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  1. I hope that she gets a happy ending. The actress needs more modern dramas. The ending does not do this drama justice. It is so badly edited and rushed.
  2. Did that happen in episode 46 bathtub scene? Why did FJ go under the water after she kissed DH on the cheek?
  3. There is barely any Chinese entertainment news besides the AO3 controversy with Xiao Zhan. No other dramas are getting promotions.
  4. I saw a lot of the interviews for the cast. They said that they never thought that they had that big of a fan base from the novel. They all were pretty much unknown actors and just went for it. It showed in their performances and reflected in the ratings. I love ELOD, but I am not sure that all of the supporting cast just went for it in their acting skills. Additionally, the choppy editing did not help with the rating. As a side note, if you want a good modern drama that will make you think, then watch the Perfect Partner with Huang Xuan. The first 10 episodes may be a little annoying with the female lead (Tong Li Ya), but it gets better just like The Untamed. It also has a seasoned cast with some interesting backstories for the characters.
  5. Tencent will look at ratings and demand to see if it can milk this drama like The Untamed.
  6. Tencent is great at making money off of hits. They will market this franchise until they can no longer. In the 1980's, the powers that be did the same with the Condor Heroes trilogy. They tried to do the same now with all of the remakes, but some did not do it justice.
  7. I am hoping some spinoffs besides special edition like they did for The Untamed. I would love a spinoff of the happy family and maybe more on the CY/Arayna story. In other news, the second Untamed spinoff will be released this month base on the Nie brothers called The Fatal Journey. Nie Huaisang is a genius in my book. The Untamed story cannot unfold without him.
  8. I think around the beginning of the year. You can watch it on WeTV. It is only 20 episodes. In other drama news, Reba is rumored to be in a drama with Xiao Zhan(one of the main leads from The Untamed). Hope that he can teach her how to cry even if it comes from eye drops.
  9. I cannot talk for everyone, but I personally will re-watch this drama. I think that the editing is all over the place so a second watch may help me understand better. I like the changes from the book, which helps the flow much better. I have watched the ending episodes several times and realized that Reba really needs to learn to cry. Vengo is somehow much better at it than her. My 2 cents...
  10. That was Xuan-Yuan Sword: Han Cloud where Vengo played Shang Rui, the purple clothed reverent. The stylist made him look like a drag queen.
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