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  1. I'm currently watching this show. Have to say, this is one hell of a good show! I'm surprised by AB's acting, honestly! Always thought she was just a pretty face, but she fits this role pretty well IMO
  2. I think that scene is where Zhu Yi Long's acting really shined for me and made me feel as if he really is more wholesome than all the actors who played Wu Xie before him. Sadly, I still think Huang Junjie's eyes lacked depth and there are some minor things that bother me (wasted motions when he walks, slouching, doesn't look naturally effortless), but he is a good enough continuation of Yang Yang's ZQL.
  3. My personal issue is probably comparing Ruyi Zhuan to Zhen Huan Zhuan. Compared to Zhen Huan who also did the right things and ultimately rose to power through her intelligence and kindness... also ended up losing (nearly) everything except power, Ruyi's story really is boring and uninspired. Basically, in addition to the author repeating a lot of the same tropes/tactics/plot, Zhen Huan went through similar ups and downs but became an empress dowager out of it all. Ruyi did not develop at all and resolved to remain helpless and in love... Ultimately, it's a matter of the personality/moral code of the viewer, though. Head or heart? Abandon who you were or remain true to yourself at all cost? Ruthlessly adapt or hope for the best?
  4. Oh? What other site? I haven't been able to find this on other sites. Yeah, I feel like, if you compare all the actors who played WX: Li Yifeng's WX felt too innocent and damsel-in-distress, Neo's WX felt too overpowering and cool, Qin Hao's WX felt too mature and cynical. I love all of them, but I felt like none of them fully captured all facets of WX's character or struck the right balance. No one can top Yang Yang's portrayal of Xiao Ge, though. I don't know if I'm bias because I love Yang Yang, but I felt like none of the other ZQL had the same level of depth, mysteriousness and coolness.
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