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JY - 芭莎大咖秀 Recording 190117

Cr 孙主持




Cr 刘雨菲能别玩手机了吗





Cr Lydia_hin精分



ZZ - 少年企画NEWS weibo update



ZZ - Arrived Paris

Cr InstantCrushZZ







Cr (Margarita-zan)






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Random YZ

Cr 阎摩罗王C




Cr Lydia_hin精分




Cr 洲瑜的胃药



Cr uthelightv 




YZ manip


Cr zZhouluv


Fanart by MY张三疯



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JY weibo update 

小年夜的最后一分钟 收工啦 小年快乐大家[嘻嘻] 

Translated by Ryo "Last minute of preliminary eve, wrapped up my work, wishing everyone a happy preliminary eve/ little new year/ minor new year day"


JY - Trend Health Mag


Cr 鲸鱼爱吃喵









ZZ - Japan to Sanya 091216


Cr FlowerFlutter





YZ manip xiaoku_org.gif

Cr 所有cp粉. ZZ drew the heart and the cat. CPF added the missing piece doge_org.gifmm_org.gif 



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ZZ - gif from his Travel Log part 1

Cr Timmyoo











JY - gif Trend Health Mag



Cr [景慕瑜玉]




Saw this from ChaCha_World Twitter 

OK CASE CLOSED pcmoren_wu_org.png 


Fanart by mhmp135



YZ manip

Cr zZhouluv



Cr heroincream Twitter




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Finally got to watch ZZ's travelogue vid, thanks to @ryokise, and saw how ZZ drew a heart and a cat with 6 whiskers.... 

Umm, didn't ZZ say he was a compulsive person when being asked about knitting that scarf? Well, compulsive people are very attentive when it comes to numbers. Just sayin'.  *shoulder shrug*

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This is for far the best romance comedy drama series i've ever watched 
i'm very sad  that i can't find anything like this for all this year, and i even almost stop watching TV dramas 
after i watched it year ago nothing compare to this
i watched kdramas  for years and years and i can't stand them any longer, not like before,  something bad happend to them
the same old stroy and everything is fake now like i can't even watch those kind of drama anymore
this drama is really something, funny , real and i feel like i've known the characters for real and love them
people talk about "SKAM" season 3 now like it's superb and addictive ..i watched this drama also and i can tell you it's even not getting near this drama, it was good but not "so good"
also sotus i like sotus but also not even getting close to this



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1 hour ago, JAN said:

This is for far the best romance comedy drama series i've ever watched 
i'm very sad  that i can't find anything like this for all this year, and i even almost stop watching TV dramas 
after i watched it year ago nothing compare to this
i watched kdramas  for years and years and i can't stand them any longer, not like before,  something bad happend to them
the same old stroy and everything is fake now like i can't even watch those kind of drama anymore
this drama is really something, funny , real and i feel like i've known the characters for real and love them
people talk about "SKAM" season 3 now like it's superb and addictive ..i watched this drama also and i can tell you it's even not getting near this drama, it was good but not "so good"
also sotus i like sotus but also not even getting close to this



I've been trying to find straight and gay shows to enjoy, but I'm the same too. Nothing is as well characterized, well written and well produced. This is one of the best series' I've seen in a VERY long time :( it's such a shame that it was banned.

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I think I found the style I like on ZZ xD 
Damn I love his hair here *-* I had to have all pictures of ZZ because I like this style so much :'D

ZZ in Paris - Givenchy 2017                                                    Credits on the pictures





C2p0fTcWIAACSVx.jpgC2p0fTgXcAAktCY.jpg   C2p0fTiW8AEI6DZ.jpgC2p1UkeXAAAWjNl.jpg











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ZZ - Attended Paris Fashion Show for Givenchy 200117

Video from NEWS






Some of ZZ's expressions and poses here look so much like his beloved whale. So practical this CP! I teach you modelling, you teach me singing and we can practice acting together lxhlike_org.gif 

Cr 海报时尚网












Cr 粥刊话报












Cr 搜狐时尚





Cr -IF时尚-




Cr -PussyCAT-





Cr Timmyoo









YZ manip

Cr Shizuchen




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Cr 海报时尚网











Givenchy紀梵希 weibo update




Cr 新浪时尚



Cr 网易时尚频道






ZZ - Givenchy after party. Cr 昊哥



Cr 少年企画NEWS




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@boysloveismylife Oops sorry when I refreshed the thread before I posted, I didn't see your post and Soompi doesn't let me edit my post sada_org.gif Thank you for ZZ's photos XD

So proud looking at our boys, just after one year since debut, receiving awards, going to fashion shows overseas lxhainio_org.gif Hopefully 2017 will be another good year for them ee8091.png That weibo post of JY though...I buy this theory. His answer to ZZ's IG post *looking for ME?* tootha_org.gif 

Fanart by Hako缺魚粥



Random YZ


Cr 鲸鱼爱吃喵






From Fashion ifeng



Remember this fan art?



Our Translation



And ZZ today tootha_org.gif




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ZZ - Photoshoot for 悦己SELF Magazine


Cr 洲刊画报









ZZ - Paris Fashion show for Givenchy 210117. Cr jiephot






















Cr [LI沙洲]



Gif. Cr Timmyoo











JY - Cr ABBY_小兵兵 - She is Men's Health Fashion Editor



From jjseason



Fanart by JT-Project




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I started this back around Christmas, but it got lost in the holiday rush. Then I came down with a massive case of 'Post Holiday Blahs' (it's a real thing, I swear). But ThaiBTS and sugarcandysweets from the boys got it going again. 

I'd love to tag a WHOLE bunch of people, but soompi & my laptop hate each other. So big red numbers will have to do

18+++ delulu



A soft chuckle from somewhere outside of his consciousness tugged at WeiZhou. The last fragments of a dream tried to hold him, but in vain, as the hold of an embracing arm beckoned to him. A small sigh whispered past his lips as a warm touch skimmed over his cheek and drew him further out of his slumber. WeiZhou lifted his head, trying to follow the heat as it left his skin. It was replaced with the warmer brush of lips against the very edge of his own. WeiZhou groaned as that too quickly disappeared from his senses.

“Don’t tease me,” he mumbled, his voice as heavy as his eyelids, which he stubbornly kept closed in fear he would see daylight if he opened them. He had not wanted to fall asleep, had tried so hard not to fall asleep, and was now quite mad at himself because he obviously had fallen asleep. Every minute he was able to spend with JingYu was precious. Too precious to waste just sleeping.

WeiZhou lifted his chin and tried to find the lips that had left his, but instead he felt a hand against his jaw and the caress of a thumb sliding smoothly across his mouth. He quickly pursed his lips and drew JingYu’s thumb in. The sharp intake of breath he heard became a lengthy moan as his tongue intimately tasted the small expanse he held. It made him smile.

“What time is it?” WeiZhou asked, as JingYu pulled his hand away.

“Mmm...almost 1:30,” JingYu answered, his lips grazing against WeiZhou’s ear.

“A.M.? Or P.M.?”

WeiZhou grunted as JingYu bit his ear playfully.

“And you call me silly. A.M. of course. If it was P.M. you’d already be at the airport.”

WeiZhou murmured an understanding. Still not opening his eyes, WeiZhou ran his hand up JingYu’s arm to his shoulder, then down his side until it came to a rest on his hip.

“How long was I asleep?” he asked, rolling to his side and further into JingYu’s embrace.

“Maybe an hour? You were completely passed out by the time I came out of the bathroom...mmaah, Zhou…” JingYu lost his thought as WeiZhou’s lips skittered over the sensitive skin at the base of his throat and WeiZhou’s toes tickled along his ankle.

“Why didn’t you wake me?”

JingYu felt WeiZhou tremble as he pushed his hand under the t-shirt WeiZhou had worn to bed. His fingers immediately felt like fire with the heat of WeiZhou’s skin under his touch.

“I tried. Okay, maybe not too hard, but I did try. You were obviously tired.” JingYu’s breathing became ragged as WeiZhou’s lips continued to press below his collarbone. “You came in here less than five minutes before me. In those few minutes you were sound asleep. How could I wake you?”

WeiZhou methodically drew his tongue back up JingYu’s neck to his chin. He kissed and nipped along JingYu’s jaw to his ear.

“Hmm, and you’re not mad at me, for leaving you alone?” WeiZhou asked, his words forming abstract patterns around the earlobe between his lips.

“I wasn’t alone.” JingYu pressed his knee between WeiZhou’s. “You’ve been right here next to me the whole time.”

The simultaneous effect of JingYu’s leg between his, slightly spreading his thighs, and JingYu’s fingers sliding under the waistband of his pajamas to firmly knead his rear with a fiery touch stopped WeiZhou’s breath. He bit into his own lip as he tried to regain the train of thought derailed when JingYu began chewing on his shoulder, lips, teeth and tongue grinding against the erogenous pressure point JingYu had accidently discovered back during rehearsals over a year ago.

“You know what I mean, JingYu.”

JingYu finally pulled his mouth from WeiZhou’s shoulder, but continued to ply his knee and hands against WeiZhou’s growing sensations and sensitivities.

“Zhou, even if you’re asleep, at least you’re here with me, next to me. I can hear you mumble and see you smile as you dream. I can feel you reach out to me and snuggle closer in your sleep.”

JingYu ran his fingers into WeiZhou’s hair, holding his boyfriend’s head still so he could place a series of soft kisses over his forehead and eyes, down his nose, over his cheeks. WeiZhou finally allowed his eyes to flutter open. JingYu’s face, so close to his, lit with a smile, absolutely shined in the soft light that filtered in from somewhere outside of the room.

“Do I talk in my sleep?” WeiZhou suddenly thought to ask, his brows knitting together slightly, causing JingYu to laugh.

“Not often, but sometimes. When you do, it’s usually just nonsense jibberish,” JingYu said, pulling WeiZhou even closer. “But once in awhile, like tonight, you say something very clearly.”

JingYu’s voice flowed over WeiZhou with a palpable layer of seduction, as though he spoke in a frequency only WeiZhou’s nerves could comprehend and vibrate to. It made WeiZhou shudder.

Earlier, they had taken quite some time and satisfied their built up longings and desires in the shower together. WeiZhou had not fallen asleep just because he had been quite busy the last few days after all. Though no more than a nap, the sleep WeiZhou had gotten seemed to have refreshed his longing. The spark that had started with JingYu’s lips on his shoulder was steadily becoming a roaring blaze, setting his skin aflame and turning everything it covered into a molten mass of physical greed. WeiZhou’s voice, unlike JingYu’s, was breathy and hitched when he spoke again.

“What did I say?”

JingYu suddenly captured WeiZhou’s lips with small nibbling caresses that gently pried his mouth open. When JingYu swept his tongue against WeiZhou’s, insistently yet with infinite tenderness, a humming moan echoed between them. Like oil slowly trickling into flames, WeiZhou let the taste of JingYu feed the fire under his skin. When JingYu drew his head away, a short whimper, as though pained, came from WeiZhou as he tried to remain connected. A thin strand of saliva broke from between their tongues and fell across WeiZhou’s chin. JingYu chased it with his thumb, pushing the moisture back to WeiZhou’s lip.

“JingYu, more.”

WeiZhou stiffened slightly when JingYu said this. It took him a couple of seconds to realize JingYu was answering his question from moments before.

“More, harder, faster,” JingYu continued, his voice suddenly whispy and pleading.

The hand resting on JingYu’s hip pulled back and smacked down before pushing against him. WeiZhou knew by the tone of voice that JingYu was teasing him. Frustrated by the sudden change in atmosphere, WeiZhou tried to roll away.

“That’s your dreams talking,” he grumbled, as he struggled against JingYu trying to hold him tight.

“Wo ai ni, JingYu”

WeiZhou froze. There was no teasing, no playfulness in JingYu’s voice this time. With WeiZhou still, JingYu pulled him back into his arms.

“You were mumbling in your sleep, so I held your hand, just held your hand, and you said that.” JingYu’s voice was soft and serious. It vibrated WeiZhou’s nerves again. “I really thought I was going to burst when you said that.”

“Do I not say it enough?” WeiZhou asked.

“No, no, it’s not that, Zhou,” JingYu hurriedly replied. “It’s...how do I explain this? You were asleep, and you were dreaming about I don’t know what, but the minute I touched your hand you said that.”

WeiZhou’s hands trapped against JingYu’s chest unclenched from the fists he had unconsciously made.  His palms soaked up the heat and steady heartbeat they covered.

“Maybe it’s arrogant of me, or just my wishful thinking, but the fact that you said ‘I love you’ when I touched you, it was like a confirmation to me. That even in your sleep you know it’s me here with you. Hearing you say you love me, even when you’re “someplace else”, well…”

“Such a fool,” WeiZhou whispered, his left hand skimming up JingYu’s neck to caress his cheek. “You need a confirmation of that?”

“It’s nice to hear. That’s why it’s okay even if we only sleep when we’re together. We’re still loving each other, Zhou. That’s all that matters.”

JingYu relaxed his hold around WeiZhou slightly, but only enough to run his fingers down to the base of WeiZhou’s spine. The fire under his skin that had seemed doused by JingYu’s teasing suddenly flared in WeiZhou.

“I heard once that love is missing someone even when you’re right next to them,” WeiZhou uttered as his lips brushed JingYu’s. The desire and need glowing in JingYu’s eyes tied his gaze tighter than chain. “Even when I’m awake and here with you, I feel like I miss you, JingYu. I want more of you. It’s never enough. I know how much I miss you when we’re apart. I don’t want to miss you that much when we’re together. That’s why I don’t want to sleep when I’m with you.”

For a quiet moment, the two men simply stared at the other, the ability to form coherent thought lost to each of them. Finally, JingYu sighed, loudly and deeply, from somewhere in the pit of his stomach, as he let loose of WeiZhou and dramatically flopped onto his back.

“And people think I’m the poetic one,” he moaned.

WeiZhou took note of the spark in JingYu’s eyes as he said this. This sudden change in mood, unlike before, did not upset him. Mainly because he knew that, unlike before, JingYu was not teasing him, but was instead covering his own emotions that WeiZhou had set spinning. He lightly slapped JingYu’s chest before he maneuvered to sit up.

“Don’t worry, I won’t post it online,” he promised with a grin, pushing back the covers so he could swing his leg over JingYu, straddling his waist. “Only you know how well I’ve learned from you.”

JingYu ran his hands up and down WeiZhou’s thighs, a slight tremor under his fingertips sending a shiver through him. WeiZhou pulled his t-shirt over his head, slowly, enticing JingYu with his movements. As he grasped JingYu’s hands, pulling on them to smooth over his own stomach, WeiZhou licked his lips. JingYu could only grunt at the sight of WeiZhou’s tongue beckoning to him just as he began to shift his pelvis on JingYu’s waist.

“Two? Three? Maybe six? Or eight?” JingYu muttered, as he continued to allow WeiZhou to guide his hands over the muscled torso looming above him.

WeiZhou knotted his brow, partially in confusion at JingYu’s words, but mainly at the too pleasurable to be painful shock of JingYu’s fingernails grazing over the dark pink, swollen and sensitive skin of his nipples.

“What’s that?” WeiZhou groaned in question. He was having trouble catching his breath. JingYu had ceased letting himself be guided and was now focused on playing with WeiZhou’s chest, rolling hardening points between his fingers with ever increasing pressure.

“Hmm? Oh...I’m just wondering exactly how many countries I saved in my past life to deserve you.” JingYu dropped his hands and began tugging on WeiZhou’s thighs, urging him to move higher. “You’re definitely worth more than one country, that’s for sure.”

WeiZhou stopped moving, his knees squeezing against JingYu’s shoulders. He ran a hand through JingYu’s hair, the soft strands surrounding his fingers feeling strangely similar to the feel of JingYu’s stare on his skin. Tangible, delightful, and mesmerizing.

“It’s not fair.  I try to seduce you, and you end up seducing me instead,” WeiZhou attempted to pout, but there was not enough force in his words to sound like any more than a mild realization.

The corner of JingYu’s lip curled for a mere second.

“Should I stop?” he asked, even as he began to gently tug the material at WeiZhou’s waist.


With a yelp, WeiZhou threw up a hand and slammed it into the wall above the head of the bed. JingYu had raised his head just a little and was nuzzling his face against WeiZhou’s crotch. Heated breath filtered through the flannel of pajamas, spreading and joining with the overwhelmingly intense fire already emanating beneath the material. The pointed pressure of teeth muted by cloth emphasized just how effective JingYu’s seduction had been and silenced WeiZhou’s moans as his lungs ceased to move air against the extreme sensation.

JingYu clawed at WeiZhou’s hips, clutching and grasping to remove the pajamas that were in his way. Not just the tip, but the whole of his tongue moved up one side and then the other of WeiZhou’s throbbing c*ck, smoothing over the the remaining sensations his teeth had imprinted. WeiZhou’s breath came back to him in a rush as JingYu took all of him into his mouth. The familiarity of JingYu’s actions - the hold of his lips, the swirl of his tongue, the oscillating constriction of his throat around the head of WeiZhou’s member while his nose nudged at WeiZhou’s abdomen - pushed WeiZhou towards an edge of befuddling bliss he was already precariously balancing over.

When WeiZhou had said he missed JingYu even when with him, JingYu had understood that feeling too well. Though he had never thought of it in those terms, he too had always felt the desire for more of WeiZhou. More, everything, all. His thoughts, his voice, his breath, his heartbeat, his body. Everything that made up this person, this embodiment of his emotion labeled as love. JingYu knew the futility of that desire, but that could not stop him from seeking as much of WeiZhou as possible.

The subtle changes in the tenor of WeiZhou’s panting groans excited JingYu as much as the sweetly savory taste of the skin and essence that flowed upon his tongue. The hand that had remained tangled in JingYu’s hair guided his emotions more than his movements, the fluttering against his scalp a telling indication of what was happening within the rest of WeiZhou’s body. Slowly, JingYu relaxed his lips, unwilling to end things so quickly. With a flick of his tongue to catch a teardrop of fluid glistening temptingly against red hot flesh, JingYu’s gaze studied the detailed path of abdomen and chest that led to a flushed face full of frustration and expectation at interrupted pleasure. WeiZhou’s whimpering groan made JingYu’s already erratic heartbeat race even more.

“More, Zhou.”

It wasn’t a question of inquiry. It was a warning of intent.

WeiZhou braced both hands against the wall as he followed the guidance to raise one leg so JingYu could free him from his clothing. Sliding his shoulders from between WeiZhou’s knees, JingYu lifted his head again, this time to sink his teeth into the smooth flesh of an upper leg. JingYu’s teeth chattered with the force of WeiZhou’s trembling as he tasted his way to the no man’s land of sensitivity stretched between genital and anus. He explored that natural seam of skin with his tongue, his hands grabbing WeiZhou’s ankles to stop the pounding rhythm of his feet.

Rippling sensations simultaneously spread along WeiZhou’s spine and stomach, crashing together and tearing him apart. Of every feeling JingYu had ever produced in him, this was a new one that took his breath and sanity away. WeiZhou melted, his fingernails scratching feverishly as his hands slid down the wall, his groans slowly muffled as his face fell into the pillows.

By some method of contortionism JingYu turned onto his stomach, his lips moving down and back up WeiZhou’s leg, never separating from WeiZhou’s skin. JingYu’s mouth roamed over legs and *ss, leaving wet trails and fiery marks of possession in his wake. His hands meandered along stomach and thighs, hips and chest, occasionally reaching to fondle more than stroke WeiZhou’s erection. JingYu traipsed his kiss over WeiZhou’s back, every rise and fall of muscle and bone covered and caressed. As JingYu neared WeiZhou’s shoulders and neck, he lifted WeiZhou from the pillows, pulling against his chest until he leaned into JingYu.

WeiZhou lost control of his voice and breathing to the myriad of ways JingYu wreaked havoc on his senses. JingYu’s lips on his neck. JingYu’s chest blanketing his back. JingYu’s hands cradling his torso. JingYu’s scorching c*ck between his legs pushing against the taut overhang of his scrotum. WeiZhou struggled against the urge of impending ecstasy all of these promised. It wasn’t enough.

JingYu could feel WeiZhou battling in his arms. He lifted his head just as WeiZhou turned his. Their tongues met before their lips, the slick slide between wet muscle an erotic mirror of the friction between WeiZhou’s legs. JingYu growled, the sound reverberating through WeiZhou’s lungs, as WeiZhou reached an arm over his head and held JingYu to him, refusing to relinquish the taste and breath filling the empty spaces within. JingYu threw his head back and growled again as WeiZhou began forcing his hips back and forth, silently begging for the consummate connection that could be made between two separate bodies.

“More, JingYu.”

WeiZhou’s voice, deep and decisive, seemed to mock JingYu’s will, as though saying “if you don’t take me now, the world will end before you can.”

JingYu tightened his arms around WeiZhou’s waist and chest, binding the frantic form like iron bands.

“Calm down, Zhou,” JingYu whispered against WeiZhou’s ear, the warmth of his voice instantly softening the desperation WeiZhou had been feeling. “I’m right here. Neither of us are going anywhere.”

WeiZhou closed his eyes and breathed as deeply as the constricting arm around his chest would let him.

“I need you, JingYu, so much that it hurts.”

JingYu pressed his face into WeiZhou’s neck. The salty sweetness of sweat and skin sent his head spinning in intoxication.

“We’ll get there, Zhou, but...”

JingYu stopped speaking to pull an earlobe between his lips, sucking on it until WeiZhou moaned heavily.  

“But,” JingYu began again, his lips still playing at WeiZhou’s ear, “it’ll be more fun if we get there together. Instead of you racing ahead like your *ss is on fire.”

Two elbows poking into his ribs caused JingYu to grunt.

“My *ss is on fire, thanks to you.”

JingYu fought to stifle a chuckle. He had wanted to slow things down, regain his composure, spend more time enjoying the delights of being with Weizhou, not stop them altogether, but the moment he had spoken he thought he may have gone too far. Thankfully, though, WeiZhou grumbled as he did when impatient, not angry.  If he was to be honest, JingYu relished moments like this with WeiZhou more than anything. When unbridled passion and playful companionship fluctuated back and forth between them. When not only the body, and not only the mind, but all of each of them was satisfied by the other. This was his nirvana.

“Thanks to me?” JingYu’s smile laced his voice. “Just wait.”

WeiZhou’s cry echoed around the room. He had not been prepared for JingYu’s crushing attack on his shoulder again. His voice rang out a second time when JingYu skipped a finger along the length of his sex, before softly cradling it in his hand and gently squeezing in pulses, urging all of the blood in WeiZhou’s body to surge to it.  Clinging to the arm across his chest, even though he was wholly supported by JingYu, WeiZhou became dizzy between the conflicting intensities. One dominating and heavy, the other loving and light. Both of them overwhelming. Both of them sublime.

JingYu let out a low moan when WeiZhou began to move against him, controlled gyrations that pressed into the places most demanding for WeiZhou’s touch. His lips trailed along WeiZhou’s neck, small huffs of air dotting the journey, as WeiZhou pulled the fingers on his chest to his mouth, wetting and warming them from deep within. He could feel JingYu’s heart pounding against his back, along with the labored breathing against his ear.

“Say it, Zhou. Tell me.”

WeiZhou shivered. Words that would sound like a command to most people, was to him an earnest plea. His upper body pivoted in JingYu’s embrace, turning himself to look into JingYu’s eyes, caress JingYu’s face, and press his lips to JingYu’s for a tender kiss that lingered with infinite possibilities.

“I want all of you, JingYu. I want to be a part of you. I need you.”

JingYu grinned and quickly kissed the tip of WeiZhou’s nose.

With the languid movements of lovers accustomed to each other, WeiZhou compliantly allowed JingYu to settle his head back upon the pillow. The sigh induced by JingYu kissing and caressing his back became a stuttered moan the lower JingYu went. The pressure of JingYu’s hands massaging and soothing towards his tailbone made WeiZhou’s breathing heavy in anticipation.

Suddenly, he felt a hand on his shoulder and another on his leg. JingYu expertly rolled WeiZhou over and carefully dropped down upon him. Framing WeiZhou’s face with his hands, JingYu kissed him with a sudden intensity that left them both breathless. WeiZhou returned the kiss with as much force, his arms wrapping around JingYu and locking them together, not letting a millimeter of space come between them. The fire under WeiZhou’s skin, the fire that had been sparked, dampened, rekindled, and controlled, now began to blaze ever more strongly than before. Like his arms, WeiZhou’s legs wrapped JingYu to him. JingYu gasped when WeiZhou used his feet to press on JingYu’s hips, forcing their groins, and ample arousals, to grind against each other.

“You,” JingYu grimaced through gritted teeth, “you are my little sl*t, aren’t you?”

WeiZhou’s grin quivered against the shockwaves emanating from the intimate friction.

“Only for you.”

“Are you blaming me?”

“Yes. You made me like this. Take responsibility.”

JingYu let a low rumble fill his chest and vibrate through him. With a quick move, he broke the hold around him and repositioned his body above WeiZhou. JingYu quickly slicked his fingers and pressed against muscle, which was already relaxed and pliant from all that had come before this moment. Both men groaned at the ease with which WeiZhou admitted JingYu’s touch. Not willing to waste another moment, JingYu guided his c*ck to the eager threshold, pressing against it, but not yet entering.

WeiZhou held his breath as JingYu hovered against him unmoving. He raised his eyes to JingYu’s, looking for an answer to his hesitancy. At that moment, JingYu pressed upon him, slowly and smoothly filling all of the voids within WeiZhou. He exhaled sharply, not from pain or discomfort, but from the indescribable ecstasy of feeling JingYu within him. JingYu inhaled deeply as the tight, wet heat of WeiZhou coursed over him, drawing him into a numbing euphoria. This was the moment where not only two bodies, but hearts and souls, became one. The moment when no space or time separated them.

JingYu slowly began to move, pulling and pushing with concerted care, each withdrawal and advancement marked with waves of shuddering limbs in each of them. JingYu took his time, not for fear of hurting WeiZhou, but because he was too enthralled in watching WeiZhou beneath him. The glint of tongue licking lips that moved without saying anything. The flare of nostrils with each thrust forward. The squint of eyes with each pull back. The light shine of sweat forming on forehead and upper lip. JingYu reached out to brush his hand over WeiZhou’s cheek. The feverish quality of WeiZhou’s skin burned into his fingertips. WeiZhou turned his face into JingYu’s hand. He licked JingYu’s palm, just because he could.

“JingYu, more,” WeiZhou groaned.

JingYu froze.

“More, harder, faster.”

WeiZhou continued licking JingYu’s palm, then brushed his tongue to the sensitive skin on the inside of his wrist. The fluttering sensation ran up his arm and straight down to where WeiZhou pulsed around him.

“You devil,” JingYu growled. “Damn, I love you.”

WeiZhou pulled on JingYu’s shoulders to draw him closer.

“Show me.”

JingYu grabbed WeiZhou by the back of the neck with one hand and quickly crashed their lips together. JingYu pulled WeiZhou’s lip between his teeth, biting and then soothing and then biting again. The jolt between them extended to the short, spastic thrusts of JingYu’s hips, small bursts of fire building on top of each other in both of them.

WeiZhou’s head suddenly dropped back to the pillow, JingYu having let go of him. He barely noticed, as JingYu hooked one of his legs, pushing against his knee. As JingYu’s hold forced WeiZhou’s waist to bend, he suddenly slowed his own hips to a crawling pace. JingYu flashed a small grin as he pulled himself from WeiZhou, until just barely the tip of his manhood remained within. The slow withdrawal had emphasized the tight grip, and reluctance to let go, of WeiZhou’s muscles around him. WeiZhou tried to relax, but could not keep from struggling to hold on to JingYu, desperate not to lose the connection to him for even a second.

At the moment WeiZhou was certain he could not feel JingYu within him anymore, JingYu thrust forward with all of the power his body could provide. WeiZhou convulsed and yelled out at the explosion of heat and electricity that ripped and cascaded through him, sending him into a delirium rivaled only by orgasmic release. Before he could recover his bearing, JingYu again withdrew slow enough to feel every pulsing wave of WeiZhou around him, and then burst into WeiZhou again with equal force to the first. Another wave of explosions tore through WeiZhou. If JingYu did that one more time, WeiZhou did not know if he would remain conscious.

JingYu shook with the extreme shock the power of his thrust had ricocheted back into him. WeiZhou’s hands flailing across his chest drew JingYu’s attention. WeiZhou was trying to speak, but no sound came from him. His chest heaved and only the whites of his eyes were visible to JingYu. JingYu quickly grabbed one of the hands on his chest, raising it to his lips for a moment.

“Maybe not that hard, hmm?” he mumbled against WeiZhou’s fingertips.

JingYu continued to kiss WeiZhou’s hand as he resumed his sexual quest, this time with a bit more passion than power. He leaned forward again, kissing WeiZhou’s chest and neck, the flushed skin warming his lips tantalizingly. WeiZhou hummed as JingYu nibbled at his chin and moved his hips with a gentleness that soothed and stoked from the inside out. WeiZhou knew it would not take much for him to reach his climax after being sent so close to it already.

WeiZhou called out JingYu’s name in a voice barely above a whisper, but it was enough to move JingYu towards paradise. As though reading WeiZhou’s mind, JingYu raised himself and increased his speed, though not his intensity. Before he could touch WeiZhou’s c*ck, a low groan and stiff spasming signaled the release of the milky evidence of physical desire. JingYu could feel that the strength of WeiZhou’s completion was much stronger than his voice indicated. Only a few more thrusts amidst the cascading ripple inside WeiZhou, and JingYu climaxed blissfully.

WeiZhou held out his arms to his lover, his legs wrapping around him again to hold him where he was. JingYu fell into the waiting embrace happily. WeiZhou’s hands mapped JingYu’s back with gentle strokes, soothing the small spasms that continued to fire under his skin. JingYu forced his hands under WeiZhou, wrapping him in his own enfolding hold. WeiZhou lifted his head to tease his tongue over JingYu’s lip, settling into a long kiss of obtained, shared passion.

JingYu had to force himself to end the kiss that was causing far too many of his nerves to start firing again. WeiZhou let him end the kiss, but he did not loosen the hold of his arms and legs.


“Hmm?” WeiZhou was nudging JingYu’s neck with his face.

“You need to let go, babe. We can’t stay like this.”

“Just a little longer,” WeiZhou murmured, his lips gathering the flavor of JingYu just as he had when he had first woken.

JingYu did not argue, but he did begin fidgeting. His position over WeiZhou was uncomfortable, and WeiZhou’s body was tightening around him as the spent passion flowed from them. Finally WeiZhou loosed his legs, but would not relinquish the hold of his arms. The lovers lay entwined together, WeiZhou keeping his lips to JingYu’s skin.



“You realize, from now on when you say ‘I miss you’ what I’m going to hear is ‘I love you’.”

WeiZhou raised his head. The look in JingYu’s eyes was more powerful than any words he could speak. WeiZhou kissed JingYu softly.

“Only when we’re apart. When I’m here with you, I’ll say it properly.”

JingYu strengthened his arms around WeiZhou, holding him as close as possible. Their heartbeats and breath merged into one rhythm, soothing WeiZhou's returned longing for more.

“Wo ai ni.”



shameless self promotion


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@sohocomo- That. Was. Brilliant! Despite being a ficlet, it had a sense of novel like build up arc. I experienced a breathless anticipation throughout the read. Smutty yet classy. Buring hot that leaves everything warm and soothing. And some of the lines should be made into t-shirts! Frigging awesome! Thank you for sharing this with us. :heart:

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JY flew from Beijing to Shanghai today

Cr [黄景瑜正经背影站]





Cr [鲸鱼册-黄景瑜图博]









Cr 我要正能量呀











Cr 放疯Fever











Cr 鲸鱼爱吃喵

JY looked bored laugh.gif 








Cr [宇宙警卫]








Cr RedMoon9294




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JY was really bored laugh.gif 

Cr [winni致美丽的你]


Come on people, give him some spaces so he can message his Meow



ZZ - Givenchy interview





JY New Year message

Translated by Ryo 

"I'm afraid you won't care about my blessings on new year's eve because there are too many blessings, I'm afraid you can't hear my blessings on new year day because the sound of firecrackers is too loud, hence I choose this time to send you my blessings,  wishing everyone a happy new year, I am Huang Jingyu"



JY's Mens Uno interview translation. Cr Johnny黄景瑜全球资源站 









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