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  1. Yeonie on youth pocha. A preview of Yeonie on knowing brothers episode 198. It's a chuseok special. I can't wait to see it next weekend.
  2. Today is chuseok in Korea. Here is an update on Yeonie. She looks beautiful in an hanbok. Bowling masters episode 25
  3. Today she released a new song called Fly high. It's her second song so far. I love both of her new songs.
  4. Yeonie on cultwo show. I made these two gifs to share. Bowling masters episode 21 Part 1 Bowling masters episode 21 Part 2 Bowling masters episode 22 Part 1 Bowling masters episode 22 Part 2
  5. Good news everyone, on Cai entertainment instagram, they announced that Chae Yeon will be releasing one new song once every month until December. The first single was released on Tuesday 20 August. Her new song is so good. I hope she makes a comeback this year.
  6. Happy 16th anniversary to Chae Yeon. Congratulations.
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