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[Drama 2015] The Superman Age 초인시대 (tvN)


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Title: 초인시대 / The Superman Age

Also Known as: Superhuman Generation

Genre: Fantasy, Romance

Episodes: 8 (To Be Confirmed)

Broadcast network: tvN

Broadcast period: 2015-April-10 to 2015-May-02

Air time: Friday & Saturday 23:30


Official Site

FaceBook Page


Watch Online in Viki.com



This is a fantasy drama about a male engineering student (Yoo Byung Jae) who gains supernatural powers after turning 25. As soon as his friends find out about his abilities, they start taking advantage of him to improve their personal careers and love lives.


Yoo Byung Jae as Byung Jae

Kim Chang Hwan as Chang Hwan

Lee Yi Kyung as Yi Kyung

Song Ji Eun as Ji Eun

Bae Noo Ri as Noo Ri

Lee Mi So as Mi So

Production Credits

Director: Kim Min Kyung

Scriptwriter: Yoo Byung Jae



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  • Please take a moment to fill out a Title Request so we can get this drama subbed (The Superman Age 초인시대) :)>- :)>- :)

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"Virgins empowered in tvN comedy The Superman Age"


"When I first heard about The Superman Age, I wasn’t sure what to expect from the comedy about characters developing superpowers if they hit the age of 25 with their virginity intact — it sounded fun, but would it be slapstick? Lowbrow? Gag comedy?

What I didn’t expect was for it to be utterly deadpan and slick — something you’d expect of Heroes, or X-Men, maybe. The teaser’s tone is grave without being the least bit campy, and if you weren’t paying attention to the dialogue, you’d think it were a high-budget action movie. Flashy, stylish, cool.

And then you listen to the dialogue and realize they’re saying things like “You two are virgins, right?” and “Men who have protected their virginity for 25 years… one day, suddenly… gain superpowers.” The comedy completely depends on the contrast between what the show does and what it says, and that makes it totally hilarious........"

Full article here on Dramabeans

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@MadraRua, thank you for starting this thread... I liked the trailer.

Waving hi to @uglypearl  :-h

I just requested from Rubie to add the thread to this list of TVN drama on the official Thread directory.


I hope once it is listed more people will join us.

1.  Also, I am seeing that Viki has a potential page for the drama.


Submit a tittle for Superhuman Generation Here

I usually submit my title requests in both English and Hangul, so that there is no question about what I am looking for.

 The Superman Age - 초인시대

2. Lets also submit a title request to Drama Fever.


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@MadraRua,  Thanks for the thread opening and the videos..
@uglypearl. I think I'll wait to at least 6 episodes have aired I'm not liking the idea that his friends uses his ability for they on personal gains. 
So we don't know if it's being sub @irilight ,  I'll submit the request  

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Thank you @MadraRua and @valsava...:)

There was an earlier article about it on Dramabeans.

Strange superpowers fuel tvN comedy The Superman Age


A new drama is coming to tvN, and it’s being described as a “fantastic youth growth comedy,” which I can see from the title, The Superman Age, and its off-kilter premise. It’s hilarious, seriously.

Read the article on Dramabeans

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The Superman Age: Episodes 1-2


Unbelievable yet so believably funny. The Superman Age manages to make a ridiculous premise quite relatable, and the most pitiful characters heartfelt and humorous. We get a nice introduction to our two main superheroes, along with brief appearances by the rest of the cast. You may find yourself shaking your head at the humor but enjoying it nonetheless because this show has got incredible comedic timing and a hilariously convincing agency about saving the world.

Note: This is just a first recap to introduce the show, and we don’t plan to keep up with the full series.

source: Dramabeans

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