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  1. DH knew he is harmless! I really liked Meng Shao. He was loyal, courageous, generous and forgiving. He did not deserve his ending.
  2. So true! Even as a mortal in ELOD, as soon as he laid eyes on FJ. He was a goner. I wish too. I think they usually release BTS or cut out scenes to increase popularity. I guess they didn't have to do it for ELOD at all. There is enough fans as it is.
  3. If you rewatch that part, DH never made eye contact with FJ. DH only made eye contact with FJ at episode 24, outside the heaven realm gate, when she was talking to Siming.
  4. Totally TMPB event. I imagine the novel/ELOD DH will prevent FJ from self-harming. Exciting how you ordered some jade. I did Google and notice some jade chairs cost thousands to millions of dollars. I wonder how strong Jade is.
  5. That is beautiful. Both Vengo and Reba embodied their respective characters. Without them, the drama may not have been so captivating. They made the love DH and FJ shared feel so genuine and real.
  6. I love how you procrastinated. So lucky for us you summarized the book. You answered many of my questions. I figured DH would never willingly stay behind and would risk anything to be there for FJ. The one point that the drama highlighted well was, as soon as DH made eye contact with FJ, he was a goner. It's nice how he can acknowledge that. I sometimes doubt FJ realise how much she means to DH.
  7. My thoughts exactly! Should have magic her away. This running joke. Poor FJ. She is definitely not as sharp as DH or LS, but many others aren't.
  8. Ouch. Poor FJ sounds like she was traumatized by the first wedding. Which is not surprising. DH probably realised that and didn't want to make her relive that traumatic experience. FJ didn't get to show off her 200 wedding gowns!
  9. I think chapter 7 spoiler demonstrates how FJ does not mind not having a perfect wedding. She only cares that DH loves her and is happy to be with him. Also, remember how FJ does not care much for ceremony. The ultimate concern for her is to make sure Dh is safe. So not having a perfect wedding may not be a big issue for her, as long as DH defeats the enemy and is safe.
  10. Thanks for the awesome summary. We appreciate how you spend time to post the new summary, even though you are busy. Honestly, FJ demonstrate time and again why she is so compatible for DH. FJ is low maintenance and understands how DH thinks. This DH must think what good taste the future DH has to marry FJ. So great to see you back Nicky. Glad you are doing well. Looking forward to the new update
  11. Some how this reminds me of Vengo cooking sweet and sour fish. I wonder how it actually taste in person. I probably trust Vengo's cooking as much as I trust DH's Lian Song would have been an amazing general under DH during the unification period.
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