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  1. I honestly don't think 2D1N will be 2D1N with a female, especially how tough and gross the games can be at times.
  2. Please pray for Kim Jong Min to be fine throughout it all, he's got many shows coming up and still have to perform as Koyote.
  3. Moral of the day: If you are bad enough to break the law, do not be dumb enough to boast about it in text chats. I think KJM might be given exception to stay for S4, he's practically survived all the scandals from Seasons 1 and 2 and is still clean till date.
  4. At first I thought Philip's mum is apologizing to ES as something bad's going to happen to her, seeing how her tree is bleeding and rotting again. But what she said to Philip at the end confused me. It's time to give everything back, but how? And what's gonna happen after Philip suffered what he is supposed to suffer in the past. Point for thought: every 8 years, ES will have something extremely good happen to her, then have that something taken away. This reconciles with what ES's real mother said of the shaman's words "Her fate will change every 8 years" 2002: She was doing very well in judo until the injury happened. 2010: She was going to bring her draft to the editors until the fire happened. 2018: She is enjoying the success of the broadcast of her drama until...
  5. Yes, I think the shaman is the same guy as the fortune teller. He probably died not long after philip yoo and his manager saw him at that time in the shaman's house. Each episode always leave me with two cliffhangers: the one that follows the plot, and the flashback that is always shown at the end of the episodes. The mysteries keep piling up, not only are we dealing with ghosts, but has ES lost her memory somewhere in the past; why would she call someone else "Mom"?
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