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  1. That was a shocker. He was so jealous, he misinterpreted the whole FJ and XY situation. The peach is probably not a bad price, but it wasn't what FJ worked so hard for. Yeah...I thought some of the XY and FJ's theories weren't too off track. They were all blinded by their emotions to be objective. I am eager to read how badly Lian Song messed up. But seeing how he is always the mediator, he must have had a difficult time juggling hus responsibility and emotions.
  2. I read in a fanfic DH was shouting. I felt that was so out of character. Even when FJ was in danger, he kept his cool and in control. So I can imagine DH jealous, but not murderous rage. The worst thing would be DH sending XY off on a tricky errand. If FJ asked, DH will calmly state XY is off on to do a serious job! His inner child comes out when he is with FJ. It's quite endearing. DH look majestic in white! I definitely prefer his styling in ELOD. Vengo's make up as DH is good. His make up as SXR is questionable. I have to keep reminding myself that. Poor SXR tried so hard. He really deserve some love. But I am glad FJ had some clear boundaries, even though half the time it was by luck and SXR was a gentleman. DH and FJ's dynamic amuses me. Even though by all account, DH seems like the one who is in control, but one look or word from FJ, he gives in. I feel like FJ and DH knows how to manage each other to get what they want. Although they may prank each other, they won't push one another to the extreme. I like CY as a friend, but found her rather violent at times when she interacts with LS. But hey, if LS likes it like that, who am I to complain! I can totally imagine BGG's sister to be mischievous like FJ. She knows she is gorgeous and use it to her advantage. She will be Daddy's girl and scared of upsetting DH. Ali will probably end up being the babysitter.
  3. that is beautifully written! The best thing about their relationship is that it feels equal and so compatible. DH wants to take FJ everywhere with him, FJ will accept nothing less. @Bai Gun Gun I felt the same way as you do while watching TMOPB. YH had many expectations and responsibilities to juggle, but I couldn't accept the way he "protected" BQ. I know it was not YH's intention, but due to his actions, BQ suffered psychological and physical trauma. It's no wonder she needed to forget their relationship. Bai Yi loves FJ dearly, but he have questionable parenting skills. He definitely over-reacted. SXR was impressive, he fought for Xiao Jiu from the beginning to the end. He truly followed his heart. It was sad to see SXR and Qingti's rapport fell apart. They were a good team. Qingti and SXR are quite similar, they were both willing to do whatever to keep Xiao Jiu happy. and @SilverDawn I find Zhi He's character most disturbing. She scares me because of the lack of remorse and violent tendency. How scary is that, she even tried to stab FJ and only stopped because she was caught. JH may be self centred and obsessive, but she never tried to physically harm anyone. Ali is super cute in ELOD. So is BGG. Where do they find these adorable kids? I agree. Yang Mi look prettier in ELOD. Although I liked FJ's hairstyle in TMOPB, I felt FJ looked prettier in ELOD.
  4. I can understand your frustration. Somehow I thought Cang Yi may not have known how FJ was against the marriage, given that she signed off the agreement. Overall, I think Cang Yi came off as a decent person. He asked for FJ's hand in marriage and let her go when she refused. This is based on the drama version. I forgotten how he was in the novel. Poor SXR. Not surprised how he got depressed and gave up on life. He seemed like a decent King before things went down hill with Xiao Jiu. Thinking back, SXR didn't ask for much and he had so much to give. Agree with you regarding SXR and DH not giving up without a fight. They go out of their way to ensure Xiao Jiu/FJ are with them.
  5. Me too! But I think it reinforce how DH does not care what other people think. His actions were a means to an end. If it was another male, he would most likely be upset, thinking how others would gossip and say he was left at the alter by the bride. If DH wasn't around, Cang Yi may have been a charming male lead! He did seem to get FJ's free spirit and forgiving to her aggressive way of trying to solve the problem.
  6. Lol I will die from allergies. At least I will die happy. Seriously, who can resist furry animals? I was rewatching ELOD episode 6. FJ was so innocent at that time. I wish we had more of FJ in fox form during the later part of the series.
  7. He can one up the kneeling! He'd cut half his heart out and turn it into a ring for her. Hmm having it written like that sounds gruesome 1. Tail silver fox cub 2. Red fox FJ 3. Human form to see him expression. Just like DH. I have a thing for furry animals
  8. Go ahead is a good drama too. No political theme. Drama and romance. Also make sure you have tissues ready if you want to give it a try. I tried Google translation. I was unable to pass the forth chapter. My brain couldn't interpret what it was trying to say. I may give MS translate a try. Cheng Yu sound like she had a rough mortal life. I wonder if the book is finished yet? Empress played her role well. I think the way she think and behaved was understandable. Xiao Jiu may be kind, but her background is unknown. That means she can potentially be sent to harm SXR. It would be weird if the Empress didn't care. Ironically, Xiao Jiu is there to cause SXR emotional turmoil. So the Empress's suspicion wasn't too far off. .
  9. I feel like we will have to wait until HBO release the drama later the yeah for English subtitles. Although I don't understand 100% of what is said, I find the drama is captivating. The acting is on point, storyline is interesting and funny, the sets and clothes are a visual feast. Most importantly, Vengo look so good in this drama!
  10. She wanted to demonstrate to everyone that she knows DH intimately, because she knows his taste and is willing to 'sacrifice' her health for him. FJ is amazing. She may be impulsive at times, but she had the patience of a saint in that scene.
  11. I think DH would have sent Moye off on an errand. Something that will cause Moye a great deal of discomfort! I have absolutely no respect for ZH. The way she bullies the weak and have this entitled attitude is do off putting. It can be argued that she is spoilt, but I feel her personality is shown here, especially when she have absolutely no remorse for hurting others.
  12. I always felt that too. How DH like to see what FJ will do next. One thing is for sure, DH will never be bored with FJ around! DH have infinite patients for FJ. As long as it does not involve any other male, he probably finds her amusing in every way. I love how on point DH's description of FJ is. He is so deeply in love with FJ, he sees nothing wrong with her at all.
  13. Sadly, no English sub as of yet. I have been watching raw videos. It is really good!
  14. I am the same. I start watching some dramas and lose interest very quickly. I think the issues are the unoriginal storylines and lack of spark between the main leads. I am watching Miss S. Murder mystery and Romance. Vengo is in it and the drama is a great production. Vengo does all the right moves in the drama, but the spark is missing in his eyes. However, I am enjoying the drama overall.
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