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[drama 2006] Cloud Stairway 구름계단

Guest xosandy

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oh woowo .. hjh look so pretty ..

yahhooaooaa.. S2 going sub this .. thanks guy .. i cannot wait to see it ..

sis rae .. yes will do when i found the clip .. hihihih ..

yay! I'm gonna see HJH again in a new drama! The lead actor is cute :w00t:

thanks Miks for sharing all the pics



WITH S2 is planning to sub this drama.

And we are always welcome new helpers (translators -- korean/chinese), if you're interested, please PM me or mily2! ^^


another thing to be happy!!!

thanks in advance :)

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Guest AzN_cHiC89

yay! i can't wait for this drama...

sdw is awesome and i can't wait to see this new drama with him in it! i miss watching soulmate and now i get to see another drama with him in it. and hjh is going to do great in this drama! ^_^!

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here some pic of the cast .. they look so well together .. one more week .. i cannot wait .. already see chemistry between hjh and sdw eh .. they look good together ..

Credits : lovejihye by njhuxy..

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Guest sparklinghugs

omg this drama looks really good. can't wait for it to come out!!!! finally a drama to watch during mondays and tuesdays besides jumong hehe~

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i was kinda hoping Han Ji Hye playing as the lead female character.. but its okay cuz at last a new project for her!!! =)

Huh, she isnt the lead? I thought the article said she is the lead? Boo. I want to watch only if she's the lead :unsure: Been waiting so long for her to star in another drama

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Guest devylann

i love han jihye!! she's great!! i wish they find better male lead for her!! i've never seen this new guy here so i hope he's good!!! he looks kinda young for her though...:P jus me thinking... anyways...can't wait to see this!!!!!

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mikki:thanks soooo.... much

I've been waiting so long time to see the newest pics

HJH is so cute with the black dress ^^

hope this film will be released soon

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