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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2015] The Journey of Flower 花千骨

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..., eventhough it makes you hate me, eventhough it gonna makes you expel me from Chang Liu, now my appearance doesn't look like human nor ghost........ Bai Zi Hua (Zhu Ran) : you are a demon goddess

Ladies, that Baidu link has more. Am afraid to repost because you will all surely vomit blood.   Ahhh someone posted. Never mind. Since it is blood vomiting day, again...     Now

I try to translate the 30 Scenes that has been deleted from TJOF (part 2) ( some of it quite similar to the one @springfiry translated before and I think there are parts that @miaka fy mention before

@miaka fy noo girl. I didnt mean that Wallace was old. I said that he already has wrinkles being only 35. That is, 35 is too young for wrinkles. Wrinkles can make him look older. I actually think he looks much better now than before. I never thought he had a baby face. To me he has a well shaped face with beautiful sharp features. He looks elegant. I think Jimmy Lin and Dylan Kuo have baby faces...and maybe Aaron Kwok. I also think wallace is going to look even better in his 40s. Now that I mentioned Dylan Kuo...that guy is soo handsome. :wub: I started watching The Legend of Mulan because of him. But had to stop because it was a very bad series and Mulan's makeup was too modern...

Wallace's screentime wasnt that much in Battle of Changsha. Too many characters, so Wallace was always outside the city walls protecting the city. I was so frustrated during the first 10-15 episodes screaming where the hell was Wallace. The best thing about the series was that it was not dubbed. It was Wallace voiceeee...awesome!! Then his acting was superb. Loved how he expressed his emotions with his eyes. The way he looked at Yang Zi. Just like with Bai Zi Hua's character. Seriously, cdramas please stop dubbing him. He doesnt even have the thick taiwanese accent that some of the older taiwanese have (like my oldest aunt). His mandarin is magnetizing..or maybe is his voice...no RRRRs like some mainlanders...and very clear. 

@funnlimmsia he bikes? Yay!! My type of guy. Does he live in Taiwan? 

Yes, The Great Protector. I read somewhere that Wallace said that Biaomen is a series that he will definitely show to his descendants. I guess he liked his character. I think it is a pretty cool character. Fall of Qing and starting of the Republic era. I think he was using a wig. 

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Wallace do look more handsome after Qing Shi Huang Fei, especially when his weight is around his Happy Camp with TJOF cast. Now he is too thin, work overload I think, poor guy, he seriously should get a girlfriend soon that can take care of him. And agree with @bubblyb00_stv I also don't think Wallace has a baby face like Jimmy Lin, he just handsomely pretty in his younger years, and now is charismatic handsome, hopefully he will aged well like other male actor (and seeing his transformation from QSHF until now, he do aged well :wub:).

@miaka fy no, no, I certainly won't forget you dear :D we always have the same opinion regarding Frida / Li Chun or her character NMT, that's so funny :D

I'm on clan TK back then :lol:

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@jolin_chan oh yes. He is too thin now :(. Sometimes, he looks tired and you can see his eyebags even with all that makeup. I do wonder...how do these Chinese actresses stay so thin? The actors too. Not even korean actresses are as thin as the Chinese actresses. Gawd, I feel like a whale when I see them. 

Btw, how's QSHF? I read somewhere that everybody dies...is ot true? Ive been hesitant in watching it because I like happy endings.

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Guest Checkmate24601

@jolin_chan  Oh darling, I'm going to miss you - and all these lovely people on this discussion thread - too!  I can't believe JoF series is going to be over soon!  :tears:  It ends on Monday (wut??!!!!)  And the pacing, as we've all moaned about before, was absolutely terrible.  How can we only have 2 episodes of Demon God HQG torturing BZH?! 

Oh gosh, I didn't realise we had so many Aussies here lol  :D  I'm a Canadian-Hong Konger.  I haven't been to Sydney or Melbourne before.  Any recommendations on where to visit in Australia if I'm there on a trip?  ;) 

@miaka fy  Thanks for the spoiler gifs.  Waaaahhh, there's a bathtub scene?  :w00t:  BZH hesitating about taking off the red outer gown is super cute - LET THE TORTURING BEGIN ROFL  :P  And his eyes, oh Wallace's expressive eyes (we could all probably wax eloquent pages about his eyes' nuances and subtleties at expressing emotion :lol:.  One furrowing of the eyebrows and he can go from neutral to disapproving or sad *sigh* Wallace, Wallace, Wallace)  BZH clearly is longing to see his disciple Xiao Gu when he calls her, and Liying's expressions partner Wallace's so well.  Going from sleeping to awake and then her expression becoming cold - and then, oh here's the blow: "Don't call me Xiao Gu".  (I'm guessing that's the part where he's in chains?)  I feel bad for the both of them because they so deserve each other (ie. BZH x HQG)

Yes, I'm still floating on the river Nile lol :phew:.  When Wallace looks Frida in the BTS clip, it's actually a pretty funny situation because after winning against SQM, HQG hugs BZH.  He has this cute, awkward expression on his face at her hugging him :wub:  (Has he never been hugged before?  Sad childhood much :P) and in that scene, after cheering for a bit, the Chang Liu disciples group gradually dies done in the enthusiasm.  From the sounds of it, the director was telling them to keep cheering and hurraying.  That's why Frida was laughing a bit at the end.  Wallace looking at Frida is perhaps just part of the scene.  If he had looked at LSY and MXL's direction, he would have committed an actor's error which is blocking (ie. looking away from the camera/the stage). 

Ah well, it doesn't even matter anymore.  I'm just glad that Wallace and Liying, from the photos and clips, do have a friendly working relationship.  Even if they're not together, though I still ship them :) , at least they get along.  Apparently, the actress who played the sister to Liu Shi Shi's character in BBJX had arguments with two of the supporting actors which is why they weren't in the sequel.  :(

Thanks to everyone who uploaded the BTS clips.  It seems lots of HQG videos on Youtube have gone private or been taken off :(:angry:  Btw, for some reason, @Carmolita, the two websites I can watch HQG don't seem to allow me to watch - I dunno why *sob sob*  Do I have to download software or something to watch it?  And it's also really odd.  I can watch some promo clips of HQG on iQiyi but not full episodes - what is the website telling me in Chinese?  I don't understand :tears:

LUV the Official Merchandise - they all look so cute!  I think somebody was asking which sword was being made into a keychain.  It's not Shifu's sword, it's the BiLuo Sword - the sword NMT used to cheat with in the Sword Tournament.  And Shifu being pregnant BWAHAHAHAHA! 

Now pictures!!!  :D

My idea of what a BZH-HQG family would look like:


Wallace and Liying messing about on screen - for those who didn't see the Youtube BTS clip after it was taken down

Funny BZH - I really don't think he would do this with his sword but hey, maybe behind the scenes he does ;)

Cute pic where EVERYONE is photobombing Luo Shi Yi's photo heehee:


And after rewatching many times and abusing the replay button more times than I care to remember, I can safely say that yes Wallace was smiling and yes, he was playing with Liying's hair during the filming of the poisoned needles scene.  SO CUTEEEE!^_^

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Guest dominjoonssi

there was a very long interview with Producer Tan Lijun which was released just today. will just highlight some points. they are in the midst of preparing for a film version of TJoF, which will be a closer adaptation of the novel, no confirmation if any of the original cast will return, they are also a bit hesitant in casting the same people to play the same role. it was originally 54 episodes, but because of the twice a week only broadcast schedule, they cut it to 50 episodes for better pacing and cliff hangers, however Hunan TV also had their own considerations for broadcasting so hence the edit we see now on TV. they are in the amidst of completing the CG work, and in mid Sept will bring the complete version overseas to Europe and U.S. for talks. so far 2 mainstream Europe broadcast stations have expressed interest with 1 Germany station saying they will definitely buy it if the post production is up to standard. For the U.S. , there are 2 TV broadcast stations interested in buying the rights. No mention of Asian broadcast though. However they mentioned making Thai, Korean, Japanese versions for the trailers. 

sorry I have to go cya all later for the live broadcast

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Guest Checkmate24601

Let's all add to this list of  "100 Things That Shows You Are Too Obsessed with Hua Qian Gu".  I hope everyone can participate because it's gonna be our last project!  Huhuhu, I don't wanna say goodbye to everyone :tears:  It was lovely meeting you all on the JoF discussion thread.  I'm curious; will Soompi delete all our discussions after a few months or something?  If we can, we should definitely come back and post updates about stuff like where to buy the uncensored version of HQG (or maybe a version with all the Cut scenes shown). 

So just to kick things off:


  1. You keep logging in and checking up on updates to the JoF Soompi thread every few hours.
  2. You start calling your favourite male sibling/cousin/friend, "Jie Jie" (they in return look at you as though you've gone mad)
  3. You start buying purple flowers and keep insisting to the exasperated florist that the flower is called "Heartbroken Flower"
  4. You are trawling through websites looking to buy HQG merchandise
  5. You secretly call the teacher who picks on you the most/is mean to you "Catfish"
  6. When you get stuck in an argument, you put on your best serious face and simply say "Right is right, wrong is wrong"
  7. The numbers 127 and 128 have come to mean A VERY IMPORTANT DIFFERENCE
  8. You serve your boyfriend coconut milk with tiny pink flowers thrown in and call it "Peach Blossom Soup" (the first attempt with peach juice was a sticky and inedible affair)
  9. As babysitter, you threaten to send your naughty charges to a terrible place called "Man Huang" if they refuse to eat their vegetables
  10. You start carrying a fan around and opening/closing/flicking it about when you speak (the end result is that you look neither like DFYQ or SXM


Please contribute to THE LIST and let's reach 100 (or more) by tomorrow.  I'm counting on you fellow Soompiers!

@funnlimmsia  Yes, HBO definitely = uncensored.  Game of Thrones comes to mind?  ;) 

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Guest Checkmate24601

@jly31  Watching the trailer in English is a bizarre and ROFL experience - though BZH's English voice isn't too bad :)

Now I am absolutely loving this gif!!!  :wub:  It looks like she passes out and BZH is actively hugging her (while she's awake...at least for the first few seconds)  :sweatingbullets:  AND LOOK, HE'S AGAIN CARESSING HER FACE!!!  (Maybe this scene is when BZH finds her talking to an illusion Sha Jie Jie???  Maybe Demon HQG was fighting against being hugged by BZH but he wouldn't let go???  He looks he's fighting to hold her :))



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More to me it looks like she's injured somehow...or in emotional distress...maybe it's mere moments before she kicks the bucket? I hope it is....I want there to be a reconciliation of some sort before that bloody death scene withthe horde of Changliu people :phew:

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HQG has a habit of being stuck in her dream. This must be it. Notice where his hand is? And next to SQM too! HE will surely jump from his ice coffin and scream BAI!ZI!HUAAAA!


Too obsessed?

Dreaming up "evidence" of two leads having a torrid illicit affair when there is none, including giving obvious photos the twist where there isn't.

Kick the bucket on a field. Looks like before THE kiss but THE kiss is not in some ice chamber.


I wanna see the preview videos. Any direct links?

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@Checkmate24601...thanks for gift :P:wub: I'm going crazy to watch tonight episode:sweatingbullets:

@jolin_chan...let us do the countdown till tomorrow :D Why Sexy Sifu must caress unconsious demon goddess?? Please wait till her eye open and caress her cheek again.:P <doing more lovey dovey part also good to see. ha7> It's just to many one side unconsious scene <showing love>. Tomorrow is the end...please let the couple both concious to show their love:D:wub:

@miaka fy....almost forget, thanks dear for lakorn and another series recommendation:w00t::wub: I will try to watch it eventhough it's so hard to move on from Sexy Sifu:P:wub: <Oh, I recommend you to watch Oh My Ghostess drama. It's quite cute and interesting:wub:>

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Iqiyi just released tons of previews, including QG becoming the Demon Goddess and her breakup with ZH.

I am impressed by ZLY's transformation and depiction of the Demon Goddess. I totally feel the inappropriate, sexual vibes between her and BZH which didn't exist when she was still HQG.

People were saying before that they didn't sense chemistry between HQG and BZH, which I agreed with since I got the platonic student-teacher vibe from then. But now that sexual chemistry is running amok.

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Guest Checkmate24601

Who wants to be the kitty?  LOL  Ma Ke looks good in modern attire too!  He likes cats :D  If his expression was more evil, he'd look like the latest James Bond villain ROFL 


Wallace's acting prowess - as demonstrated via his eyebrows:


Neutral >>> Disapproving >>> Contemplative/Sad

@IMOmusings  Yeah, perhaps a panic attack for HQG *nooooo I don't want her to suffer anymore*


Replaying the sweet love confession between LSY and TB - I don't want her to get stabbed and die :tears:


@jly31  Ditto.  When I see English dubbed versions of Japanese anime, I get so put off because it sounds nothing like the originals.  *facepalm*

All Demon Gods go through this phase lol


And apparently, Sha Jie Jie's fan was taken from NWY's peacock headress   ;)


Tang Bao being cute :)


Cont. of the 100 LIST

11.  (funnlimmsia's suggestion)  Dreaming up "evidence" of two leads having a torrid illicit affair when there is none, including giving obvious photos the twist where there isn't :P

12.  "Obsession" becomes the explanation for nearly everything

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13. When you have the OST on repeat for daily chores like washing dishes or cleaning your room.

14. When even your mum knows what you're watching by listening to the opening sequence....

PWHAHAHAHAHAHA recycled fan....I guess that's one way of keeping production costs down...

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