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  1. I think the first thing that he did after he got his phone is to open his Kakao apps LOL! he must have missed them a lot! Seojoon said that they are all talkative in the group chat so that's maybe why Hyungsik had 4300 unread message! He only got 5 hours to spend with family then he needed to pack his stuff and go for another 3 weeks training at the Army General Administration School.
  2. Thanks for being here updating!!! i hope i can make time to be here too..to update till he comes out yes no ceremony..but lots of fans and reporter were there to send him off.. and even though he looked nervous, he greeted everyone with smile.. one of the reporters was his colleague in 'real men'! he hugged him hehe more photos of this news outlet here http://isplus.live.joins.com/search/photo_list.asp?kwd=박형식
  3. Hello..so far no announcement on enlistment day. for his schedule, either its announced in his fan cafe or as for bvl, it was announced in marie claire ig
  4. sorry for the late reply as u know he personally requested to meet fans on the last day of the show and there was no live stream for the bvl event. last sunday was papa recipe event and there was a IG live stream at papa recipe ig (but they didn't save it to their IG ) will try to be here as soon as there is update
  5. Hello!!! He is the spokesperson coz bvlgari released cfs of him to promote their perfumes. and bvl also sent him bday gift and bday cake on his bday ^^ you can refer here at bvl kakao channel https://pf.kakao.com/_pIxkxcxd/34296143 there are photos (latest photos)
  6. PARK HYUNGSIK INTERVIEW WITH MOON SORI SBS MIDNIGHT ENTERTAINMENT Bvlgari is preparing an event for him too in conjunction with their popup store opening! We'll be seeing u more! The nearest event for him is paparecipe event on the 21st April 2019. His schedule here https://www.hyungsikness.com/schedule
  7. Park Hyungsik and Moon Sori had an interview for a program ‘connect! Movie World’ which will be aired this Saturday 10.55am KST on SBS. Official Poster released Jury Bus Ad!! Photoshoot for mags has started hehe
  8. The Press Con for <Jury> Looking so good!! (credit shrimp from hyungsik.kr) Some clips during the presscon More <Jury> related clips here in our playlist Interview after the pc with Park Hyungsik and Moon Sori https://www.vlive.tv/video/121451 Article translation from http://news1.kr/articles/?3591613
  9. He updated his IG 4 days ago. DEATH He doesn't look like Death right LOL he's a gentleman Death
  10. Moon Sori X Park Hyungsik <Jury> Moon Sori x Park Hyungsik <Jury> May Opening & Teaser Poster. https://cafe.naver.com/culturebloom/607113 Teaser Trailer from CGV Arthouse official YT channel.
  11. Hello! this is the official fan cafe. He has no official fan club. the fan cafe is where the staff/agency announces his official activities etc. if u wanna be a member, u can email hyungsiknessfc@gmail.com so we can guide u to become a member
  12. owww we just approved! yes seeing him makes us happy he is always nice to all his fans, esp international fans hehe.. thanks for following our sns..we will try our best to update as frequent as possible. btw i forgot to add our YT channel hehe https://www.youtube.com/c/Hyungsikness as for YT videos, we still have to wait for our translator's free time to do translations. we have tons of videos to translate LOL
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