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  1. It's been soo long I posted due to personal stuffs...Honestly was relieved when koo got married and thought she finally found a man whom really treasures her and who likes her for what she was and loved her unconditionally and gave importance to her before work..Seems like we are all fooled by AJH..I am super ashamed myself to have believed this guy and his good husband image..I feel soo soo bad for uri Koo for getting all such insults..Man!! She is a star before you came into the industry! Dont dare to put down her..Just leave her alone..Go get a life u want.. I really wish Koo ends this matter as quickly as possible and take enough time..I really wish she travels somewhere outside korea, clear her mind and erase this guy completely and start again newly..Its super tough but still I am confident she will do it..she is a phoneix after all..I could not even read all the posts and was super shocked and sad when I read all these..How can a guy's heart change this fast? Seeing all his old Instagram posts I really got hurt..I am really very much upset and feel bad for koo who is put into this state by her own husband..Cant imagine how hurt and upset she would be right now..She already lost faith of dating and then fell for AJH because she literally thought he s very much different from the previous guys she dated and we all thought the same..i honestly loved him and supported him only because koo loves him and koo chose him..I earlier was a part of different ship of koo but I erased everything as I was sooo convinced by AJH ..In the end Koo and us were literally fooled..I ll never support this guy anymore..I really want our girl to bounce back super strong and come back to when she was before she met him..Th healing is going to take really long time as they not just dated but were married to each other..He deserves all the backslashes he is getting now..I want Koo to leave this nasty agency and go to some better agency..YG was 1000 times better for her compared to this shitty agency..But now situation changed there as well I guess..I really wish she goes agency free or some good agency which will support her..She is really going to face challenges as she is back to square one in the industry but I am atleast happy the amount of support she is getting from both knetz and inetz for standing and exposing this man ..Please settle things and take ur time and come back Koo!! Fighting princess..Really feel so bad for u..
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