!


I love it. So far full credit to PHS for embracing this role.
We are only four episodes in but he is terrific as Yeon-woo.


I loved how cheeky Yeon-woo was to Chae Byun when he showed him the video of a very drunk attorney sucking his thumb. I think it was Yeon-woo who wanted to talk about "his murky future" and even took the chance to address Chae Byun as a "punk" but he quickly turned it around by adding "Attorney Choi told me to tell you that". Ha... So cute and witty.


This is such a sleek and stylish show. PHS is amazing, giving a nuanced performance.


This is not the type of show I usually watch, but I checked because of Park Hyung Shik and Jang Dong Gun. I do sometimes have problems with following the cases and the witty dialogues (it seems that having kids causes some substantial brain cells reduction, as posted earlier  ) thus I'm grateful for the recaps to fill the pieces I missed (or confirming my impressions). As someone already mentioned, episodes 3 and 4 really flew and I was surprised that they ended already. Though I think it is mainly Park Hyung Shik who keeps me watching  ... and his vulnerable Yeon Woo (loved him with both grandmothers). And as LollyPip I also hope he keeps his empathy and connection with people till the end.


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IG update (child actor)

Hyungsik still from naver






Translation: Bunny why is your owner angry all the time? Owner of the bunny: Kim Gina LOL



Hyungsik promoting Suits OST

ost can be found here https://melon.do/EILyzwRSM



Hyungsik will not contribute for SUITS OST according to his conversation with ZE:A JunYoung. sadddd...

i hope he was just kidding..heheee




ep4 teaser


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SUITS view rating increased to 9.7% for it's 3rd episode!  It still ranks no 1 in its time slot.

Congratulations Hyungsik and #SuitsTeam http://naver.me/xu8x7IfS 



With fake lawyer Yeonwoo Oppa

"Excuse me, would you take pic with me?"

"Shall we?"

"Okay then, let’s do ‘the flower cup'"

"Flower cup~"

”This time let’s do V"


Really, he is a really nice and kind hearted ahjussi

The making Suits



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SUITS view rating increased to 9.7% for it's 3rd episode!  It still ranks no 1 in its time slot.

Congratulations Hyungsik and #SuitsTeam http://naver.me/xu8x7IfS 



With fake lawyer Yeonwoo Oppa

"Excuse me, would you take pic with me?"

"Shall we?"

"Okay then, let’s do ‘the flower cup'"

"Flower cup~"

”This time let’s do V"


Really, he is a really nice and kind hearted ahjussi

The making Suits


eps 5 teaser


Translation: FLAP FLAP *wings fluttering*


new still from http://naver.me/5MTKrvDZ 



Puppy Award - Park Hyungsik (and many other idols and actors who looks like puppy hehe)



new still from naver.me/FGS6BeNA 




We are sooo proud of u Hyungsik!!!!:heart:




HD photos from episode 3 https://facebook.com/KBSdrama/ 







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Suits ranked first in content influence index. http://naver.me/G9C5kJir



"In this case, it's a fall, not a collision" - Go Yeonwoo


another update!!! Translation: Drink in moderation lolol

drunk and adorbs! hehehee

 new still http://naver.me/xplAeMSa 







Seojoon updated his IG with TaeHyung (V) new song and Hyungsik commented..

Hyungsik was teasing V by changing his name to a silly sound “Twae” (twaetwae is actually a spit sound in korea) LOL he's so naughty 



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soompi article:

Park Hyung Sik’s Effort And Dedication Shows In Behind-The-Scenes Photos From “Suits”



Many viewers of “Suits” are enjoying watching the bromance between the legendary lawyer Choi Kang Suk (played by Jang Dong Gun) and his associate with a genius memory Go Yeon Woo (played by Park Hyung Sik). The actors behind these characters are said to be working hard to not just appear cool or handsome, but to add vivid dimension to their characters.

In new photos released on May 6, one of the leads Park Hyung Sik has the script in his hands at all times and is focused on it between takes, giving viewers a peek at his focus and efforts behind the camera.


His character Go Yeon Woo has a photographic memory and the ability to empathize with others. He wanted to become a lawyer since he was young and had the skills to become one, but never got the chance to pursue his dreams until he met Choi Kang Suk and entered Kang & Ham while pretending to be a lawyer.

Because “Suits” is a legal drama, many legal terms appear in the script. Since Park Hyung Sik portrays a man with a photographic memory, he has to say many lines at once as if he is reciting something from his memory, and so he always has his script nearby.

A source from the drama said, “Park Hyung Sik has the most amount of lines in the drama. In order to do this, he puts in a lot of effort and the script never leaves his hands. I think it shows Park Hyung Sik’s love for the character and the drama. I think ‘Suits’ is receiving love from viewers because of the actors’ efforts including Park Hyung Sik. The actors and crew will continue to do our best while filming. We ask for lots of your interest and high expectations.”

“Suits” airs on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 10 p.m. KST.


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screen cap from ep5















































































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