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The Official Chae Yeon (채연) Thread


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Chae Yeon Thread




She debuted in Japan as Jinny. She was a member of the group Ultracats. (2001)

She debuted in Korea as Chae Yeon. (2003) 


Name: Chae Yeon (birth name: Lee Jin Sook)

D.O.B: December 6, 1978

Height: 165 cm

Weight: 47 kg


2003: It's My Time

2004: Virginalness Bloom

2005: The 3rd

2006: Best (special edition with a Chae Yeon little doll)

2007: My Love

2009: Shake

2010: Look

2010: Shake (Chinese release)

2011: Tianmi de Qiji (Chinese album)

2015: Obvious

2018: Bazzaya

2019: Empty Heart

2019: Fly High

2020: Pink monster

2021: Sometimes I cry 

Music Videos

Dangerous Act

Two of Us (Duriseo)

Come closer (Dagawa)

Only You

Third Love

My Love

One Person (Han Saram)

Clumsy Love


Look Look Look

 You don't love me (Chinese single)



Thank you, I'm sorry I love you

Sometimes I cry


Social media


Twitter: https://twitter.com/chaeyeon_lee?lang=en

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/chaeyeon_lee/?hl=en
Official FanCafe: http://cafe.naver.com/gkswldn58z.cafe 



Fan sites

       Yeonic Click Here 

                [YEON!] IEF Click Me International English Forum (Not updated regularly.)

                       Mirae Chan Files: BriYeon's LJ f.E.M's Blog: Moogonfly




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wont vote yet since ive only heard the second but 'two os us' was a an addicting song and hott video. she isnt the greatest singer or dancer but she can manage both well enough.

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Guest happyroach

Hah I've only heard her singles so I can't really pick the albums

But from what I've heard from those albums, I'd pick her 2nd. Dool Ee Suh is hard to beat ;D

Also...does she have an official site?

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Guest happy.birthday

Ooh, I like Chae Yeon a lot. She's not one of those people who u grow to dislike such as Bin. I think she always tries her best and has a great attitude on shows. She also has a great smile. Wasn't she in a group before?

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Wasn't she in a group before?

I don't think she was in a group before. If I'm right, she started out her career in Japan, known as "Ji-Ni."

And guys, let's not compare her to any singers. XD

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Guest nartia4ever

She looks kinda mixed caucasian and korean or she just has a very nice complexion. I love her, she's so cute. Wonder if she has a younger sister :rolleyes: ?

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Guest BLurBLur

Wasn't she in a group before?

yes she was.... but it was in japan before her debut in korea... she was in this group called UltraCats... i think she was the only female in the group... its a 4 member group... and they released one album and a few singles if i m not mistaken.... i guess it wasnt so successful and thats y she moved back to korea...

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