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  1. I heard the news that Kim Ah Joong might make a comeback next year. She is being considered the leading role in SBS new drama, one the woman. The drama tells the story of a tough and rogue female detective, who one day loses all of her memories and changes places with a conservative housewife who looks just like her. Kim Ah Joong is in talks to play the female lead character Jo Yeon Joo, a former female detective who must live a new life as a conservative housewife to a chaebol household. The drama expected to air on Mon-Tue, July 2021. If she accepts this role, I would be happy to see her in
  2. Ah Joong left King entertainment recently. I hope she choses a good company.
  3. I added a spoiler tag as usual, however it's not working. Is there a new way of spoiler tags for images? Thank you in advance.
  4. Yeonie appeared in comedy big league, episode 381. Comedy big league Episode 381
  5. Chae Yeon had open a coffee shop. It's called Bandal coffee. I wish her good luck.
  6. Chae Yeon on hidden singer season 6 episode 8 Chae Yeon dopepe commercial
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