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  1. From what I gather, he just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. He got that symbol carved into his back, so Wu Xie had to take him into the tomb. After that, he basically just wanted to help Wu Xie.
  2. I thought this show was picking up after the 10 year WX was separated from ZQL, picking up from where Sand Sea left off? Not a remake of Book 1? Anyway, I've been anticipating this show since forever. I'm interested in seeing how ZQL is portrayed. He's such an intriguing character that even the slightest gesture matters. Yang Yang's ZQL is the most in-character, the ZQL in Sand Sea is the handsomest + has the best fight moves. The ZQL in Tomb Note 2 is the most personable and likable (and those, also the most out of character)
  3. Translating from Chinese to English is infinitely difficult.... The language relies heavily on metaphors, imagery and layered meanings. Even professional translations risk being either superficial or too literal. xD Kudos to the lyric translations!
  4. I actually really, really like the ending. IMO, the most important thing isn't "ending up together forever" but, rather, the unforgettable times they spent in each other's company and what they learn from each other. This is the most satisfying drama I watched since Nirvana in Fire in 2015.
  5. Not that I don't adore this drama and story in it's entirety, but some point I just like many of the other characters more than WWX and/or LWJ. The other characters feel more flawed and realistic as opposed to WWX who pretty much is hero of the decade and always doing the right thing/coming out on top or LWJ who is also oh-so-flawless. LXC and JGH's actor has a lot of real life chemistry too. And XY&XXC's story is just unforgettable. Then again, i feel like it's a sign of greatness when any given half-major character is so amazing.
  6. "Do you want to act in a modern-era show with the other? Let's answer..." Both said yes.
  7. All filming has been done~ Oh mann, Xiao Xing Chen and Xue Yang's story is starting. It seems like they changed some things from the book - XY looks like he's using XXC's face? Regardless.... that arc killed me in the book. I hope the live action version doesn't disappoint.
  8. One minute, XZ is wondering why WYB likes to hit him and why WYB keeps hitting him. Next minute, he's talking about how he showed WYB (who seems entomophobic) a grasshopper and scared WYB like crazy. (Seems like XZ likes to scare WYB a lot) Those two are ridiculously adorable. (Talking about this (probably dated) interview here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0_Cd1mDxbUs)
  9. Up to chapter 43 in the book. It's so different from the drama, when it comes to how the story unfolds (time skip-wise) but definitely not lacking in terms of story, character or plot. I can't believe it's even possible with the censorships but the drama is most definitely more "romantic"
  10. Feels like the drama puts in much more effort to remind people of their relationship in super subtle ways. It's so much more polished. The flashbacks in EP 1. The way WWX always glances at LWJ's direction. The longing/resigned/excited looks. Love how 'big brother' has this knowing look in his eyes whenever LWJ and WWX look at each other haha. The drama is great. Honestly. I initially thought it would just try to piggyback off the existing fans of MDZS and not try hard but everything from the acting to the cast to the attention to detail blew my mind away. While WYB's acting is great, I think XZ's acting is what really brought WWX and all his feelings for LWJ to life.
  11. When they asked XZ if he prefers body or face, it's cute how he mulled over that for a long time and then sneaked a few glances at WYB before answering body. XD (WYB is so scared of the dark/ghosts that he sleeps with lights and TV on channel 5 while keeping the volume at 3) "What if your TV hopped channel? You wake up and all of a sudden you're on channel 1" "And all of a sudden your volume is at 60" (WYB talks about how he keeps a light on in the hallway and keeps his bed room door open at a angle) "What if something stares back at you from the door?" I can't XD @VeryBerry - Yeah!!!!! I love love love the nuances and if you understand Mando it's so layered and subtle. Sadly no amount of English sub can do the dialogue justice haha
  12. Which is the interview with the creepy comments? I can't believe how young WYB is! He played LZ so well. Edit: Has anyone heard all three versions (duet, WYB, XZ) of the main theme Wuji? Although both WYB and XZ are both great singers, their voices just fit together so well! WYB's voice is husky and low - it's comfortable and soothing but lacks power and kinda tapers off. XZ's voice is stronger and clearer but lacks depth and breaks off at random intervals. More reasons those boys fit so well together~
  13. Haha, when you first start seeing the BTS, they seem kind of antagonistic and distant around each other because they're always hitting or insulting each other XD But then you "get" that that's how they interact and it's cute in its own way. Love how WYB is so direct/brutally honest while XZ tend to be pretty agreeable. Several times, XZ appeared speechless because WYB is so mean to him in that deadpanned/matter-of-fact way. I also love how XZ is always saying '王一博, 善良一点' (WYB, be kinder)
  14. Ahh~ I take back what I said about XZ and WYB not having chemistry in real life haha It's suuuuper subtle, kinda like the whole drama, but I love how they're always teasing and "insulting" each other hhh
  15. Angst FTW I honestly love the drama, though. Still feeling like it's more polished than the book in terms of subtlety and layered dialogues.
  16. Is it just me or does XZ and WYB not have much chemistry behind the scenes? I was watching the BTS, and, while they have tons of funny/teasing moments, they just don't ~click~ I feel like they absolutely nailed all the feels in the drama itself, though. http://maplestage.com has it up to 28 and updates ASAP. https://www.wandouys.com also has it but its videos sometimes don't load for me.
  17. I'm definitely impressed by the show! I love ZX's acting as WWX - I love how he managed to add a spark in his interactions with LZ as opposed to his interactions with Jiang Cheng - Even though WWX is sacrificing so much for JC and they spend so much time together, it's pretty clear that his feelings for his siblings are purely platonic. I'm floored by how the director(?) arranged the music, atmosphere, angles and mood to show the different feelings. And I love how the screenwriter did the dialogue! I picked up the (Chinese) novel version - so far, I'm not very impressed by what transpired up to chapter 16 - not sure if I'm reading the right thing, as it is really different from the drama.
  18. Such a beautiful drama and plot! No idea how they found such an amazing cast of eye-candy after eye-candy. I really like the super subtle line where LZ said 'only parents or spouse can touch the forehead band' and WXX so far already touched it twice. The layered dialogue where LZ implied that 'dont be so nice to people if you don't intend for them to get the 'wrong' idea' and it was suposedly about mianmian. Episode 13 really floored me. I'm stunned by the dialogue, the plot and the acting. Definitely need to read the canon text in the meanwhile.
  19. Just saw the first 2 episodes. Knew about 魔道祖师, but never read it novels or watched the anime. While I'm not expecting anything explicit from China, I sure hope for at least a solid plot and good acting. Not disappointed so far. Heard there are multiple versions of the book? Anyone knows where is the best/canon Chinese version of 魔道祖师? Also, where are the BTS videos?
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