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  1. Oh my gosh. I hope thr page can be recovered. There was so much links, photos and info. Fingers cross and let's party on
  2. Okay. I am totally bias. I still love Donghua/Vengo the most Some of these Chinese Actors look absolutely amazing with long hair. Some Chinese dramas/novel do it too well. I remember watching Ashes of Love. I cried like no tomorrow. Luckily ELOD have many funny moments. I found it so amusing how others saw it clearly that FJ and DH was head over heels for each other, but they were blinded by their insecurities. I guess XY played a huge part in fueling FJ and DH's miscommunication.
  3. He looks great. Who is he? @Ninky pretty boy, some how I think of Yang Yang. Thanks for explaining the character details. Shao Wan and Mo Yuan's story should be a fun ride.
  4. Even Chris Hemsworth looked terrible in Thor with blonde eye brows! Vengo look amazing with long white/silver hair. His height helps. I haven't seen another actor that look as good.
  5. She looked professional. The vibe I got was she seemed comfortable with Leo. Leo appear respectful of her. He isn't pushing his boundaries. So I can see why Reba would be less on guard.
  6. I may be completely wrong. FJ may be saying it's strange as part of a excuse. The main contributing factor to her refusal is the trauma she experienced. Their last attempt to marry was extremely traumatic for FJ. She thought DH had abandoned her for JH. To add to this injury, it was in front of her family, friends and important individuals of multiple realms. It wouldn't be surprising if the mention of wedding alone brings back such negative emotions that FJ prefer not to go through it again. I actually love how DH tried so hard to give FJ the wedding she deserves
  7. I have watched some of the clips. I don't see her as embarrassing. Reba is her usual self. She looked beautiful and playful. Reba seems like a person who put alot of thought into her decisions. Looking back at the scripts she recently picked, she is transitioning to more serious roles. I am very happy to see Vengo's hardwork is paying off, but we should also acknowledge Reba is doing her best.
  8. Oh the chemistry and kisses are unforgettable. After a year I still cannot move on. So glad I have you all to share this experience with!
  9. I watched and read AOL before ELOD. I really enjoyed AOL at the time, but if I read or watched it after ELOD, I think I would find it less captivating.
  10. Although FJ skimmed over the the details, it brought up such negative emotions in me! FJ is a strong and sensible character. It is great DH is attuned to her needs. DH is so literal when it comes to giving out nicknames. No wonder the couple stuck with the name BGG for their son.
  11. Yes. It demonstrates FJ cares enough to notice DH's likes and dislikes, and she wants to make sure his needs are met. FJ could have easily let someone else do it but she wants to do it herself. On the other hand, DH is showing FJ how much he trust her, by letting her touch his private processions. This is DH and FJ's love language. It does not mean other couples will feel the same. It really depends on the individuals preference.
  12. @UnluckyWhiteCat the ending... this is so funny at DH's expense. I love how he naturally accept that BGG is his based on looks. BGG is too cute. FJ's entrance is perfect. I miss her fox form.
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