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  1. Episode 59, the last episode is when they get married. Dong Hua Di Jun is not too bad in the Eternal Love of Dream, but Jiu Chen was sweet in Love and Destiny. Too bad that they rushed the endings for both dramas. He looks great with white hair, too.
  2. Here is the link to the novel that you can use Google to translate to English: http://quanben-xiaoshuo.com/n/liulimeirensha/xiaoshuo.html
  3. The Three Lives Three Worlds series made their male leads superstars. The original made Mark Chao famous along with Vengo Gao. Vengo had a sequel, The Eternal Love of Dream. This series made Cheng Yi's star rise. He really carried the series. Hope that he is not typecasted in the future, so that he can expand his craft. Maybe he will take on roles that are so unlike this one like Lu Han has been doing so far. I did not mention Love and Destiny, because it was eclipsed by The Untamed. I am not sure that it did anything for Chang Chen's career.
  4. International Fans, please watch the English subbed episodes on the below site. The subber really needs your support. https://productiveprocrastination.site/2020/08/31/eng-love-and-redemption-ep-26-2/
  5. I had to google translate the novel by chapter. http://quanben-xiaoshuo.com/n/liulimeirensha/xiaoshuo.html
  6. I am not a big gaming fan, but I came here to see Wu Lei/Leo and Lu Han. The last drama that I saw Lu Han in was Fighter of Destiny where I find him prettier than the female lead. I was not too impressed with his acting though. BUT he improved 100% in this drama. His styling really helps me to focus on his acting skills. Wu Lei/Leo is really good at being fierce. So I love all of the fight scenes and CGI. Too bad that his performances will always be compared to FeiLu in Nirvana in Fire, which is his breakout role at 15 years old. The director also has experience with script writ
  7. The remake is Handsome Siblings. One of the main stars will be in A BL series. The remake is Handsome Siblings. One of the main stars will be in A BL series. The chemistry was not as strong in this drama. I think that it could be the script or directing.
  8. This one is really good, too. It is so fitting for this drama.
  9. These actors' chemistry is so sizzling. Hope that they will work together in the future again. I will always watch anything that they are in together.
  10. 2008 Legend of The Condor Heroes and 2006 The Little Fairy had good romance with Ariel Lin.
  11. Wonder why they did not use Leo Wu/Fei Liu from the first Nirvana in Fire to play a character in this sequel. He was really good.
  12. We do need a third sequel to see what happened to the rest of Mei Changsu's army. What happened to Gong Yu, Fei Liu, General Nie and his wife Xiadong. We also want to know what happened to Princess Niahuang and the Sunshine boys (Yunji Jingrui, etc.)
  13. Wonder why Fei Liu (Mei Changsu's teenage bodyguard) did not end up in this sequel.
  14. Hope that this has a better ending than Legend of Tiger and Rose.
  15. Yukee Chen was in the lastest remake of The Heavenly Sword and Dragon Slaying Sabre. So maybe that is why she is in this drama. hum...
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