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Zhang Ruoyun 张若昀 Soompi Thread


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Ahhh i thought there is no thread of him! I like him very much in Joy of Life, omg where was I, not knowing there is a talented actor like Zhang RuoYun, he is also has good sense of humour!


Really like watching him so playful among stars. I think he is also smart, he is called as super detective in Who is the Murderer reality show, CMIIW.


He also really love his wife, aaahhh so sweet of him!

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4 hours ago, angelangie said:

since this is their first times collaborating with each other hahahah i guess LiQin is a friend with the wife since she was one of the bridesmaid for their wedding too....


Ah you are right LiQin is Tang YiXin bff since she became her bridesmaid.


4 hours ago, angelangie said:

whether will they feel embarrass when they need to perform intimate scenes which LiQin said no since they are both professional....and also LiQin compliment RuoYun on his acting skills since this whole drama need the ML to shoulder & carry the whole drama


Yeah i think they have discussed about this with Tang YiXin and getting approval LOL.


Ah still so many things i have to explore about Zhang RuoYun. I am happy that he decided to marry in reasonable-for-ordinary-people-age i dont know how to say the exact words but mostly stars are usually to marry after the age of 40s or above. 

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5 hours ago, angelangie said:


lols i think we dont have to worry about that, they all understand that this is required of their job....and im sure YiXin will be happy for RuoYun to get recognition for his efforts in his roles :) which he is pretty good to actually shouldering the whole drama and make it work :) 


Yeah you are right, they both spouse are actors, so they know their responsibility. And yeah he is so good in expressing emotion and his pronounciation is so clear, i love his voice.

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Article about Zhang RuoYun really get drunk for the scene Fan Xian reciting poem drunk scene in Joy of Life


“Joy of Life” Zhang Ruoyun Shot an Entire Sequence Drunk

By addy on January 8, 2020 in NEWSTV Dramas
“Joy of Life” Zhang Ruoyun Shot an Entire Sequence Drunk 

The plot thickens as Joy of Life <庆余年> enters its grand finale. Fan Xian, played by Zhang Ruoyun (张若昀), is seemingly fatally stabbed by Yan Bingyun (guest star Sean Xiao 肖战), setting up the scene for a second season.

The comedy drama, based on the online novel Qing Yunian by Mao Ni (猫腻), follows a college student and his peculiar journey of completing a novel-length story that is meant for his professor to read. In the novel, a mysterious youth from a small seaside village learns medicine from a mysterious teacher that leads him to understand more of his own past.

With all 46 episodes coming to an end soon, Zhang Ruoyun feels both excitement and longing. He shared that his most memorable scene was where his character recites a long series of poems while in a drunken state. It turns out that Zhang Ruoyun was actually drunk while shooting the scene, and had memorized over 100 different poems to prepare for it.

“I started drinking at 8 in the morning,” he said. “We took three days to film that scene. I was drunk for half of that.”

He remembered shooting over 300 different shots on the first day, and several hundred more the following days. “You can look exceptionally fake when you try to film a drunk scene sober,” he said.

Zhang Ruoyun has played lead in many series, but he admitted that he has gotten the most satisfaction in playing Fan Xian. He appears in over 800 scenes, and if Fan Xian wasn’t a happy character, Zhang Ruoyun himself probably wouldn’t have been able to maintain such positive energy for a long time. Fan Xian is an extremely likable character, and many characters that he comes across in the story all have soft spots for him.

“Usually, when filming ends an actor would want to pull out of his character,” he said. “But Fan Xian is such a happy person, and he makes me so happy. Even to this day, I feel like I’m still him.”

Joy of Life also stars Chen Daoming (陈道明) and Sweet Li (李沁).

Source: Ettoday.net

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

TAGS: iQIYI, Joy of Life, Tencent Video, Zhang Ruoyun 

JayneStars Media LLC reserves all copyrights. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission is prohibited. By using the JayneStars website, you accept and agree to our Terms and Conditions of Use.
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Zhang RuoYun update his weibo with a long post about Joy of Life... Plz someone translate this for me...






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On 1/13/2020 at 11:36 PM, epinklyn said:

Zhang RuoYun update his weibo with a long post about Joy of Life ... Plz someone translate this for me!





Stop talking about Fengyue, Enoxacin

        Today is a good day. As early as a few weeks ago, I thought about choosing today and have a short farewell with Master Fan. With this in mind, the eight words of the title are the eight words that first broke into my mind.  
        Relentless, most relentless.
        The winter of 2016 was the season when I first encountered Qing Yu years. Many of the events that occurred at that time were plots I had never encountered before in this life. Now recalling the three years of journey and everything I experienced, I ca n’t help but sigh, Fan Xian ’s life will eventually become a legend, and I am fortunate to be a performer, and it is worth using some words to sacrifice these three years . A lot of stories happened that winter, including some that are widely known today: At the wine table where I met with Director Cao Huayi Sun Hao for the second time, I took advantage of three-point wine to leave the sentence that has now been circulated. "Master Fan is me."
        I'm not the first actor I know to make such a statement. In fact, the sentence "I must be" comes from one of my actor friends, and also my good senior and good brother. Many, many years ago, when I was young, when I heard him telling this story, I admired an actor for expressing such self-confidence, and perhaps also vaguely hoped that when I could meet, I could tell What is the role of this sentence?
        So when director Sun Hao remembered that meeting, he would think of "He was trembling when he was chatting, and the actor was trembling when talking about the role, which meant that he was emotional." Director Sun Hao didn't remember or said Yes, I was trembling and ruthless at that time. I was holding a song on my mobile phone at the time, which was composed by Ms. Guo Yan, and composed and sung by Chen Chen. In short, for a while, it was not about how Fan Anzhi was, how to celebrate the rest of the year, what was my idea of how I played this role, but "Celosia is not released, Mr. Cocktail Grass", it is "The tree has been in a thousand difficulties" The longitudinal axe is really irrelevant at all ", it is the pair of donkey's lips that are not right to the horse's mouth.
Relentless, also known as shofar pairs, donkey lips are not right, but they are fun, like the little Master Fan communicates with the people in the play, the most neat and ruthless, the most lonely.
       In the life of 30,000 days, there is no solitary solution to the fun.
Loneliness is my first thought after reading the original Qing Qing years and the screenplay. But the loneliness is very special. It is not the loneliness that is proud of the world's fireworks, but the "in public loneliness" described by teacher Stanislavsky.
        Fan Xian, he is an actor, sitting on the stone steps and dragging his cheeks to wait for the next plot, traveling through the world to find the meaning of his own existence. Chaotang drunk three hundred poems in Tang Dynasty. Everyone in the world is a small Fan Shixian. Some people boast that he is heavenly, and some people ridicule him for using unknown codes. But no one knows what his psychological basis is, what his mental image is, why did he come? Why does he live? Why is love and why is it annoying? He didn't even understand himself, so he was looking for, communicating, confronting, and suffering. Some people say that his father can come to the enemy and the five fathers, but he is playing in the corner of the world with a stalk that nobody knows and guarding justice that nobody cares about. "Shunfeng express, fast sword and wind." "Gundam Zaku, Luzhou will fight."
        "This world thinks he is irrelevant, I don't like it."
        "I want to fight with the truth in this world for these people."
        Fan Leisure life has become what I want to live. Thinking back to playing Fan Xian in the past few years, I will feel that I have to find a way to deal with myself and live a good life, otherwise I will be ashamed. I remember after the meeting in 2016, I asked Director Sun Hao to talk about Fan Xian ’s psychological age. I was wrestling. An actual age is already the role of an old man. How to face the world like a teenager, Director Sun Hao Tell me, don't do your homework too carefully, you already have it in your heart. An accomplished boy may be the author and the creator's best hope for this world, not only the wisdom brought by the years, but also the candidness and courage of the boy to change injustice.
        I love Master Fan. He is as tacky as you and me. He loves all sentient beings. He loves the fireworks in the world. That is, he wears a peach wood sword. He will shamelessly. surface. But he is not like you or me. He has the temperament to refuse to arrange, and he has the courage to fight injustice, like you and I long to return to the youth again. The juvenile may pass, but the spirit of the juvenile will never pass.
        In the next few years, I will continue to accompany this mature young man, plan for the situation, remove the violence, and spare no effort to protect the good people around him, and the world that allows him to come and rest.
        Juvenile, don't lose to wind and rain, let alone lose to the evil way.

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