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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2015] The Disguiser 伪装者

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Chinese title: 伪装者 Wèizhuāng zhě
English title: The Disguiser

Genre: Action, Pre modern, Romance

Episodes: 41

Screenwriter: Zhang Yong

Director: Lǐ xuě (Nirvana in Fire 琅琊榜Surgeons 外科风云)

Broadcast Period: August 31, 2015 - September 23, 2015

Replacing: Hero Dog 神犬小七


Hu Ge

Jin Dong 

Liú Mǐntāo

Nick Wang

Angel Wang



Focusing on a story of betrayal, romance, friendship, familial ties behind the Sino-Japanese war. Ming Tai is a man from a wealthy family who was trained as a spy and then became part of the Communist Party. With his brother, who is also a double spy agent, they have to succeed in their infiltration and defeat their enemy.

Watch it here with English subs!

**Please use spoiler tags for those who have not seen the episodes yet**

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Raw Trailer:


Duo Liang - Sù Zhōng Qíng


Additional Links:

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The Disguiser 伪装者 Official Website

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How is it that not more people are discussion this AMAZING drama??!!!  WOW!!!  LOVE THIS SHOW!!!  Probably one of the best ever!

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Will totally discuss anything LOL

I love the chemistry between Hu Ge and the girl.. not sure what her name is XD Those two are so adorable and it's actually super rare for me to enjoy romance content :3

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Guest severus

Heard this show was good, but I find shows in set in Old Shanghai a little dry because it's always the same theme. 

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I just finished this drama and it was so so good. I thought since NIF and this drama has same cast and production team it might be worth a try. I don't even like this genre of dramas at all but this one blew me away and kept me on the edge of my seat almost every minute I was watching the screen. And I'm so happy I watched it. I think I would rate it the same as I have rated NIF a 8.5/10. I actually came to see Hu Ge's hotness & acting but I left falling in love with his brother Ming Lou (Jin Dong) instead. I have never saw a drama where I cried as much as I did watching this drama.

The stories of courage, sacrifice, patriotism, loyalty, and love really pull at your heartstrings.There were a few eps here and there where I cried so much I could barely see the screen. There are so many promising actors/actresses in this drama. I'd have say though the teacher Wang Tian Feng (Liu Yi Jun) was just awesome and such a bada$$ (he was my fav character then Ming Lou in 2nd place & lastly Ming Jing). You should give this drama a try it's really worth your time. One of the best things in this drama is the great chemistry between the cast (except I felt the OTP were the only ones with no chemistry).

The bromance between Jin Dong and Wang Kai is off the charts. If I could have changed something in this drama I'd have Yu Man Li be the main lead actress (I really loved her character). The lead actress Cheng Jin Yun (Wang Le Jun) character is the thing I didn't like in this drama. Her acting is bleh and she has no chemistry with Hu Ge. Before I go I'll add the link to The Disguiser OST - Duo Liang –  From The Heart  诉衷情 – 多亮. Enjoy.






Live Version  His voice is so good <3.





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This is a pretty good drama! The plot is tightly packed, especially the later half! The production value is of super high caliber. It's the same crew as Nirvana in Fire so that's definitely a plus, with some of the same actors and actresses!! Normally these types of drama (this particular time period), isn't my cup of tea, but once things started after Hu Ge's character finished his training, things started to pick up and got more intense. Ming family interactions are fun and provide much comic relief to the serious atmosphere. The three Ming brothers and sister are great! 

Would recommend this if you liked Nirvana in Fire :D for the cast and crew and the layers and layers of hidden identities XD 

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Sorry could you help me anybody? I've trying download subtitles. But I can't.  I'm using wiki at first time and I'm failed. I don't understand how to work wiki page.

If somebody add subtitles here or send me with p.m. I'll be so grateful.

Thanks for help..

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started to watch this after NIF... now on ep3.... dreaded the ending since some comments i read talk about the 'bad' romance with the leads... miffed about the non-existence love lines in NIF and i hope Disguiser can provide some.... wondering if anyone can recommend any of Hu Ge's drama where the romance is good... thanks! :) 

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