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[drama 2006] Cloud Stairway 구름계단

Guest xosandy

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Episode 1 is pretty good...the beginning is very catchy...

Shin Dong Wook went to jail...and it seems HJH had a kid with him but he didn't know until the day she went to pick him up when he got out of jail.

I'm so curious about them ...but they cut to the flashback so we won't know until much later.

Shin Dong Wook, had a crush on HJH back in high school.

At that time she's very close to the other rich guy (Kim Jung Hyun) . SDW always watches them from afar.

She's very rich but her family is not really happy. The parents are bickering non-stop.

A few years later, HJH went to the island to deliver some medical supplies for a local hospital???

She saw him helping some guy with a broken leg...she took out her camera and started recording the whole thing...He yelled at her for that...but then he realized it was her so he stopped.

She went to look for him and he got mad at her. As he was leaving, he saw that she was holding her stomach in pain...but he didn't really think it's a big deal so he just left.

HJH collapsed on her way to the boat to go back home. Her assistants took her to the local hospital and SDW was there. At first, he didn't really want to do anything...maybe he's not really a doctor...but he ended up operating on her.

From the preview...looks like the operation was a success and they fell in love???

Actually...It looks like he kissed her and she ran away and cried...so I'm not sure what's going on...

So far, this drama is pretty interesting.

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Guest charles0702

thanx luv for the spoiler for eppy 1.. it does sound catchy but i am a little confused on why

Shin Dong Wook went to jail...and it seems HJH had a kid with him but he didn't know until the day she went to pick him up when he got out of jail was this the beginning of their story present day or past :sweatingbullets:

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^^I just read the synopsis on the first page...so I guess SDW went to jail because he pretended to be a doctor but he doesn't have the license. It's illegal to treat other people without a license.

The beginning (after he got out of jail) seems to be the present...then they did a big flashback of the high school scenes then a few years after that...how they met again...fall in love and all those stuffs.

Some pictures from episode 1...











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Guest charles0702

luv and yeohweping, thanx for sharing the pix.. this show looks interesting.. glad to see a duo of hjh and sdw..

evelyn1020, thanx for preview of eppy 2 :w00t:

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Guest vivjelly

Thanks for the screencaps!! The plot sounds really interesting! The rating is still low because of Jumong, hopefully it's going to increase its ratings once the story and fans pick it up.

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it seems to be a good drama..

I'm looking forward to watching the drama in KBS world after the vineyard man..

still have 10 eps to finish..

so, it will take maybe more than a manth to show it..

thanks for the caps and summary! wow can't wait to watch this too....what time is vineyard man being aired in kbs world?

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I only watched the first few minutes of episode 2 so I can't tell you much...

I'll come back and tell you the rest later if no one else did.

Sorry...I have to watch Dancing With The Stars today :)

Anyway...this is what happened at the beginning of episode 2:

SDW performed the operation on HJH.

The other guy was in his car feeling frustrated because he couldn't do anything to help her.

HJH lost too much blood and needeed a transfusion.

There were no blood available so SDW gave HJH his own blood.

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