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[OFFICIAL] Ji Chang Wook ❤ Park Min Young (ChangMin) ~HEALER couple~

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good to be back, I was away for a few days. First thing that caught my attention was this "Shanghai Maybe"

Changminers, do you have time to spazz? Here are the latest yummy news from uri couple!!  As you all know, Youngie posted 6 times today...  Let's concentrate on this one: And here is the translation p

I hope no one left (or fainted again) eheh... Here we go with the gifs!!...   1- Uncle Yoo Ji Tae placing the two lovebirds next to each other. (he did that quite a few times during the photoshoot. Lo

WOW! I am just returning from a-week break out of the country! While away, I was following IG and forums. I can only say, interesting!/lol! when I recall all that I have read about our couple. The thing I will say is that our girl is really wonderful and great because she dominated several ships to the point that some shippers are saying that they won! WOW! What a concept, how can you win in other people’s life and relationships. Let’s all be reasonable and enjoy shipping for what it is! It’s a distraction and fun endeavor, we enjoy all the chemistry and hints we receive from our couple or as some we call it coincidence! The greatest one was the post of our guy JCW! The art that is only in LA while our girl was there! Anyway let’s continue to have fun as we support our dear PMY and JCW for they are hardworking people who love their career. I am also glad that her agency is going to prosecute those spreading malicious rumors and writing hateful comments! 

Look at those legs of our couple wow! 

love love! #rabbitlovesbunny

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our girl gets it right loving someone and making the relationship permanent takes time and effort nothing to be rushed into! We love that you take your time making a lasting and very important decision of your life! Not letting anything and anyone sway you! Love both of you our couple JCW and PMY! Waiting to hear good news someday! Meanwhile let’s have fun because shipping is fun!

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Wishing our dearest JCW happy birthday! Hoping that your new year will be filled with wonderful and great things that your heart desires! Remain healthy and humble and The almighty God will crown all your efforts with success! Have a glorious year! We love you and always will support you!


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8 hours ago, Tessitone said:

Huh chingus. Where are you guys? @Mau_Cherry @old soul Guys?


Good timing - i just came back to soompi.


And funny timing I just rewatched Healer. This time together with my girl and she  - who needed my translation and never cried while watching films - cried a river. :tounge_xd:


Good to have you back. How have you been - but for that we should use the messanger.

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Happy weekend! There’s really nothing to debate or worry on this ship! We don’t have to discuss everything little things or open our thoughts to the public! Trusting these two has never been in question! #rabbitlovesbunny 

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