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[Variety 2016]Mom's Diary , My Ugly Duckling (SBS) | Season 1, Shin Dong-Yup, Han Hye-Jin, Seo Jang-Hoon, Kim Je-dong, Kim Gun-mo, Heo Ji Woong

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The concept is a panel of consisting of 3 hosts (Shin Dong Yup, Seo Jang Hoon, and Han Hye Jin) and the single celebrities' mothers . They watch how their sons are living in reality and the mums are struggling to reconcile their sons' lifestyle in reality with their censored impression of their sons' characters and lives.  The sons are Kim Je Dong, Kim Gun Mo, Park Soo Dong, Heo Ji Woong,  Tony (H.O.T.). The sons' age range between late 30s to 50 and the moms are gravely worried about their sons not getting a wife and lacking a life partner, amidst amusing reveals of who is a soju lover, internet gamer addict, chronic mysophobic, and Mr midlife crisis clubber, etc. Quite an amusing watch... 
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Maybe the main actors are quite senior - 40s and 50.  And not many on soompi , r interested to watch them.  But I love this show, I don't miss a single ep.  It's real interesting and their new guest every fortnight, its cool to hear them talk about their real life with the moms on set. This show did well enough such that the moms became famous and attracted some ad interest too

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TONY - SEO JANGHOON - Also win tonight 


jungsoo win stealler award time ..  he attend this award  / jongmin & baekga cant join becoz they have concert 



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On 1/14/2018 at 4:47 PM, kjmcth said:



sam and william tros  go jiwoong house ... becoz william like star wars ...  just missed him & his  mom....   he with clean & robot still same... 

I miss Jiwoong

On 1/26/2018 at 8:30 AM, gerry124 said:

Kim Jong Kook will be joining the cast as a permanent member.  I guess Sang min mother health is not good enough to continue.

Really?  I didn't see the announcement.  You mean we get to see KJK's house??? Hahahahahaha...so far we are missing YJS, SJH and KJK's homes being revealed in RM.   Can't wait to watch KJK on this series but Sang Min , is more interested than KJK.  I thought KJK only goes home, gym and for RM filming. 

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Actor Jang Hyuk revealed his love story with his wife.


Jang Hyuk appeared as a special MC on the SBS 'Mom's Diary - Ugly Duckling' which was broadcasted on the afternoon of the 4th March.


When asked about his first meeting with his wife, Jang Hyuk said, "After I worked out in the gym, I went downstairs and met her. She was teaching Jazz and Pilates there at that time. So I went in and learned  Pilates for three months. "





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Heo Ji Woong Says He’s Been Diagnosed With Malignant Lymphoma In Personal And Official Statements

On December 12, Heo Ji Woong shared his recent medical diagnosis on his personal Instagram.

He wrote, “I have received a diagnosis of malignant lymphoma. They say it is a form of hematologic malignancy. I have been noticing some swelling and lethargy for a long time, but had no idea that it was a sign of such a serious disease. While I waited for confirmation these past few weeks, I have been thinking a lot. I’m glad at least that I could finish all the work that I had signed up for. Yesterday, I finished my last filming and feel comfortable in my mind.”

He continued, “I started chemotherapy last week. In my essay collection, ‘For a Life Endured,’ I wrote that we should endure together. I like that phrase a lot. I believe that life can only be lived by enduring whatever comes at us. I think we should all hold in our hearts a phrase that is dear to us and endure until the very end. I will win against this. Thank you.”

On the same day, his agency, Esteem Entertainment, also released an official statement. It reads:

“Hello, this is Esteem Entertainment. This is an official statement about Heo Ji Woong’s health. We are revealing his current situation in case many people become concerned and anxious about what is going on.

“While in the middle of a busy schedule, Heo Ji Woong noticed some strange symptoms in his body and went to the hospital. There, he was diagnosed with diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL) and has begun chemotherapy treatment.

“He has completed all the work he had previously contracted to do and now will be focusing on his treatment. Please pray for his fast recovery so that he can greet everyone once more with a healthy image.

“In order to make a full recovery, Heo Ji Woong will be halting all his activities and focusing only on his treatment. We ask for your support and thank you.”



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January 14, 2019


'Hong sisters' stun viewers with voracious eating



Captured from SBS TV's "My Little Old Boy."


By Park Si-soo The Korea Times


Singer Hong Jin-young and her sister took viewers by surprise with their voracious eating of roasted duck. 


The Jan. 13 episode of SBS TV's reality program "My Little Old Boy" showed the Hong sisters munching on a four-people portion of roasted duck after a brief hike on Mount Mt. Cheonggye, which they had climbed to try to lose weight. 


The pair gave up the hike halfway to the summit and walked back the way they had some ― and then dashed to a duck meat restaurant at the bottom of the mountain. 


Hong's elder sister Sun-young munched with a permanent smile. She told her younger sister, "Let's come to the mountain often." 


The singer sighed and shook her head, saying "NOPE! No more hiking for you. You are more likely to gain weight if you come to the mountain." 


The senior Hong grumbled that having duck meat was said to be "helpful in losing weight" because it was a high-protein and low-calorie food. 


"My Little Old Boy" is a popular Sunday night reality program showing the off-stage lives of unmarried celebrities. 


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