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  1. Here is upgrade sister episode 9 and episode 10. In episode 9 they do a cooking competition and in episode 10, they do questions and answers. Upgrade sister episode 9 Upgrade sister episode 10 Upgrade sister episode 10 part 2 She looks gorgeous in these photos.
  2. She was on romantic call centre, episode 57. Here is the links to the show and upgrade sister episode 7 and episode 8. Chae Yeon two of us Chae Yeon shake Chae Yeon singing Upgrade sister episode 7 Upgrade sister episode 8
  3. Here is the link to episode 6 of upgrade sister. It's part 2 of her camping. Upgrade sister episode 6
  4. Ah Joong is finally with ace factory. I'm glad she's with an agency. Here are new profile pics.
  5. The drama zero had begun filming. It’s set to release in the latter half of 2021. Kim Ah Joong is finally making a comeback. I can’t wait to see her in a new drama.
  6. She is still in the miss bowling tournament. Anyway here are the links to upgrade sister episode 4 and episode 5. Upgrade sister episode 4 Upgrade sister episode 5
  7. Here is the link to upgrade sister episode 3. In this episode, she teaches bowling. She is also on show me the beauty. Upgrade sister episode 2 Upgrade sister episode 3 Show me the beauty part 1 Show me the beauty part 2 Show me the beauty part 3 Show me the beauty part 4 Show me the beauty part 5
  8. Kim Ah Joong was chosen for the leading role, in a sci-fi thriller drama called zero. I wonder if she will accept this role.
  9. Here are the links to upgrade sister episode 0 and episode 1. She looks stunning in the first pic.
  10. Chae Yeon in golden time signal studio and still cuts of upgrade sister. Plus instagram update.
  11. I’m truly sorry, I meant no harm. It won’t happen again. Is it possible to have my posts back? I will make sure my posts have comments.
  12. Hello, today I posted in the forum. One hour later it was gone. The thread said that the last reply was three days ago. Is there a bug or glitch in soompi? I hope you can help me please. Thank you in advance.
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