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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2017] 传奇大亨 | The Legendary Tycoon


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传奇大亨 | The Legendary Tycoon




Country: Mainland China

Language: Mandarin Chinese

Broadcast Network: TBA

Broadcast Premiere: TBA, 2016

Number of Episodes: 45/TBC



NOTE: Huace Media's project 'The Legendary Tycoon' will be based on the life of Sir Run Run Shaw, to showcase the tycoon's legendary life using the most beautiful cinematography, to depict the story of a man and his enduring love with three women in his life. It will also reproduce the golden era of fashion and style in the changing landscape of that era. 

SYNOPSIS (Translated From Zh.Wikipedia - updated on 10-04-2016):

In the Big Shanghai period during 1930s, four Gu brothers joined hands and entered the Film & TV industry. The youngest brother, Gu Yan Jiu, for the sake of his brother's career, followed his third brother to Singapore to open up the Nanyang(South Pacific) Film market. From then on, he was destined to be inseparable from the Film industry. The timing coincided with World War II and things happened rapidly. The Gu brothers moved their production base to Hong Kong. After the war, there were many things waiting to be done. The Gu brothers entrusted the Hong Kong production base to Gu Yan Mei.

Times have changed. Faced with a changed film market, Gu Yan Mei who has since the beginning considered viewers as his motivation in creating films, established the Gu Brothers Film Company, becoming the first in Hong Kong. Not only did it bring sparkle to the Hong Kong film industry, it also became top in the Asian film industry for a period of time. His reputation grew and he became 'The Chinese Film Tycoon'. 

Over the years, due to his passion for charity and enthusiasm for public welfare, Gu Yan Mei became the world's acknowledged big philanthropist.


Ta2dNOf.jpg Zhang Han 张翰 饰 顾延枚 Gu Yan Mei

gwA0N8X.jpgGoo Hye Sun  具惠善 饰 胡碧玉  Hu Bi Yu (Removed & Replace by Jia Qing)

deZoUmz.jpg Chen Qiao En 陈乔恩 饰 玫瑰  Rose/Mei Gui

BDffXuE.jpgSong Yi  宋轶 饰 瞿梦 Qu Meng 

rnH1SxO.jpg Yao Zhuo Jun 姚卓君 饰 顾桑落  Gu Sang Luo

IknZfWb.pngGuo Zi Qian.  郭子千 饰 王静  Wang Jing

AJiVAUb.jpg Tan Kai 谭凯 饰 顾若下  Gu Ruo Xia

PBH3UtA.jpg Ren Dong Lin 任东霖 饰 雷邦  Lei Bang

  rfLOq2Y.png Sun Wei 孙玮 饰 顾屠苏  Gu Tu Su

VYj5tjY.png  Liu Zhang De 刘长德 饰 孔令捷 Kong Ling Jie

Based on the legendary life of  the late Sir Run Run Shaw, the founder of Hollywood Of The East, The King Of Entertainment, the renowned philanthropist.

Sources: Sina/Weibo, baike.baidu.com, wikipedia, etc.


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All photos are property of originator.

---to be updated ---

*Filming started 9-18-2015 and wrapped up in Jan 2016*

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Finally, the official poster of TLT. It has GHS' name on it. YAY!

Translation of caption at the top::

This is a drama that all chinese will love,

This is the first drama that will be adapted from an autobiography, an impressive Intellectual Property.  


CR: @khs7 and @zamzam :) 

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This cdrama titled 'The Legendary Tycoon 传奇大亨will be one of substance and quality, and I believe will be of a grander than grand scale since it is about the life of the very man/tycoon who founded 'Hollywood Of The East', and who is termed as The King Of (Asia/The East) Entertainment. 

Chinese actor Zhang Han (Hans) will portray tycoon Shaw and the 3 beauties in his life will be portrayed by korean actress uri princess Goo Hye Sun (Fighting!), chinese actress Song Yi and chinese actress Guo Zi Qian. Go HERE for more pics.

The blessing ceremony for the filming commencement (today):


CR: As tagged

Looks like GHS and ZH haven't joined the team yet. Filming will be done by Hengdian World Studios in Hengdian, Zhejiang Province, which is located in the eastern coastal area of China. 

Sir Run Run Shaw, GBM, CBE, also known as Shao Yi Fu and Siu Yat Fu, was a Hong Kong entertainment mogul and philanthropist. He was one of the most influential figures in the Asian entertainment industry. (CR:wiki)


The late Sir Run Run Shaw left this world on 1-7-2014, at 107 yo.The cdrama, titled 

'The Legendary Tycoon 传奇大亨' 

has begun filming today. YAY! Goo Hye Sun Fighting!!! Team TLT Fighting!!!

Come join in, share your insights, updates, etc or just check this drama out and support GHS or whichever celeb, or the drama itself, as it airs.:P


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Hyesunnie give us confirmation soon please.. Praying that you accept it :) 


Agree. So far only Zhang Han and some others are truly confirmed. (Actually I would have preferred a different actor, or the earlier rumored actor)

Though news reports have mentioned Goo Hye Sun as one of the 3 beauties, we haven't heard from YG officially. However, since the news is everywhere, I'm pretty sure there has been some kind of verbal unofficial confirmation. I can't see why GHS wouldn't take up this role. It's a BIG project and will have awesome exposure in China for her. Plus she has loads of fans in China already, wouldn't it be time for her to increase her fandom? hehe.....Cross our fingers that YG will speak soon:) 

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Wow happy to know here is already a thread for this drama thanks @jadecloud :) Really looking forward to this drama specially because of my angel GHS..Sis can you give little information about other two girls like did they done lead roles in earlier dramas how their fan following in china..i mean are they big stars? hehhe from this i can guess what would be possibility of koo role than hehheh :D

I read little about Mr Shaw..what i found that in his life he had two wives ... so among mention 3 ladies 2 will be portraying role of his wives  ... Lets see who will get what part.. 

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Aww YG not yet announcing the confirmation? Badly want her to accept this role as it ll be a good entry into China.. It's also the right time for her to take as she can use this opportunity to change her working style from Korean to Chinese and also definitely learn a lot :) :)

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Thanks for the thread. Drama started filming already? Is there definitely a confirmation in China that Koo is taking part in the drama?

I am just wondering if there is any more confirming news about the drama and the cast from the side of China. Never mind Korea. 


From some cnews reports and above c-wiki, GHS is reported to be portraying the wife of Sir Run Run Shaw, Mona Fong. However, there has been no official confirmation from YG todate. So, it is still a mystery. or rather, an unconfirmed casting. I wonder why YG isn't making any official statement one way or the other since GHS' name has been floating around in cnews already.



Thanks sistah! Hugs! I really hope GHS will accept this drama. I heard overseas drama pays a lot more. Aside from missing her in drama, I want her to have money too for her future film making. :) 


Hugs  back sista :)  Yes, I agree. If GHS takes this role on, she should be well-paid. Very. This drama is reportedly one that money/expenses will not be a problem. It will be on a grandeur scale. Sir Shaw's true life, which this drama is based on, is a remarkable story of success and vision in the East entertainment world. A very big name and a very well-respected personality and figure.


Aww YG not yet announcing the confirmation? Badly want her to accept this role as it ll be a good entry into China.. It's also the right time for her to take as she can use this opportunity to change her working style from Korean to Chinese and also definitely learn a lot :) :)

IKR. Very frustrating. YG...where are you? Please speak soon.


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To me, news from China is good enough.

As long as China confirms the cast, I accept that as official. 

Thanks so much.

Here Here for GHS and for the entire staff and cast of the Legendary Tycoon. May it be loved and admired widely and deeply!!

Thanks again!!

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Drama's official weibo: http://www.weibo.com/chuanqidaheng  should we add this to the 1st post? :)

Re: Cnews reports, woah?? Even the role she played is now "rumored" to be Mona Fong, 2nd wife of Sir RRS?

Not sure if you guys have read this before http://www.mxpcp.com/yingshi/20150918/42951.html
I'll just do a rough translation:
Basically it just says that this is a high profile TV series and audiences are "all eyes" on the casting. With the "cast list" reflecting that Zhang Han is playing the main role of Sir RRS. And female lead to be Korean actress KHS. Plus the lineup of other stars names included. The series is to be set in Shanghai 1930s and will chronicle Sir RRS's foray into the entertainment industry. It will cover his time in Singapore, the business venture he set up. And post-SinoJapanese war, the series will also cover Sir RRS's base of operations relocating from Shanghai to HK, the subsequent 'evolution' of his business into the Shaw Brothers Studios - leading producer of movies in Asia at that time.

Going by the article, no specific mentions of his co-founding TVB days... but I guess it will be there. The article did end with mentioning him being known as the 'Asian enterainment mogul'. Anyway it sounds about similar to whats released on cWiki's Show Sypnosis which is from the document State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television released.. aka http://dsj.sarft.gov.cn/tims/site/views/include/quickSearch/checkBlueprint/result.shanty?ids=01463631b3723d114028e4a145efcf27

If Mona Fong's character is going to feature... I wonder if the series will cover more than abit of Mona Fong's life then? She herself has a decent career record prior to working in meeting Sir RRS/TVB/managing TVB today. She was in her 60s when they married iirc.

Wonder which of the China chinese actresses will be playing the 1st wife's role.

All along, major china productions, including singing competitions, variety shows and yes, dramas are all very willing to spend on production to ensure really high standards :phew: With this drama being so high profile and about Sir RRS, erm yes haha, as @jadecloud has cited, cast will be very well-paid. Very.

I dont really need YG's confirmation. It would be good if they can just you know, issue some sorta press release/acknowledgement; purely for more publicity in Skorea etc in my opinion. Having China's 'confirmation' in this aspect is enough for me too if we are to worry whether Hye Sun is taking it up or not.

Production, including filming and post production...will take 12mths, as indicated on that official productions document. I am adjusting my 'mentality' of anticipation for now and hope to see it somewhere in Sept 2016. Sooo..we have a date with each other to view this series together in a year's time, yall! ;)

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Thanks helkel!!!

I don't know the story of Sir RRS--but getting curious about his life now.

I'm kind of glad that, if Koo is appearing in this drama, she will not be the first wife...keke...somehow, I do feel the honor of first wife shoulld go to a Chinese actress. (keke--my humble opinion.)

Thanks for the news. 

I could be wrong,,,with entertainment,,,like any business...things can change abruptly...but, I hope that all goes smoothly for this drama...,at the least, out of respect for a great man in history. 

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@helkel Hello chingu :) Thanks for your translation, links and insight.

  • About that 'official weibo of HUACE', I'll be glad to post it in the first post on the first page. I'm not sure if it really is the official one. I find it hard to believe that there are only 24 followers and 462 fans as of now. BUT, perhaps it's because it's early days yet. 

  • Also there is no confirmation from HUACE that GHS is one of the main cast. I have yet to see a news report that confirmed her involvement. There are mentions of GHS' name, but there are also some reports that said the names are probably just thrown out in the open as publicity. Even GHS Baidu Bar which is usually pretty quick in its sharing of info, has no confirmation of GHS' involvement in this project todate. Lots of speculation and questions, but no confirmation.

  • I'm gonna wait for either YG, HUACE or GHS herself to officially make a statement. It's really strange that since Mar/April when drama casting news has started brewing, that not one word from YG or GHS herself has been uttered. Or even a pic. Wae-yo?

  • Moreover, during the blessing ceremony for the commencement of filming, GHS was nowhere to be seen, or heard. Though Zhang Han the main male lead was also not present at that ceremony, we do see confirmation and news about him taking on the main lead role to portray the late Sir RRS.  


Some Unofficial News Sources posted in GHS Baidu:




CR: GHS Baidu



If GHS does take up the rumored role of Sir RRS's second wife, Mona Fong, that will be pretty interesting because their encounter, courtship, friendship, companionship and eventual marriage manifested in quite an amazing journey for them.

His better half - Mona Fong

  • Shaw married Fong, his second wife, in 1997, about 10 years after his first wife, Lily, died.
  • He met Fong when she sang at a nightclub in Singapore in 1952. Shaw, whose theatre was downstairs, hit it off with her instantly, the report said.
  • Later, she joined his film studio as a dubbing singer and they struck up a romance. She became a procurement manager of Shaw Brothers in 1969 and then deputy chairman by 1999.
  • In the 1970s, the couple started going out together, said The Sun. Although she became known as his “other half”, she took it in her stride and said he had five roles in her life, “mentor, boss, father, friend, brother”.
  • She once said she did not mind not being married to him. Still, she became Mrs Shaw when they tied the knot in Las Vegas in 1997.
  • Apparently, he decided to marry her and make things official after he witnessed the family dispute of Cantonese opera singer Sun Ma Tze Tsang, who had many wives and many children.
  • She once said she and her husband had similar personalities, said the newspaper.
  • They could work day and night, and entertainment was the most important part of their lives, she explained.
  • – CR: Excerpt from The Straits Times, Singapore

While I'm in awe of the achievements of the late Sir RRS and would like to watch this drama to see the grandeur of it, if GHS isn't in the main cast line up (and am not a fan of any of the others in the named cast), I'd be less interested to watch it as a priority.

Will continue to wait and see... :blink:


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Guest helkel

Heya @jadecloud - omo! yea, so little followers of that weibo, dubious! Nothing much we can do except to wait...:crazy: Once again, appreciate you staying on top of this!

Really do hope some official confirmation via China side comes soon!! With that, then I truly do not need YG's hahahahaa :P

I would not watch if there is no Hye Sun in this drama though. Have no preference to watch Mainland China productions unfortunately, something about the accent throws me off :P Most if not all the time, those productions that I did pick up and watch, I would zone out less than halfway and just abandon the drama >_< Happened more than a few times now...lol. More of a "prefers listening to the Taiwanese chinese acccent" gal.. might be due to my 1.5years spent working there hehe. Or Cantonese of TVB/ATV stuff heh...

That said, I do hope I can 'date' with ya and all others who will be spazzing out here come drama release (incl a KHS inside of course keke)

@cheerkoo lol! Yea.. Sir RRS was indeed a notable figure in this industry, representing the Chinese. As one myself, I am glad we had him to open doors back then. When my dad was very young, he had worked for Sir RRS before as an 'office chores boy' in the old Shaw House here in SG - something he would occasionally bring up hahahaha.

Happy Weekends!!

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