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[drama 2006] Cloud Stairway 구름계단

Guest xosandy

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^ this picture is absolutely beautiful!

that photoshoot that evelyn1020 posted totally explains the title! everything is so white, like pure, like clouds...beautiful! thanks for posting those pictures!



credit as marked!

and WOAH! look at that HUGE wallppr! thanks for posting!

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evelyn, thanks for posting the pics and wallpaper ....

like ay_link ... what's with the tears?

reminded me of SAD MOVIE :tears:

oh noooooooooooo ... but i wanted to see HJH laugh :sweatingbullets:

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I'm also interested in what they are saying at the clip so I asked my korean best friend mirca about what SDW says about Jihye..here:

"SDW mentioned that he was so glad working with HJH. He saw her in 2004

when sweet 18 was aired at KBS hall when he was a fresh talent. He thought

HJH very very beautiful and now he can work with her.

SDW said HJH is very smart, has exemplary conduct and studys hard on her


thanks rafaelle for the translation~ =)

it's cute how they look close with each other.. i'm hoping to see their on-screen chemistry.. and it's airing today~~ woohooo~~!! :D

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those crying pics look like Sad movie :D

Thanks evelyn1020

Shin Dong Wook looks sooooo cute,and Han Ji Hye too :D

OMG HJH really looks very good in the drama :blush: :blush:

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Guest lucky_moon

it seems to be a good drama..

I'm looking forward to watching the drama in KBS world after the vineyard man..

still have 10 eps to finish..

so, it will take maybe more than a manth to show it..

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i can't wait to watch this drama~ i've been waiting for han ji hye to come out in a new series and i'm excited to see shin dong wook as the lead :]

the first episode started with 7.0%. i hope it goes higher!

cloud stairway hwaiting<3

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Guest upikepik

This thread is so quiett <_<

Yeah I really hope the rating will be higher tomorrow...Cloud Stairway hwaiting!! B)

I just finish watching the first episode and it looks interesting....

HJH is so cute.. :D and SDW is just yummy :P

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Guest charles0702

doesn anyone have any spoilers.. this drama seems good.. i love sdw and hope ratings go up.. i am downloading now from club box and haven't seen it yet.. any spoilers would be great but if you do put up spoilers, please highlight it..

thanx tammie

after i watch it, i will post spoilers of what i have seen even though i don't understand korean :sweatingbullets:

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Thanks credeisca for link

Those who have efficieint intenet connection can watch it online 9:55 pm korean time


Credit to MIKKI for giving me this COOL link

Re: Rating..cant expect much as it goes againts the highest rating drama, but still hoping its goes up..Vineyard also started with low rating but it steadily went up every episode..

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