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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2015] The Journey of Flower 花千骨

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Guest Checkmate24601

Scenes from the Final Battle - OH MY GAWD, THE COUNTDOWN IS HAPPENING!  48 HOURS UNTIL HQG IS OVER!!!  :tears::tears::tears:




When Zi Xun was happy *sigh*


Chang Liu's disciples, including the late Li Meng:


I wonder what they're looking at (...probably just trying to look cool) :lol:


Wacky MY:

11935005_1160831577266566_73555772044464  All set for hiking and hot weather


Liying at Disneyland - adorable!  It'd be great if she could voice a cartoon/Disney/anime character (wonder if she's actually done that maybe???)


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..., eventhough it makes you hate me, eventhough it gonna makes you expel me from Chang Liu, now my appearance doesn't look like human nor ghost........ Bai Zi Hua (Zhu Ran) : you are a demon goddess

Ladies, that Baidu link has more. Am afraid to repost because you will all surely vomit blood.   Ahhh someone posted. Never mind. Since it is blood vomiting day, again...     Now

I try to translate the 30 Scenes that has been deleted from TJOF (part 2) ( some of it quite similar to the one @springfiry translated before and I think there are parts that @miaka fy mention before

@Checkmate24601 kyaaaa the GIF, I really hope they will show all those spoiler pics and GIFs on the last 2 episodes, if they do, the last 2 episodes will be the most rewatch episodes of all the other

@Bella-Chimura yes why they always caressing each other when one is unconcious, it's the last 4 episodes and they still do that :sweatingbullets: please for once do it when they both awake and show it to us :w00t:

@Le_Amarant could you please post the preview here?


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@Checkmate24601  You crack me up with your list!  :D  

15.  You press your cheeks together to make a cute face when your parents or teachers give you the 'now what do you want' look.

16.  When your pets pooped in the wrong place, you tell them, it's my responsibility.

Hey, some of the TJOF cast are having micro interviews at 9.00pm Hunan time.  Are anyone of you logged on to the weibo?  

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The 100 lists :

17. Basically camping on soompi thread of TJOF, it's the first thing that you open when you awake, and the last thing that you close before you go to sleep.

18. Can not function properly if not getting your daily dose of TJOF

19. Mentioning TJOF on every conversations that you have with the people around you

20. Making your replay button work overtime to rewatching all those favourite scenes over and over and over again

 @BellyButton and if I'm not mistaken, Wallace will join the weibo chat tomorrow (info from : Wallace Huo Facebook for International Fans)? I don't have weibo account, how I wish I have one.

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@miaka fy

Thank you for all the lovely SMQ, BZH & HQG pix and vids. I know today is the day HQG will be airing. I hope you will like the new eps. I'm gonna wait till all the eps are out to watch it. That way I can fast forward all the ppl I don't wanna see (Qing Shui ,NMT and Catfish LOL). I will not come back to this thread for a few days. That way I wont accidentally see the ending. I want to let you know that you were always the heart of this thread for me. You did a lot for this thread you always replied to everyone and made sure ppl didn't feel left out. You brought us all such great visuals with pix, music and vids. I'm so happy that I was able to meet you along with some really fun and nice ppl here. Sending you much love, good health and happiness.:D



I will miss talking to you and everyone on this thread my love. I will never forget the nice conversations we ( <<< Me, You, miaka fy & carmolita ) had in our PM's.I wanna thank the three of you for bringing me back to the thread <3 <3. You were always so fun to talk too and always made me laugh will your witty posts.Thanks for be naughty along with me so I didn't have to be alone being bad girl hahahaha. I will miss all of you so much hopefully we will go obsess over a different drama together after HQG ends hehe :P:P:P. I was so happy reading that very thoughtful msg you just posted to the ppl on this thread saying you will miss us. We will miss you too. I hope you will get the HQG ending you wanted and I hope it will have those steamy scenes you wanted hehe:):). XoXo:wub:



I'm beyond happy you were always there to help me out. Thanks to you I learned about a lot of new dramas. I hope we will see each other in again in one of the threads of the dramas you introduced me too. I hope you like the last remaining eps of this drama. I wish you much happiness in life.:)



I'm am glad you liked my posts. Thanks for all the fun convos we had on this thread. I had a really fun time here with all of you. The costumes you posted are so kawaii. Awws all the JOF merch is so lovely I wish I can buy it all :D. My sis in law bought me 2 palace bells last night on ebay for me and my bf is gonna buy the TB doll for me. All thanks to you for helping me locate them. Also I hope you find all the merch you like from this drama. I hope to see you soon somewhere on a different drama thread. I will forever be thankful to you for helping me find the TB doll. Youre soooooooooooooo amazing.



Thank you for being such a wonderful person to chat about HQG with. It was a nice meeting you on this thread. Have fun watching the remaining eps of HQG.I will miss talking to you hope to see you again on another thread.



It was really nice meeting you I had some great convos with you.Thanks for all the SQM pix love love love him. I hope enjoy the rest of the drama. XoXo


:) I also wanna say thanks to the person who posted the link to the palace bell on ebay. With that link I was able to buy two of them. TYTY :)




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Guest Checkmate24601

I know DF's death was sad, but quite rightly, this issue was raised - what happened here?!


Awww, love you guys so much for adding to The List.  Let's keep going Soompiers!

@Bella-Chimura  and @jolin_chan  YES SO TRUE!  BZH only caresses HQG when she's unconscious in some form (LOL).  *bangs with a gavel*  We want PDA when you're both awake!  ROFL

@Le Amarant  Oh could you please the iQiyi previews here please?  I'm restricted on iQiyi. 

And because we all love Shifu so much...


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I think the caption should be "Heavens, what have you done to the series, what's with all the cutting and censoring? I am going to turn into the Demon God and haunt you. "

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Anyone know where to watch it live? Is it on already? I need to watchhhhh Itt...

100 list

- dreamed that chang liu's people are waiting at the airport to go onto a mission. Shifu sitting with nmt and hqg got mad...then there was a laser fight...lan ling wang appeared to stop the fight. I cant remember the dream anymore...but it was something like that. 

- replaying over and over again bzh and hqg's moments. Favs are: 1. Xiao gu telling shi fu that she saw him showering. 2. Shi fu being sad because xiao gu didnt brush his hair. 3. Shi fu telling xiao gu that he was MB through the sword dance thingy. Many more. But i have watched the series over 5-6 times already...maybe even more. I stopped this weekend because college football (not soccer) started and football to me is religion. 

- telling all my ex-classmates from hs in costa rica to watch the drama. Sending them videos of the songs and previews. Got blocked by one of them ...but we are cool now. 

- sent a total of 6 messages through fb to yesasia asking when will they release an uncut version. Sent 2 messages through yesasia site asking the same thing. They were actually nice, they responded every message. Pretty sure they hate me already.

- going on Instagram everyday (thing that i never did) to see posts on wallace.  

- read this thread almost everyday. 

- went through all yt videos on wallace. 

- learned to sing all the songs. Download all wallace's songs as well. 

5 am....i need towatchhh...it is not on yt anymore

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@Le_Amarant - I totally agree with you. Admittedly I feel a little uncomfortable if there was anything 'sexual' either advert or implied to QG. I still feel that as his student, and even though it isn't wrong to have these feelings, to act on them, in my opinion is a slightly inappropriate and contravenes QG's trust and love for her Sexy Sifu :) I still feel that Liying being QG is not on par or same playing level as her Sexy Sifu. 

On the other hand, if it's the Demon Goddess who sexy and bad, then there's no problem and I will definitely look forward to the sexual chemistry ramped up in the next 2 days (can't wait!!! :w00t:)

@Checkmate24601 lol I am 100% with there on the TJOF List. Mine's below

1. Saving all the gifs and pictures under your personalised folder: Journey of Flower.

2. You secretly look (in HD) all of Wallace's photos

3. Keep refreshing the fan forum, in hope someone has posted more pictures (sad but true).

4. Keep replaying the favourite scenes (hopefully it will be THE kiss)

Thanks for the lovely gif! I really like BZH showing some emotions there! It less Sifu like and more like a 'lover'.

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Guest Checkmate24601

Liying is so Adorbs with kids and dogs (and cats too :P )



Don't you wonder how potentially cute her babies with Wallace would look like (if if if they ever get together?)


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@dominjoonssi  I forgot to thank you for the palace bell information.  I will use google translate to make a purchase.  

@jolin_chan  I must be so impatient that I am a day ahead in time!  You are right, 7 September is tomorrow not today. 

@bubblyb00_stv  LOL, you got blocked for sending too many TJOF vids to your friends?  You are obsessed like Qian Gu!  :D

More 100 list:

30.  I have Bai Zi Hua as my laptop and Facebook wallpaper.

31.  Everyone know (including my children) that Wallace is my latest craze because they see him popping up as my likes on FB everyday!

32.  90% of my FB shares are from Wallace/TJOF fan vids and posts from Wallace Info Facebook.


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Guest Checkmate24601

Cont. of The 100 List:  (please number your input :) )

33. When you need an excuse to escape, you say you need to go away and 'cultivate' yourself (if it's a long break that you want, you say you're going to cultivate yourself to the 10th level)

34.  When you're caught zoning out, you say you 'fell into an obsession' (in the show, they call it in ping yin "zou hu lu mou")

35.  You start lounging around on couches

@miaka fy  Oh gosh, love love love iQiyi for their previews.  I'm guessing Demon God HQG had a sudden moment of helplessness if BZH is making Peach Blossom Soup for her.  In that moment, he looks truly more like an uncertain lover rather than his normal, stoic self.  So cute, he feeds it to her. 

@thundergirl3  When HQG was still a disciple, admittedly it can get uncomfortable but that's why as Demon God, she can easily be regarded as BZH's equal.  She doesn't look to him for approval anymore.  She just does what she wants, whether right or wrong.

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ENJOY IT and i go now see you all in later ... :) i WON'T able to watch today so watch for me everyone  !!!

This is definitely the reversal of roles! hahaha

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