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  1. Such a beautiful drama and plot! No idea how they found such an amazing cast of eye-candy after eye-candy. I really like the super subtle line where LZ said 'only parents or spouse can touch the forehead band' and WXX so far already touched it twice. The layered dialogue where LZ implied that 'dont be so nice to people if you don't intend for them to get the 'wrong' idea' and it was suposedly about mianmian. Episode 13 really floored me. I'm stunned by the dialogue, the plot and the acting. Definitely need to read the canon text in the meanwhile.
  2. Just saw the first 2 episodes. Knew about 魔道祖师, but never read it novels or watched the anime. While I'm not expecting anything explicit from China, I sure hope for at least a solid plot and good acting. Not disappointed so far. Heard there are multiple versions of the book? Anyone knows where is the best/canon Chinese version of 魔道祖师? Also, where are the BTS videos?
  3. The schemes into this drama are a little subpar. Much of it relied on characters randomly losing their edge (because what happened to the awesome, asskicking Jia Fei?) or being too passive to fight back (Ruyi). Strongly recommend you watch Zhen Huan Zhuan if you want an impressive rise-to-power trope by this writer. It's basically the prequel, but featuring Zhen Huan (who is the empress dowager in Ruyi's Royal Love). Ling Fei had a lot of sharp rise-to-power and fall-from-powers. If only she kept things a little more consistent (been less heartless, been less reckless and treat others with more kindness) she could've been another Zhen Huan. She definitely had the intelligence and persona... but her temperament needs some polishing. I watched a bit of Yanxi Palace. It's worth watching. A complete opposition of Legend of Ruyi. The acting was definitely superb in both dramas! So is the accessories and props. Yeah, Zhen Huan is ultimately, the most likeable character, even in Legend of Ruyi. She evolved a little and frankly, she is on top of the food chain and she knew it. Didn't matter how powerful Fuca Empress was - she got pwned when she tried to oppose Zhen Huan. Didn't matter how powerful Ling Fei got, it was Zhen Huan who ultimately helped take her down.
  4. I agree with many points in your comment! I don't agree with how ruthless Ling Fei sometimes is, but the things she do are so much more entertaining than the holier-than-thou attitude Ruyi had. The way Ling Fei rose from servant to empress is far more inspiring than watching Ruyi getting screwed over again and again. I wish the author would write a Ling Fei chronicle. She's way better with the "rise-to-power" trope than the romance one. Ultimately, this is a love/romance story and not a rise-to-power story the way Zhen Huan was (I can't stop comparing the two because they were written by the same writer and whatnot), but it tried to do too much and ended up falling short of delivering a memorable message. Legend of Zhen Huan delivered some powerful messages about learning from your mistakes, not to be too arrogant, being careful about who you trust, the cost of power and so on. We don't learn anything from Legend of Ruyi except let's sacrifice everything for some abusive richard simmons who's not worth a second thought. Hard pass. Ruyi is everything a person should not aspire to be. But this is not to say that the drama is a bad one. The acting is truly top notch. Every character felt alive and I think the actors/actresses were extremely fitting. I loved Ling Fei's witch-y-ness, love Ruyi's stoicism and subtlety, love how the emperor was portrayed and love Jin Zhong's evilness. In terms of who had a happy ending - I think Zhen Huan's ending is as happy as it gets. She lived to a ripe old age, her son became one of the most famous emperor of the dynasty and she remained on the top of the food chain for the rest of her life.
  5. Ruyi is, for the lack of a better word, dumb. Dumb for loving/caring about the king. Dumb for not fighting back against Ling Fei. Most of all, dumb for alienating Hailan. I really don't feel sorry for her at all. Hailan is arguably the "best" character in terms of balance, but why can't she do something better with her life other than revolving it around a useless Ruyi? Sisterly love is important, but she is so ... one dimensional as a character. It's rare for me to dislike every single character and can't relate to any character in a drama, but Ruyi Zhuan accomplished exactly that. I'm actually pretty impressed.
  6. They also reinterpreted Wei Yan Wan in each drama, with even more drastic changes, haha. The other version of her was the main character of Yanxi. Anne Boleyn also died a lonely & unceremonious death. I guess, however high you climb is always potentially however far you can fall. While Anne got her moments of glory and caused a lot of trouble, Ula-Nala really did not seem that impressive as a person.
  7. Well, the drama is trying to stick to history but give it a fictional/creative twist. I'm only up to ep 74. That's when Wei Yanwan took over governing the concubines. Di zi* 嫡子 I misspelled the pinyin. I love how graceful Jia Gui Fei is and how subtle her dialogue is. Jia Gui Fei was once such a smart and careful character. It seems like she lost a lot of her intelligence and carefulness after losing the 9th prince. Her downfall was almost cringe-worthy, because I feel like she really should be smart enough to avoid most of those traps. Wei Yan Wan.... I don't like her, per say, but least she keeps things interesting. It's a curious feeling. I definitely don't root for her, but, it feels like there's really no one worthy of rooting for in this show. She's really the only darn character who still has any ambition/drive and is intelligent enough to make some things happen. Ruyi is so passive/obedient/"good" that she's boring to watch. Hai lan barely gets any screen time and despite her intelligence/insights, she has no ambition. Rong Fei has no ambition. ..I can't even remember the rest of the concubine's names, lol.
  8. I don't think sons are allowed to promote their mothers to empress. Empress is essentially the official/fully wedded wife of the emperor, so it doesn't make sense that sons can dictate their deceased father's marriage. Likely, Qianglong was the one who posthumously promoted Wei Yanwan to Empress after promoting her son to crown prince, just so his crown prince came from his lawfully wedded wife and is his "di zhi" (Qianglong seems to care about that a lot). Qianglong likely also has a soft spot for Wei Yanwan because his own mother was a servant and never got the titles/favor/life he would have wanted for her. He likely sees a younger himself reflected in Wei Yanwan's son (son of a servant and an emperor) and hence gave the titles he wanted for his mother to Wei Yanwan to compensate for his own childhood.
  9. I'm glad Wei Yanwan is getting more screen time, steadily climbing up the ranks and starting to stir up some problem. I don't like her as a person, but she's a more interesting/dynamic character than most of the other characters. Her interactions with the eunuch gives me shivers.
  10. In terms of character complexity and script writing, I think Legend of Ruyi definitely does not hold a light up to Legend of Zhen Huan. It's easy to love or hate most characters in Ruyi, and it simply lacks the depth and development Zhen Huan had. You kind of know already who're the bad guys and who're the good guys.
  11. Seems like all his king knows how to do is regret. He keeps losing people who love him left and right because of how he acts/his paranoia/his cruelty/his apathy... and after they're gone, he regrets everything. From his queen, to Consort Gao, (I mean, they deserves some grief, but still), to his son, and so on. Would really suck to be stuck with such a toxic person. :l
  12. As far as ideology goes, Yanxi definitely "clicks" more with Millenials and Gen Z. What's the point of revolving your whole life and committing all sorts of heinous crimes because of one man (who sees you as a toy anyway)? The theme is pretty consistent: if you fall in love, you lose. The only way to win in the harem is to think ahead, use your brain and keep your eyes on the goal (power/your life/etc). The only person you can readily rely on is yourself and the only way to stay ahead is to keep your mind clear.
  13. I think it's the inconsistencies in the character designs that bothers me. Ruyi is clearly extremely intelligent and insightful, but somehow she still has this blind faith/love in Qianlong. Okay, let's say she has this blind faith/love in Qianlong and she brought up the one man/one wife thing at the beginning... but she's pretty chill about Qianlong's many, many wives. Ruyi is supposedly on a mission as per instructions from Lady Ulanara, but we don't see her trying to seize power or even hinting that she's power-hungry. Ruyi is still painted as this principled/righteous character, but she added stuff to Lady Gao's medicine to give Lady Gao hallucinations and tortured Ah-rou. Overall, Ruyi is a very passive character who simply reacts (rather inconsistently) to circumstances, whereas Zhenhuan is an active character. I actually think that Zhenhuan's great love was the Emperor. Especially at the beginning. She deeply loved him. But she wised up and after Prince Guo was so kind to her, Zhenhuan sort of concluded that it was better to be with a man who deeply loved her instead of a man she deeply loved. It's questionable whether zhenhuan really loved Prince Guo as much as she loved the emperor, in my opinion. But Zhenhuan always had this scheme-y, cunning streak (it was more subtle in the beginning, but she outplayed Hua Fei many times and you can tell by her speech that she was very sharp witted) whereas Ruyi never did.
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