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Zhang Ruoyun 张若昀 Soompi Thread


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12 minutes ago, creidesca said:


Thanks for the teaser! Looks like actor Kang Jie, who is managed under Zhang Ruoyun's studio has a role here too (in Joy of Life he was Lin Gong)


Ah, he also play in Awakening of Insect right?


I wonder about Kang Jie is managed under Zhang RuoYun's Studio, what is that mean? Is it means that Zhang RuoYun establish his own agency?

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Videos from China Literature Super IP Gala


1. Zhang RuoYun for Joy of Life, Reading Classic Honor (cant tell the exact Award/ Honor)






2. Zhang RuoYun and Xiao Zhan






3. Zhang RuoYun Super Popular Actor






4. Joy of Life Production Team ( actors, Mao Ni, producer and director





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When you can get Zhang RuoYun, Liu HaoRan and Xiao Zhan at the same time!!!


Upcoming Who's the Murderer! :love:


#在抖音,记录美好生活#看#明星大侦探 下期预告猜“真凶”!本期大奖:无人机!还不快评论留下你的推理~ https://v.douyin.com/bx52JB/ 复制此链接,打开【抖音短视频】,直接观看视频!









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